21 Best Fava Bean Recipes

Fava beans are one of those ingredients that can be prepared and used in a variety of different ways, but no matter how you prepare them, whether mashed, grilled, or sauteed, they will always add a delicious element to your meal. 

Garbanzo and black beans are typically at the top of the list when you think of beans in general. Although these are wonderful, you might have been overlooking a sneaky underdog in the form of fava beans.

21 Best Fava Bean Recipes

Fava beans, which are also known as wide beans, are members of the pea family and thrive throughout the springtime months. They have a flavor that is slightly nutty and a creamy texture, which makes them fantastic in a wide variety of meals.

If you’re looking to broaden your cooking horizons then you should try a few recipes containing fava beans. We have a strong suspicion that after trying these recipes, you will come to adore fava beans.

Here are the very best recipes you can make using fava beans!

1. Sopa de Habas – Mexican Soup

Bored of soup flavors like tomato or chicken? Then make a change from the routine and prepare a pot of this traditional Mexican soup. This simple soup is packed with flavor despite being super easy to make.

Part of the reason why this recipe is so simple is because recado is used. You may not be familiar with this ingredient, but it’s a form of paste that is frequently used in Mexican cooking.

A recado consisting of garlic, tomato, and onion is used in the preparation of this soup. Saffron and cumin both contribute an additional dimension of flavor to the dish.

2. Foul Mudammas – Egyptian Fava Beans

Foul mudammas is an excellent dish to try if you want to experience some Egyptian cuisine.  

This recipe calls for mashed fava beans that are seasoned with cumin, garlic, and lemon juice.

The last touch is a combination of tomatoes, parsley, and peppers, which adds a brilliant pop of freshness to the dish.

3. Tomatoes With Fava Beans

In the cooler months, you will probably be craving dishes that are both comforting and warming. If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with this tomato and fava bean recipe. 

You’ll start by chopping some onions and then sautéing them in a skillet with some fava beans and tomatoes.

The whole process won’t take more than half an hour, which means you’ll have plenty of time to sit back and unwind after it’s over.

This dish is uncomplicated, warm, and goes splendidly well with a bite-sized chunk of sourdough baguette.

4. Grilled Fava Beans Flavored With Lemon Zest, Mint, And Sumac

Prepare the barbecue and invite over some friends, because we guarantee you’ll want to share this recipe once you try it! 

After the whole fava bean pods have been roasted until they have a gorgeous char, you will cover them with a liberal amount of garlicky citrus dressing and drizzle it over the top.

Add some fresh herbs and Aleppo pepper to the top of this for the finishing touch to make it perfect!

5. Bruschetta Topped With Fava Bean Puree And Goat Cheese

This particular take on bruschetta is the perfect springtime dish to serve as an appetizer when hosting guests.

Toasty crostinis are topped with a blend of mashed fava beans and creamy goat cheese to create a delicious treat.

You will enjoy the light tang of the parmesan as well as the brightness that the parsley brings to the dish.

If you don’t have any parsley on hand, you could try using another herb such as mint, dill, or basil instead.

6. Salad With Fava Beans And Asparagus

This is a very green salad, featuring green pistachios, green asparagus, and green beans!

Spring is celebrated with this delicious salad. If you are unable to locate fava beans, you can use English peas or sugar snap peas as a suitable substitute.

7. Salad With Fava Beans, Corn, And Radish

Are you going to make roasted chicken, but have no idea what you should serve it with? Then this is the recipe for you.

This dish is given a gorgeous splash of color by the fava beans, maize, and radishes that are included in it.

In addition to this, putting it together is a breeze! The only step that can prove to be a little time-consuming is peeling the fava beans.

On the other hand, if you can find them already husked, putting this dish together will take you no more than a few minutes.

8. Asparagus And Fava Bean Quinoa Salad

Why not give your quinoa bowl a makeover with this recipe? It includes a delicious assortment of spring vegetables, such as asparagus, peas, and fava beans in its composition.

The addition of prosciutto and Parmesan cheese provides a bit of extra flavor to this already delicious meal. 

9. Fava Beans Risotto

Some nights you are craving a warm and inviting meal to calm you down after a long day. If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with a risotto of any kind, but especially this one. 

In the time that it takes the rice to cook, you may get the fava beans ready and start frying the ham. When everything is prepared, you will have a risotto that is sublime in its creaminess and cheesiness.

10. Pea, Asparagus, And Fava Bean Salad

This is yet another spring salad that will go beautifully with some hearty food from a farm-to-table restaurant.

If you have the time, you should try grilling the asparagus and fava beans. The vegetables take on a new dimension of flavor after being grilled, which does wonders for the overall dish.

11. Turkey Fava Puree With Dill

This Turkish fava bean puree is a fantastic authentic dip that you must try! Because it is savory, creamy, and adaptable, you may use it as a complement to a wide variety of foods.

It can be used as a topping for toast or as an ingredient in sandwiches. You can even use it as a basting sauce for chicken for an extra delectable twist.

If you are attempting to avoid using any animal products, you might substitute tofu for the meat in the recipe.

12. Fava Beans Cooked With Garlic, Green Onions, And Basil

Fava beans, which are cooked in a saute pan, make an excellent springtime side dish because they are both easy to prepare and fresh.

Because all of the components of this dish are ready to be harvested in the spring, it is an excellent choice when looking for a seasonal dish.

To achieve a better texture when using fresh beans, you need to remove the shells from the beans before blanching them.

13. Fried Bread Topped With Burrata Cheese, Fava Beans, And Cucumbers

The mix of fresh burrata and flatbread is already a recipe for success. If you add some fava beans and Persian cucumbers to the dish, you’ll have an exquisite supper that tastes like it was picked straight from the garden.

This is a wonderful alternative for when you have a longing for pizza but are looking for something a little bit healthier. The toppings have a green goddess aesthetic and are packed to the brim with flavorful seasonal ingredients.

If you’re a fan of spice, you can finish it off with a sprinkle of red pepper chili flakes or maybe some chile oil if you want things spicy.

14. Fava Beans And Parmesan Cheese Salad

Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, one of the easiest things to make is a salad. The problem with this meal though is that it can quickly become boring if you keep using the same ingredients. 

With this salad recipe, you’ll never get bored again! A fresh seasoning of lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper are added to fava beans after they have been blanched.

After that, it’s finished off with a delicate garnish of shaved Parmesan cheese.

15. Solterito – Peruvian Salad

Solterito is a type of salad that is traditionally eaten in the southern part of Peru. It may be prepared in many different ways, but a great option is using fresh herbs and hot peppers in the dish.

This salad is loaded with a variety of fresh ingredients, including fava beans, tomatoes, and queso fresco. The rocoto chile paste is what gives this dish that extra something special.

16. Spring Vegetables Salad

Do you need a new salad to highlight the products you bought at the farmer’s market? Then try this springtime salad! 

This salad is a stunning presentation of seasonal crops such as snap peas, watercress, and arugula combined.

Including fava beans is a natural way to increase the amount of protein found in this dish.

If you can eat dairy, then a top tip for you is to add some whipped Greek yogurt to the poppy seed dressing to make it even creamier.  

17. Rice Salad Topped With Pistachios And Fava Beans

Try out this salad if you’re looking for something a little bit more satisfying to eat. Because it’s based on a recipe from the well-known Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi, you can rest assured that it’ll be delicious.

Wild rice, basmati rice, and fava beans make up the foundation of this dish, which contributes to its high level of satiety.

It’s spruced up by adding a handful of fresh herbs, lemon juice, and roasted pistachios, but the flavors are kept on the earthy side.

18. Fave In Porchetta – Pasta With Fava Beans

This playful dish will shake up your typical pasta routine in a good way. This pasta recipe is on the lighter side and features an interesting combination of flavors.

When cooked in white wine, both the creamy and slightly sweet fava beans and the pancetta take on an impeccable quality, and the pancetta contributes a delicious fatty flavor that complements the fava beans.

19. Fava Beans Puree

This puree has a clean flavor that can be enjoyed in an almost infinite number of ways.

This puree is best enjoyed on toasted bread with cherry tomatoes and a light coating of olive oil. If you’re trying to reduce your intake of bread, you could even try it on toast made with sweet potato instead.

When accompanied by some crudités and crackers for dipping, the dish makes for an excellent snack or appetizer.

20. Bacon And Fava Bean Salad

Bacon lovers rejoice! While you may think of bacon as an “unhealthy” food, adding it to a salad will make you feel way less guilty about enjoying it.

The rich, wholesome flavor of fava beans is a perfect complement to the savory flavor of bacon.

In addition to bell peppers and apple cider vinegar, this dish also includes a few other nutritious components. 

21. Bessara – Moroccan Dip/Soup

Bessara is a dish made with fava beans that resemble both a dip and a soup. Because of its rich flavor and thick texture, you can eat it in either form.

The fava beans are pureed and then simmered, which results in the dish having an extremely thick consistency. The paprika, garlic, and cumin give it an intensely flavorful kick.

To give it more flavor, drizzle some high-quality olive oil on top and sprinkle on some extra spices like harissa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Easiest Way To Prepare Fava Beans?

The most delicious methods to prepare fava beans, which have a reputation for being difficult to prepare, are to mash them with olive oil and eat them as is or grill them whole.

Can Fava Beans Only Be Used For Eating? 

No, there are a lot of uses for fava beans besides them being used in your dinner! In agriculture, fava beans are used to protect other types of plants from being damaged by pests.

All that is required is to bury a small number of the beans to protect the surrounding vegetation.

Can Everyone Eat Fava Beans 

While fava beans are a very healthy ingredient, they are not suitable for people who suffer from Favism, otherwise known as a G6PD deficiency. 

Favism is a disorder that runs in families and is characterized by a deficiency in an enzyme known as glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD).

The consumption of fava beans causes these individuals to develop a condition known as hemolytic anemia. The red blood cells get fragmented as a result of this anemia, which then blocks blood arteries.

21 Best Fava Bean Recipes

21 Best Fava Bean Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

Fava beans are delicious, healthy, and versatile beans that can be used in many tasty recipes. Check out this list of 21 fava bean-based recipes! 

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