23 Delicious Dragon Fruit Recipes

Dragon fruit is a delicious food that is often underused in cooking and baking. Despite its unique and eye-catching appearance, dragon fruit tends to taste rather mild. Perhaps this is why it is so rarely used.

23 Delicious Dragon Fruit Recipes

Yet, the right recipe will be able to transform the succulent sweet flavor of dragon fruit into an enjoyable dish. Not to mention, dragon fruit is extremely nutritious, being especially rich in vitamin C.

So if you wish to add more dragon fruit to your life, here are 23 terrific recipes to try.

1. Dragon Fruit Layer Cake

Our first recipe is a gorgeous layered dragon fruit cake. This stunning cake is sure to impress guests, making it an excellent recipe for parties.

This is such a unique-looking cake. The layers of dragon fruit mousse and jelly have bold pink hues that are sure to catch the attention of dinner guests.

This remarkable cake is especially delightful when decorated with edible flowers.

All three of the cake’s layers are phenomenal. The bottom layer is made of a delicate coconut sponge cake which is topped with a raspberry jam, dragon fruit mousse, and dragon fruit jelly.

This creates a dessert that’s overloaded with fresh fruity flavors.

2. Dragon Fruit Salad

Fruit salads are a great way of letting the natural flavors of fruits shine. If you are a fan of dragon fruit, you will love this bold and exotic dragon fruit salad recipe.

What we appreciate about this recipe is the array of colors, which comes naturally from the sensational selection of fruits.

Not to mention, this fruit salad recipe contains scrumptious sweet flavors. Containing red and white dragon fruit, kiwis, starfruit, and kiwis, this recipe is bursting with natural goodness.

3. Dragon Fruit Macarons

Macarons are magnificent sweet treats. We especially enjoy these dragon fruit macarons, which brilliantly use the sweet mellow flavor of these fruits.

These macarons look just like dragon fruit, containing dragon fruit buttercream and pink macaron shells.

These macaron shells are light and delicate, having a subtle crispiness to them. This is just how good macarons should be!

If you desire a flavor-filled snack, these macarons are a marvelous option.

4. Tropical Dragon Fruit Parfait

If you are looking for a healthy dish that’s full of antioxidants, this tropical fruit parfait is a perfect choice. The tropical fruits are loaded with unique flavors.

We like the idea of combining dragon fruit with mangoes, melons, and kiwi. When combined with granola and Greek yogurt, this fruit creates a sophisticated parfait.

You can have this parfait either as a delightful breakfast or a snack whenever you’re feeling peckish. Plus, the recipe should be ready in only 5 minutes!

5. Dragon Fruit Rice Krispies

We love this version of the Rice Krispie bar. These dragon fruit Rice Krispie bars have so much more flavor than the average rice snack bar.

These bars have the perfect balance between crispiness and fluffiness, thanks to the inclusion of marshmallows.

These super simple rice bars only need 4 ingredients, meaning that they’re super simple and budget-friendly.

The dragon fruit adds an inviting sweetness as well as an enchanting pink color, especially when the bars have been topped with dragon fruit powder.

6. Tropical Dragon Fruit Pavlova

This divine recipe is full of fruity freshness! The fluffy and soft meringue is a little crispier on the outside. The pavlova has been flavored with dragon fruit, providing it with a pale pink color.

The magnificent meringue is then topped with a thick and deluxe pink heavy cream. It is then covered with a wide array of tropical fruits, such as dragon fruit, kiwi, mango, and passionfruit.

These components combine to make a dessert that not only tastes heavenly but looks incredibly impressive too.

7. Dragon Fruit Jam

Extremely easy to make, this dragon fruit jam is a unique and gorgeous recipe. It’s a wonderful way of mixing things up, as this dragon fruit jam tastes very different from strawberry, raspberry, or apricot jam.

This dragon fruit jam is a perfect spread for sandwiches and scones, as well as an amazing yogurt topping.

We particularly like the addition of lemon juice to the recipe, as it increases the tanginess of the jam and gives it a delightful citrus tone.

8. Dragon Fruit Popsicles

This popsicle recipe is ideal for the summer. These phenomenal popsicles are guaranteed to cool you down on a warm day. They’re fabulously refreshing!

The recipe uses coconut milk and honey to emphasize the sweet and tropical flavors of the dragon fruit.

One of the advantages of this recipe is that it is super straightforward and will require minimal preparation. Plus, they’re both gluten-free and vegan.

9. Grilled Tropical Fruit Kebabs

Cooking doesn’t always need to take loads of time and effort. This awesome recipe proves that cooking can be simple yet effective. These mouth-watering kebabs should be ready in just 15 minutes.

They contain lots of healthy and appetizing fruits, such as pineapple, gooseberries, and dragon fruit.

They complement each other beautifully, especially when seasoned with honey and lime to give them a sweeter and tangier taste.

This recipe is brilliant for summer barbeques.

10. Dragon Fruit Smoothie

If you’re searching for something refreshing, this dragon fruit smoothie is a superb solution. It’s the perfect way to start the day, containing valuable nutrients such as antioxidants.

This dragon fruit beverage is super simple to make and should be ready in just 5 minutes.

As a result, it’s ideal for when you don’t have tons of time to cook. So if you crave a quick and easy breakfast, this recipe is a brilliant choice.

Moreover, its vibrant color is irresistible.

11. Vegan Dragon Fruit Cheesecake Bars

Finding delicious vegan desserts can be difficult. Fortunately, this ingenious recipe allows vegans to enjoy a flavorsome dragon fruit cheesecake.

This indulgent dessert is super simple to serve, having been made in the form of bars. Just serve alongside some sugar flowers or ice cream for a dessert that is sure to go down well.

This glorious cake consists of three layers. Specifically, it has a nutty brownie base, a coconut cheesecake, and an intense dragon fruit swirl that perfectly tops the cake.

12. Pink Dragon Fruit Pasta

Dragon fruit is also known as pitaya. This vivid pasta recipe is great for lunch or dinner-time meals.

We adore this pink pasta, a color that is not normally associated with this food. This color is sure to appeal to kids, resulting in this recipe being suitable for children.

The dish also has loads of flavors. The use of garlic powder gives it a gorgeous pungent and earthy taste. Moreover, this sensational pasta recipe is vegetarian.

13. Dragon Fruit Pizza

You might assume that all pizzas are savory. Yet, this mouth-watering fruit pizza recipe proves that this dish also works wonderfully with a sweet twist.

This recipe is great for spring and summer when the fruits are in season. The colorful pizza recipe is packed with fantastic fruits, namely peach, mango, banana, and dragon fruit.

Though the idea of eating these fruits on a mozzarella pizza may sound a little unusual, the flavors combine beautifully. So if you’re feeling a bit brave, give this unique recipe a try.

14. Dragon Fruit Chocolate Chip Cookies

We love the idea of adding dragon fruit to chocolate chip cookies. It’s a marvelous method of adding some unique flavors to this sweet treat. The dragon fruit compliments the rich chocolate amazingly.

The moisture from the dragon fruit means that these cookies don’t contain eggs. This ensures that the cookies are moist, while also having the perfect crisp and chewy texture that cookies are meant to have.

These delectable dragon fruit chocolate chip cookies are moreish and sensational snacks that people will find hard to resist.

15. Dragon Fruit Waldorf Salad

The idea of adding dragon fruit to Waldorf salad, a wonderful fruit dish, is inspired. This is a unique adaptation of a classic dish.

Thanks to its vibrant color scheme, the dragon fruit not only provides an additional splash of color, but it gives the salad an interesting tropical taste.

This recipe can either be used as a stunning side dish or the main part of a meal. The creamy salad will pair nicely with a range of dishes, making it quite a versatile dish.

16. Dark Chocolate And Dragon Fruit Cake

Do you find chocolate irresistible? We definitely do! This tantalizing ingredient is well used in this dark chocolate and dragon fruit cake recipe.

The beautiful bundt cake has a rich flavor with a hint of bitterness. The chocolate flavor comes through with every bite!

This mouth-watering cake is then topped with a simple dragon fruit glaze. This glaze has a bright pink color that contrasts gorgeously with the darkness of the chocolate cake.

The aesthetic of the glaze slowly dripping down the cake is truly mesmerizing.

17. Dragon Fruit Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a great way of getting kids to try dragon fruit. After all, most kids adore cupcakes. They’re bound to love these eye-catching sweet cupcakes.

The dragon fruit not only improves the taste and appearance of these cupcakes but also gives them a magnificently moist texture.

We especially adore the stylish pink icing. It helps to transform these cupcakes from standard desserts into sweet treats that are sure to impress anyone that sees them.

18. Dragon Fruit Pancakes

If you want to give Valentine’s Day a special twist, these heart-shaped dragon fruit pancakes are an outstanding option.

They’re the perfect mix of fun and romantic thanks to the pink color and the heart shapes. Consequently, they’re an ideal way of showing someone that you love them.

Simply top these flavorsome pancakes with maple syrup, butter, or Nutella for a phenomenal treat.

19. Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos With Dragon Fruit Salsa

Next, this savory vegetarian recipe is superb for weeknight dinners. This is a tremendous fruity twist on tacos.

The simple dragon fruit and pineapple salsa is a wonderful way of taking the edge off the heavily spiced and seasoned taco filling. This delicious salsa will provide a refreshing balance.

20. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a little more filling than standard smoothies.

This dragon fruit smoothie bowl is an excellent example. This recipe is outstanding for breakfasts, though it also makes a filling snack or lunchtime meal.

The straightforward smoothie bowl is made with just 4 fantastic ingredients, namely dragon fruit, mango, banana, and coconut milk.

Top this smoothie bowl with whatever you fancy, whether that be granola, fruit, or a naughty handful of chocolate chips.

21. Dragon Fruit Jam Tarts

These cute dragon fruit jam tarts are optimal for dinner parties. They have a sophisticated vibe to them which means the tarts are sure to be a hit with party guests.

One of the reasons why we appreciate this recipe so much is that it is a no-bake tart. As a result, you won’t have to spend loads of time baking in the kitchen. Simply garnish with strawberries for a beloved dessert.

22. Dragon Fruit Lemonade

If you’re hosting a party over the summer, you should serve this refreshing and cool beverage. People are bound to love this invigorating drink thanks to its pretty color and fruity taste.

This dragon fruit lemonade recipe is effortless to make and should be finished in just a few minutes. It only requires a few ingredients, so it’s super cheap and convenient.

We also love the recipe of adding other fruits, such as kiwi or strawberry, to the recipe to diversify the flavors. This is a fascinating variation that is worth trying.

23. Rose Apple Dragon Fruit Pie

For the final recipe, we have chosen this beautiful rose apple dragon fruit pie recipe. This cake has an incredibly appealing appearance.

Thanks to the inclusion of dragon fruit in the dough, the cake has a stunning pink hue.

The pie filling has an appealing sweet and floral taste thanks to the use of dragon fruit, rose flower elixir, and green apples. These ingredients work wonderfully together.

When garnished with a handful of edible rose petals, this pie is phenomenal for dinner parties.

Closing Remarks

As you can see, dragon fruit is a surprisingly versatile ingredient. Though it may not be as widely used in cooking and baking as other fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, and raspberries, it nonetheless can be used to make delectable dishes.

So what’s stopping you from using this unique fruit?!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Do With A Dragon Fruit?

Aside from eating it on its own, dragon fruit can be transformed into multiple different dishes. If you want something simple, you should consider making a smoothie or a fruit salad.

However, if you prefer something a little more complicated, dragon fruit can make tons of delectable desserts, such as cake.

How Should You Store Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit should be kept in a fridge, where the colder temperatures will preserve the fruit and extend its longevity.

There, it should last for roughly 2 weeks. Just make sure that the fruit has been well sealed, such as in a resealable plastic bag.

Can You Eat Dragon Fruit At Room Temperature?

Yes, dragon fruit can be consumed at room temperature even though it is stored in the fridge. Many people prefer to eat it chilled, so you may need to experiment to find out what temperature works best for you

23 Delicious Dragon Fruit Recipes

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Dragon fruit is an underappreciated fruit that’s rarely used. Here are 23 terrific recipes that will bring out the delicious flavors of this glorious fruit.

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