What Does Crystal Boba Actually Taste Like? Does It Even Taste Good?

While you may have heard of the commonly drank bubble tea, you might not be as familiar with boba. Boba is the term used for the ‘bubbles’ that you find within the popular beverage.

There are many different types of boba, with one of them being crystal boba. However, whether you are an avid drinker of bubble tea or not, you may be wondering what crystal boba tastes like.

What Does Crystal Boba Actually Taste Like Does It Even Taste Good

Is it even a nice flavor that will prove to be a welcome addition to your usual bubble tea choice? Fortunately for you, we have all the answers that you need.

So, to find out what crystal boba tastes like, then read on to find out more. Once you have read the full article, you will know exactly what crystal boba tastes like.  

Also, there is a recipe down the page that tells you how to make your very own crystal boba at home. 

What Actually Is Crystal Boba?

If you are unsure as to what crystal boba is – if you are a fan of boba tea (or bubble tea) then you will know that it is a type of pearl used within that famous Asian beverage.

The crystal boba itself is made from a gelling agent called white agar powder. Because it is a gelling agent, the boba is naturally clear-ish and white and has a texture that can be described as gelatinous.

You can eat the crystal boba as is if you prefer, or enjoy it in a liquid to create the bubble tea. Like a lot of pearls in this kind of drink, it is chewy to eat.

Due to this fact, the straws are wider in bubble tea to allow the pearls to flow through. While you get a delicious flavor from the drink, you also get the crystal boba to eat too. 

Why Is It Called Crystal Boba?

The reason it is called crystal boba is all to do with the transparency of the boba. It is clear-ish and white, so has been named crystal boba because of it. 

Due to the fact it has such a neutral color it can also have different colors added to it. This makes it quite a versatile boba. If you want blue pearls, then you can create blue pearls, and so on. 

This is done by adding different coloring agents to change the color of the crystal boba. You can also match this up with the flavor of the crystal boba, as they are often pre-sweetened.

This takes us on to the next question…

What Is The Taste Of Crystal Boba?

The actual taste of crystal boba is quite non-existent. While this might seem underwhelming, it actually makes it one of the best pearls to use, and the reason why it is common within drinks and as a topping.

More often than not, the transparent and white spheres are put into different flavored syrups to add wonderful flavor. This can be everything from fruity citrus flavors to something sweet.

This makes the boba extra versatile because they can be changed to suit whatever the crystal boba is being used for.  For example, crystal boba is often used in bubble tea, shaved ice, as a drink topping alongside cream and so on. 

Crystal boba is often noted as being a speciality pearl due to how versatile it actually is. 

Also, while natural unsweetened crystal boba isn’t disgusting in flavor, it just lacks it. So adding a syrup will make the crystal boba super tasty to eat. So, does it taste good? Yes, absolutely. 

Can You Make Your Own Crystal Boba?

You might not realize this, but you can make your own crystal boba at home. It is also very easy to do, and surprisingly will not take too long either. 

To create your own crystal boba:

  • Using a low heat, add some coconut water.
  • After letting it warm up for a few seconds, add in agar powder and jelly and stir until everything is dissolved.
  • Let the mixture simmer on a low heat for around 5 minutes. Once the time has passed, stir it again, switch off the heat and leave it for 10 minutes to rest.
  • After this time, add the mixture to a squeezy bottle and squeeze tiny amounts into a bowl of water to create ‘pearls’.
  • You will soon see that the pearls have begun to set when they fall to the bottom of the water. 
  • Once the batch of crystal boba has been created, strain them and rinse them under water. Now you can either set them aside in the fridge, use them straight away, or freeze them.
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How Can You Use Crystal Boba?

If you have made your own crystal boba, then you will want to know how to use them. One of the best ways is by creating your own bubble tea at home.

Boba pairs well with most types of tea. While you may want to go with the traditional milk tea (a regular black tea with milk), you can also try matcha and lychee tea too (see also ‘What Does Lychee Fruit Actually Taste Like? Does It Even Taste Good?‘). 

You could also try other fruity teas as well. Just remember to make the tea while hot to help it brew properly, and then let it cool completely. 

You may want to let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour or two before drinking it. Once it is cold, add some crystal boba to a glass followed by the tea.

You may also want to buy a wider straw too to really appreciate the experience of drinking a delicious bubble tea. 

Final Thoughts

While you may be an avid bubble tea drinker, you may not know what crystal boba is and whether it tastes good. Fortunately for you, this article has all the answers that you could need.

While there are varying flavors of pearls in bubble tea, often the original flavor is plain and quite tasteless. While some people like to eat crystal boba this way, they are also often flavored with syrups and the color is changed.

This makes them super versatile, and one of the most popular types of boba used. The original color is a clear-ish white that can be manipulated with coloring agents and flavors to change it.

You can even make crystal boba yourself at home. With just a few simple ingredients and steps, you too can enjoy homemade bubble tea.

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand what crystal boba is, how it can be used and flavored in bubble tea and toppings. 

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