Coconut Water Cocktails – 13 Recipes You’ll Love

Nothing screams summer more than fresh coconut. Wonderfully tropical, refreshing, sweet, and healthy, coconut is a fantastic summer ingredient that has many uses.

It can be used in cooking to give dishes a refreshing flavor, used as a vegan-friendly alternative to milk, or simply enjoyed on its own. However, our favorite use for coconut is making delicious coconut water cocktails.

Coconut Water Cocktails - 13 Recipes You’ll Love

Using coconut water, we can make the most amazing tropical cocktails. Coconut water has the ability to make cocktails more refreshing, sweeter, and less overpowering.

Today, we want to show you just how many amazing cocktails we can make using coconut water. To do this, we’ve listed 13 coconut water cocktails you’ll love. In this post, we’ll show you each one.

If you want to impress guests this summer or find yourself in need of a refreshing beverage, make sure you stick around. You won’t be disappointed!

1. Coconut Margarita

We’ll start with one of the most refreshing cocktails there is. If you’re a big fan of margaritas you’ll adore this coconut water margarita recipe from Eating Well.

Made using tequila, lime, triple sec, cream of coconut, coconut water, ice, and salt, this cocktail is easy to make and super delicious.

The coconut gives this boozy cocktail a divine sweetness that goes beautifully with the tanginess of the lime and the booziness of the tequila. We see it as the ultimate brunch beverage.

2. Caribeno Cocktail

The Caribeno Cocktail is a sophisticated cocktail served in a highball glass. It is easily made using lime juice, coconut water, rum, and sugar syrup. If you’re looking for the best tropical cocktail, this should be one of your first choices.

Everything about this cocktail says tropical flair. The coconut and sugar offer sweetness, whilst the lime juice offers that tropical tang. The addition of rum gives the cocktail that strong kick of alcohol we all love.

3. Berry Skinny Cocktail

All you need to make this berry skinny cocktail is a blender and the right ingredients. When you have those, you can make a super fruity cocktail rich in color and full of nutrients

Of course, a healthy splash of vodka gives us that little bit of something special. This cocktail is made with agave nectar, ice, vodka, coconut water, fresh mint, and blueberries.

Aside from tasting super tangy and sweet, this cocktail looks awesome. Its dark purple color is certain to impress.

4. Strawberry Coconut Water Lemonade

Up next, we have a fruity, refreshing cocktail for those of you that don’t drink alcohol. We don’t need alcohol to make a good cocktail. This recipe proves this perfectly.

Made with coconut water, strawberries, lemon juice, water, sugar, and sparkling water, this mocktail is super sweet, tangy, refreshing, and actually quite healthy.

The strawberries and lemons are full of nutrients. You could quite easily make a jug of this mocktail for your children this summer.

5. Coconut Gin And Tonic

If there’s one thing we love most about the summer heat, it’s the refreshing feeling we get when we quench our thirst with a delightful gin and tonic. This simple recipe puts a tropical twist on the classic G&T by adding a splash of coconut water.

This makes the cocktail even more refreshing, whilst also offering tropical vibes. To make this cocktail, you only need lime juice, gin, tonic, and coconut water. Simply shake all the ingredients together to make a fantastic beverage.

6. Bluewater Breeze Cocktail

Next up, we have one of the best-looking cocktails we’ve ever seen. Perfect for any cocktail party, this cocktail has a wonderful blue and green color. The green sits at the bottom, whilst the blue tops the cocktail.

Lucky for us, this cocktail tastes as good as it looks. The combination of coconut water, coconut rum, and cream of coconut give this cocktail a strong coconut flavor. We have blue curacao and pineapple juice to thank for the cocktail’s vibrant color.

7. Coconut Lime Cilantro Cooler

This coconut lime cilantro cooler puts a unique twist on the classic coconut mojito. The cocktail features immense flavors and an easy-to-follow recipe. You don’t even have to strain the cocktail.

Simply mix the ingredients together and give the cocktail a good stir. Cilantro seems like an odd addition but it offers a lot. This ingredient gives the cocktail a refreshing kick similar to mint.

8. Coconut Water Mimosa

You can’t truly enjoy brunch with friends without a good cocktail. As far as brunch-suitable cocktails go, this coconut water mimosa recipe is hard to beat.

An acceptable drink to enjoy before noon, this famous cocktail is taken to new levels with the addition of coconut water.

The coconut water not only gives this cocktail a more refreshing flavor but also makes it much lighter. You’ll also find that it compliments the vodka brilliantly.

9. Coconut Champagne Fruit Punch

You can make this next cocktail by mixing coconut water with Champagne and orange juice.

The coconut water’s sweetness and nuttiness go really well with the fizziness of the Champagne, whilst the orange juice gives the cocktail a burst of citrusy flavor. The beauty of this cocktail is that it can be made in big batches to serve at parties.

On top of that, you can experiment with different fruit juices to create more flavors and colors. We like using grapefruit in this cocktail as it offers a tangier flavor.

10. Winter White Coconut Cocktail

A wonderful festive cocktail you can make in a matter of minutes is this winter white coconut cocktail from Yummly. It is the color and creaminess of this cocktail that offers festive vibes.

The shredded coconut used to garnish the glass creates a wonderful snow-like appearance that your family will love.

In terms of other ingredients, you need coconut rum, coconut water, coconut chips, and ice cubes to make this cocktail. The end result is a rich, sweet, cocktail with a powerful kick of booze.

11. Pina Colada

If you’re looking for a more traditional cocktail, you should make a classic pina colada. A sip of this sweet, refreshing cocktail is all it takes to brighten up your day.

Made in a tall glass, this cocktail features an amazing combination of coconut, rum, and pineapple. This mix of ingredients offers delicious tropical flavors that are sweet and tangy.

You can take this cocktail a step further by making a frozen version, using ripe bananas. This makes things a little bit more special.

12. Coconut Lychee Colada

The next coconut water cocktail on this list offers a more unique spin on the classic pina colada. This cocktail uses lychees to give the beverage a much sweeter, almost tart flavor. 

We’d never used lychees with coconut water before making this cocktail. After making it, we have no idea why. Lychees and coconut water go together beautifully.

All you have to do to make this cocktail is mix lychees with coconut water, rum, ice, and coconut milk in a blender.

13. Coco Loco

The final coconut water cocktail on this list is coco loco. Coco loco is a traditional Colombian cocktail made with tequila, rum, vodka, limes, coconut cream, and coconut water.

Easily one of the booziest cocktails on this list, it isn’t a surprise that this cocktail is popular along the Caribbean coast of the country.

Aside from being boozy, it is sweet, tangy, and incredibly tropical. We can picture you now, sitting on the beach, sunbathing, with this delicious cocktail in hand.

Can I make low-carb smoothies using coconut water?

Yes! You can definitely make low-carb smoothies using coconut water. Incorporating this hydrating ingredient into your keto smoothie and shake recipes adds a refreshing twist while avoiding excessive carbohydrates. Coconut water is naturally low in carbs and packed with essential electrolytes, making it an ideal base for your low-carb creations. Enjoy the goodness of coconut water in your keto smoothies for a delicious and nutritious treat.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you the very best cocktails you can make using coconut water. As you can see from our list, coconut water is a versatile cocktail ingredient that can be effortlessly combined with a wide range of ingredients.

You can use coconut water to give your summer cocktails a tropical flair that’s both sweet and refreshing. Now you have this list, you should get your cocktail equipment out of the cupboard and make the recipes you like the most.

We know you’ll love any recipe off this list so enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Alcohol Goes Best With Coconut Water?

Thanks to the versatile nature of coconut water, it goes with a wide range of popular alcoholic beverages. This includes rum, gin, tequila, and Champagne. Alcoholic beverages coconut water doesn’t go with include beer.

Does Coconut Water Neutralize Alcohol?

Despite popular belief, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that coconut water neutralizes alcohol. There’s also no scientific evidence that proves coconut water can be used to cure hangovers. 

Is Coconut Water Healthy?

Yes, coconut water is healthy. It is low in calories and comes with a number of useful health benefits. The main health benefit of coconut water is that it contains potassium and natural sugars. These help the water rehydrate you quickly.

Coconut Water Cocktails - 13 Recipes You’ll Love

Coconut Water Cocktails – 13 Recipes You’ll Love

Recipe by Jenna

Coconut water can be used to give cocktails a refreshing tropical flavor. In today’s post, we look at 13 coconut water cocktail recipes you’ll love.

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