28 Fantastic Chicken Casserole Recipes For Tasty Midweek Meals

Nothing says a hearty meal quite like a chicken casserole.

This is a classic dish that has truly stood the test of time, using a mixture of tasty ingredients to craft a dish so sumptuous that it quickly becomes your go-to midweek meal for feeding all the family.

28 Fantastic Chicken Casserole Recipes For Tasty Midweek Meals

But if you want to try something a little different, where do you even get started? Or perhaps you’d like to try a twist on a classic?

Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect traditional chicken casserole recipe to get you started into your foray with chicken casseroles?

We’ve compiled a list of 28 fantastic chicken casserole recipes for tasty midweek meals that you simply have to try! Read on to find your new favorite…

1. Easy Chicken Casserole

First up is this fantastic chicken casserole recipe! Just because you want to make something that’s normally as long winded as a chicken casserole doesn’t mean that the whole process has to be complicated.

So this recipe aims to give you as easy a recipe to start with as possible! This is a versatile midweek meal that will be a welcome addition to your weekly meal repertoire.

2. French Chicken Casserole

The French certainly know what they’re talking about when it comes to food. So we simply had to include this French chicken casserole recipe!

This tasty chicken casserole combines the classic elements of chicken thighs and potatoes, with some tempting additions such as white wine and fresh thyme and rosemary.

Perfect if you’re searching for an aromatic chicken casserole to enjoy for your next midweek meal!

3. Slow Cooked Chicken Casserole

To really get the best out of your meat, you often have to slow cook it to perfection. And perfection is just what this chicken casserole recipe is all about!

Plus there are plenty of scrummy vegetables to complement the chicken, all combined in a deliciously creamy sauce.

And the best thing about this chicken casserole recipe is that it’s mostly done in your slow cooker! Serve alongside creamy mashed potatoes and green beans.

4. Mary Berry’s Rather Special Chicken And Herb Casserole

Now if there’s anyone who knows anything about cooking and flavors, is the queen of British cooking, Mary Berry.

Mary Berry has crafted a one pot chicken casserole recipe that serves between 4 to 6 people, which makes it the ideal choice for a midweek meal.

This particular chicken casserole combines bacon, whole sage leaves, and mushrooms with chicken thighs for a wholesome dish that is guaranteed to fill you up.

5. Rosemary Chicken Casserole

One of the best companions to chicken is of course rosemary! So that’s why we simply had to include this rosemary chicken casserole on our list of the best chicken casserole recipes.

It has been designed so as to be easy to make, and will make an excellent addition to your list of go-to midweek meals.

This is a super healthy recipe that will hit the spot in terms of flavor thanks to the inclusion of aromatic rosemary sprigs.

6. Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole

Looking for a one pot dish that you can set to cook in your slow cooker while you’re out and about for the day or busy at work?

Then this slow cooker chicken casserole is just the thing you need to make! This particular chicken casserole recipe has been designed to make in a slow cooker, which will cook those chicken thighs until they are beautifully tender.

7. Italian Style Chicken Casserole

Another country that really knows its stuff when it comes to cooking is of course Italy. This is a tempting healthy recipe that has plenty of yummy herbs included to really elevate the flavor of this scrumptious chicken casserole.

The sauce is beefed up with the addition of red wine, and has plenty of healthy vegetables included to make a wholesome meal. Serve alongside broccoli, green beans, and baked potatoes.

8. Best-Ever Chicken Casserole

This particular chicken casserole recipe really doesn’t lie when it says that it’s the best-ever chicken casserole recipe! You really can’t beat a creamy sauce, and this chicken casserole has it in plentiful amounts.

The fresh tarragon really gives the fish its boost of flavor, and you’ll get the best possible results by opting for a good quality white wine so that you can really enjoy the best that this chicken casserole has to offer.

9. Fajita Chicken Breasts Casserole

Want a bit more heat from your chicken casserole? Then you absolutely must try this scrumptious fajita chicken breasts casserole recipe!

This particular chicken casserole recipe gives you a real twist on the classic chicken casserole recipe, and it leaves a flavorful impact that really pays off.

Plus it’s a super quick recipe to boot, so you won’t be waiting for ages to prep it or cook it in your oven.

10. French Chicken Casserole A La Normande

Another fantastic offering from France is this French chicken casserole a la Normande. This particular French chicken casserole makes the most of seasonal ingredients, so is an excellent way to enjoy what’s in season.

Make the most of the chicken legs and thighs by braising them in apple cider first, and then serve them alongside apple wedges for a mouth watering dish you won’t forget in a hurry.

11. Chicken Casserole With Rice

Looking for a hearty chicken casserole dish that will be enough to fill up you and all the family? Then this chicken casserole with rice is the perfect dish for you to try as your next midweek meal!

This particular casserole dish shows you just how much rice to go alongside it, and uses paprika as the star ingredient for making the chicken shine.

12. Chicken And Leek Casserole With A Tarragon Scone Topping

Searching for your next bowl of comfort food that has chicken at the heart of it? Then this chicken and leek casserole with a tarragon scone topping will be just up your street.

This particular chicken casserole features leek as the veggie of choice, plus that tasty tarragon scone topping that we simply can’t get enough of.

If you want a hearty dish that will warm you up on cold nights, then you’ll make the right decision with this!

13. Faster Chicken Casserole

How many times have you craved chicken casserole but can’t be bothered to wait the hours it would take in your slow cooker or oven?

Then this faster chicken casserole is just the thing you need to try for your next midweek meal.

This recipe has been designed to be ready in just under an hour, so you’ll be able to enjoy your hearty chicken casserole in no time at all.

14. Quick Chicken Casserole

Is one quick chicken casserole recipe not enough for you? Then it’s a good thing we also have this quick chicken casserole recipe to offer you as well!

This particular chicken casserole recipe can be ready in just under an hour, and combines a range of fantastic ingredients to give you a yummy dish that you will eagerly be reaching for more of.

Plus there’s plenty of aromatic thyme and parsley included to boot!

15. Chicken Casserole With Crackers

Want a bit more crunch from your chicken casserole? Then this chicken casserole with crackers recipe will be just the thing for you!

This particular chicken casserole makes use of Ritz crackers as a topping, which will give you an added crunch with each bite. There’s also a milder flavor to the casserole itself so as to appeal to those fussy eaters who don’t like spice.

16. Zingy Lemon Chicken Casserole

It’s no secret that lemon is one of the best pairings for chicken, which is why this zingy lemon chicken casserole works fantastically well as a dish.

It is French inspired with some of its flavor combinations, and has a tempting creamy sauce to really help the chicken shine through.

Plus there are plenty of healthy veggies included to make sure that you’re getting your boost of vitamins and minerals!

17. Simple Chicken Casserole

You really can’t beat a simple, classic recipe. Why mess with something as classic as chicken casserole when it’s become a classic for a reason?

That’s why we simply had to include this simple chicken casserole recipe on our list of the best chicken casserole recipes.

There are plenty of aromatic herbs included here to really help the meat of the chicken taste even better, and there are lots of tasty veggies included to boot.

18. Traditional Country Chicken Casserole

Want a hint of British cuisine in your midweek meal repertoire? Then this traditional country chicken casserole will be just the thing you need to try next!

This particular chicken casserole can be prepared and cooked in as little as 42 minutes, so you’ll be enjoying a hearty bowl of chicken casserole in no time at all.

Plus you can even batch cook it and freeze it to enjoy at a later date if you would prefer!

19. Tasty Chicken Casserole

You won’t be able to get enough of this tasty chicken casserole! This particular chicken casserole makes use of a bunch of classic ingredients to really make the chicken thighs the star of the dish.

There’s also lots of vegetables in here, so you can rest assured that this is a healthy dish that will have your family’s best interests at heart. It also suggests which additional vegetables to serve alongside it!

20. Basic Chicken Casserole

You can’t go wrong with sticking to the basics. So this basic chicken casserole is the perfect thing for you to try as your next midweek meal!

The great thing about this recipe is that you can also use it as a basis for other tasty dishes, so you can easily customize it to the meals that you would like to try. Why not whip up a large batch and freeze portions of it to use in the future?

21. Turkish Chicken And Date Casserole

Want something a little more unusual from your chicken casserole? We’ve visited France, Britain, and Italy on our chicken casserole journey, but what surprises does Turkey have to offer?

This divine Turkish chicken and date casserole, that’s what! There are plenty of aromatic spices included such as coriander, cumin, star anise, and cinnamon to give this casserole a flavorful kick.

This will soon become your new family favorite!

22. Cheesy Chicken Potato Casserole

Want a versatile chicken casserole dish that can be either a main dish or a side dish? Then this cheesy chicken potato casserole will be perfect for your dinner table.

This casserole features chicken as the main ingredient alongside deliciously salty bacon, cheese, and potatoes.

You can easily adjust the quantities of the ingredients to serve more people, or pair this dish with several side dishes to make a whole meal.

23. Spicy Chicken Casserole

For those that love spicy dishes, this spicy chicken casserole will be just the thing you need to try for your next midweek meal.

This particular chicken casserole features chili flakes as one of the main spices to give the casserole more of a kick. There are also lots of tasty chicken and herbs to pair together to create a truly aromatic dish.

Serve alongside creamy mashed potatoes, broccoli, or couscous for the tastiest results.

24. Mandy’s Easy Cheesy Chicken Casserole

This super tasty chicken casserole recipe is ideal for those who are looking for a quick midweek meal to feed all of the family.

Mandy’s easy cheesy chicken casserole features cheese as the surprise ingredient, as well as cream of chicken soup to take most of the prep work out of crafting that tasty sauce.

It’s also topped with Ritz crackers to give it an added crunch!

25. Creamy Chicken Casserole And Crispy Potatoes

It really doesn’t get better than a creamy sauce when it comes to chicken casserole recipes. So that’s why we simply had to include this creamy chicken casserole and crispy potatoes recipe to tempt your taste buds!

You’ll get the very best creamy chicken casserole served alongside deliciously crispy potatoes, which is a marriage made in heaven.

There’s also the addition of bacon and mushrooms to the body of the casserole to make it even tastier!

26. Italian Chicken Casserole

We absolutely couldn’t miss this tasty Italian chicken casserole off our list! This particular Italian chicken casserole really captures the taste of Italy with its flavors and is simply a must-have for your midweek meal repertoire.

This is a hearty dish that will be the perfect thing to opt for on a chilly winter’s evening, and will be the perfect thing to fill you up.

27. Spring Chicken Casserole

Want a super quick chicken casserole recipe that features flavors of spring and fresh vegetables? Then this spring chicken casserole recipe is perfect for your spring cravings.

This particular chicken casserole recipe features a super quick method for cooking your chicken and all of the veg, so you can have your tasty dish ready in as little as 40 minutes.

28. Super Chicken Casserole

Last but not least is this fantastic super chicken casserole recipe! This particular chicken casserole recipe features a range of elements that just shouts comfort food at the top of its lungs.

There’s tasty macaroni to give it more heart, cream of chicken soup as a tasty base, and of course cubed chicken to give you the meaty hit you’re after.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes With Chicken Casserole?

There are a whole range of side dishes that you can serve alongside chicken casserole! Why not include couscous, rice, or a range of fresh vegetables such as broccoli, potatoes, or fresh peas?

Can You Put Raw Chicken In A Casserole?

It will all depend on the length of the cooking time. Some recipes advise to cook, braise, or brown your chicken beforehand to ensure that it has been cooked properly during the process.

This is so as to avoid any nasty food borne bacteria. So when in doubt, it’s always best to cook your chicken a little before you get started.

How Do I Make Chicken Casserole Better?

Ultimately it will come down to the ingredients you choose and the particular recipe that you are trying to make. If you enjoy more spice, why not add a little extra to suit your taste?

Or if you prefer a milder option, why not select a recipe that features a creamy sauce?

In Summary

And there you have it! You should now be spoiled for choice as to which chicken casserole recipe to get started with. We’ve made sure to include a range of recipes with a selection of different flavors.

There are even some classically inspired selections from France, Italy, and Turkey to really tempt your taste buds.

Will you opt for something classic and more traditional? Or will you branch out and try something a little different for your next family meal?

Whichever way your preferences lie, you will find the perfect chicken casserole recipe for your needs in our comprehensive list.

28 Fantastic Chicken Casserole Recipes For Tasty Midweek Meals

28 Fantastic Chicken Casserole Recipes For Tasty Midweek Meals

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Searching for some super tasty chicken casserole recipes? Check out these 28 fantastic chicken casserole recipes to try as your next tempting midweek meal!

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