20 Cheese Snacks You Have To Try

Cheese is something that many people enjoy, but with so many options for snacking out there, it can seem pretty overwhelming, and you may need more time to find the perfect choice for you.

20 Cheese Snacks You Have To Try

Whether you use these in the main course, side, or even dessert, there are plenty of textures and tastes that can go beyond other versions of recipes that you may have tried out and find could be improved in some areas. 

That is why we have compiled some of the best cheese snacks that are bound to contain a recipe that sparks some curiosity or acts as a source of inspiration, all of which you can find below. 

1. Cheesy Bars

We start with a versatile snack that can be used for dunking into creamy soups or hearty stews, so all you need is some self-raising flour, cold butter, grated cheese, and milk, which, when mixed, can result in bars that are all parts gooey. 

2. Three-Cheese Popcorn

You like popcorn, but toffee or plain butter is a bit boring, so why not add some parmesan and Romano cheese to the proceedings?

The combination of salt and butter heightens the cheese profile and is a savory delight. 

3. Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza and cheese are a common combination, but if you want to make something a bit more fun, you can try these pinwheel bites, which go well with sour cream or tomato sauce and have Italian seasoning, which gives them more flavor. 

4. Mac And Cheese Balls

Macaroni cheese is another favorite, but switching it up can make this blend even better, as these balls are fried and seasoned with fresh chives, which makes them even more crispier and delightful as you take a bite out of each one. 

5. Cheese And Bacon Pull-Apart Bread

This side works if you have a few guests over and want to prepare something that is not just tasty but is a bit fun in its design, as you have chopped bacon, onions, garlic, and gouda cheese, to make things a bit more interesting. 

6. Cheese Stuffed Roasted Peppers

If you want something to combine your cheese with that is on the lighter side, you can try these stuffed peppers which you can use red bell peppers, fresh basil leaves, and some fresh mozzarella, and the best thing is that you can make these in batches.


7. Cheese Crackers

If you’re looking for a crunchy and crumbly snack at the same time, you can try these crackers made from shredded cheese, flour, unsalted butter, and some salt, and you only need to bake them for 13 minutes. 

8. Fried Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are a joyous wonder, but you may have thought about having a go at trying to make these yourself, and with the seasoned Italian breadcrumbs, you can have a batch that is a bit different and pairs well with many sauces and dips.  

9. Cheesy Garlic Bread

If you have a small main and want something more substantial to pair it with, you can try making your own cheese garlic bread which you can make from a fresh loaf that, when baked, gives you a crunchy bread with oozing cheese on the top.

10. Vegan Cheese Appetizers

For those who are vegan, you don’t have to miss out on the rich and complex flavors of cheese as you can use vegan or cream cheese that blends well with the spiced pecan topping, which is ideal for parties or gatherings. 

11. Keto Cheese Chips

You can make cheese more interesting if you’re on the keto diet, as these cheese crisps are super easy to make and only take 20 minutes to make from start to finish, so you can make these into heaps and store some away for another time. 

12. Cheese Pizza Rolls

If you want a pizza-type recipe without taking too much time to make a whole pizza, you can try these rolls that use pepperoni and mozzarella with some pasta sauce that can give you something more than a traditional pizza. 

13. Cheese Bread Rolls

Cheesy bread is a great way to utilize your cheese, and here they work very well, as you have doodles that are soft on the outside and have a gooey cheese inside that simply melts as you tear the bread apart, and you could pair these with soups or sauces.

14. Cheese Dipping Sauce

If you have chips or maybe some chicken that you want to taste better, you can use this sauce with butter, salt, shredded cheese, mustard, and some salt and pepper that cooks over a saucepan and gets nice and smooth when it’s all mixed together. 

15. Cheese Tacos

Perhaps it’s taco night, and salsa or ranch sauces are getting a bit tedious, so in that case, you can get some cheddar or jack cheese goodness that you could add with salsa or some ground beef which makes the perfect paring which can be changed around as you like.  

16. Classic Grilled Cheese

With any cheese snack list, a classic grilled cheese sandwich can’t go unnoticed as they’re very easy to make, and the different combinations can seem almost endless, so you could try this with other meats or sauces to get a truly unique flavor. 

17. Cherry Tomatoes With Stuffed Cheese

For a quick snack that can satisfy your appetite, you could try these stuffed tomatoes, which you can use cherry or beef tomatoes if you want a meaty-tasting snack that doesn’t require more than a few handfuls of ingredients, so you have a few options here. 

18. Wrapped Apples With Brie

As we have found, cheese can be used in many different ways, but if you need to prepare something for a fancy or upscale event that is light to the taste, you can create these bites that use apples, fresh basil, brie cheese, and some balsamic glaze for the perfect appetizer. 

19. Peaches With Baked Ricotta

Cheese don’t always have to be in savory dishes and can be used in desserts as well, as you can mix some ricotta cheese with firm peaches, giving you a sweet and fulfilling dessert that can be garnished with lemon verbena sprigs. 

20. Goat Cheese Puddings

We finish with a dessert option that not only works in theory but, when all mixed, gives you a creamy and rich flavor that is hard to replicate anywhere else, and after an hour of cooling, you can top it with raspberries or a fruit of your choice for more zing. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Goes With Cheese?

If you’re looking for new pairings, a few ideas include meats, fresh or dried fruit, olives, granola, and even veggies, and even if these don’t sound very appealing, it won’t harm you to try some of these blends out and perhaps you may even surprise yourself. 

With veggies, however, there are some that you may want to avoid, like broccoli, carrots, celery, or cauliflower, as you may get some flavors that may be detrimental to the flavor profile of the overall dish you’re trying to make. 

Is There A Healthy Way To Use Cheese? 

You’re right to be concerned about how many calories, fat, and sodium your cheese contains, but you don’t have to punish yourself by getting rid of cheese altogether. Instead, be mindful of the cheese you buy, especially those low in saturated fat. 

Good examples include feta, mozzarella, and ricotta, and to save you from consuming too much, you can stick to one to two ounces and spread it. You’ll find specific types of cheese leave you satisfied with smaller amounts. 

How Do I Pair Fruit With Cheese? 

This can seem simple to work out, but there’s no denying that certain fruits work better with certain cheeses than others, so for fresh fruit, you can try fresh cheeses such as cottage cheese, feta, quark, or cream cheese. 

When pairing fruits and cheeses, the best things to remember are to avoid mixing bitter and fresh flavors, and mixing high acidity with bitter flavors, or pairing dry cheese with fresh produce, as you may get results that are counterproductive to the flavor profile you’re looking for.  

In Summary 

With all of these recipes, there is something for everyone to try out and get some new and exciting flavors out of, as there is a lot of room for experimentation, which can be a great thing if you don’t use cheese much and want something that is a little more forgiving.

As long as you stick to a cheese that you know and like, you should find these recipes easy to prepare, as we are aware that some cheeses can be a refined taste that doesn’t suit everyone’s flavor palettes, but feel free to try out different options if you’re feeling a bit daring. 

20 Cheese Snacks You Have To Try

20 Cheese Snacks You Have To Try

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If you love cheese, you can use many kinds when deciding on snack options. Find the best 20 recipes that can satisfy your appetite below.

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