13 Canned Cherry Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make 

Let’s face it, fresh or canned cherries can add a tart and desert-like flavor that can make it seem like an occasional treat for some.

However, seeing that many deserts are improved with these, it’s never been easier to add them to a recipe.

13 Canned Cherry Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make 

That is why we have found the best 13 recipes that use cherries to display unique tastes that are perfect for mealtimes or a special occasion, which you can see below. 

1. Homemade Cherry Icecream 

You can make ice cream from home, and if you’ve ever wanted to make fruity cherries the main flavor, you can do so here to make a creamy and rich ice cream that can be made for the whole family or as a pick-me-up during the week.

All you need is milk, refined sugar, cream, vanilla extract, egg yolk, and some chopped cherries, and you can use the sauce for a syrupy texture as you blend all of the ingredients together. 

2. Cherry Muffins

If you want muffins that are more crumbly and buttery as you take a bite, the inclusion of cherries is just the thing to make this recipe even better, and these can be made and served in an hour, so they are more convenient as well. 

As these can be made like cobblers, you can have a cherry filling that hits the sweet spot, and the best thing is that you can freeze them in an airtight tub for up to a month so that you can savor these for longer. 

3. Cherry Pudding Cake

For a more fulfilling and warming dessert, you can make a pudding cake that uses canned cherries, sugar, and canola oil as a layer that can soak up the cake so it isn’t too dry and can be served with some ice cream or custard.

You only need to pour the filling ingredients into a layered baking dish and spoon over the batter. Then you can bake for 45 minutes and watch as the cake rises and becomes crispy, yet crumbly on the inside. 

4. Cherry Cheesecake

This recipe can be seen as a cross between a cherry cheesecake and a cherry pie with cream, but however you see it, you can appreciate how decadent and sweet this creamy dessert can be, as it can be hard to ignore once you lay your eyes on it. 

This cheesecake is best if made ahead of time, as once made, you can put it in the fridge for around 5 hours, so it has time to harden and doesn’t lose its shape, so this can be used for a summer party or barbeque. 

5. Cherry Pie

These pie recipes can be plentiful, but for an authentic dessert option with a pleasant aroma and taste, you can make this homemade version, which can be made easier if you want to use a premade pie crust that still has its distinct shape.

You can spoon the filling into the pie and top, so you have a ready-bake pie that only takes up to 45 minutes, and once you cool it for an hour before serving, you have a relatively warm pie that can be served with whipping cream, ice cream, or a rich berry sauce. 

6. Cherry Salad

This might sound bland by name, but it has ingredients that may make you think differently, as this one uses condensed milk, chopped walnuts, pineapple chunks, cool whip, and some mini marshmallows, and all you have to do is stir it all together and cool for 2 hours.

After this wait, you’ll have a dessert that resembles that of thick yogurt or pudding with sweet fruit that makes it fluffy, so this is ideal for a kid’s party, as anyone can fall in love with the delightful textures and tastes. 

7. Cherry Cobbler

If you want a pie that is more crust-like and is less than 500 calories, this recipe can set you right, as you only need salted butter, milk, egg, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, and the cherry filling which can all be baked in a skillet.

You can also use the sweet cobbler filling as a way to be absorbed by the crust, which isn’t too dry, and the flavor isn’t too overpowering, and you could use some cinnamon as a garnish if you want a sharp kick in flavor. 

8. Cherry-Filled Cupcakes

Cupcakes are lovely, but they can be improved, and this recipe shows how this is done, as each bake has a surprise pie filling that is sure to bring joy to whoever tries one of these, and this isn’t hard to do as you can spoon the batter and filling into a muffin cup.

You can use whipped cream for the topping with some fresh cherries for more tartness, and this works for strawberry, lemon, blueberry, and raspberry fillings, so you can try each of these out and find which one works best for you. 

9. Cherry Bars

For a recipe you can have on the go, try these bars, which have sugar, softened butter, large eggs, almond extract, vanilla extract, and all-purpose flour, and you can add a glaze that you can drizzle over the top.

You can bake a batch of these for 40 minutes or until they turn a golden brown color, and the topping can be made, so it’s the right consistency, so your snacking options are much more diverse and exciting. 

10. Cherry Milkshake 

All love milkshakes, so using cherries as the main ingredient, you can make a creamy and softened shake with some cracker pieces, ice cream, and whipped cream, which can all be blended to arrive at the perfect texture.

You could use candy or cinnamon sticks as a garnish, but really it’s about what toppings you like best and trying out some fun combinations. 

11. Fruit Salad

Make your next fruit salad fun with this recipe with sliced peaches, pineapple chunks, strawberry halves, grapes, blueberries, mandarin oranges, and canned cherries for a sweetness bonanza sure to tingle your taste buds.

If you stick with sweet berries and fruits, you can use the juices from each, which gives you a lot of refreshing flavors that you can make in many ways, so get all your favorite fruits together and see what combinations you come up with. 

12. Cherry Trifle 

For layered desserts, you may not find anything better than a classic trifle, as you can prepare an angel food cake and use vanilla pudding with canned cherries, though this may be better for a pie filling. 

You can use the cake at the bottom and work your layers as you like, so when you serve it in dishes, you can get an even amount of all the layers, and you could go one step further and use chocolate filling. 

13. Grilled Cheese With Cherry

We’ve saved the best until last, so the classic grilled cheese can be made better with fresh or canned cherries as this can balance out the savory flavors from the cheese, as fresh herbs like sage and chives are used to bring it all together.

You’ll find the tartness of the cherries do well here as they give you something to wonder about until you get some cheese in the mix, and even though the recipe calls for white cheddar, there are bound to be other blends that would work just as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Cherry Filling Better?  

The best way to do this is by adding flavor, as cherries can offer you something sweeter.

Still, they can be overwhelming if they don’t have anything to contrast with, so getting the most out of flavored extracts and using spices are the most effective ways of doing this.

With some of these, you can mix into the cherries or sprinkle some on near the end of the cooking process, and if you find your filling is too runny, you can use some cornstarch, and whether you bake or refrigerate it, the filling should thicken as you want it to. 

Are Canned Cherries Good For You? 

They can be, as they are low in calories and full of fiber, minerals, and nutrients, but when eating them this way, they can give you fewer antioxidants than you would from fresh or dried cherries, so the only real issue comes from the added sugar, which you can look out for.  

In Summary

With these simple recipes, you now have an excuse to use those canned cherries and give them a new life, as they make any dessert instantly better.

When these cherries are mixed with other cuts of fruit, they can offer you a refreshing and light taste that is very satisfying and is bound to please guests, whatever the occasion or season. 

13 Canned Cherry Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make 

13 Canned Cherry Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make 

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