33 Easy Breakfast Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day of celebration and appreciation for the father figure in your life. If your dad enjoys his food, a great way to help him celebrate Father’s Day is by making him a special breakfast that he can enjoy in bed or with his family.

33 Easy Breakfast Ideas For Father’s Day

Instead of just reaching for the same old cereal or toast, this occasion calls for something more special, made with love. We have compiled a list of 33 easy breakfast ideas to help you celebrate your dad on Father’s Day.

1. Father’s Day Crunchy French Toast

French toast is always a winner when it comes to special breakfasts. It feels super decadent and indulgent while being really easy to make.

The best thing about making french toast for a Father’s Day breakfast is that you can get really creative with the toppings that you use.

You can let the kids create a buffet of toppings that their dad can choose from including fresh fruit and sugary cereal options.

2. Ultimate Father’s Day Breakfast Cups

If the father in your life is more on the go, these ultimate Father’s Day breakfast cups could be just what you need.

They are the perfect breakfast option for dad to just grab and eat while he is running around with the kids or getting ready to chauffeur them to their various weekend activities.

It can also be a great breakfast option for your kids that are always on the go too.

3. Father’s Day Muffin Breakfast

If you have a large family, are having family over for Father’s Day, or simply have a Father in your house with a big appetite, this could be the recipe for you.

This Father’s Day muffin breakfast is the perfect way to provide a healthy and nutritious breakfast for the whole family in a fun way. You can get the kids to help you arrange the muffins in a fun shape that relates to dad in some way.

4. All Day Breakfast Frittata

If the dad in your household enjoys a delicious cooked breakfast, this recipe could make his Father’s Day. The all-day breakfast frittata is packed full of healthy ingredients that will keep dad fueled for the Father’s Day activities that you have planned.

The best thing about making a frittata for a Father’s Day breakfast is that you can fill it with the ingredients that you know he loves the most.

5. Mexican Chorizo Breakfast Hash

If dad enjoys something a bit spicier than muffins or frittata, this Mexican chorizo breakfast hash could be just what you are looking for.

This breakfast option is absolutely bursting with flavor and nutrients. It will be hard to believe that something so flavorful and delicious could be a healthy breakfast to keep him full until lunch.

6. 10-Minute Breakfast Bruschetta

If you are celebrating Father’s Day in a house that has young children, you probably don’t have time to create an extravagant breakfast for their dad.

This 10-minute breakfast bruschetta recipe could be just what you need to make the dad of the house feel special and appreciated while wrangling your small children.

7. Ultimate English Breakfast Bap

Some dads just love a good, solid breakfast. This ultimate English breakfast bap could be just what he wants on his special day.

It is packed with most of the ingredients that you would find in a full English breakfast, including egg, bacon, and sausage. If you want to make it even better, you can serve some baked beans on the side too.

8. Father’s Day Breakfast With Choco Cereal Milkshake

If you want to treat the dad in your household to a breakfast that your kids will be jealous of, this could be what you are looking for. It is the perfect mix of healthy breakfast items and some sugar treats to make the day extra special.

Serve the breakfast with some extra peanut butter chocolate chip pancake bites so he can share them with the kids for some extra fun.

9. Father’s Day Breakfast Surprise

This is a Father’s Day breakfast option that the kids can definitely help out with no matter how small they are. The breakfast itself is simple, made of pancakes and fresh fruit.

However, the presentation is everything. You can print out a dad of the year trophy and let your kids decorate it however they want to make it more special.

10. Easy Breakfast Skillet

If the dad in your house isn’t a huge fan of sweet breakfasts, this recipe is perfect. This easy breakfast skillet can be made in no time at all and keep him fueled until lunchtime.

There are plenty of different combinations of filling that you can use to tailor the dish to the dad in your life. This is also a healthy breakfast that the whole family can enjoy.

11. Blueberry Breakfast Casserole

If you want to spoil the father in your life with something they wouldn’t normally have for breakfast, this blueberry breakfast casserole could be just the thing.

Not only is it packed full of delicious natural sugars, but blueberries are bursting with antioxidants that can help protect dad’s health. This casserole is also super easy to make ahead of time and heat up when you need it.

12. Father’s Day Special Eggless Mango Muffins

The dads among us that have special dietary requirements don’t have to miss out on a special father’s day breakfast. These stunning eggless mango muffins are perfect for the dad that doesn’t eat eggs.

They are light and fluffy and full of delicious, sweet flavors. The kids will love getting stuck into this recipe.

13. Blueberry Pie Oatmeal

Some dads are creatures of habit and don’t enjoy straying from their regular breakfasts, even for special occasions. If the dad in your life is like this and eats oatmeal every day regardless of holidays and occasions, this is the recipe for you.

This delicious blueberry pie oatmeal can be a fun way to give your dad a fun, special breakfast, without ruining his routine. 

14. Bananas Foster Pancakes

Another all-time favorite breakfast recipe is pancakes. These banana pancakes are a delicious and healthy way to start your Father’s Day celebrations.

This recipe is so simple that you can get the kids involved in helping you make them. This is also a great way to allow their father to have a bit more of a lie-in on his special day.

15. Egg Muffins In Prosciutto Cups

Some people don’t like breakfasts that have too many carbohydrates in them. This recipe for egg muffins in prosciutto cups could be perfect for Father’s Day.

The best thing about this recipe is that the end result looks super fancy and complicated. However, they couldn’t be easier to make, and you can make them in advance if you need to.

16. Easy Breakfast Parfaits

Parfaits are a brilliant breakfast option that is refreshing, healthy, and a little bit indulgent.

These easy breakfast parfaits can be made with help from your younger kids, or if your kids are a little bit older, they could manage to make them by themselves. You can also use whatever fruit the dad in your life prefers to make these perfect.

17. Adorable Kid’s Father’s Day Breakfast

This Father’s Day breakfast idea is a little bit different and more fun than some of the others on this list. This is essentially making a young kid’s breakfast for the father in your life.

This can be a fun way for your small children to enjoy breakfast with their dad on Father’s Day. If your kids are grown-up, this can be a nice way to reminisce about the breakfasts they used to eat when they were small.

18. Easy Breakfast Scramble

If the dad in your life is on the go all the time and has a packed schedule for Father’s Day, this easy breakfast scrabble could be the perfect special breakfast.

Not only is this a super quick and easy breakfast to make before he is out the door, but it is also super nutritious and will keep him fueled up for whatever activities he has planned.

19. Parma Ham, Gruyere, And Poached Egg Croissants

Stuffing croissants with savory ingredients is either something that you love or you hate. However, if the dad that you are cooking for enjoys it, this recipe could be perfect for Father’s Day.

The combination of parma ham, gruyere, and poached eggs makes this breakfast feel really special and decadent.

20. Ukrainian Farmers Breakfast

Some dads have really demanding jobs and lifestyles. For these dads, a substantial breakfast is needed. This Ukrainian farmer’s breakfast could be just what they need.

It is packed full of healthy carbohydrates and has a beautiful flavor to it. Best of all, it is super cheap and easy to make so won’t break the bank.

21. Easy Breakfast Tacos

Having breakfast items for dinner is always a fun perk of being an adult. However, having dinner items for breakfast can be just as fun.

These easy breakfast tacos can be the perfect treat for a delicious Father’s Day breakfast. These tacos are bursting with refreshing flavors that are sure to help dad wake up and be ready for the day.

22. Smoked Salmon And Egg Salad Tartines

Father’s Day can be a great opportunity to give your kids’ dad a break from eating their leftover food.

You can easily make him feel like an adult again by making these delicious smoked salmon and egg salad tartines for breakfast. Best of all, they are the perfect finger food so he doesn’t have to stop playing with his kids to enjoy them.

23. Breakfast Heart-Shaped Strawberry Muffins

Father’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation to all the wonderful father figures in our lives, whether it is our own dads, step-dads, honorary dads, or our kid’s dads, they deserve some love.

Making these delicious strawberry muffins with your kids can be the perfect way to show the dads in your life just how much they are loved.

24. Simple Sunday Breakfast Sandwich

Some dads are just simple beings. They enjoy the simple things in life and aren’t interested in complicated or fancy meals. If this sounds like the dad in your life, this simple Sunday breakfast sandwich could be perfect for you.

This recipe is so easy and simple to make that it might not feel like you are putting in enough effort, but as long as dad is happy, that’s the main thing.

25. Healthy Homemade Pop Tarts

Pop tarts are a fun and special breakfast item for any age group. While they might not be the most nutritious or healthy breakfast option, Father’s Day is a special occasion that deserves some fun foods.

If giving your family pop-tarts for breakfast makes you uncomfortable, you can make these delicious, healthy, homemade pop-tarts instead.

26. Air Fryer French Toast Sticks

Air fryers are still surprising us with just how versatile they are when it comes to cooking almost anything. These delicious french toast sticks made in the air fryer make a brilliant Father’s Day breakfast idea.

Making french toast into finger food is a great way to get the whole family to enjoy a delicious breakfast without having to keep everyone sitting at the table.

27. Chocolate Chip Scones

If the father in your life has a sweet tooth, these wonderful chocolate chip scones can make the perfect Father’s Day breakfast.

These are not a breakfast that you are likely to make for your family every day, therefore, they are more of a treat for everyone.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can make these scones in advance and just warm them up when you need them.

28. Heart Healthy Breakfast

Father’s Day is a time to show our fathers and the fathers in our lives just how much they mean to us. Preparing a sugary breakfast can be fun, however, it can be just as sweet to prepare a special breakfast that is healthy.

This heart-healthy breakfast could be the perfect way to show your dad just how much you care and that you want them around for as long as possible.

29. Cinnamon, Raisin, Banana Oat Bars

Another great option for the dad that is always on the go is this cinnamon, raisin, and banana oat bar recipe. Not only are these bars delicious, healthy, and packed with flavor, but they are also super convenient to eat on the go.

If the dad in your life has responsibilities on Father’s Day, this can be a great way to show that you care.

30. Help Yourself Breakfast

For some people, Father’s Day is an excuse to get the whole family together. This can make breakfast time chaotic and difficult.

However, with this help-yourself breakfast, you can create a delicious and healthy breakfast that is served in a buffet style. This will also allow everyone to take the amount that they want to eat.

31. Breakfast Parcels

Some dads just aren’t good at sitting down to breakfast when there are other things to do. If the dad in your life is like this, these breakfast parcels are perfect.

They are something that can be grabbed on the go and eaten around other activities. This is a great way to show a busy dad just how much you care.

32. Hot Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

If your dad or your children’s dad has a sweet tooth, this could be the perfect Father’s Day recipe. This hot chocolate breakfast smoothie is packed with nutrients and healthy ingredients, but it tastes just like hot chocolate.

Best of all, it is suitable to give to your children too as a healthy treat breakfast option.

33. Acai Breakfast Bowl

If the dad in your life is a lover of fruit and smoothies, this acai breakfast bowl could be the perfect treat for Father’s Day.

There aren’t many people who can make an acai bowl for breakfast on a regular basis, but for a special occasion, it is perfect. This recipe is super simple and the results are delicious and healthy.

Can any of the Father’s Day Brunch recipes also be used for breakfast?

Looking to whip up a sumptuous morning meal? Look no further! The best father’s day brunch recipes can easily double as scrumptious breakfast options. Treat your dad to a hearty spread with dishes like fluffy pancakes, eggs benedict, or a breakfast casserole.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways that you can make breakfast special for the dad in your life on Father’s Day. Whether he has a packed schedule or is going to be relaxing, there is a recipe to help you make him feel appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dads Want Breakfast In Bed On Father’s Day?

The only person who can really answer that question is the dad in your life. If you have a dad who always wants a lie-in then breakfast in bed can be a nice treat that allows him to enjoy his breakfast in peace.

However, if you have a dad who is always up before the sun, they might not appreciate having to lay in bed to have breakfast.

If you are unsure whether the dad in your life will want to have breakfast in bed, the best bet is to just talk to them and ask. Their answer might even surprise you.

What If My Dad Is Working On Father’s Day?

There are a couple of options for what to do if your dad is working on Father’s Day. You could get up extra early and make sure that he has a delicious and healthy breakfast to help him get through the working day.

This option might have to be something he can eat on the go unless you are going to wake him up early. You can also have an extra treat and make him his favorite breakfast for dinner when he comes home from work.

33 Easy Breakfast Ideas For Father’s Day

33 Easy Breakfast Ideas For Father’s Day

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