Over 25 Simple, Authentic Swedish Recipes For You To Try

Taking a vacation this summer to Sweden and curious about their traditional dishes? Or are you just curious to know about the cultures of the world? Either way, Scandinavian food overall is incredibly rich and interesting. 

Like most Scandinavian countries, Sweden is renowned for their  incredible fish dishes. The abundance of freshwater makes for otherworldly breeding grounds for different species of fish. 

Over 25 Simple, Authentic Swedish Recipes For You To Try

However, there are other tasty dishes you should know about. Below are over 25 authentic, traditional Swedish recipes for you to try! 

Check them out now!

1. Pepparkakor

Pepparkakor is a delicious Swedish Christmas treat. These ginger cookies are often more savory than sweet but are absolutely delicious. And the ginger and cinnamon scents are sure to have your home smelling festive. 

Ensure to take part in tradition and hold the baked cookie in your palm, make a wish and tap 3 times with your index finger until the cookie breaks. 

Perfect for making your holiday dreams come true!

2. Kladdkaka

This one bowl, no mix chocolate cake recipe is sure to have your mouth watering. 

Kladdkaka is Sweden’s version of a sticky chocolate cake. It is super simple to make using only what you have in the pantry or refrigerator and is chilled to serve. 

It has a crisp shell and a mushy, gooey middle and is a dense, rich chocolate delicacy. It reminds us of “molten chocolate cakes,” which were popular a few years ago, and is somewhat like an underbaked chocolate cake.

3. Raggmunk

What better way to start a Sunday than with some delicious pancakes? Or Raggmunk. Raggmunk are savory potato pancakes that are light, fluffy, and tasty!

These savory pancakes are thin, crispy, and worth every bite. They are often enjoyed with strips of naturally smoked applewood bacon and some cherry compote. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and keeping you full at the same time. 

Don’t forget to really squeeze all of the water out of your shredded potato or you will end with a soggy, unappealing mess. 

4. Limpa

Often when running late for work the quickest breakfast to make is a slice of toasted bread with a layer of peanut butter, butter, or jam. We don’t always have time for poached eggs and avocado. 

Limpa is a Swedish Rye Bread that you can bake fresh and keep in your pantry or freezer. Spread a thick layer of butter and your favorite jam. Or get your hands on some gjetost, Norwegian brown goat cheese. 

Keep your pantry full and your home smelling delicious with Limpa!

5. Lingonberry Sauce

You know how Swedish meatballs are always served with a sweet and sour sauce from IKEA? This lingonberry sauce is produced using a Nordic berry and is comparable to cranberry sauce.

 If you can get lingonberries, you can prepare this tasty Scandinavian sauce in approximately 15 minutes with just a few simple ingredients.

This Swedish cranberry sauce is the perfect addition to any protein dish. You may even want it on your turkey this Thanksgiving! It is full of natural sweetness making it unique and tasty. 

6. Swedish Pancakes 

Let’s begin by stating that these are NOT crepes. There is a rather large difference no matter how similar they look. 

This Swedish Pancake recipe is full of sweet flavors. With the addition of berries on top and you have something irresistible. 

Fill your Swedish Pancakes with chocolate spread, cream, or any other condiment you desire! These thin crispy pancakes are perfect for those lazy mornings for the entire family to enjoy. 

7. Risgrynsgröt

As the cold weather, the dark nights, and cold mornings roll in, we are all in need of some comfort food. Risgrynsgröt is the perfect rice pudding recipe to keep you warm and comforted throughout winter. 

While it is traditionally served on Christmas Eve, it has slowly become a staple within Scandinavian cuisine.  

Serve with a handful of raisins throughout for some added sweetness and a dash of cinnamon on top to keep things festive and flavorful. 

8. Knack & Kola

Knack and Kola are Swedish toffees which are homemade and shared throughout the holidays. 

Knack is often filled with chopped almonds while Kola remains smooth and soft. You can easily make large batches of this delicious treat and share with friends and family. 

They also make excellent stocking fillers that your kids are sure to love. You can also add lollipop sticks into your Knack treats as the set for easy eating! 

9. Kanelbullar

Traditional Swedish cinnamon buns called kanelbullar are created with buttery cinnamon-sugar filling, soft and chewy cardamom dough, and tiny knots. 

The conventional American cinnamon bun is larger and more sweet than this pastry, which is also less oozy. You can easily eat 2 or 3 of these delectable buns before beginning to feel that typical sickly sweetness.

These buns also lack a strong icing opting for a more subtle butter glaze. Allowing them to get golden brown and gorgeous as they bake. 

This cinnamon bun, which is topped with sliced almonds and pearl sugar, is perfect for brunch or an afternoon coffee break.

10. Hallongrotta

Make Christmas memorable with Hallongrotta. Or also known as Thumbprint Cookies. These buttery shortbread cookies have a small indent in the middle which is then filled with jam. 

They are bright, colorful, and absolutely delicious. 

Serve with a cup of coffee or tea for a relaxing afternoon snack or enjoy on Christmas morning as a festive treat. 

Make a selection of Hallongrotta by switching up the jam. The most common is raspberry but strawberry, apricot, and lingonberry are all delicious! 

11. Artsoppa

Pea soup is an extremely popular dish in Sweden. Artsoppa is a traditional peasant food of the Roman times and was enjoyed with a slice of crusty break. 

Artsoppa is full of protein and other nutrients from just a few simple ingredients: peas, onions, mustard, broth, and seasoning. 

This cost effective yet tasty dish is served in communal spaces across the nation and is even loved in the homes of most Swedish families. 

Although there is some mustard in the recipe, consider serving this soup like the Swedes do by adding an extra stripe of yellow mustard after you spoon it into your bowl.

12. Västerbottenostpaj

Vasterbottenostpaj is a classic cheese pie that is enjoyed throughout the year. It is perfect for when you are craving something tasty, simple and cheesy. 

Made from Vasterbottenost, a Swedish cheese, this dish is full of flavor and takes little to no effort to make. You can also use Gruyere as a delicious substitute. 

Make a simple pie crust, layer in your filling and pop it in the oven until the top is golden brown and crispy. Having a second slice is a no brainer! 

13. Lussekatter

In Sweden, sweet yeast rolls are a common sight, but during Christmas, they take on a new form and significance.

Dark raisins serve as a contrast to the lovely golden hue that saffron imparts to these buns. With eggs and butter, the rolls are just sufficiently rich and gently sweet.

Enjoy in the morning as a sweet treat or during the holidays to celebrate Swedish tradition. 

A top tip is to let the dough set into a length of 4-6 inches before rolling them out to 13-14 inches long. 

14. Janssons Frestelse

The creamy potato casserole known as Janssons Frestelse, or Jansson’s Temptation, is straightforward but delectable. It is typically saved for Christmas and Easter, however, it is also enjoyed throughout the year. 

This delicious casserole, which resembles a potato gratin dish, is best enjoyed on special occasions or as comfort food. Tasty and creamy with a slightly crispy top. Every bite is sure to have your taste buds jumping for joy. 

For a satisfying meal, serve it with some veggies and a choice of meat.

15. Rodkal

Serving a delicious pork dish this weekend and need a side to match the flavor? Rodkal is sure to do the job. 

This Braised Swedish Red Cabbage is a glorious side dish. Perfect for adding color, taste, and some crunch. 

Extremely high in vitamins C,E and A, there are a variety of health benefits to enjoying Rodkal more than once a week. And trust us, you are going to crave it more than once a week. 

As you braise your red cabbage it should come together to be slightly sticky, sweet, and utterly irresistible. 

16. Vafflor

Often find American waffles to be heavy and too sweet? Vafflor is a Swedish waffle recipe that is light and airy. 

They are much thinner than American waffles and are known for their classic heart shape. This sweet dish is loved so much it even has its own day on March 25th, Vaffeldagen. 

Lingonberry jam is commonly layered on top with fresh berries but you can add whatever toppings suit your fancy. Maple syrup? Chocolate and strawberries? The choice is up to you!

17. Semlor

Inspired by the Scottish cream bun. Semlor is a small bun filled with marzipan and topped with fresh whipped cream and powdered sugar. 

They are most commonly enjoyed on Shrove Tuesday but are becoming more popular through Christmas and Lent. 

This recipe takes you through the traditional steps to make your very own Semlor. Although, traveling to Sweden for the real thing would be fantastic! 

Serve with tea or more traditionally with warmed milk for a comforting sweet treat throughout the holidays. 

18. Kottbullar

The real reason we are all obsessed with Ikea, the classic Swedish meatballs! 

These Swedish meatballs are the ideal comfort food, if you’re looking for it. Your mouth will start watering from the first bite of the sauce, which is a creamy gravy cooked with butter and thickened with flour.

Serve with fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes and a helping of lingonberry jam for a stunning, flavorsome meal. 

While using frozen meatballs would make it easier, nothing compares to making everything from scratch. 

19. Rakmacka

In need of a tasty, healthy lunch for the office? Rakmacka or Shrimp Sandwich is perfect. 

Simple ingredients like bread, eggs, lettuce, cucumber, lemon, dill, mayonnaise, and cooked prawns or shrimp are used to make this open-faced sandwich.

It comes together in less than 5 minutes and is a delicious, substantial sandwich ideal for a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This nutrient-rich Swedish prawn sandwich is filled with energy and is also highly healthful.

Make it even better with a small helping of mayo or greek yogurt. Who says healthy means boring?

20. Kalops

Kalops will be a strong memory for even Swedish native. Often made with ingredients laying in the refrigerator and pantry, this dish is extremely cheap while still brimming with flavor. 

Take a cheap cut of beef, onions, spices, flour, butter, and water to create a stew with a gorgeous rich gravy. 

Serve with red potatoes, pickled beets and lingonberries for a nutrient rich, heart dish. Perfect for those days when you need a little pick me up. 

21. Gravlax

Salmon is a popular fish throughout Sweden. Especially dry cured salmon that can be enjoyed on bread or even as is. 

Gravlax originally referred to salmon that had been preserved by being buried in sand and allowed to ferment.

Now it’s more like you simply placed the fish in the refrigerator after burying it in a cemetery fashioned out of a baking dish and a ton of salt and sugar. It’s sort of cured, like ceviche, but it’s not quite cooked.

Serve on thick bread with a layer of cream cheese and topped with freshly sliced radish.

22. Korv Stroganoff

Need a quick, simple, delicious meal during the week? Korv Stroganoff is a must. While Korv sausage is what is traditionally used, baloney is a great substitute. 

With a few simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry you can create this delightful, creamy dish for your family. 

You can even use your slow cooker to have your dinner ready and waiting for you when you come home. Serve on a bed of fluffy rice or even with tender boiled potatoes. 

23. Toast Skagen

It’s good to treat yourself every once in a while. So, why not do it with a serving of Toast Skagen. 

Toast Skagen is a dish that combines skagenröra, a prawn salad made with fresh prawn, mayonnaise, sour cream, and, you guessed it, dill, with a layer of crusty toast.

Dijon mustard can occasionally be used, and imitation crab sticks or fresh crab meat can be used in place of the prawn. A little scoop of fish roes is then used to decorate the toast.

24. Wallenbergare

Wallenbergare is a veal burger. Named after the forefather of one of the biggest Swedish industrial families.

This iconic delicacy is made of minced veal, breadcrumbs, cream , and egg yolks. It is often served as a burger or is enjoyed with peas, mashed potatoes, and gravy. 

While this common dish may seem rather plain, it is rather decadent and is thought of as a rather high class meal. Perfect for a romantic date night or a celebratory dinner. 

25. Knackebrod

Rice Cakes can quickly become boring as a healthy snack. No matter how much peanut butter you layer on them. 

It is time to try out Knackebrod, a Swedish Crispbread. This thing, crispy bread is high in fiber and is extremely filling. 

The only time-consuming step in this quick and easy recipe is rolling out the dough. Make the dough the night before baking if you’re using a sourdough starter. Gravlax, smoked pork, or prawns are delicious additions to the top.

26. Hasselbackspotatis

By now, everyone is familiar with Hasselback potatoes. Taking a medium to large potato, making small slices half way through the potatoes, and covering in garlic butter and parmesan cheese. 

This advanced take on a baked potato is crispy, fluffy, and full of so much flavor it could be a meal on its own.  

Serve as a side to a range of dishes. 

27. Kraftor

Kraftor or Crayfish is a Swedish delicacy. So much so that there are now full parties dedicated to the seafood dish. 

Kräftor, which can be translated as crayfish, is prepared here considerably differently from other places across the world.

 Fresh dill is added to the boiling crawfish for flavor. Remember to choose fresh dill weeds because there are significant differences between dill weeds and dill seeds.

28. Smorgastarta

Swedish sandwich cake known as smorgastarta has layers of mouthwatering flavors and textures.

When you first look at this cake, you might say, “Wow, what a beautiful cake,” but as you get a closer look, you’ll see that it’s actually savory, with undertones of smoked salmon and dill, radishes, egg salad, and chives adjusting the flavor at each stage.

 A true piece of art!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Sweden’s Most Known Dish?

Kottbullar, or meatballs is Sweden’s most known dish. Sweden’s national dish made worldwide famous in IKEA restaurants is a classic! The recipe is simple and goes way back: minced pork or beef, onion, egg, milk, and breadcrumbs.

What Is A Common Swedish Lunch?

On Thursdays, the majority of traditional lunch establishments serve pea soup and pancakes with lingonberry jam or any type of jam (sylt).

Final Thoughts 

While Sweden is most commonly known for meatballs and its incredible landscapes, they have a range of dishes to be rejoiced. 

From savory meals for feeding a large crowd to sweet and delicate for afternoon tea. Swedish food is full of flavor and is truly worth trying. 

With most ingredients being fresh, Swedish cuisine is often healthy and can be enjoyed most days throughout the week without worry. 

With over 28 recipes you have a wide array of authentic Swedish recipes to choose from. So, choose your favorite and get in the kitchen!

Easily wow your guests with a simple, authentic Swedish dish for dinner.

Over 25 Simple, Authentic Swedish Recipes For You To Try

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