15 Delicious Items On Zaxby’s Menu That You Need To Try

Zaxby’s is known to have some of the most tender and delicious chicken money can buy and while those delicious chicken pieces and wings are often a popular menu choice for many people, there is a huge variety of other scrumptious food on the Zaxby’s menu that it would be unfair to not bring some attention to them. 

From their crunchy sandwiches to some meat infused salads, keep reading as we take a look at the best options currently on the Zaxby’s menu that you need to try out next time you take a visit. 

15 Delicious Items On Zaxby’s Menu That You Need To Try

What Food Is Zaxby’s Most Well Known For?

Founded in 1990, Zaxby’s has had a long time to bolster up its menu and establish itself in the fast-food industry and while it certainly has made a name for itself, the main reason for this is their chicken, primarily their chicken fingers which you can now order to be a part of just about anything whether it’s a chicken finger sandwich or even mixed into a salad, for many they are the essential go to when it comes to ordering from Zaxby’s. 

It is not just their signature chicken fingers that makes Zaxby’s so well loved by many fast food enthusiasts however, they also have some delicious wings which go just as well as light appetizers as they do as part of a main meal.

Additionally, Zaxby’s also gives you the option to try on the bone or boneless wings, depending on the type of texture you want to bite into and enjoy. 

Their sandwiches are also a big hit among customers, however just as popular are actually their salads which are often made as vibrant and tasteful as possible by mixing in some of Zaxby’s well known chicken, spices and sauces.

Speaking of sauces, the Zax sauce is a staple at Zaxby’s and can be found coming alongside nearly every other item on the menu, and with Zaxby’s being known to cover their food in delicious smoky sauces, you can be sure it will only enhance the flavor of any food it touches. 

Zaxby’s has a long history of being an excellent fast food chain that excels in chicken, while also providing some of the best wings and sandwiches out there for a good price point.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the very best food options Zaxby’s currently offers. 

1) The Blue Buffaloed Zalad

Salads are an incredibly popular choice for many when they visit a fast food restaurant since it serves as an extremely light appetizer that helps you feel satisfied but also refreshed for the meal to come, and what better way to add a huge amount of flavor into a salad than to mix it with fried onions, blue cheese crumbles and a few of Zaxby’s signature buffalo chicken fingers. 

The red cabbage and roma tomatoes help to give this small appetiser a nice amount of crunch and with it being finished off with a dash of blue cheese dressing, it’s nutritious while still retaining a lot of that familiar meaty goodness that Zaxby’s is so well known for. 

2) Zaxby’s Cookies

With Zaxby’s, you get three cookie options that are all pretty delicious and packed with some great flavor that makes for an excellent side order that you can snack on after the main meal.

The traditional chocolate chip cookies are definitely the best and almost melt in the mouth with each and every bite.

The white chocolate macadamia adds a bit of a lighter flavor that is still delightful to bite into and finally the double chocolate chunk that gives you the maximum amount of chocolate flavor possible, perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. 

The cookies also have a very nice balance between being crunchy and still warm and soft to bite into so you won’t have to worry about them being a little too crunchy where they can end up being unpleasant.

3) Nibblerz Meal

Despite looking like a smaller meal on its own, the Nibblerz Meal is still nothing to slouch at and while it is usually served as a kids meal, it still provides a good amount of flavor, especially for how much cheaper it often is on the menu. 

The three chicken fingers that are covered in Zax sauce and placed in their own soft mini subs are what really take this miniature meal up a notch and with some of Zaxby’s signature crunchy and lightly spiced fries to go along with it, this is an excellent choice when you aren’t in the mood for a bigger meal. 

4) Fried White Cheddar Bites

It’s hard to really find anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with cheddar bites upon taking that very first bite, however Zaxby’s puts a little spin on the standard cheddar bites by breading and frying them before being served alongside a mouthwatering marinara dipping sauce that makes them all the more delicious on the taste buds.

Tasting that delicious melted stringy cheese from some cheddar bites has never been so good. 

5) Fried Pickles

Similar to Zaxby’s Fried Cheddar Bites, their Fried Pickles are a unique appetizer that go along with essentially any meal, however because the pickles manage to still retain a good amount of juice, making them a delight to bite into, they really do stand out on their own. 

The crispy breading isn’t too crispy too where it takes away from the flavor of the pickles and with a creamy ranch sauce included, how could you ever go wrong with picking just a few of these up next time you order from Zaxby’s large variety of food. 

6) Chicken Fingerz

Zaxby’s Chicken Fingerz are praised by many who have tried them as some of the tastiest chicken options on Zaxby’s wide menu, and it’s definitely not hard to see why they gain such a positive reputation.

Each slender chicken piece is carefully hand-breaded so that the exterior doesn’t take away from any of the juiciness of the chicken itself, still giving it a good texture and an incredibly addicting taste that will leave you wanting more as soon as you finish one bowl. 

To make these Chicken Fingerz even more appetizing, like most of Zaxby’s chicken options they are also generously served with a side of Zax sauce to give it that signature sticky taste, however if you aren’t a fan of Zaxby’s signature sauce then you can switch it out for either the Honey Mustard or Buffalo Garlic Blaze, all are great choices that will enhance the flavor tremendously. 

7) Boneless Wings

While they do contain more calories than the regular traditional bone-in wings, Zaxby’s boneless wings are still packed full of flavor even despite their smaller appearance.

Being drenched in ranch sauce and having a very chewy and easy to tear apart texture, boneless wings are often seen as the go-to’s when you want something that retains that familiar wing flavor that you won’t need to get to by biting around the bone, not to mention it is a great option for the kids.

These wings are also a little easier to pull apart because of their soft and moist texture, making them similar to the chicken fingers but with a little more of that familiar smokey flavor that we all know and love when snacking on some wings. 

Whether you pick these delicious treats up as a pack of 10 or you get 5 as part of a meal, they are a good and tasty substitute for when you want something a bit easier to bite into than regular on-the-bone wings.

8) Zaxby’s Club

When we say this sandwich is packed to the brim with ingredients despite its small stature, we really do mean it.

With three chicken fingers topped off with some crispy bacon and a little bit of American cheese, this sandwich really is for those who feel they can stomach it, however it’s a real treat if you can since this combination of food is packed full of a delicious smoky flavor that has a nice crunch with each and every bite thanks to the lettuce mixed in. 

The Zaxby’s Club served with some of Zaxby’s lightly seasoned fries is a great choice for a fulfilling meal that will keep you going for the long day ahead. 

9) Buffalo Chicken Fingerz 

Zaxby’s are well known for their thick ranch sauce and delicious buffalo style chicken, and once you take a bite of these buffalo chicken fingerz there really is no going back as the buffalo sauce really takes the flavor of the meat up a notch, giving it a succulent but also smoky texture that is a delight to bite into. 

Zaxby’s also love going to town with their sauces so you can guarantee that when you get these delicious Chicken Fingerz that they will be soft and delicious to bite into.

We recommend picking up five of them as part of a meal along with some creamy dipping sauce to have a meal you can guarantee to be satisfied with. 

10) Grilled Chicken Sandwich 

When it comes to their sandwiches, it’s a near impossible task to find one from Zaxby’s that is as tasty as it is healthy than the Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

At just 500 calories, the perfectly grilled chicken is deliciously tender to bite into with a little bit of added crunch thanks to the lettuce.

The drizzled honey mustard also helps enhance the taste tremendously and gives the sandwich a bit of a distinct quality and taste from your average grilled chicken sandwich, making it excellent either as part of a meal, or as a quick take-out option that you can eat on the go. 

11) Texas Toast

The thick and delicious Texas Toast from Zaxby’s is so addictive, you really need to try it to believe it.

This isn’t just any regular toast, instead the bread is made to be extremely thick, giving you nice and firm slices to bite into rather than soggy and weak slices that can often be very unappetising. 

These thick slices are then layered all over by a delicious garlic spread to soften their crunciness a little bit while making them incredibly savory to bite into, creating a dish that you really cannot find in any other fast food restaurant or take-out.

In fact, the slices of Zaxby’s Texas Toast are so big that while you definitely can pick them up as an appetizer, they are just as filling on their own and can therefore make for a delicious smaller main meal. 

If you like the idea of spreading a little bit of butter over the toast to make it even softer and pack it full of a smooth and familiar creamy flavor, then you also get the choice if you want to pack even more flavor into each thick slice. 

12) Crinkle Fries

Fries have unfortunately become sidelined by many fast food brands who decide to pay more attention to the main food in their meals such as the chicken and burgers, which can often leave the fries tasting hollow and too soft. 

This is not the case with Zaxby’s however whose Crinkle Fries are cooked to have just the right amount of crispness that really allows them to stand out from many other brands.

They also manage to cook the fries so that the taste is effortlessly crispy rather than having big amounts of potato in each bite, leaving both the exterior and interior tasting delicious. 

With some regular Ranch Sauce or Zax Sauce, Zaxby’s really does put a good amount of effort into their fries which makes them the guaranteed go-to side addition for any meal you decide to buy. 

13) Signature Sandwich 

Zaxby’s really do call this the Signature Sandwich for a reason with its fried chicken topped with juicy pickles and smothered in that delicious and smokey Zax sauce that really kicks the flavor up a notch.

The fried chicken really packs this sandwich to the brim and with two incredibly soft potato buns either side of it, this burger is a sheer delight to taste and not to mention, for it’s reasonably cheap price you get a sandwich which is guaranteed to fill you up thanks to how much you get with just one item. 

However, with that being said we wouldn’t recommend missing the opportunity to pair this sandwich up with some of Zaxby’s mouthwatering fries to have a meal that could easily become your go-to once you try it for the first time. 

14) Traditional Bone-In Wings

While Zaxby’s may go under the radar at times in regards to their wings, they are actually incredibly delicious and by far one of the best meat based options Zaxby’s has to offer.

With each wing being dipped in Zaxby’s sweet and succulent barbecue sauces, the wings are not only healthier than a lot of their deep-fried counterparts, they also have an incredibly distinct and memorable flavor that really allows them to stand out. 

Additionally, because each wing is medium sized and since you get a selection of options in how you want to buy them, they make for the perfect food for any situation.

Whether you and your friends just want a delicious evening appetizer while watching a big game or if you want to share a few out between everyone along with some fries and greens as a family meal, Zaxby’s traditional wings on the bone really do taste great for any occasion. 

15) Cajun Club Sandwich 

Finally, it’s hard to find many choices on Zaxby’s menu that are as delightful to bite into and enjoy than their Cajun Club Sandwich, an incredibly healthy option that has a bit more of a unique twist to the taste than you may first expect.

The blackened chicken in this sandwich is incredibly rich and provides a real meaty taste that isn’t too chewy and can be separated easily, making for an incredibly deep and rich flavor.

This taste is greatly enhanced by being covered in cajun spices which adds a bit of a spicier kick that you won’t find in a lot of Zaxby’s other sweeter and more smoky food options. 

It’s not just the chicken and spices that are included in this sandwich however, you will also get to enjoy a good amount of bacon, crunchy lettuce, American cheese and tomatoes which are all doused in that delicious ranch sauce, and topped off with a soft potato bun to make this a healthy and incredibly delicious treat that you should always consider choosing next time you order from a Zaxby’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Vegan Options Do Zaxby’s Offer?

Since Zaxby’s food menu is so large and expansive, there are more than a few delicious and nutritious vegan friendly options on the menu that you can tuck into and enjoy.

The side salad on its own with no meat added is a great choice and can be paired with either lite vinaigrette dressing or citrus vinaigrette dressing to enhance the flavor by adding a little dash of creaminess to the dish overall.

Zaxby’s Crinkle Cut Fries are also vegan friendly along with their Tater Chips and Pickle Spears.

Even the thick and mouth watering Texas Toast is vegan friendly so that everyone can enjoy it equally, just make sure to specifically order it with no butter just to be safe. 

What Selection Of Sauces Do Zaxby’s Offer?

Zaxby’s are well known for having a large variety of sauces and while they do have some signature ones that are most commonly included with the majority of meals, there are a few delicious ones that will often go under the radar.

While Zax Sauce is the most popular with its creamy blend of zesty spices and a slightly tangy flavor, Ranch Sauce is a little cooler and another popular option that adds even more cream to the mix. 

Honey Mustard, Tongue Torch and Sweet & Spicy have a slightly sweet and delicate tang to them while Wimpy, Nuclear and Insane offer varying levels of spicy heat for when you really want the maximum amount of flavor to burst out from your food. 

Finally there is Teriyaki which is a sweet sauce with a hint of soy and garlic mixed in, and the standard BBQ Sauce which is incredibly smoky and perfect as a dipping option for some Chicken Fingerz or some Fried Pickles.


Zaxby’s sure does have a great selection of chicken and wing options that make up the majority of their menu, however make sure to also try out some of the downright fantastic side dishes that Zaxby’s also has to offer to go along with the wide selection of delicious main food options you can choose from. 

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