28 Yellow Cake Mix Recipes You Will Love

One of the best ways to make a dessert is to bake something homemade.

Making some form of cake is a great way to ensure that you will be making something that most people will like and will be delicious.

Making cakes can be quite simple and often does not require too much equipment, so it is a great choice for when you want to make a sweet treat.

The main problem with baking is that it can often just take too much time!

28 Yellow Cake Mix Recipes You Will Love

We would all love to have enough time to be able to bake everything from scratch and not have to worry about it being perfect.

However, this is not always the reality and in the modern world, especially if you work or have a busy personal life, having hours to dedicate to baking is just not always feasible.

But at the same time you also do not want to go out and just buy a cake, especially if you are in a position where you need to make something yourself.

This is where box cake mixes come in handy.

One of the most frustrating things about baking is measuring out all the ingredients and getting everything messy in the process, with box cake mixes, you often have to measure out very few ingredients, and most of them can be made in a single bowl or tin.

Some people assume that box cakes will not get as good results as making a cake from scratch, this would make sense since most foods taste better from scratch.

However, in most cases this is not the same for box cake, the results of a box cake mix will be nearly identical to making the same cake from scratch, and the results from the box cake are much more likely to be consistent and less prone to mistakes.

So if the thought of dedicating hours to a cake, just for something to go wrong scares you, then maybe you should consider box cakes.

It also helps that box cake mixes are often pretty cheap, so they will not even cost you  much more than making it from scratch too. 

The main issue with box cakes is making them interesting. Most of them only come with minimal or sometimes, no decoration, and just having plain cake is pretty boring.

This is why so many people have put together recipes on how to use box cake mix to make a much more interesting cake than initially expected.

These recipes exist for every type of box cake mix, but this article focuses specifically on yellow cake mixes (see also ‘25 Simple Strawberry Cake Mix Dessert Ideas‘).

If you have a box of yellow cake mix and want to make a masterpiece of a delicious cake, but you do not know where to start, keep reading to get the inspiration you need!

1.Cinnamon Roll Cake

One of the best spices to use to add extra delicious flavor to any cake is cinnamon, and this goes the same for yellow cake which tastes amazing with cinnamon.

This recipe recreates the sensation of a cinnamon roll using yellow cake mix as the foundation for the recipe.

What perfects this recipe is the gooey cream topping which is also super easy to make!

2.Gooey Butter Cookies

You would assume that the main thing you can make with yellow cake mix is just cake, but this recipe proves otherwise with a simple way to make butter cookies using this basic cake mix.

If you are craving warm delicious butter cookies, but do not want to make them from scratch, try this recipe instead!

3.Slow Cooker Classic Coffee Cake

Since cake mix recipes are usually cooked in such a standard way, most people do not assume that they can be cooked using alternate methods, but this recipe makes it possible to cook cake mix in a slow cooker.

This means that the flavors of this coffee cake fully develop and are ultra rich by the time it is fully baked.

4.Honey Bun Cake

If you want a sweet and simple cake to make which has a unique flavor combo, this honey bun cake recipe does not need much extra using brown sugar and cinnamon for the filling, and is topped off with a delicious super sweet vanilla flavored glaze.

5.Caramel Apple Dump Cake

Caramel apple dump is a great warming comfort food recipe using plenty of spices and fruity flavors to make it delicious, but this recipe makes the process of making it super simple by using cake mix as its foundation.

If you want a shortcut for making a caramel apple dump cake (see also ‘33 Dump Cake Recipes For Lazy Bakers‘), you have to try this recipe!

6.3 Ingredient Apple Dump Cake

If you want an even more simple recipe for apple dump cake compared to our previous entry, this recipe only needs 3 ingredients, including the cake mix and does not need that much effort for preparation either!

For a super simple apple dump cake, you have to try this!

7.Yellow Cake Mix Coffee Cake

If you only have yellow box cake mix in, but you are really craving a coffee cake instead, this recipe makes the process of turning yellow cake into coffee cake simple and will give you what you are craving.

This does not need many extra ingredients, so it will not be too expensive either!

8.Easy Lemon Cream Poke Cake

Making poke cake is a great way for the whole family to get involved with a simple baking exercise, and this lemon cream cake recipe is absolutely filled with flavor, and the cream topping perfectly balances out the flavors of the zesty cake!

9.Zucchini Cake With Cinnamon Cream Icing

If you want to make healthier cakes, a lot of people use fruit and vegetables as the foundation for their recipes to substitute for more unhealthy ingredients, and one ingredient which is commonly used for this is zucchini.

Many people would assume this is not possible with a box cake mix, but this recipe makes the process simple. If you want to try a more unconventional but still delicious recipe, this one is for you!

10.Pineapple Upside Down Cake

A classic cake to serve at dinner parties and events is pineapple upside down cake, and because of how delicious it is, many assume that it is much more difficult to make than it actually is.

This recipe is so simple because it relies on a box cake mix, but it will still get you amazing results!

11.Best Peanut Butter Cake

Peanut butter is used in many sweet recipes for lots of reasons and its amazing distinct flavor which matches sweet and savory is part of this.

If you have never tried a peanut butter flavored cake however, this is a great place to start since it is as delicious as it is easy to make. For a simple but effective peanut butter cake, this is the recipe to try!

12.Lemon Party Cake

If you want a big lemon cake that is perfect for serving at events and parties, this recipe has answered your call and will not be too difficult to make as well.

If you love a cake which is full of a distinct lemony flavor, this is perfect, and the icing tastes great with it too as well!

13.Chocolate And Peanut Butter Cake

It is arguable that the ingredient that fits with peanut butter best is chocolate, and nothing proves this better than this simple recipe which combines the two in cake form!

If you want to make a chocolate and peanut butter cake but do not know where to start, this recipe makes it easy by using box cake and because of this will not take too much effort or time!

14.7-Up Cake Recipe

There are many interesting and unique ways to ensure your cake is moist and full of flavor, but one way not many people know is to use 7-up in their cake mix.

If you do not believe us, this recipe talks you through the process, and if you follow the recipe closely enough you will get fantastic and flavorful results!

15.Kentucky Butter Poke Cake

If you want a cake with a delicious topping and a fluffy inside, you have to try this simple recipe for a Kentucky Butter poke cake!

16.Tres Leches Cake

If you have never tried tres leches cake, this is the easiest way to make it and capture its delicious and unique flavor!

This cake used sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, and evaporated cream to combine all of their flavors and is then topped with whipped cream!

17.Cherry Dump Cake

If you want a super simple way to make cherry dump cake, this recipe is your answer!

It captures the sour sweetness of all the ingredients and has a super rich and creamy cream cheese topping (see also ‘28 Of The Most Delicious Cream Cheese Dessert Recipes‘) which pairs amazingly with the fruit and the soft and fluffy cake.

18.One Bowl Lemon Raspberry Cake

If you have never had a lemon and raspberry cake, this is one of the easiest ways to make it needing only one bowl to prepare!

The combination of the lemon and raspberry flavors is super satisfying and if you have never tried it, this is how to make it yourself easily.

19.Strawberry Shortcake Poke Cake

Poke cakes are super fun to make, and this recipe combines this with shortcake in this strawberry shortcake poke cake.

If you love strawberry and want a cake to taste just like them, this is the way to get that strawberry flavor ingrained in a cake.

20.Pumpkin Praline Bundt Cake And Cream Cheese Frosting

One of the best fail-safe ways to make a bundt cake is to use cake mix since it is much less likely to stick to the tin.

The pumpkin praline bundt cake has a unique flavor combination which you should not miss, and the cream cheese frosting makes it even better!

21.Lemon Blueberry Cake Mix Baked Oatmeal

Making oatmeal with cake mix is not everyones first thought, but this baked oatmeal with the unique flavor combo of blueberry and lemon. If you have never had baked oatmeal, this is the place to start!

22.Banana Pudding Poke Cake

This banana pudding poke cake is fun to make and has a great banana flavor!

23.Apple Pie Cake

This is one of the easiest ways to recreate a classic apple pie, and it manages to do so using cake mix!

24.Mandarin Orange Cake Recipe

This richly flavored mandarin orange cake is a must-try if you love flavorful fruity cakes (for more mandarin orange recipes, read here).

25.Butterscotch Maple Cheesecake Torte

If you love cheesecake as well as butterscotch and maple flavors, this is the recipe for you!

26.Pineapple Pudding Cake

Make pineapple pudding has never been easier than making it with this recipe using cake mix!

27.Yellow Cake Mix Banana Bread

Using cake mix to make banana bread is super easy using this recipe!

28.Boston Cream Poke Cake

If you love Boston cream cake but do not have the time to make one from scratch, try this recipe!


Hopefully this has made clear just how many options there are when it comes to making yellow box cake treats!

Choose a few of these to try, and you can even adjust the recipes to make smaller batches, so you can try multiple cakes with just one box of cake mix!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Add To Box Cake Mix?

A standard box cake mix will ask you to add ingredients which are not included in the box since they can not be stored for as long.

These are usually liquids or something similar which are needed to make the box cake batter the right consistency.

These will usually be water, oil, melted butter, or eggs, or a combination of these.

If you follow the instructed guidelines you can guarantee uniform results, however, there are different additions or substitutions you can make to get even better results!

How To Make Box Cake Better?

There are some tips you can follow to make it so the results you get from your box cake will be even better!

If your recipe asks for 3 eggs, you can add a 4th, this will make it, so your egg will be richer as well as moister.

This does not work if your recipe asks for a small amount of eggs like 1 or 2, but any higher than this, adding an extra egg will usually lead to better results.

Another way to improve box cake mix is to substitute the liquid like water with a dairy liquid like milk, cream, or buttermilk.

All of these will have slightly different outcomes, but will give the cake more flavor as well as an extra level of richness.

There are also other liquid substitutions people sometimes make like using coffee for a deeper chocolate cake, or ginger ale to brighten a yellow cake.

A lot of recipes on this list use this advice, but adding mix ins makes a cake much more interesting too, like coconut, chocolate, or anything else to add extra flavor or texture to make the cake more flavorful and interesting.

Of course a homemade or store bought frosting is also the perfect way to finish off a yellow cake!

What Is Yellow Cake

Yellow cake is actually just a different name for a cake which is nearly always flavored by vanilla.

The reason why it is called yellow cake is because of its vibrant color which is usually from the yolks of the eggs used in it.

Not everywhere calls yellow cake this, and it will often be called a vanilla cake instead, but these may not have the same yellow appearance which defines yellow cake!

What Is The Difference Between Box Cake And Homemade?

The main difference is the convenience with box cake commonly not taking as long to make and usually being cheaper than making a recipe from scratch.

But many have reported that a homemade cake will taste better than box cake, however a lot of this may be bias from knowing that a cake is homemade.

You can also improve the taste of box cake by adding different ingredients to make it more closely resembles homemade, but at this point, can it even still be defined as not a homemade cake depending on how much you add to it?

Is Box Cake Better Than Homemade?

This really depends on the metric you are working by. If you prioritize convenience and being able to get consistent results, then use a box cake.

But if you want a better flavor and like knowing everything which goes into your cake, then making homemade is usually preferable.

Both will usually get good results, so do not feel tied to one choice and make whichever suits your circumstances best!

Does Box Cake Go Bad?

Since box cake does not look like the kind of thing which can go bad, most people assume it can be stored indefinitely, but this is not always the case.

Since baking relies on reactions between ingredients to rise and make a proper cake, if these ingredients expire, the cake will simply not work.

This is why it is recommended to not use box cake any later than 6 months after the best before or expiration date.

After this point the reactive ingredients may have lost their ability and will be much less effective!

28 Yellow Cake Mix Recipes You Will Love

28 Yellow Cake Mix Recipes You Will Love

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