4 Best Whiskey Subscriptions

These subscription boxes for whiskeys are perfect for all whiskey lovers!

Whiskey is one of those gifts that pretty much any liquor lover will appreciate. After all, whiskey can be quite a difficult drink to find easily, especially if we’re talking about getting a nice aged one at that.

However, with so many different kinds of whiskey out there to gift, finding just one that a whiskey lover will like can be a tough task for anyone.

Fortunately, there is a very easy and convenient answer to this problem: Getting them a whiskey subscription.

Whiskey Subscriptions

A subscription box, no matter the product, is always a great gift to get someone.

Not only does the subscription usually cast a wide net of different items and flavors, thus covering their favorite (hopefully, at least), but it also allows them to sample a new drink that they otherwise may not have considered.

In this case, those drinks are all whiskey-themed!

But how do you find the best whiskey subscription box to gift someone? Why, by following this guide, of course!

We’ll show you the best subscription boxes for whiskey that you can buy right now, for yourself or for someone special!

1. Flaviar

Starting off this list with one of the most popular options for whiskey subscription service out there, we have Flaviar.

One of the reasons that Flaviar are considered one of the best options in this market is the sheer variety of spirits that they have on offer, including some of the rarest kinds of spirits that you’ll find on the market today.


And yes, we do mean spirits. Because, with this subscription service, you can also have access to a number of different types of spirits of your choice, from the obvious choice, whiskey, to malts, and even a number of high-quality rums too!

Subscription Service

Plus, Flaviar’s subscription service has plenty of customization options available to subscribers, starting out at just $159, where you will get two bottles of your choice, going all the way to $359, where you will get 8 whole bottles of your choice, as well as access to new releases of limited batches as well!

There’s plenty to love in this subscription service for virtually any whiskey or spirit lover.

Oh, did we also mention that you can get on-demand virtual tastings from the premium subscriptions and upward?

So, if you are in one of the states that this service delivers to, you should seriously consider giving your loved one this subscription as a gift.


  • Includes a massive range of different spirits to choose from, including rums and many whiskeys.
  • Gives you access to a large and active community of spirit lovers
  • Allows you to try smaller samples of many spirits alongside larger bottles.
  • Very competitively priced, especially with the multiple tiers.


  • This subscription delivers only quarterly, which is somewhat less than other competitors.
  • The annual membership fee needs to be paid upfront, rather than in installments, which will make the price feel steeper than other services.
  • Flaviar only delivers to 25 states, so make sure that you have availability in your area.

2. Mash & Grape

However, if you are looking to be surprised with the results that you get in your subscription box, then you may want to consider a wildcard subscription option with Mash & Grape.


When discussing more obscure or hard-to-find types of whiskey, this service is what you want to go for.

However, this does not mean that the selection that Mash & Grape offers is random.

Far from it, in fact. Their entire range has been meticulously planned and curated to offer the widest possible range of whiskeys, both well-known and obscure, to offer you in your packages.

Whether you love bourbon or are more of a scotch person, there is something here for you.

Subscription Service

Like many of the best names in subscription service models, Mash & Grape offers a few tiers for paying customers.

The basic model of the subscription, currently resting at around $44 a month, will get you a selection of small batches of whiskey flavors that have come straight from the distilleries from many independent sources.

By joining the whiskey club, the customer will also get a full-sized whiskey bottle for $69 a month, alongside tasting notes for each bottle as well.

Not that, but you’ll also be able to get exclusive discounts and offers from the online store too.

If you or your loved one want to try a new spirit that you’ve likely never heard of before, this is a great service to do just that.


  • Carefully selected small batches of spirits for you to try every month.
  • Club membership also gives you access to full bottles and discounts.
  • Several options for subscription tiers are paid monthly.


  • Free shipping is not included in the subscription.
  • Does not ship to all states.

3. Pour More

Of course, not everyone who loves whiskey is necessarily experienced in their spirits. After all, everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to a hobby or food!

So, if you want a subscription service that can offer something to anyone of pretty much any experience with spirits, from novices to know-it-alls of spirits!


Like all the subscriptions on this list, this subscription service primarily started out as a way for whiskey lovers to share their favorite distilleries’ works.

The whiskey variety here is still amazing, offering sample bottles from everything from small, independent establishments, all the way up to much more established chains.

These whiskeys can come from all over the world; from the U.S. to Scotland, and even to Japan!

However, the service has also branched out from just sending whiskey. Now, you can also find plenty of subcategories too to look over, from scotch to bourbon, and even rye.

Subscription Service

However, where this subscription service really shines is the options that it gives to customers.

There are three tiers for customers to pick from with this service: Intro, Explorer, and then Enthusiast.

All of these tiers, as their name suggests, are tailored for people with different levels of knowledge and experience with whiskeys and spirits as a whole.

“Intro” is the tier that you should get if you are a beginner to whiskey, “Explorer” is for people who are familiar with the classics, and want to try something new, and “Enthusiast” is perfect for those long-time whiskey lovers that want to try hard-to-find varieties.

There is a level here for pretty much anyone to try this service!


  • Several different pricing plans give customers plenty of options, for newbies and veterans.
  • You even get a reduced rate if you pre-order several months in advance.
  • You can choose to receive your samples either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


  • Shipping does not come included, and can quickly escalate in price over time.
  • The service does also not ship to every state.
  • There is no way for you to repurchase bottles that you enjoy.
  • Also comes with a number of cocktail recipes (see also ‘10 Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes‘) when the whiskey arrives.

4. Shots Box

Getting someone an expensive bottle of whiskey can often be a risky gamble to make. After all, if they don’t end up enjoying the bottle, that can be a massive amount of money that just goes to waste for no one to enjoy.

If this is a scenario that you want to avoid with your whiskey-buying experience, then you should consider subscribing to Shots Box.


When it comes to finding new flavors of whiskey to enjoy, few services can compete with the sheer variety that Shots Box has to offer.

Every month, you will be sent a variety of sample-size bottles from a number of distilleries across the country, giving you a variety that single-bottle services simply cannot compete with.

This is the personal way of expanding your palette as a whiskey enthusiast, by trying the massive variety that is on offer here.

Subscription Service

As we have already mentioned, this service, instead of sending you a full-sized bottle once every quarter or bi-monthly, will send you your samples every month, which is great for keeping customers engaged with the services.

The difference with this model is that you will be paying for 6 months of whiskey samples in advance, rather than renewing your subscription every month.

You’ll even get a complimentary journal and drinking glasses in your first box, meaning that you can record which samples you did enjoy, as well as have the perfect glass to enjoy them in right from the start. 

The glass is a great little feature for newcomers to whiskey.

So, if you have the cash, this is a good service to subscribe to.


  • Wide selection of sample whiskeys to try.
  • You receive a glass and journal with your first box.
  • Shipping for your deliveries is free.


  • You will only get American whiskeys.
  • Even for a six-month payment, this is an expensive subscription, especially for just sample bottles.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of whiskey subscriptions out there for you to try!

4 Best Whiskey Subscriptions

4 Best Whiskey Subscriptions

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