29 Super Fun Weeknight Dinner Recipes

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably sick of having the same meals day in and day out. Worry no more!

29 Super Fun Weeknight Dinner Recipes

The fun, creative and delicious weeknight dinner recipes listed in this article will help you to mix up your weeknight dinners. These dishes are varied, but all of them are healthy, quick, and easy to make. 

Let’s give these awesome, mouth-watering dishes a try.

Avocado Sweet Potato Tacos

These sweet potatoes and avocado tacos are delicious vegetarian dinners. They are perfect when they are topped with a creamy avocado lime sauce and some sweet potato.

This dish is quick and easy to whip up, and it is very good for you, containing lots of vitamins and protein.

This is a great weeknight dinner option as it has both the healthy aspect that you so desperately need, as well as the speed that everyone is looking for on a weeknight!

Weeknight Meatballs

This dish takes the much-loved meatball dish and strips it back to basics to make it more suitable to be made after you have finished a hard day at the office.

It is a good idea to make your meatballs quite big as this gives them time to cook through. Add some more parmesan cheese for some extra oomph. After all, you can never have enough parmesan.

Tomato Basil Chicken

This one-dish meal is perfect for your evening meal. The one dish is relevant, as most people’s least favorite part of cooking is washing up.

Having all the cooking done in one pan is perfect because it takes no cleaning up. This dish is perfect for those who are on certain diets, such as keto.

This dish is also gluten-free. It is made from locally grown produce which is easily found at the store so every step of this dish is very easy.

Sheet Pan Salmon And Asparagus

This is a deliciously easy dinner, and the flavors of this dish are to die for. This is such an easy dinner and it pleases everyone fantastically. It is simple, easy, and quick, while also remaining elegant.

You really can’t beat a dish like this which requires you to simply throw everything on a sheet pan with some lemon and voila! Make sure that you season this dish to your liking with some fresh herbs. 

This dish is great the night before a big meeting as you need to be eating a healthy, balanced diet to concentrate.

Smoked Sausage And Veggie Sheet Pan

This recipe is very quick and easy. It is a good one to make for some last minute dinner guests as it is easy to make enough for a group.

It is great when you are getting towards the end of your week because you can use up any leftover veggies in this dish. You can add any vegetables of your choice and throw this dish in the oven or the grill.

It takes a while to bake but this gives you some time to get on with your other weeknight tasks! The preparation takes a few minutes.

Thai Peanut Chicken Casserole

This dish is flavored brilliantly, with the Thai flavors and the peanut flavors work together to complement each other (see also ‘20 Tasty Thai Chicken Recipes‘).

It is great served with stir-fried vegetables and it will give you the goodness you need in the middle of a tough week.

It also works well served with salad. Add sesame dressing to the salad to make it in keeping with the flavors in the rest of the dish.

Teriyaki Beef Roast

This is a great weeknight dinner, however, it does take a long time to cook.

This is a great dish if you are working at home as the preparation time does not take long, but you can put it on to cook while you are working to ensure that it is cooked through perfectly.

This dish is great served with potatoes but some people will find that the pot roast is enough on its own. This dish is full of Japanese flavors (see also ‘4 Simple Substitutes For Shichimi Togarashi‘) which sets it aside from other dishes of its kind. 

Personal Sized Quiche

This personal quiche is perfect for a weeknight meal. It will be completed from start to finish in under 30 minutes and it is a favorite for all the family.

You can customize each quiche to the flavors and fillings that you like. This dish is great if you make a few extra and leave them in the fridge. They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Coconut Chickpea Curry

This curry is a very easy dish to make. It is full of flavor and ready in a matter of minutes. This is a great dish that is low-budget, too, in case you are saving for your next holiday!

This curry is fun and a great way to break up the monotony of weeknight meals. Serve this curry with some rice or any other accompaniment.

This dish is comforting but healthy, and it is easy to add whichever veggies you have lying around to the dish.

Asian Noodle Bowls

Sometimes, when you’re having a bad week, all you can think to do is order a takeout and curl up on the sofa.

These noodle bowls will help to satisfy your craving for takeout, and you will have this dish on the table in less than 30 minutes. It really is worth saving the money from the takeout with this dish.

The flavors of these noodle bowls are garlicky and mostly savory with a touch of sweetness. They are a treat for all the family.

Chicken Salad

This chicken salad is made using rotisserie chicken. Throw some celery, grapes and almonds into the mix and cover them with a creamy salad dressing to make a delicious chicken salad.

This dish comes together in a matter of minutes, and it is easy and affordable for your weeknight dinners. You can serve this salad alongside some vegetables for some added goodness.

Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas are a fun weeknight meal to break up the monotony of your evening dishes. They are full of flavor and color.

This recipe is a classic Mexican recipe (see also our favorite Mexican chicken recipes) which involves seasoned chicken thrown together with some onions and bell peppers. This dish is best served with tortilla wraps and a variety of different toppings.

The beauty of this dish is that you can go all out with toppings if you choose to, or you can just have the bare minimum. This meal is also great fun to eat and is a family favorite in many different households.

One Pot Parmesan Pasta

This cheesy pasta is great fun for a weeknight dish. It is quick and easy to make as it all is mixed together in one dish for ease. It is filled with delicious flavors and the cheese really levels up this dish. 

Vegetable Pasta

This quick and easy vegetable pasta dish is great for a weeknight dish. It is made up of more vegetables than pasta, making it a very healthy recipe.

This dish is loaded with vegetables, from broccoli, corn, zucchinis, peppers, and onion. It is served with a tomato sauce filled with garlic and herbs. This dish takes around 20 minutes to make.

Quick And Easy Dinner Nachos

This dish is made from ground beef which is seasoned with taco-seasoning. This ground beef is simmered alongside rice and tomato and then topped with cheese, lettuce and salsa.

This is a great dish to dip your tortilla’s in! This meal is very different from the others on the list, so save it for a special weeknight dinner! 

Italian Lentils With Rice

This healthy vegetarian meal is bursting with fresh flavors. It is made up of tomatoes, lentils, and fresh herbs and it can be knocked together in a few short minutes.

It is a great idea to keep some lentils in your cupboard, as this meal is a great one if you don’t have much else in it.

Lentils are a great source of iron which is often something that kids don’t get enough of – especially if they are eating a vegetarian diet. This meal is delicious when it is served with either rice or noodles. 

Weeknight Fried Rice

Another great dish if you’re running out of meals towards the end of the week is some fried rice.

This dish is great because as long as you have some vegetables – either leftover or in the freezer – you will always have dinner.

You can always add in some eggs or some meat if you choose. This dish is delicious, quick, and easy.

Chicken And Broccoli

This dish is quick and easy to make and it is very delicious! It is a go-to healthy dinner and it is also loved by all the family.

You add a stir-fry sauce to this dish that is zesty and made up of usual household ingredients that you will have around the house. The chicken and broccoli speak for themselves. 

Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp And Broccoli

For this dish, you will only need 6 ingredients and it will be ready in less than 10 minutes. This makes it perfect for a weeknight dinner. It is also delicious and fun.

It is a great Asian dish to make because it is full of flavor but takes very little time to throw together. It is great when it is served with white rice or noodles.

However, it can also be served with some veggies if you are trying to eat fewer carbs. 

Stir-Fry Chicken

Stir-fry chicken is a common weeknight dinner meal. It is easy to make while also being fun to eat. This dish takes less than 15 minutes to make.

You can even prepare this dish in advance and store it in the fridge as meal preparation. You can try your own seasoning with this dish, Italian, cajun, bbq, ranch or taco work very well.

Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper

This dish is full of health benefits, and it is a great dish to have if you want to boost your immune system. It is very low in calories, so it works very well if you are on a specific diet.

You can either have these peppers as a main dish served with salad or fries or you can have them as a side dish. 

Caramelized Cabbage And Onion Pasta

This dish is a great meal to make on a winter weeknight. It is a winter favorite. It is both sweet and savory and full of health benefits. Pasta is usually associated with fresh, summery vegetables and salads.

However, this dish turns the pasta into a winter dish with onion and cabbage at the forefront. It is a great weeknight dish.

Air Fried Cajun Salmon Foil Packets

This salmon dish is great. It is healthy and delicious. The cajun flavoring makes it different from other salmon dishes. It is great served with broccoli and corn.

If you want to bulk up this meal then you should add some rice to the side. It is filled with nutrients and is very good for you.

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a hearty and wintery meal that is great to have on a weeknight. It is a comforting meal, so, if you’ve had a bad day this meal should cheer you up!

This dish is a pot pie made with beef, served with mashed potatoes on top. This dish doesn’t require many ingredients, most of which you will have in your cupboards already.

It is an easy dish to customize and it can be ready in under 30 minutes!

One-Pot Beef Stroganoff

This dish is a classic dish that is a favorite for all the family. This is a 25 minute version and the beef and noodles are cooked together in one pot in a cream of mushroom soup.

There is very little washing up to do after this dish as it is all made in one pot. A dish like this brings fun to your weeknights as it is a great dish for the whole family to enjoy together. 


Quesadillas are easy dishes to customize as it is easy to add meat for those who want meat ones and to keep them vegetarian for the veggies.

Serve this dish with some tortillas that are stuffed with onions, peppers, and some other fillings. Add some cheese to the top and bake in the oven.

This dish is easy to play around with and make your own. You can add whichever veggies you like. 

Spicy Vegan Garlic Pasta

This spicy vegan garlic pasta is a great dish. It is light and garlicky. It is served with chickpeas and it is a complete meal on its own. It contains carbs, greens, and fiber-packed chickpeas.

It is a great and satisfying meal for a vegan diet and it gives you lots of the goodness that you need. 

Ranch Pork Chops

These boneless pork chops are a delicious and versatile dish. You can choose to grill, bake or broil pork chops (see also ‘18 Classic Pork Dishes Chinese Style‘). This is a sheet pan dinner that is filled with protein and is quick and easy to make.

If you’re like me, you don’t have pork chops very often and so this dish is a real treat. It is great served with roast potatoes which are also cooked on the same sheet pan as the pork chops themselves. 

Easy Pasta Bolognese Recipe

This dish is great if you are on a budget as it takes only 5 ingredients, most of which you will have in your pantry.

This meal can be cooked in less than 30 minutes and it is one of the most comforting dishes out there. This is a great take on the classic bolognese dish for those on a budget or a time limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Spend Cooking On A Weeknight?

These easy-to-make dinner recipes are very quick and easy. None of these recipes will take longer than 30 minutes to make. You should mix up the meals you make on your weeknights, but you shouldn’t overcomplicate them. You simply need a quick dish that is healthy and hearty. Chances are you’ve had a long day and you need some time to relax, so make sure you give yourself this time!

What Is A Healthy, Balanced Diet?

A healthy diet refers to the diet that a human body needs to work properly. To make sure that your body is as healthy as it should be, you need to ensure that you are drinking enough water and eating the correct things. For instance, you need to eat carbohydrates for energy which are found in pasta, potatoes, and bread. You also need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of fiber. You need to eat enough milk and dairy and eat foods rich in protein. 

What Should You Try To Include In Weeknight Dinners?

While it is difficult to motivate yourself to make a delicious and hearty meal after a long, hard day, this is when it is more important than ever. Eating healthy and well rounded meals in the week sets you up for the day ahead and helps your body recover from any stress it might be under. Ensure you eat healthy meals when you are busy and cook healthy meals for your family.

Final Thoughts 

These are some great weeknight dinner recipes to add to your collection! Give some of these a try to spice up your weeknights.

29 Super Fun Weeknight Dinner Recipes

29 Super Fun Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

Are you sick of having the same old meal day in day out? Read on for 29 quick, easy and fun weeknight dinner recipes that are a bit different than the norm!

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