28 Delicious And Gorgeous Vodka Mojito Recipes For This Summer

Traditionally, Mojitos are made with white rum. The fresh, zesty drink is loved by the majority of people who enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.

Delicious and Gorgeous Vodka Mojito Recipes For This Summer

However, for those who do not enjoy the taste of rum, you can also make your mojitos with Vodka. Meaning you can still enjoy your favorite cocktail and it will be to your liking.

Ready to make your own vodka mojitos at home? We have over 25 recipes for you to try out.

Grab your favorite vodka, some limes and get started!

1. Strawberry Vodka Mojito

Sweet strawberries are blended with lime, mint, grenadine, and vodka in a Strawberry Vodka Mojito before being topped with soda water. This refreshing cocktail is simple to make and tastes great.

Perfectly for cooling you down on a hot day.

2. Watermelon Vodka Mojito

Fresh watermelon mixed with lime, mint, syrup and watermelon vodka! This drink is sure to have a smile on everyone’s face.

Garnish with fresh watermelon as a small snack to enjoy once the drink is finished. The addition of watermelon vodka makes this mojitos recipe delectable.

3. Cranberry Vodka Mojito

As we enter the colder months, cranberries are in season. Meaning the make for the perfect cocktail ingredient.

Muddle some fresh cranberries with your vodka, mint, lime, and syrup for a delicious base to your drink.

4. Classic Vodka Mojito

This classic mojito recipe uses everything needed to create your favorite cocktail. Just using vodka instead of rum.

This refreshing, zesty cocktail is perfect for drinks with the girls or to get the party started.

5. Raspberry Vodka Mojito

Need a drink to keep everyone satisfied at the 4th of July BBQ? This Raspberry Vodka Mojito recipe is perfect.

Light, crisp, and delicious, everyone will enjoy more than 1 of your Raspberry Vodka Mojitos.

Garnish with fresh mint leaves and raspberries for a professional touch.

6. Blackberry Vodka Mojito

Finding a cocktail that will appease everyone at the holidays can be difficult. This Blackberry Vodka Mojito is up to the challenge!

Muddle blackberries, lime wedges, and syrup together before mixing in your liquids for a simple, stunning, and tasty cocktail.

7. Sugar Free Vodka Mojito

When following a sugar free diet, it can be hard to find a cocktail you enjoy. With sugar being what makes cocktails delicious.

This Sugar Free Vodka Mojito recipe is wonderful for those watching their sugar intake but still wanting to have a good time.

8. Mango Vodka Mojito

Mangos are a great flavor for the majority of cocktails. They offer a sweet, refreshing taste without leaving you feeling heavy.

This Mango Vodka Mojito recipe uses Mango flavored vodka instead of mango syrup (for more refreshing mango cocktail recipes, read here). Leaving it tasting delicious and you feeling light.

9. Skinny Blueberry Vodka Mojito

Blueberries are a superfood that are full of antioxidants and they taste great. This Skinny Blueberry Vodka Mojito is an essential cocktail for the summer.

Use Sprite Zero or Soda Water to keep the calories low while enjoying the gorgeous, refreshing summer cocktail.

10. Cucumber Vodka Mojito

Stay relaxed this summer with this simple 50 ingredient Cucumber Vodka Mojito. This refreshing cocktail has nothing but fresh ingredients. Minus the alcohol of course.

Garnish with lime, mint and cucumber for a delicious taste and smell. Save a few slices of cucumber to hydrate your eyes!

11. Apple Juice Vodka Mojito

Who has time to be muddling slices of fruit when you have guests to be mingling with? This Apple Juice Vodka Mojito keeps your time in the kitchen quick and simple.

This sweeter version of the class mojito is the perfect addition to any drinks selection throughout the summer. Or the perfect beverage to wind down with on a Friday night.

12. Strawberry & Blackberry Vodka Mojito

Berries of all kinds are generally a good idea when it comes to making cocktails. Their natural sweetness makes every drink taste better.

This Strawberry and Blackberry Vodka Mojito is sweet, bitter, and all things delicious. Perfect for cooling down on a hot day or adding a bit of warmth during the early fall.

13. Asian Pear Vodka Mojito

This cocktail is one way to show off your bartending skills to your friends and family. The addition of fresh Asian pears, pear vodka, and honey keeps this cocktail fresh and sweet.

Perfect for any occasion. It is decadent and tasty. Garnish with fresh basil to really elevate the flavors.

14. Vodka Mojito Spritz

This simple Vodka Mojito Spritz recipe involves no muddling and makes for the perfect Tuesday night drink.

Use lime juice over fresh lime and honey syrup instead of simple syrup for a more natural aroma. This sparkling beverage is the best way to settle down for the night or to get the weekend started.

15. Grapefruit Ginger Vodka Mojito

The rather bitter after taste of grapefruit pairs perfectly with the refreshing taste of ginger in this wonderful vodka mojito.

Make life simple by using ginger infused syrup!

16. Skinny Lemon Vodka Mojito

Traditionally limes and mint are the base of any mojito for a refreshing taste. However, this recipe uses lemon instead.

Still refreshing only with a completely different, delicious taste. Use diet tonic to keep the calories low but the taste high.

17. Lavender Vodka Mojito

Lavender is not only used to calm you and help you get a good night’s rest. Its fragrant scent and taste make for the perfect mojito.

Using fresh mint and lavender will allow the natural sweetness of each ingredient to power through the vodka.

18. Pineapple Vodka Mojito

Pineapple vodka, fresh pineapple, mint, syrup, and lime juice. This simple cocktail is sweet, fresh, and stunning.

Simply muddle and shake all of your ingredients together and top with crushed ice. Beautiful and tasty.

19. Italian Strawberry & Basil Vodka Mojito

Basil is not just a herb used for adding flavor to your favorite dishes, it can also be used to create a delicious tasting drink.

This Strawberry and Basil Vodka Mojito has just the right amount of sweetness and earthiness.

20. Kiwi Crush

Martha Stweart provides you with your next love with this Kiwi Crush recipe. Cilantro steps in for mint in this recipe and it is super green and mouthwatering.

Garnish with a slice of fresh kiwi and lime!

21. Mint Cooler

Tired of all the muddling and mixing when it comes to making your mojitos? This Mint Cooler recipe used citrus flavor vodka and fresh mint to stop you having to put in so much effort.

Top with club soda for a refreshing sip of summer.

22. Coconut Vodka Mojito

Pina Coladas remain one of the most popular cocktails today but this Coconut Vodka Mojito recipe is ready to give it a run for its money.

Smooth, fresh, and unique. You need to try it out this summer!

23. Limoncello Vodka Mojito

Throughout the summer months and into the holiday season, Limoncello is a beautiful addition to any drink. Or on its own.

This Limoncello Vodka Mojito is super fresh, zesty, and full of fun!

24. Guava Vodka Mojito

Guava is naturally sweet, making it perfect for a mojito! This Guava Vodka Mojito is sweet, light, and worth a try.

Perfect making into a pitcher for everyone to enjoy.

25. Honey Mint Vodka Mojito

Often times mojitos are made with items you can find in your home. We love this Honey Mint Vodka Mojito for when you are running low on ingredients.

Sweet, simple, and fresh.

26. Banana Vodka Mojito

Now this mojito recipe may sound rather strange. But trust us, it is definitely worth the try this summer.

Got some browning bananas? Mush them up and turn them into a delicious Banana Vodka Mojito!

27. Passion Fruit Vodka Mojito

This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing cocktail to serve but it is absolutely delicious to drink.

The use of fresh passion fruit gives you extra sweetness without trying too hard.

28. Blood Orange Cosmojito

This incredible blend of a mojito and a cosmopolitan is sure to have you going for another glass.

Fresh, sweet, and a tantalizing color, this Blood Orange Cosmojito is perfect for the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mojitos Cuban Or Puerto Rican?

A highball cocktail with Cuban roots, the mojito is one of the best rum beverages around.

Can You Use Vodka Instead Of Rum In A Mojito?

If you don’t have any rum on hand or don’t like the liquor, you can still prepare a mojito. Are you able to prepare a vodka mojito? Yes, vodka can replace rum in this traditional cocktail.

Final Thoughts

Mojitos are an excellent cocktail, whether you are out with friends at a bar or want to create your own at home.

They take minimal ingredients and are simple to make. Vodka or rum is completely up to you, although we love the smoothness of vodka.

So, get the party started or enjoy a relaxed drink at home with our 28 vodka mojito recipes.

From the sweet taste of strawberry to a more fragrant aroma of lavender, there is a vodka mojito recipe for everyone!

All you need is fresh mint! And vodka of course.

28 Delicious And Gorgeous Vodka Mojito Recipes For This Summer

28 Delicious And Gorgeous Vodka Mojito Recipes For This Summer

Recipe by Jenna

Rum mojitos may not be your thing. We have 28 delicious and gorgeous vodka mojito recipes for this summer. Take your pick and get to muddling.

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