23 Tastiest Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

It can be challenging to be a vegetarian when it comes to meal times. Often people feel like there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to what they can eat and they get bored very quickly. 

23 Tastiest Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

That won’t happen with these 23 tasty vegetarian pasta recipes (see also ‘33 Tasty And Easy Pasta Recipes‘). All of these dishes are delicious and are sure to be a staple in your home! In this article, we will take you through each recipe, the prep time, taste, and more.

So read on if you never want to be stuck on what to eat at dinner time ever again!

Here are the 23 tastiest vegetarian pasta recipes!

1. Summer Vegetable Pesto Pasta

First on our list is this delicious summer vegetable pesto pasta! This is the perfect dinner for summer because it is light and refreshing.

It will only take 30 minutes to make if you use store-bought pesto, but if you want to make your own pesto you will need to do it a few days in advance.

Whichever pesto method you choose, this meal is sure to be a delicious summer staple thanks to the array of vegetables that you can use – cherry tomatoes, asparagus, eggplant, and more!

2. Lagane E Cicciari

Lagane E Cicciari is a vegan dish from more southern Italian regions, like Basilicata and Calabria. It consists of rosemary, chili, garlic, and chickpeas! This is a hearty meal perfect for a cold winter’s night. 

This recipe features many ingredients made from scratch and will take two hours to prepare. However, you do have the option to use store-bought ingredients for convenience. 

3. Garlic Mushroom Pasta

You could be eating this delicious, creamy garlic mushroom pasta dish in just sixteen minutes after you start prepping it, making it perfect for midweek dinners.

Not to mention, it only uses five ingredients, all of which you can find in your local grocery store or supermarket. Tasty, quick, and easy to make, what more could you want!

4. Pasta Primavera

Next, we have Pasta Primavera! This American dish naturally contains no meat. It is a very simple dish consisting of a variety of colorful, tasty veggies.

If you have a lot of vegetables in your refrigerator that are about to go bad, then Pasta Primavera is the perfect dinner to make.

This recipe contains very few set ingredients, and you can use as many optional vegetables as you like! Ready in around 30 minutes, this is an excellent midweek meal!

5. Grilled Vegetable Pasta

If you’re not a fan of Pasta Primavera but still want a simple and quick meal that includes lots of healthy vegetables, then you need to try this grilled vegetable pasta! 

This tasty recipe is ready to eat in just five simple steps and is sure to be loved by the whole family.

Not to mention, this vegetarian pasta dish is very budget-friendly and easy to make provided you can use a blender and a grill – it is the perfect recipe for this list!

6. Pasta Alla Norma

Pasta Alla Norma is a classic recipe from Sicily. It is made with a tomato sauce that is very rich in flavor and topped off with Ricotta Salata and tasty, delicate eggplant (see also ‘What Is Eggplant And What Does It Taste Like?‘). 

This recipe uses boccole, but feel free to use any other type of pasta that is short and tubular, like rigatoni (see also ‘13 Amazing Rigatoni Recipes‘). 

This Pasta Alla Norma only takes 35 minutes to make and serves four people, perfect for family meals or intimate dinner parties.

7. Summer Vegetable Lasagne

If you love lasagne but hate the time it takes to prepare, then we have good news! Say hello to this summer vegetable lasagne.

It is a lot lighter than traditional lasagne and uses cottage cheese instead of béchamel sauce, meaning that it is much quicker to make, taking less than half an hour. 

This vegetable pasta recipe serves between six to eight people – perfect for bigger dinner parties!

8. Mediterranean Veggie Pasta

Your summer BBQs will not feel complete without this Mediterranean veggie pasta! Not only is this dish packed with tasty, healthy, Mediterranean vegetables, but it is also gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy this delicious recipe! 

It is a very simple dish to make, with six main ingredients and thirteen ingredients in total. You will be eating this dish in your garden on a warm summer’s evening in just 30 minutes!

9. Spaghetti Genovese With Avocado Pesto

If you love pesto pasta dishes but are a little sick of the same pesto flavor, then we’ve got you covered! You definitely need to try this Spaghetti Genovese dish with avocado pesto.

The avocado pesto adds a little richness and creaminess to the dish. You’ll definitely want to eat it over and over again once you try it!

Best of all, this meal takes only 25 minutes to eat, perfect for busy evenings.

10. Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo

Next, we have a broccoli fettuccine alfredo! Technically, this is not truly an alfredo because of the alterations, but you won’t even notice when you taste how creamy and delectable it is! 

This vegetarian alfredo-like pasta is lighter than alfredo thanks to the swaps, such as milk instead of cream. Plus, the broccoli adds some healthy greenery to the dish so you know you’re getting your veggies in for the day. 

Best of all, it takes just 30 minutes to make!

11. Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

This spaghetti dish is one of a kind! It is not made with a sauce and is full of fresh vegetables. It is the perfect dish if you want something light for lunch that is also quick and easy to make. 

You will only need five ingredients for this recipe, plus salt, pepper, and chili flakes to taste. Not to mention, this dish pairs perfectly with a dry white wine!

12. Sun-Dried Tomato And White Bean Ravioli

Once you try this sun-dried tomato and white bean ravioli it is sure to become one of your favorite vegetarian pasta dishes. It is a delicious comfort meal full of parmesan, fresh basil, and just a hint of spice thanks to the use of red pepper flakes. 

This recipe makes enough food for four people, so it’s perfect for an evening meal for the family or if you want to have leftovers to eat for lunch or dinner the next day.

13. Tajarin Pasta With Sage And Butter Sauce

This recipe is a classic in Piedmont and uses thin pasta strands coated in butter infused with sage to make a mouth-watering dish.

This recipe does contain Grana Padano cheese, which is not vegetarian. However it can be replaced with a similar hard cheese, provided that cheese is made with a vegetable rennet. 

This dish does take quite a long time to make, around an hour and a half, so be sure you try it on a quiet, chilled evening.

14. Vegan Penne Alla Vodka

This delicious, classy dish is perfect for a dinner party with friends or family members. The mix of vodka, oregano, and garlic is sure to be the talking point of the table – and did we mention that the vodka sauce is vegan? 

This elegant, creamy recipe only uses nine ingredients and takes just 30 minutes to make – try it for your next meal, and thank us later!

15. Pizzoccheri

This is a popular meal throughout northern Lombardy and features pizzoccheri – buckwheat-grain pasta, cabbage, cheese, and potatoes.

It was traditionally served in the mountains of Lombardy, and is a very rustic, homely meal suitable for all. 

To make it vegetarian, simply find a hard cheese with vegetable-based rennet and you’re good to go! This pizzoccheri takes an hour to prepare and cook, perfect for an evening meal on the weekend!

16. Squash And Ricotta Ravioli

Spinach and ricotta ravioli (see also ‘36 Of The Tastiest Ravioli Fillings‘) is a classic dish, but squash and ricotta ravioli adds a unique twist that you’re sure to love.

Ricotta is a lighter cheese than many on this list, so this is the perfect dish if you’re looking for something not too heavy, but not too light. 

Overall, this recipe takes two and a half hours to prepare and cook. If you want to try and make your own pasta from scratch, then this is the recipe for you!

17. Vegetarian Baked Penne

Pasta bake is a warming, hearty meal that is perfect for a quiet Sunday night in.

This recipe takes a little longer to complete than some of the others on this list, with twenty minutes of prep time and forty minutes of cooking time.

However, we know the long wait will be worth it once you take your first cheesy-creamy, crunchy bite!

18. Vegetarian Pasta Salad

If you’re not particularly hungry and are just looking for something light, then you need to try this vegetarian pasta salad!

This dish only takes fifteen minutes to make, so it’s perfect for busy days where you may need to take your food with you. 

Not to mention, it is a great dish for a summer BBQ, and will be extremely refreshing on a hot day thanks to its fresh vegetables like cherry tomatoes, olives, fresh basil, and white wine vinegar. 

19. Lemon Courgette Linguine

This is a fresh, light pasta that serves two and only takes fifteen minutes to make.

The combination of fresh mint and tangy lemon make this pasta perfect for summer, while the veggie parmesan cheese provides that delicious creaminess that is sure to encourage you to go for second helpings – just make sure you make enough for that inevitability! 

20. Vegetarian Carbonara

If you miss eating classic pasta dishes because they contain meat, then this is the recipe for you!

This vegetarian carbonara replaces the traditional carbonara meat with asparagus – a delicious alternative! Plus, the many herbs of this recipe enhance the flavor and will satisfy even the biggest meat-eater. 

21. Tortellini With Pumpkin, Sage, And Brown Butter

If you’re in the middle of the crunchy-leaves, maple-latte, and orange-hued atmosphere of fall, then this vegetarian pasta recipe (see also ‘23 Delicious Pappardelle Pasta Recipes‘) is perfect for you!

One of the main ingredients of this pasta dish is pumpkin, which is sure to get you into the spirit of the season. 

Not to mention, the gourmet nut butter and crispy sage leaves will make you feel like you’re dining in the fanciest of restaurants, right from the comfort of your own home! 

This recipe serves four and will take between an hour and an hour and a half to make.

22. Sorrento-Style Cannelloni

Italian comfort food like you’ve never seen it before, your friends and family will be sick of hearing about how good this Sorrento-style cannelloni is!

You can choose between making this recipe with store-bought pasta or you can go ahead and make your own, either way, this Sorrento-style cannelloni is sure to tantalize the taste buds.

This recipe uses fior di latte cheese, a kind of mozzarella, which you will be able to find in a variety of grocery stores and supermarkets.

23. Italian Veggie Spaghetti And Meatballs

Finally, we have this Italian veggie spaghetti and meatballs (see also ‘23 Homemade Sauces For Meatballs You Need To Try‘). If you’re new to the vegetarian diet or you just miss the texture and flavor of meat, then this dish is perfect for you. 

These veggie meatballs are packed full of protein while the sauce is rich and full of flavor. It will take between half an hour to an hour to get this delicious dish onto a plate, and it will serve four people. Yum!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vegans Eat Pasta?

The majority of dried pasta that you can purchase in the grocery store or the supermarket will be vegan. However, it is best to check the back of packaging before you buy.

Additionally, if you are purchasing fresh pasta or eating pasta in a restaurant you will need to ask before you order or buy, because egg is a common ingredient in a lot of pasta recipes. 

What Can I Use To Make Vegetarian Pasta?

Vegetarian pasta is an extremely versatile dish, as seen by the numerous examples of recipes in this list! Primarily, vegetables are used in a vegetarian pasta.

Common combinations are tomato and eggplant, garlic and mushroom, lemon and broccoli, spinach and ricotta, and so much more!

You can also use vegetarian meat to make a carbonara or a lasagne. Check out our list for more!

How Long Does It Take To Make Vegetable Pasta?

The time it takes to make a vegetable pasta can vary, and this depends on  how many veggies you need to prep, roast, or cook in another way.

If you are making your pasta or sauce from scratch, and how many people you are cooking for. The quickest recipe on this list takes just fifteen minutes, while the longest recipe on this list takes two hours to make.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy the various tasty vegetarian recipes on this list! Just don’t forget to swap out hard cheese that uses animal-rennet, and parmesan cheese, for vegetarian alternatives. Happy cooking!

23 Tastiest Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

23 Tastiest Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

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