23 Simple Vegetarian Casseroles

Casseroles are brilliant hearty meals that are perfect for winter evenings. They are sure to warm you up!

Though they are often made with meat, there are lots of delicious vegetarian casseroles out there for you to try.

As a vegetarian, it can be tough to find high-quality recipes.

23 Simple Vegetarian Casseroles

Many people assume that vegetarian cooking is bland and uninteresting. However, this attitude is completely wrong!

To prove our point, here are 23 terrific vegetarian casseroles that are easy to make and filled with flavor.

1. Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Our first pick is ideal for cheese lovers. This indulgent broccoli and cheese casserole has the perfect creamy texture.

It contains cream cheese, cheddar, and parmesan, resulting in this dish being loaded with deliciously tangy cheese.

What’s more, this recipe only takes 35 minutes to prepare. So you won’t have to worry about spending ages in the kitchen.

2. Roasted Vegetable Enchilada Casserole

We love this unique roasted vegetable enchilada casserole. It has tons of flavors thanks to the use of cumin and salsa.

This dish has a hint of spiciness without being overwhelming, meaning that it is suitable for people who don’t like spicy food.

Ultimately, if you are a fan of Mexican cuisine, you will likely adore this casserole.

3. Parmesan Mushroom Casserole

Perfect for mature palates, this parmesan mushroom casserole has a mature feel to it. Consequently, it is perfect for dinner parties or an enjoyable dinner-time meal.

The panko topping gives this casserole a crunchy layer that wonderfully contrasts with the softness of the mushroom filling.

This mushroom filling is flavored with sour cream, garlic, and parsley, which harmonize sublimely. Plus, the topping is loaded with parmesan for an irresistible cheesy taste.

4. Apple Cranberry Casserole

If you are looking for something a little sweeter, why not try this apple and cranberry casserole?

The filling is scrumptiously sweet thanks to the inclusion of apples and cranberries. These fruits give the dessert a slightly tart taste.

When decorated with a handful of cranberries (see also ‘Can You Freeze Cranberries?‘), this dessert will look extremely elegant. Therefore, it is a great choice if you wish to impress guests.

5. Creamy Vegetable Casserole

Do you want to eat more vegetables? Thankfully, this dish is loaded with them. It contains broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots.

This certainly makes it easier to get your 5 a day.

The vegetables taste delicious thanks to the mouth-watering Italian cheese sauce. They’re also seasoned with nutmeg and chili powder for extra flavor.

When topped with breadcrumbs, this is a dish that is sure to make everyone happy.

6. Banana French Toast Casserole

Up next, this casserole works as a wonderful breakfast dish. You can simply make it the night before so that it is ready for the morning.

The banana filling is perfectly seasoned with cinnamon, vanilla extract, and brown sugar. This gives the bananas an earthy and sweet flavor that is to die for.

The dessert also has a luxurious feel to it thanks to the French toast, which pairs beautifully with the banana.

7. Summer Vegetable Casserole

This is the perfect recipe for the summer. It makes use of seasonal vegetables, such as zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

These vegetables not only create a delectable taste sensation, but they also add tons of colors to the meal.

If you are looking for something aesthetically appealing, then this summer vegetable casserole is a way of livening up your meal times.

8. Lemon, Chickpea, And Rice Casserole

Lemon is a popular flavor in the spring. Therefore, we highly recommend making this lemon, chickpea, and rice casserole in the springtime.

While this flavor combination might seem a little unorthodox, we promise that it is ingenious! The lemon has a sharp and tangy flavor that brings out the taste of the chickpeas and rice.

This recipe is not only vegetarian but also vegan and gluten-free.

9. Fresh Tomato Casserole

This tomato casserole makes an incredible side dish that will pair beautifully with most main dishes.

The tomatoes have been seasoned to perfection with garlic, salt, black pepper, and a little sugar.

Topped with grated parmesan cheese, this tomato casserole is family-friendly.

10. Strawberry French Toast Casserole

Are you looking for something sweet? This strawberry French toast casserole is a sensational solution.

It is formed of a sweet strawberry filling and an exquisite French toast topping.

When garnished with strawberries and powdered sugar, this casserole looks glorious. As a result, you can serve it at dinner parties to amaze your friends and family.

11. Veggie Bean Casserole

Suitable as either a main or side dish, this veggie bean casserole is a versatile treat.

There are loads of healthy vegetables in this casserole, including carrots, green pepper, onion, kidney beans, chickpeas, and tomatoes.

If you are looking for a nutritious casserole, why not try this veggie bean casserole?

12. Blueberry Croissant Casserole

This fabulous French-inspired casserole recipe will knock your socks off. It amazingly combines blueberries, cream, and croissants. What’s not to love?

It also uses just 7 ingredients. This results in this casserole being incredibly convenient.

To us, this is the perfect way to start the day. Simply cook the night before for a simple yet effective breakfast.

13. Pasta And Bean Casserole

Requiring only 5 ingredients, this is a straightforward casserole that won’t cost a fortune.

You just need penne pasta (see also ‘26 Amazing Penne Pasta Recipes‘), tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, kidney beans, and mozzarella. Could this dish be any simpler?

Despite its simplicity, this casserole is extremely flavorsome. Topped with sharp and gooey melted mozzarella, this dish is ideal for people who love pairing pasta with cheese.

14. Hash Brown Casserole

If you’re anything like us, you love hash browns. If so, you’ll find this hash brown casserole recipe irresistible.

Taking just 10 minutes to prepare, this casserole won’t require much effort. We’ve found that it’s perfect for buffets.

The recipe says to either use chicken or mushroom soup. To make this recipe vegetarian, opt for mushroom soup (see also our favorite Chinese soups). It will give the dish a creamy texture and a woody taste.

15. Vegetable Lasagna Casserole

Are you looking for a tasty vegetable lasagne recipe? If so, you’re bound to cherish this one. It takes just 20 minutes to prepare.

This recipe swaps ground meat for delicious vegetables, which are covered in a marinara sauce, pasta noodles, and a cheesy topping.

16. Brussel Sprout Casserole

Brussel sprouts are a controversial vegetable. If you appreciate them, this cheesy brussel sprout casserole will make you fall in love.

Be sure to generously spread the Gruyere cheese topping for maximum flavor.

This casserole is particularly awesome at Thanksgiving.

17. Vegetarian Sausage Casserole

If you like cooking with meat alternatives, here’s a lovely vegetarian sausage casserole. It has a smoky flavor thanks to the red pepper and smoked paprika.

The casserole can be completed in just 35 minutes and is incredibly welcoming. It is well-suited to winter evenings (see also ‘33 Tasty And Cozy, Winter Dinner Ideas‘).

18. Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato has a delicious flavor that is sure to appeal to your taste buds.

When covered with a nutty walnut and pecan crumble topping and spiced with ginger, the flavor of the sweet potato shines through.

We love how vibrant and luscious this dish is.

19. Cheesy Zucchini Casserole

This scrummy casserole tastes just like a pizza! This is because the layer of zucchinis is covered in marinara sauce and loaded with melted cheese.

This amazing meal is flavored with oregano, black pepper, and garlic powder for an additional tang.

20. Chocolate French Toast Casserole

Are you a chocoholic? If so, you’ll relish this chocolate french toast casserole. The chocolate gives the casserole an enticing rich flavor.

It is perfect when served with ice cream (see also ‘Does Ice Cream Go Bad?‘) or whipped cream for a sweet treat.

21. Cornbread Casserole

Who can say “no” to a creamy cornbread casserole? This casserole is a brilliant side dish that works with both sweet and savory meals. Few other casserole recipes are quite so versatile.

This is a super straightforward casserole recipe that is not very complex to produce.

22. Stuffed Bell Pepper Casserole

Covered in a tomato and lentil sauce, these stuffed bell peppers (see also ‘18 Recipes That Make Anaheim Peppers The Star Of The Show‘) are stacked with flavor. This is topped with tangy cheese, which melts gloriously to create a magnificent casserole.

There are loads of different spices in this dish, which complement the bell pepper taste fantastically.

Among the sensational spices used are cumin, paprika, allspice, and chili powder. No one can accuse this flavorsome dish of being bland.

23. Meringue-Topped Sweet Potato Casserole

Last but not least, this meringue-topped casserole is ridiculously impressive. When piped, these meringues have an elegant aesthetic.

This meringue is placed on top of a delicious sweet potato filling, which has been spiced with pecans and pineapple.

If you are bored of standard sweet potato casserole recipes (see also ‘Potato Casseroles – 23 Of The Best Recipes On The Internet‘), you should try this unique adaptation for your next Thanksgiving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Casseroles?

Interestingly, casseroles refer to a meal that has been cooked in a casserole dish. This pan tends to be quite deep, allowing the contents to be quite substantial.

Foods cooked in casserole pans tend to feature a filling and a topping. This filling can be meat, vegetable, seafood, or fruit depending on your preference.

Are Casseroles Vegetarian?

This will depend. Many casseroles are not vegetarian because they contain a layer of meat. However, there are plenty of vegetarian casserole recipes out there as demonstrated by this list.

These vegetarian casseroles are just as good as ones that contain meat, so be sure to consider having a vegetarian version.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of reasons why casseroles are so popular. This dish comes in an impressive array of flavors, both sweet and savory.

As you can see from our selection of recipes, there are loads of different outstanding options for you to try.

We hope that this guide has helped you to find the perfect vegetarian casserole for you!

23 Simple Vegetarian Casseroles

23 Simple Vegetarian Casseroles

Recipe by Jenna

Are you a vegetarian in search of homely dishes? If so, here are 23 vegetarian casseroles for you. Simple yet tasty, you’re going to love these casseroles.

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