28 Quirky Untraditional Wedding Cake Flavors That Taste Amazing

Weddings. There is so much to plan and a never ending to do list. It can get a little stressful at times (or most of the time) especially when it comes to deciding on those finer details.

This is especially the case if you’re hoping for a wedding like no other. Perhaps you already have the most spectacular wedding venue, you’ve maybe already picked your one of a kind dress, but have you yet decided on your wedding cake?

28 Quirky Untraditional Wedding Cake Flavors That Taste Amazing

While a traditional wedding cake is pretty enough, and sure it tastes great, it’s just not all that unique. 

But don’t worry, if you’re looking for something different that will still look and taste devine, you might want to continue reading. Here are what I think are 28 scrumptious cake flavors that’ll be sure to go down a treat. 

1. Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Cake

Can you get a better combo than raspberry and chocolate? Who says wedding cakes can’t be delicious?

This triple threat consists of moist chocolate cake and a raspberry filling with layers of chocolate ganache. It’s then topped with some chocolate shavings and fresh raspberries for a luxurious-look and scrumptious taste. 

2. Chambord Layer Cake

Enjoy a boozy cake? Then this Chambord layer cake is the perfect option for you.

It’s a delicious vanilla cake packed full of rich fruit preserves and then slathered in a black-raspberry buttercream. It’s a little unusual, sure, but you can’t deny how truly tasty this cake is. 

3. Black Forest Cake

Sticking on theme with these tasty berry flavored cakes we have a popular choice; black forest.

If you enjoy tucking into extremely rich and moist chocolate cake that is layered with cherry liqueur and fresh cherries with a simple but effective whipped cream frosting then you’ll need to sample this cake. 

4. Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes out there, the tasty slightly spiced cake with that creamy delicious frosting just compliments each other perfectly.

You can add nuts or sultanas for extra texture if you wish. I think this cake screams fall-wedding vibes to me, but there’s no time of the year that I’d say no to this recipe. 

5. Peanut Butter Cake

Don’t let the simplistic look of this cake fool you. It is one of the nicest tasting cakes I’ve tried. If you love a bit of peanut buttery goodness, then you’ll be a massive fan of this recipe.

The sponge and the frosting are both flavored with creamy smooth peanut butter that will be sure to leave you licking your lips and looking for seconds. 

6. Maple Pumpkin Cake

If you’ve got a fall wedding planned I can’t think of a more on theme cake flavor than this maple and pumpkin cake.

The layers of pumpkin cake are separated by cinnamon streusel and maple cinnamon frosting. It’s something fairly unique that you won’t often see at weddings, but wow, it’ll have your guests talking for sure. 

7. Salted Caramel Cake 

If rich and indulgent cake is what you’re after, you need look no further. The cake itself is moist and fluffy and delicious, and the buttery filling and oozing caramel sauce mean that you’ll be sure to see guests licking the plate clean.

It has that predominantly sweet flavor with just a hint of salt behind it. It’s a fairly familiar flavor, but this recipe just puts this cake above your usual caramel cake. 

8. Banana Foster Cake

Calling all banana lovers – this one’s for you. Let’s take that yummy taste of banana bread and elevate it into something much more sleek and elegant (and delicious.)

The banana cake is stacked between layers of creamy banana foster and is then decorated in a very tasty vanilla bean cream.  

9. Cardamom Cake With Honey Buttercream

What a fancy flavor this cake is. The cardamom and cinnamon flavored cake is encased in a delicate tasting honey buttercream which compliments the cake perfectly.

The poached pears for decoration also add a certain elegance to this delicious dessert. The flavors are fairly mild and muted but I think these delicate flavors are perfect for your big day. 

10. Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting

If you’re a fan of the carrot cake frosting but much prefer a richer chocolate cake then this is the perfect option for you. I think red is a great color to symbolize love too.

You can be sure that it’ll be love at first bite with this tasty treat. How you decorate this cake is completely up to you, but you can never go amiss with some fresh fruit or chocolate truffles. 

11. Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

Calling all spicy couples, this Mexican hot chocolate cake might be the perfect pick for you (see also ‘23 Amazing Mexican Cake Recipes‘). Now, this flavor certainly won’t be for everybody but it is unique and it is tasty if you can handle your spice.

This hot chocolate cake is made with cayenne pepper for an extra kick and even the creamy vanilla filling has a sprinkling of cayenne pepper along with some tasty cinnamon.

The cake itself is actually quite sweet and scrumptious, it’s just whether you can handle that after kick. 

12. Coffee And Vanilla Espresso 

Are you a Dunkin’ Donut devotee (see also ‘18 Amazing Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees To Try‘), or perhaps you’re more of a Starbucks superstar, but if you’re a little coffee fiend, then you’ll need to try this coffee and vanilla espresso cake.

With each and every bite you’ll get that sweet and slightly bitter hit that’ll have you going back for more and more and more. 

13. Caramel Apple Cake

Here’s another option that is perfect for those colder-month weddings. These sweet and spiced cakes just immediately transported me back to trick or treating with friends and family when I was younger.

The flavor of the cake with the delicious cream cheese frosting is sure to warm the hearts and souls of each and every guest and can you really ask anymore of a wedding cake? 

14. Tiramisu Cake

If you love a good tiramisu, then you’ll absolutely adore this twist on a traditional pud. Each layer of moist delicious cake is soaked in a mixture of brandy, liquor, and coffee.

Between each layer you’ll find a custard-like mascarpone filling which incorporates even more brandy. The cake is then topped off with a gorgeous swiss buttercream that is flavored with yet more brandy and a touch of espresso. 

15. Key Lime Cake

If you’re planning a wedding in the heat and want a slightly more refreshing flavor, then you can’t go wrong with key lime cake – yum!

Key lime flavor is more well known for being in pie form, but do you know what’s better than pie? Cake. And this super sweet yet creamy cake goes down easy on even the hottest off days thanks to that burst of zesty citrus. 

16. Earl Grey Cake

If you enjoy the finer things in life, you probably appreciate a good warm cup of tea on a cold night. Well, this recipe takes that feeling and pops it into a delicious slice of cake.

The aromatic taste of this rich and delicious cake screams decadence and elegance. 

17. Spice Cake

Want to vamp up a traditional, and slightly boring vanilla cake? Then add the likes of cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and molasses to your cake batter to make the most flavorsome cake ever.

Now, this may seem a little simple but sometimes keeping things simple can keep things extremely tasty. After all, if it isn’t broken, why fix it? 

18. Gingerbread Cake 

Are you having a Christmas wedding? Why not stay on theme with this delicious gingerbread cake.

One good whiff of this cake as it comes out the oven and you’ll struggle not to steal a taste. The mix of sweet and spicy and buttery goodness makes for one irresistibly tasting cake. 

19. Creme Brulee Cake

Whenever I see creme brulee on the desert menu of any restaurant, my choice is instantly made. And if you’re the same, then you might want to try those delicious creamy flavors in cake form. Be forewarned, it’s addictively delicious.

The layers of vanilla bean cake are baked on a bed of graham cracker crust and is filled with a vanilla bean custard and buttercream. 

20. Coconut Guava Layer Cake

If your wedding is summer vibes only then you need to try this tasty coconut and guava cake (see also ‘What Does Guava Taste Like?‘) that will have you instantly transported to tropical islands with each and every spoonful.

The delicious coconut cake has layers of creamy guava filling that makes each bite burst with tropical flavors and honestly it just tastes so good. 

21. Hazelnut Praline Cake

Fans of hazelnut and toffee will love this flavor of cake. And man, oh man, is it moreish. You’ll need a sweet tooth for this incredibly chocolatey and sweet slice of heaven.

It’s rich and tasty and full of texture – it’s sure to be a massive hit on your big day.  

22. Hawaiian Wedding Cake

This cake is so tasty, it’ll have you considering swapping that white dress out for a hula skirt and a coconut bra – okay maybe not quite, but it is one really delicious unique cake.

The refreshing pineapple chunks mixed with a healthy portion of sour cream frosting, gives a great tangy taste that is perfect for any summer wedding. 

23. White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

You can never go wrong with a white chocolate and raspberry flavor combo, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in this delicious recipe. The white chocolate is sickly sweet but is balanced out nicely with the tart raspberry filling inside.

Then it is covered in a white chocolate swiss buttercream and decorated with more raspberries to give it a really decadent finish. 

24. Brownie Oreo Cake

Do you have a real sweet tooth and want a more playful and enjoyable wedding cake? Then try this super sweet but super yummy chocolate brownie and oreo cake.

I can’t imagine anyone having complaints about the taste of this cake! The cake itself is packed with crumbled oreo with layers of fudgy brownie deliciousness, as well as a homemade oreo buttercream.

While this may seem like the product of a 5 year olds fever dream – it’s fine to release your inner child every now and then. And taste is the most important part of a cake right? And this is a very, very, very tasty cake. 

25. Pink Champagne

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant than the last option for your wedding cake, then this could be more your speed. It’s delicate and light in flavor and who doesn’t love the taste of champagne.

And for all you girly-girl brides out there, you’ll be pleased to know that the pink is bright pink and sparkly! What could be better? 

26. Chocolate Orange Cake

Many couples enjoy a yummy chocolate choice for their wedding cake, but chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream can sometimes be a bit of a chocolate overload.

It’s a bit too rich for some and then you just end up with wasted cake (unacceptable behavior).

Adding a lighter citrus filling can be surprisingly easier to eat because it’s just not quite as heavy. It also tastes fantastic and is a great option for those opting for a winter wedding. 

27. Cookie Dough Cake

Cookie dough is any dessert lover’s paradise so why not incorporate that into your wedding cake flavor. In this delicious cake you’ll have layers of chocolate chip cake with big dollops of cookie dough baked into each of the layers too.

These are stacked together between a cookie dough buttercream and then smothered in a silky smooth chocolate ganache.

This is certainly not for the faint of heart and you’ll need a really sweet tooth to get through this very sickly sweet cake. 

28. Strawberry Cream Naked Cake

Strawberries have a beautiful flavor and in this cake it is so divine. A delicious vanilla cake is complemented with vanilla buttercream and a yummy strawberry jam.

The rustic feel of the naked cake makes it a great feature for barn and outdoor weddings. A garnish of fresh strawberries also gives it that pop of color it needs to finish it off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Filling For A Wedding Cake

There is an abundance of popular wedding cake filling flavors, but some of the most popular would include vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream and pastry cream. 

What Are The Most Popular Cake Flavours

Chocolate cake, Red velvet, and vanilla cake are the most widely popular flavored cakes. 

How Many Layers Should A Wedding Cake Have

This will really all depend on the amount of guests at your wedding, but I would always recommend at least 2-3 layers for a wedding cake. Any less and it won’t look elegant enough or feed the amount of people at the party. 

How Far In Advance Can I Bake A Wedding Cake

If it is un-iced then you can bake your wedding cake around 2-3 days ahead of time but you’ll need to ensure it is stored correctly. Make sure that it is wrapped and sealed in an airtight container so that it doesn’t lose its moisture. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t have to stick with simple and plain flavors for your wedding cake. At the end of the day, it’s your special day and you should be able to tuck into your favorite cake when the time comes.

So, stop worrying about what everybody else wants. Take a look at the options above and try a taste test of your favorites (any excuse for some cake right?) and pick the best one for your big day. 

28 Quirky Untraditional Wedding Cake Flavors That Taste Amazing

28 Quirky Untraditional Wedding Cake Flavors That Taste Amazing

Recipe by Jenna

Every aspect of your big day should be as unique as you are. If you’re looking to break trends with your wedding cake flavor, keep reading for inspiration.

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