17 Best Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak

You may be able to whip up some sides with a steak supper, but what about tuna steaks?

Compared to the sides you might select for a meat-like steaks or even chicken, the sidelines for tuna steak ought to be a bit lighter and possess a more delicate flavour. 

17 Best Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak

Maybe some flame-roasted vegetarian kebabs or a light green salad? No matter how you make your tuna steak, these 14 delicious sides will go great with it.

You will discover something in this selection that will go best with tuna steak for dinner tonight, no matter what marinade or flavour you already have.

1. Traditional Peppers 

These traditional stuffed peppers, which are filling and healthful, will give your tuna steak dish lots of substance (see also ‘Stuffed Pepper Serving Suggestions: 20 Sensational Side Dishes‘). When you’re ready, you can prepare these peppers ahead of time and bake them when you are.

If you serve your tuna steak with a southern or Mexican flavour profile, these are fantastic. To fully bring out their flavour, throw in a little spicy sauce.

You may simply use a veggie beef substitution or increase the quantity of rice in the stuffing if you’re looking for an ingredient swap to turn this into a pescetarian-friendly dish.

2. Garlic-Flavored Fries

Have you ever wondered what to offer with ahi tuna when throwing a dinner or party?

These crispy and delectable garlic fries will undoubtedly be popular. Because it is so easy to make, you can concentrate on preparing the tuna steak while making this recipe.

The adding of parsley over the top gives these a lovely aroma and enhances their appearance. Garlic fries have such a subtle texture to complement the tuna, as opposed to something thick and dense like mashed potatoes.

3. Rice With Garlic Butter

Want the ideal side dish to complement your spicy tuna entrée?

This rice with garlic and butter will work. For this seafood and rice dish, you don’t need to order sushi! With all the ingredients from your cupboard, this versatile recipe comes together quickly.

Any type of rice will work when you follow the packing instructions for liquid measurements and cooking periods. A robust oil such as olive or sunflower oil can be used in place of the butter, which gives a deep taste to the dish.

4. Roast Potatoes With Lemon 

Delicious lemon roast potatoes are the perfect side dish if you want to serve a tuna steak with grain but don’t want the starch to overpower the flavour. 

These potatoes go well with nearly everything because of their mild yet vibrant flavour. Your tuna steak will shine thanks to it, and the texture will be balanced.

These roasted potatoes turn out wonderfully golden brown and look lovely on the plate when garnished with a green herb like parsley (you can also use cilantro or basil, depending on the flavour of your tuna) (see our favorite ‘Parsley and Potato’ recipes here).

5. Teriyaki Stir-Fry With Vegetables

This savoury side dish pairs perfectly with tuna prepared in any way, but it tastes even better if soy sauce and sesame oil are used in the marinade.

The use of tempeh is the recipe’s secret ingredient for the teriyaki vegetable stir fry. This is a protein-rich dish because of the tempeh, which gives the vegetables a good savoury taste.

Lacking tempeh? You can substitute extra vegetables for the tofu and fry it instead.

6. Sweet Potato

While baked potatoes are typically thought of as a side dish for a steak supper, sweet potato is ideal for a tuna steak meal.

With the addition of toppings like spring onions or bacon bits, baked sweet potatoes can balance out their sweetness.

This dish is also quite simple to make, and the sweet potato is a vegetable that will tolerate an extended baking time.

7. Fried Green Beans

You’ve tried green beans baked, blanched, and boiled, but have you ever tried them fried?

This is a unique and intriguing side dish that is also really simple to prepare. 

You may season the green beans whatever you like to match the flavour of your tuna steak, and they turn out crispy and golden.

Beer is the magic ingredient that gives the fried green beans such a flavorful snap. The flavour is given a good depth by the beer battering procedure.

8. Veggie Kebabs

Tuna steaks on the grill or a backyard barbecue? This tasty side dish goes great with your tuna entrée. The juicy kebabs can be replaced with practically any seasonal vegetable, and any type of onion will taste delicious.

You might also include pineapple slices in a tuna steak prepared in a tropical style. These veggie kebabs have a great variety of flavours thanks to a seasoning mixture of dry oregano and basil, as well as salt and pepper.

9. Pasta Salad

This flavor-packed dish is the ideal side dish that requires minimal preparation. With this recipe, you can experiment and swap out whatever things you think will go well with a tuna steak.

Although it asks for olives, you may substitute capers. It’s a fantastic recipe to prepare ahead of time since the flavours will meld and deepen as it sits for the duration of the night or even a few days.

To avoid mistakenly cooking the vegetables or melting the cheese, make sure the pasta is totally cooled before combining the ingredients.

10. Mushrooms Stuffed With Cheese

Want a delectable side dish that you can create quickly and easily? Try these mushrooms with cheese inside.

When placed beside your seared tuna steak, this side dish will appear to be a restaurant-quality dish. However, you can find the ingredients at any grocery shop for a reasonable price.

Additionally, you can make these in advance and simply bake them when you are ready to make the tuna steaks. At the same moment, both will be prepared and look fantastic.

11. Ratatouille 

When looking for a side dish with tuna steaks, are you looking for vegetables? Full with vegetables, this ratatouille is delicious. This dish is a gorgeous arrangement of hues and flavours.

A tuna steak dinner will appear to be a five-star feast thanks to Ratatouille.

Your dinner guests will be impressed by this side dish’s spicy richness. For an Instagram-worthy display, place your tuna atop the cooked ratatouille on the plate.

For individuals who are watching their calories or carb intake, this meal is also very diet-friendly.

12. Cauliflower Fritters

Have a finicky dinner guest that refuses to eat their vegetables? Any person who dislikes vegetables will be persuaded to eat a healthy side dish by these cauliflower fritters.

If you are cooking for a pescetarian or someone who only eats fish and no other animal products, you should try this vegetarian recipe. These fritters are delicious and addictive while appearing to be healthy.

You can serve them plain with salt or with a sauce like garlic aioli. A fantastic supper may be made by combining the exquisite consistency of a tuna steak with the crispy, golden-brown fritters.

13. Broccoli Rabe 

What should you serve with tuna steak if you want to balance the amount of greens on your plate? Your questions can be satisfied simply and deliciously with sautéed broccoli rabe.

Although broccoli rabe appears classy and sounds upscale, it is actually very simple to obtain in most supermarkets and cooks up quickly and effortlessly. To finish this wonderful side dish, top with parmesan or freshly cracked pepper.

14. Roasted Fennel 

Try out this recipe for roasted fennel if you wish to surprise your visitors with a delectable side dish. A tuna steak with a light seasoning will go well with the exquisite flavour of the fennel.

This side dish’s secret flavour booster is a small amount of balsamic vinegar.

Even after roasting for a while in the oven, the roasted fennel retains a strong bite in every forkful. 

A rich flavour is produced in the tongue by the combination of the peppery sting of the fennel and the mild sweetness of tuna, especially whether it is prepared raw or as ahi tuna.

15. Corn On The Cob 

Corn on the cob that has been grilled has a great sear on the outside and gives your food a lovely colour. Tuna steaks go wonderfully with this side dish because of its smoky flavour, crisp texture, and sweetness from the corn.

16. Cucumber-Tomato Salad

The ideal summer dish is this salad, which goes excellently with tuna steak as an entrée.

The fresh flavour of the cucumbers, tomatoes, and onion are what really make this salad shine, so only a little amount of dressing is required.

17. Green Salad

With this recipe for green salad, the tuna steak will taste fantastic. The tuna can even be added to the top of your salad after it has cooled.

You can make substitutions for the items in this recipe according to your preferences or what is in season. 

All of the tastiest vegetables you discovered that morning at the farmer’s market may be included in a seasonal green salad. With this straightforward and mouth watering side dish, you really can’t go wrong.

How Should You Cook Tuna Steak?

Baking is the easiest option for cooking tuna steaks. This approach is less labor-intensive and requires less attention than others. The tuna only needs to be placed on a baking pan, put inside the oven, and left to bake.

Final Thoughts

Why not give any of these delectable side dishes a try this weekend when preparing some tuna steaks? 

These side dishes compliment tuna so well because they enhance its flavour in many ways and give texture and variety to your meal. When combined, you can be certain to have one scrumptious platter!

17 Best Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak

17 Best Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak

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What are the best side dishes to go with delicious seared tuna steak? Check out our article which features 14 of the tastiest sides you can offer up with your next tuna steak meal.

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