32 of The Tastiest Trifle Recipes

Do you feel intimidated just thinking about assembling a trifle? Well, we’re here to tell you that you have no reason to worry.

A trifle is one of the most simple desserts to create. All you need to do is create the four, basic layers: the sponge fingers, fruit layer, custard, and whipped cream.

32 of The Tastiest Trifle Recipes

However, you could always be inventive with your designs and flavors if you want to go a bit farther.

In this article, we have listed lots of delicious trifle recipes that we know you are going to love! There are so many variations in our list, suitable for all occasions.

So, let’s get started. Here are 30+ of the tastiest trifle recipes around.

1. Classic Sherry Trifle

Let’s start this list with the traditional recipe for a classic trifle. 

The Classic Sherry Trifle consists of sherry-soaked sponge fingers, a summer fruit jelly, vanilla custard, and a soft whipped cream topping, sprinkled with amaretti biscuits. 

This British dessert (see also ‘27 Traditional British Desserts You Need To Try!’) is truly delicious, and only takes less than an hour to complete, making this recipe a great place to start if you have never made a trifle before.

2. Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

Any summer celebration needs this Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle. It is not only simple to assemble, but it also looks amazing!

A no-bake key lime cheesecake blend is combined with the tiers of strawberry cake and fresh berries to give the creamy layers a faintly tangy flavor.

If you love strawberry cheesecake and key lime pie, we have no doubt that you’re going to love this tangy trifle.

3. Banana Pudding Trifle

For any celebration or special event, homemade banana pudding trifle is a traditional Southern delicacy that must be created. It is creamy, fruity, and downright delicious!

The combination of the sliced bananas, cookies, pudding, and homemade whipped cream makes for a stunning dessert that’ll get everybody coming back for second helpings. 

Bananas and custard are definitely the inspiration for this trifle, and it tastes just as good. Possibly even better!

4. Lemon Blueberry Trifle

Next up, we have another trifle that has been inspired by two classic desserts. This time, you can combine the sweet, zesty flavors of lemon cake and blueberry muffins.

Delightful lemon angel food cake cubes are used for the base of the Lemon Blueberry Trifle, which is then stacked with Cool Whip, juicy blueberries, and a tangy lemon sauce.

Everyone will appreciate this easy, light summery dessert!

5. Butterscotch Trifle

This butterscotch trifle ought to be on your menu if you’re searching for a simple dessert that both looks and tastes wonderful.

A chocolate sponge mix serves as the base, butterscotch pudding is used for the creamy layers, and heavy cream has been distributed all through.

Those without a sweet tooth should avoid this dessert (see also ‘50 Fun And Fulfilling 4th Of July Desserts‘). Try this delicious trifle if you’re seeking some luscious, sticky flavors.

6. Strawberry Champagne Trifles

The next dessert is a fruity, alcoholic delight that is simply out of this world.

This upscale flavor is produced by soaking the sponge fingers in a strawberry-infused champagne concoction, and topping them with vanilla pudding and boozy berries.

The ideal dessert for New Year’s Eve or a tasty treat to mark an anniversary is these strawberry champagne trifles. You could even whip some up for Valentine’s Day (see also ‘32 Delicious Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas‘)!

7. Cranberry Orange Cream Trifle

Any fruit lover will adore this Cranberry Orange Cream Trifle. It is incredibly delicious, creamy, and refreshing.

The trick to this trifle is that it tastes better the longer it stays in the refrigerator. The incredible cranberry orange taste just soaks up into the cake, and every bite is bursting with delight.

Our mouths are watering just by looking at pictures of this dessert!

8. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Trifle

Do you like caramel apples? What about cheesecake? Well, if you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, you’re in for a treat.

This trifle contains layers of caramelized apples, vanilla cheesecake, and a sticky caramel sauce, all topping a crunchy Graham cracker base.

This gooey, sticky trifle is one of the sweetest desserts we have ever seen. Give it a go!

9. Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle

We simply can’t imagine life without the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It is an excellent culinary pairing that tastes fantastic in this trifle.

Brownie bits, homemade peanut butter pudding, miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and whipped topping are all layers in this peanut butter brownie trifle.

You should absolutely consider preparing your own dessert at home if this sounds like your type of treat.

10.Carrot Cake Trifle

With this delicious carrot cake trifle, you may switch up your standard Easter dessert dishes.

With sliced-up handmade carrot cake, a cream cheese frosting, and vanilla pudding, this really is a showstopping trifle. The ‘carrots’ that are used as a topping aren’t actually carrots at all – they’re chocolate-coated strawberries.

This trifle will be to your taste if you enjoy carrot cake. It really steals the show!

11. Banoffee Trifle

A Banoffee Pie is loved by everyone, but this trifle variation takes it to the next level. The flavors of banana and toffee are all present in this dish, spread over several luscious layers.

Banana slices, sweet caramel, buttery biscuit crumbles, whipped cream, and even a touch of chocolate are all layered in this trifle.

This sticky dessert is sure to be a hit with everyone!

12. Mango Trifle

This summer, try making this mango trifle recipe. It is tangy, light, and packed with delicious mango pieces.

The dish is composed of an angel food cake layer on top of which are tiered sweetened mango, macadamia nuts, and white chocolate flavored whipped cream.

You should absolutely try making this trifle at home if you’re seeking for one with more tangy, fruity flavors.

13. Birthday Cake Funfetti Trifle

Imagine a loved one’s birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what birthday cake to get them. Well, why not surprise them with a trifle, instead?

You just need some birthday cake Oreos and rainbow sprinkles for decoration, along with vanilla cake mix, cheesecake pudding mix, milk, cream cheese, and Cool Whip.

With this recipe, you can party like it’s your birthday every day!

14. Death by Chocolate Trifle

Here is a recipe for all things chocolatey. This will surely cure any person’s sweet tooth.

Everyone will love the dish made of layers of fudgy brownies, chocolate mousse, toffee, and whipped cream in this chocolate brownie pudding trifle. There is so much sweetness in one bowl!

Therefore, if you’re looking for the ideal gooey, chocolatey sweet treat, we strongly suggest this one.

15. Red, White and Blue Trifle

This red, white, and blue trifle will satisfy your sweet craving when you’re searching for a spectacular Fourth of July dessert or a quick summer treat.

However, fresh, ripe berries that have been mixed and dusted with sugar are the secret to this patriotic dessert. A dish that would dazzle everyone can be made patriotic by adding some creamy, sweet layers.

Before you dive in, be sure to snap a photo of your vibrant trifle!

16. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Trifle

There is a good reason why pineapple upside-down cake is a well-liked treat all around the nation. If this is one of your favorite desserts, you’ll adore this trifle recipe.

Every element that makes that cake unique is used in this trifle to create a mouthwatering, gorgeous new dessert.

Bring on the pineapple chunks and Cool Whip to make a delicious dessert that everyone will enjoy (see also ‘27 Sweet And Delicious Pineapple Desserts‘).

17. Christmas Trifle

No matter what time of year it is, Christmas is always just around the corner!

The tasty combination of cake, vanilla pudding, eggnog, and fruit will have people believing that you took a lot of effort to prepare this elegant but simple dessert.

Take a peek at this Christmas trifle if you want to start planning this year’s treats. Making this festive delight only takes 30 minutes! 

18. Cookie Dough Trifle

Every fan of cookie dough will adore this delectable delight. It won’t even need to be baked for you to eat it safely!

To make this delicious, sweet Cookie Dough trifle at home, layer some edible cookie dough, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream in a pretty glass container.

The best part? The cookie dough is completely safe to consume and is made without eggs or flour. What are you waiting for?

19. Apple Snickers Cheesecake Trifle

This Apple Snickers Cheesecake Trifle is an outstanding no-bake dessert, made up of layers of fresh apples slices and crunchy chocolate bars.

Pieces of angel food cake, crisp diced apples, Snickers bars, and caramel sauce make up the layers, while generous dollops of Cool Whip are used to garnish the treat.

For summer picnics or gatherings, this delectable trifle is the ideal dessert.

20. Sangria Fruit Trifle

This no-bake summer sangria fruit trifle is sure to become a summer favorite in your family, packed with fruit, sangria, and the silkiest berry cream.

Lady fingers drenched in sangria and stacked with the best summer fruit, including strawberries and cherries, make the ideal no-bake delicacy (see also ‘28 Stunning Summer Cake Recipes‘) .

This unbelievably scrumptious and incredibly simple trifle made with sangria is guaranteed to be a success.

21. Key Lime Pie Trifle

This trifle is perfect for those who adore key lime pie.

You’ll feel as though you’re on a tropical getaway thanks to the zesty sheets of key lime curd, slices of sponge cake, crumbled graham crackers, and fluffy whipped cream.

Serve this Key Lime Pie trifle at your upcoming backyard event, but don’t forget to decorate with some berries and slices of lime!

22. S’Mores Trifle

While backpacking, or gathering around a fire pit, s’mores are always a hit. You can savor the flavors of this trifle in the convenience of your own home.

A brownie sheet serves as the foundation, and it is covered in a rich marshmallow layer and dusted with Graham cracker crumbs.

You should definitely think about packing this very delicious dessert (see also ‘35 of the World’s Most Delicious Desserts‘)  for your upcoming camping trip.

23. Piña Colada Trifle

This Piña Colada Trifle recipe works well year-round, and may be made with or without alcohol.

The creamy cheesecake layer and the fresh fruit are so delicious, and if you want to make a family-friendly trifle, you can replace the Malibu Rum with Rum essence.

This sweet delight is ideal as a special evening treat, Sunday dessert, or for parties and events.

24. Tres Leches Coconut Cake Trifle

Try preparing your own Tres Leches Coconut Cake trifle if you want to enjoy a spoonful or two of some smooth, dreamy layers of coconut sweetness.

Condensed milk, silky coconut cream, and a topping of light whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes make up the layers.

Any lover of coconuts will absolutely adore this. Try this recipe if you want a taste of creamy, tropical bliss!

25. Halloween Trifle

Next up, we have a recipe to make the spookiest trifle in this list.

This Halloween trifle (see also ‘27 Simple But Yummy Halloween Desserts That Your Guests Will Love‘) is loaded with Peeps, candy corn, chocolate pudding, and chocolate fudge cake. What more could you ask for in a frighteningly tasty treat?

This recipe for a Halloween trifle is simple to prepare, and absolutely stunning! Make it the dessert centerpiece for your upcoming Halloween party (see also ‘37 Dessert Bar Recipes Perfect For A Party‘).

26. White Chocolate, Raspberry, and Passionfruit Trifle

This fruity, vibrantly colored trifle tastes just as great as it looks… and, trust us, it looks amazing!

Layers of sponge fingers dipped in raspberry jam, white chocolate custard, whipped cream, passionfruit, and white chocolate flakes are all involved in the creation of this pretty dessert.

Throughout the warmer months of the year, this white chocolate, raspberry, and passionfruit trifle is the ideal way to end a dinner. Plus, it is so easy to put together.

27. Rainbow Cake Trifle

While the taste is definitely more important than the appearance of a dessert, this sweet treat gets votes in both categories.

All you need to make this trifle are some rainbow-colored chunks of cake, white chocolate pudding, and some airy whipped cream. Make sure you have plenty of food coloring on hand!

This gorgeous dessert is easier to make than you think, and doesn’t take too long to make, either.

28. Brownie and Irish Cream Pudding Mini Trifles

This recipe produces two miniature trifles that are filled with brownies and Irish cream, and are perfect for sharing with a special someone.

You can make these delectable tiny trifles in your own kitchen by layering brownie pieces, liqueur-infused pudding, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings.

With the help of this recipe, you may make these sweet, chocolatey trifles in advance of your next date night.

29. Black Forest Trifle

You can enjoy all the flavors of a black forest cake in one quick and simple dessert with this black forest trifle recipe.

This fruity, chocolate trifle accommodates a crowd, and just requires 5 basic ingredients.

This straightforward yet lovely tiered dessert is sure to be a delight with everyone since it is rich and chocolatey, but also delicate and airy.

30. Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

The ideal, hassle-free dessert recipe for fall dining is this pumpkin gingerbread trifle.

Layers of gingerbread, pumpkin pie cream, and whipped cream make up this pumpkin gingerbread trifle. As a garnish, gingersnaps are layered on top.

This flavour composition is so delightful, and is exceptionally enjoyable in the fall. It’s chock-full of festive ingredients that make it ideal for Thanksgiving (see also ‘28 Festive Thanksgiving Pies‘).

31. Elvis Trifle with Bacon

Next up, we have a questionable (yet delectable) sweet-and-savory trifle that’ll have you all shook up.

This recipe takes Elvis Presley’s favorite foods, and takes them to the next level. The trifle contains banana cake, whipped frosting, silky peanut butter pudding, bananas, and a whole lot of bacon.

We have no doubt that, if he were still around today, the King of Rock n’ Roll would definitely appreciate this creamy yet crispy trifle.

32. Triple Layer Coffee Caramel Chocolate Mousse Trifles

Last, but certainly not least, we have a recipe that lovers of coffee, caramel, and chocolate will all appreciate.

This trifle’s layers are made up of chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and a decadent chocolate, caramel, and coffee sauce.

This trifle melts in your mouth, and bursts with delicious tastes with each bite. Want to give it a try? It’s so quick and easy to make!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is In A Trifle Recipe?

A trifle is typically made with a single sheet of sponge fingers or cake that has been soaked in sherry or wine, a fruit component (like jelly or compote), custard, and whipped cream, all piled in a glass dish.

The traditional trifle consists of sherry-soaked sponge fingers, fruit jelly, custard, and whipped cream, in that order. However, trifles come in a tonne of different flavors, so you may add any ingredients you like, as long as you follow the usual format.

You may replace the traditional custard with some chocolate custard, or swap the sponge fingers for some fruit cake. Add sprinkles, fruit slices, or anything sweet as a topping!

How Long Does It Take To Make A Trifle?

It should take you, roughly, 3-4 hours to completely make a trifle.

While the preparation for a trifle doesn’t take that long, it is the setting time that takes up the most time. Also, it depends on whether you are using store-bought ingredients (e.g., canned custard) or making your own at home.

This aspect may add an extra 10-20 minutes.

The jelly layer must be prepared first, and allowed to set for about an hour. Repeat the process with the custard; spread it on, and let it set in the fridge for another hour or so.

The cream and garnishes can be added after the custard and jelly layers have hardened, and the dessert will then be prepared for serving.

What Fruit Is Best For A Trifle?

The most popularly used fruit in a trifle is, probably, the strawberry. Blueberries and raspberries are also popular options. In reality, most fruits – if not, all – taste great in a trifle!

If you have a particular fruit in mind, don’t be afraid to experiment and try them out in your own homemade dessert.

What Does A Trifle Taste Like?

A trifle tastes exactly how you would expect it to taste: creamy, delicate, and fruity. Each of the four layers (moist sponge fingers, fruit, custard, whipped cream) will be soft and sweet, although each layer will hold a different texture and flavor.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! Those were our 32 top picks for yummy, creamy trifles. 

While some of them follow the traditional format, there are plenty on this list that are somewhat unusual. All of them taste great, and we recommend that you try each and every one of them!

Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavors, or chocolatey tastes, there is something for everyone (and all occasions) on this list. 

We hope you enjoyed this article.

Happy baking!

32 of The Tastiest Trifle Recipes

32 of The Tastiest Trifle Recipes

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If you’re looking for the perfect dessert, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s 30+ of the most delectable, unexpected, and downright delicious trifle recipes

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