20 Best Tostada Recipes For Anyone Who Loves Mexican Food

If you love Mexican food, you probably love tostadas. Even if you already love tostadas, it’s possible that you aren’t doing anything interesting with them or trying out new recipes!

20 Best Tostada Recipes For Anyone Who Loves Mexican Food

If you feel like you want some delicious tostada recipes to try out, then you’re in the right place. 

Here, we’re going to go through some of our favorite tostada recipes that you can try at your next family game night. They’re easy to make, delicious, and sure to be popular with the whole family.  

Recipes For Anyone Who Loves Mexican Food

1. Chicken Tostadas

You can’t go wrong with the classic chicken tostada. This recipe is a lot like many of the other options mentioned on this list, but the chicken can be substituted for things like beef, pork, or lamb.

We would definitely recommend adding some delicious Cotija cheese to really top things off and add some extra flavor.

2. The Classic Easy Mexican Tostada

There’s nothing wrong with the standard and classic Mexican tostada. All you need to make this meal a real winner is season it correctly and get those refried beans restaurant quality.

Add your favorite hot sauce and salsa on there, and top it off with avocado and sour cream. There really isn’t a lot to this recipe, but it’s so easy to make and always delicious. 

3. Smoked Mackerel Tostadas

This tostada recipe is something a little more unexpected. With the strong flavors of smoked mackerel, these tostadas might not be everyone’s go-to.

However, if you love the aroma and taste of smoked mackerel as well as Mexican food, then this recipe is definitely worth a try. It has all the authentic Mexican flavors, as well as that delicious mackerel!

4. Roasted Chipotle Butternut Squash Tostada With Goat’s Cheese

Combining all of these ingredients is already a winning move. The goat’s cheese will work beautifully with the butternut squash, and it’ll feel like a party in your mouth.

This is great if you’re trying to reduce meat intake, and it might just become one of your favorite recipes!

5. Easy Beef Tostadas

As the name suggests, this easy beef tostadas recipe is very… easy. But, just because something is easy doesn’t mean it isn’t good!

In fact, this easy beef recipe might be one of the tastiest recipes on there, and anyone will be able to do it. It all comes down to the seasoning and that delicious cheese. 

6. Breakfast Smashed Avocado And Egg Tostadas

Been looking for a super easy tostada breakfast recipe? Why not try this one! We already know that avocado and egg are the perfect pair, so just work with that!

You could also add some bacon in there if you want the extra flavor – there’s nothing stopping you! Some hot sauce wouldn’t go amiss with this recipe if you want something that packs a little more punch.

7. Ceviche Tostadas

Love ceviche? Why not try making a ceviche tostada? For anyone who doesn’t know, ceviche is “raw” fish that has been “cooked” by marinating or curing in lime juice.

This recipe can vary depending on how well done you like your ceviche, but as long as you follow all the other classic ingredients, you will have a delicious tostada on your hands.

8. Pita Tostadas With Avocado, Black Beans, And Butternut Squash

Depending on how thick you want your base, you can use pita bread instead of a tortilla! Although these tostadas take a little more work, and contain a lot more carbs, they’re worth it all. So delicious. 

9. Baja-Style Fish Tostadas

If you like fish, then you should definitely try these Baja-style fish tostadas. No one wants boring meals anymore – we’re getting creative and yearn for something new.

This recipe is the perfect mix of sweet and savory, plus a great spicy kick. If you love colorful and beautiful food that also tastes great, then this recipe is one that you definitely need to try. 

10. Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” Tostadas

Still want to enjoy the texture of a pulled pork tostada, but don’t want the actual pork? This jackfruit “pulled pork” is the perfect one for you to try out next time!

You get that incredible texture, but also a flavor that you probably won’t be expecting. If you’re brave enough to try this one, let us know how it goes!

11. Ready In 10-Minutes Oven Baked Tostada

This isn’t a whole tostada recipe, but more of a point that oven baking your tortillas can get results that are just as delicious as fried!

If you want to keep the amount of oil lower and feel a little less guilty about enjoying a tostada, consider baking them instead. All you need is 10 minutes, tortillas, a little oil, and some salt. It’s so easy.

12. Bean Tostadas

We can’t make a list of delicious tostada recipes and not mention the classic bean tostadas! There’s really not a lot to these tostadas, since it’s all in the name.

However, you can use any kind of beans you really want, including refried beans! Pick one, or just combine the two options to get something authentic and super tasty.

13. Turkey-Lime Jícama Tostadas  

Instead of using an authentic tortilla, you will use thin slices of jicama. We’ve added this as using jicama is a great way to still get the feel of a tostada, but get an overall lighter dish with fewer carbs.

To top it all off, the combination of turkey and lime will keep things fresh and super tasty. 

14. Pulled Pork Tostadas

Pulled pork tostadas will always be one of the favorites, right? This is the perfect Tex-Mex option if you’re craving something hearty and delicious.

Make sure the pork is super juice and flavorful, and top it off with some sour cream, guac, and hot sauce. 

15. Tuna Tostadas

You can use fresh tuna or canned tuna for this dish if you like! Either way, you will get a delicious meal that is packed full of flavor and pleasantly light.

Top it all off with some lime and cilantro, and you will have your perfect summer tostada.

16. Chicken, Guacamole, and Beans Tostadas

This is a classic combination that just about everyone loves. A chicken, guac, and beans tostada is not only so easy to make, but it’s hearty, full of flavor, and fulfilling.

If you’re longing for a tostada, but aren’t sure what to put on it, this will always be a safe and delicious option.

17. Black Bean And Rotisserie Chicken Tostadas

We all know how flavorful rotisserie chicken is, and when it’s combined with black beans (or refried beans), we get something amazing!

You can enjoy the Mexican feel of this dish while going in a completely different flavor direction if you want. Add some lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cheese, and you will have something that you will want to have every day in the summer.

18. Crispy Beef Tostadas

You can make your beef as crispy as you want with this recipe, and season it to your own taste, too! Add as much chili as you like to this super easy option, top it off with sour cream and guac, and you’re done. 

19. BBQ Chicken Tostadas

These BBQ chicken tostadas are so easy to make, and they have so much flavor. If you have a couple of minutes spare and want something that will satisfy your chicken and cheese craving, this is your dish!

The way those beans work with the cheese and chicken is just something special. 

20. Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Tostada

This tostada recipe is perfect for breakfast on a sunny day. It combines Cotija cheese, black beans, enchilada sauce, cilantro, lettuce, sour cream and eggs to create the ultimate breakfast (see also ‘26 Fantastic Cotija Cheese Recipes – Great Dinner Ideas‘).

What’s better is that this dish is so easy to put together and needs only 30 minutes or less for everything. 

Final Thoughts

These tostada recipes are sure to knock everyone’s socks when you serve them at your next gathering.

Remember to do your own experimenting for these kinds of foods, as you can never know when you discover something new and amazing!

There are so many possibilities for foods like this, from sweet to savory, so get out there and try things out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Pair Tostadas With?

Popular tostada pairings include guacamole, salsa, sour cream and various other sauces. To really enjoy your tostada, have a margarita or beer with it!

Is There A Difference Between A Tostada And Tortilla?

Tostadas are made from whole tortillas, but they are either fried or baked so that they get their golden brown color. Tortillas will be cut up into triangles before being cooked to become tortilla chips.

What Is A Tostada In Mexico?

A fried or baked corn tortilla. While not all “tostada” recipes used the authentic base, they can still be classed as a kind of tostada recipe.

What Are Tostadas Made Of?

They are made from fried or baked tortillas. Other versions of tostadas exist, but they aren’t authentic. These can be made from things like pita bread, jicama, or other similar food items.  

Which Flavors Go Well With Black Beans?

Black beans go well with a variety of foods, including chicken and beef. They are commonly used in dishes that include ingredients like avocado, tomatoes, or any other authentic or traditional Mexican food. 

What Spices Go Well With Black Beans?

Spices like oregano, salt, paprika, and cumin work well with black beans. However, chili powder really brings the flavor of black beans out, and it works in a number of recipes.  

20 Best Tostada Recipes For Anyone Who Loves Mexican Food

20 Best Tostada Recipes For Anyone Who Loves Mexican Food

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Looking for some tasty tostada recipes to try out at your next big event? We’ve got an impressive list of recipes that you definitely need to try out.

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