28 Of The Easiest Recipes Which Use Tortillas

It can be super easy to slip into making the same recipes repeatedly especially if you live a busy life and do not want to be spending all of your time cooking!

The idea of being able to cook more recipes or have a bigger variety of food to cook is great, but being able to do this is often harder than it seems!

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The effort it takes to learn new recipes is sometimes not possible especially if you are working a busy job, and especially if you are feeding more than one person.

So if you want to start making a larger variety of dishes but do not know where to start, one of the best things you can do is look for recipes which specifically use ingredients which you already have, or keep in stock regularly.

By doing this you will not have to spend too much on buying new ingredients, and instead be able to use up all the ingredients which you already have!

To choose which ingredient you want to base all your recipes around, it is best to look for ingredients which are present in multiple cultures as this will mean that there are plenty of recipes to choose from when it comes to making recipes which use this ingredient!

It is also best, especially if you are working with a budget, to try and choose an ingredient which is easily accessible or affordable, so you know you will not have to spend too much money, or put too much effort into keeping this ingredient in stock.

One ingredient which fits this description perfectly is tortillas. While this food originated in Mexico, this does not mean there are not plenty of different recipes from all over the world which use this flatbread as an ingredient.

There is also a massive variety of different recipes which use tortillas, so you do not have to worry about the food you make with it getting repetitive.

These recipes are great if you know you already like tortillas but just want more different things to try making with tortillas.

Also, if you like tortillas, but you feel like you do not know many different recipes which use them, this list will enlighten you on some more dishes which use this ingredient!

If you want some easy recipe ideas which use tortillas, read on!

The Easiest Recipes Which Use Tortillas

1. Air Fryer Quesadillas

If you love quesadillas, but you have never tried making them in an air fryer, you are missing out!

This recipe is super easy to prepare, and unlike frying quesadillas, these tend to be healthier and require a lot less active effort to cook!

2. Tortilla French Toast

Most people forget that since tortillas have a pretty neutral flavor, that they are also perfect for sweet dishes as well. This tortilla French toast recipe is simple and perfect for customization with kids.

3. Mexican Lasagne

This is a delicious Mexican take on this classic Italian dish. The flavors are different and the inclusion of tortillas helps this recipe stand out.

4. Easy Migas

If you have never had migas for breakfast before you are missing out. This is a simple and cheap idea to have for breakfast, and it yields delicious results! It is easy to customize and super filling!

5. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

If you want a good flavorful go to wrap recipe, this buffalo chicken wrap is delicious and does not take much time to prepare! If you love buffalo chicken, you have to try this!

6. Cheesy Enchiladas

If you want a super simple way to prepare enchiladas yourself and love cheese, this recipe is simple and easy to customize.

7. Huevos Rancheros Tortilla Bowls

If you love huevos rancheros, and you want a fun new way to prepare and serve it, this recipe is a great way to do so!

8. Mini Tortilla Pizzas

These mini pizzas are super easy to make if you do not have much time to work with and are super easy to prepare!

9. Enchilada Casserole

The combination of enchilada and casserole may not be obvious to everyone, but once you have tried this recipe you will be glad you did!

10. Baked Tortilla Chips

If you have never made your own tortilla chips, they require minimal effort and are healthier than most other chips. These are great if you have a dip which you need something to eat with.

11. Chicken Ranch Wraps

If you love ranch dressing, this is one of the best ways to appreciate it! The combination of the flavors in this recipe with the tortillas are delicious.

12. Vegetarian Tortilla Lasagna

If you have never made lasagna with tortillas you are missing out, and this vegetarian recipe will make sure everyone will be able to enjoy it!

13. Make Ahead Freezer Burritos

If you appreciate being able to meal prep, these burritos are super easy to make and are easy to reheat if you want a lazy dinner in the future.

14. Fiesta Pinwheels

These pinwheels are full of flavor and if you have never made pinwheels yourself you are missing out with this super easy recipe!

15. Lime Chicken Tacos

The flavor combination of chicken and lime is popular for a reason and this recipe proves why. If you have never tried this type of taco, this is the time to!

16. Easy Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas

If you have never made enchiladas yourself and only had them when eating out, this recipe will prove how easy they are to make yourself!

17. Firecracker Casserole

This is not a bland casserole and is instead full of flavor! If you are tired of bland casseroles and want to try something different, you have to try this recipe.

18. Mexican Rice And Poached Eggs

This unique rice and egg combo is absolutely delicious and is perfect when served with tortillas!

19. Baked Chicken Chimichangas

These chimichangas are easy to make and are packed with flavor! The fact they are baked makes them even healthier.

20. Strawberry Breakfast Tacos

These sweet tacos are a great way to shake up your breakfast choices!

21. Turkey Quesadillas With Cranberry Salsa

This unique flavor combination for tacos is worth trying and works better than you think, especially remembering the classic thanksgiving combination (see also ‘21 Meal Ideas For Friendsgiving‘).

22. Bean And Rice Burritos

If you want a simple burrito recipe, this is the best one to try first!

23. Healthy Black Bean Tostadas Using Fresh Corn

These black bean toastadas are super easy to make and the inclusion of fresh corn gives them a delicious flavor.

24. Refried Bean Tostadas

Refried beans are easy to make yourself, and this toastadas recipe will give you a reason to try!

25. Crunchy Flautas

If you have never tried flautas, this recipe makes making them yourself simple in a way you have to try!

26. Baked Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

These sweet tortilla chips are simple to make and perfect if you need something for your sweet tooth.

27. Cheeseburger Quesadillas

This unique quesadilla flavor choice is well worth making and is super quick to make!

28. Blueberry Tortilla Pockets

This sweet snack is great for if you have fresh fruit which needs using up!


Hopefully this list has put into perspective just how many different recipes use tortillas and how much choice you have when it comes to choosing recipes which use tortillas.

If you are unsure where to begin with all this choice, try picking a couple recipes which appeal to you, which have ingredients which you already have in, and work your way up from there!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Tortillas?

While buying tortillas is usually not too expensive, depending on where you live, they could be more expensive, and instead it could more economical to instead make the tortillas yourself.

And as many would expect, but not everyone has tried, tortillas are incredibly easy to make, even if you do not have that much time!

The only ingredients you need for good homemade flour tortillas, is of course, flour, salt for flavor, as well as vegetable or a similar flavorless oil. You will also of course need water.

If you want a more specific recipe there are plenty available, but when it comes to the method, all you need to do is mix your ingredients together with warm water and then knead the dough in a little more flour until the dough becomes smooth.

After it is smooth you will want to let the dough rest under a clean tea towel, then all you need to do is split the dough into equal pieces and toll these out into tortilla sized flat rounds which are about 2 mm thick, or just the thickness you want your tortillas to be.

Then all you need to do is heat up your frying pan to a medium high heat and then fry your tortilla dough one at a time for about a couple of minutes each side.

Once they are done you should keep them warm, so they stay flexible, and you can reheat them after you have finished cooking them.

They can be kept for about a couple of days before going bad, but you can also freeze them for a few months if you want to keep them for longer!

Different Types Of Tortillas?

While flour tortillas are the type of tortillas which are most commonly used in the recipes on this list, these are not the only type of tortillas available, and even in supermarkets you have probably seen a variety of different types of tortillas available, and these will all usually taste slightly different.

For example whole meal and seeded tortillas are more widely available now and these taste slightly different, but you can use them interchangeably with other tortillas without having to worry.

One type of tortilla which is quite different from flour tortillas are corn tortillas which are the type of tortillas which are most commonly used in authentic Mexican recipes.

These tortillas taste different with the corn flavor making them more flavorful than a flour tortilla.

However, they do tend to be smaller than flour tortillas and because of this they are not used for dishes like burritos or quesadillas which need a bigger base.

For dishes like chips, tacos, taquitos, enchiladas, as well as tostadas, these corn tortillas are perfect and will yield delicious results. 

So while you can use flour and corn tortillas interchangeably if you want, each are better at different roles, so if you know what is best for each, you will tend to get better results.

How To Store Tortillas?

After using tortillas, you will want to make sure to keep them as airtight as possible to stop them going bad prematurely.

You should be able to make them last longer if you keep them in your fridge, however, you do not have to do this, but it will yield better results.

However, if you are unsure of how quickly you will be able to use a pack of tortillas, it is best to freeze them. They are perfect for freezing as long as you make sure they will not stick together.

If you do this they will be able to defrost quickly and do not take up too much room since they are of course flat.

Are Tortillas Healthy?

Like most carbohydrates, tortillas are healthy in moderation and are a great way to get carbohydrates into your diet for a slow release of energy.

You can treat them as you would bread, and are arguably more versatile. However, do not expect tortillas to be a healthy alternative to bread as they are about equal if not maybe slightly less healthy depending on the type.

However, do not let this discourage you from eating tortillas as they are still healthy!

28 Of The Easiest Recipes Which Use Tortillas

28 Of The Easiest Recipes Which Use Tortillas

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Do you love tortillas, but you want to know more easy recipes which use them? This list has 28 of the best recipes which all use tortillas for you to try!

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