19 Perfect Side Dishes To Serve With Tilapia

Tilapia is a flexible fish that can be cooked with a range of spices and sauces and still taste delicious. Additionally, it cooks remarkably quickly, making it possible for you to quickly put dinner on the table. 

The texture of tilapia is robust and thick. The mild flavor is appropriate for a fish used in restaurants all over the world because it adapts to almost every cooking style. 

16 Perfect Side Dishes To Serve With Tilapia

Tilapia is frequently offered as skinless, boneless filets, and it may be best prepared simply and accompanied with a tasty sauce.

It’s a smart idea to cook tilapia the same day you get it back from the store since it tastes best when it’s fresh.

Remember that tilapia is a delicate fish that isn’t filling when preparing it! Pick a side dish that will either fill you up or keep the meal light. Fortunately, tilapia goes well with lots of side dishes. 

Coleslaw and roasted carrots are some excellent lighter option ideas. Macaroni and cheese, Benihana rice, or pasta fall under the more filling category. 

You want to pick a side dish that enhances rather than contrasts fried fish when shopping for a side dish! Keep reading to find the best sides for tilapia.

1. Steamed Broccoli

Stop right here if you’re seeking an easy veggie side dish to go with tilapia. This recipe for steamed broccoli comes together quickly and easily. You’ll discover how to prepare a tasty and healthful side dish right here!

A quick, simple, wholesome, and delectable side dish is steamed broccoli. Discover how to cook broccoli that has a vibrant green color and is brimming with taste.

The best method for preparing broccoli is to steam it, and this recipe will show you how to do it perfectly.

In addition to being filling and high in protein and vitamin C, broccoli is also low in carbohydrates and ideal for a Keto diet. 

Only 4 grams of carbohydrates make up an entire cup of broccoli. When you can create this simple steamed broccoli, there’s no reason to boil broccoli! 

Compared to boiling, steaming will produce a sweeter taste while retaining nutrients by cooking out the acidity and bitterness. What’s the best part? Making steamed broccoli merely takes a few minutes!

2. Honey Sriracha Brussel Sprouts

These delicious sprouts are a flavorful, sweet and sour side dish that comes together quickly. Brussels sprouts are kept crispy and tender when baked at a high enough temperature and afterwards coated with honey sriracha sauce.

Your tastes will like the combination of sweetness and heat in this dish! Brussels sprouts with honey sriracha sauce are a quick and delectable side dish. To keep this vegetable crispy and soft, follow the recipe exactly as written.

This is the greatest recipe for brussels sprouts because roasting retains nutrients and produces a fantastic flavor when caramelized in the oven. Better than the restaurant version!

3. Fruit Salsa

Pick up your preferred fruits, then begin dicing! Your tilapia will go great with this fruit salsa! It keeps it healthy while offering a light, fresh taste. 

Add some cinnamon-flavored soft corn tortillas for an added crunch! Fruit salsa is delicious and cooling with homemade cinnamon chips. 

It’s a simple dish that is usually a hit with the crowd! You’re going to adore this new fruit-eating method.

Every every taste will have you licking your fingers due to the combination of sweet and sour flavors and homemade crisp cinnamon chips.

4. French Fries

The BEST technique to prepare French fries in an air fryer is as described here! On the outside, it is wonderfully brown and crisp, while on the inside, it is fluffy and soft. Dip into your preferred sauce for consistently delicious results! 

It is really simple to cook French fries in an air fryer. If the fries are not pre-seasoned, you only need to season them with salt and pepper since there is no need to add oil. 

Your new go-to method for preparing frozen french fries will be this recipe! Serving it with your preferred dipping sauce will ensure that it is crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside.

5. Microwave Mashed Potatoes 

Did you realize that you could microwave mashed potatoes? So get ready to be amazed! With this recipe, you can prepare a delightfully fluffy dish within only 15 minutes!

These mashed potatoes made in the microwave are light, creamy, and smooth. 

When you need great mashed potatoes quickly, turn to the microwave! It’s not necessary to wait for the water to boil, and your kitchen won’t steam up either. 

Before mashing the potatoes with butter, milk, salt, and pepper, the potatoes are chopped into bits and microwaved until fork-tender. It’s among the best methods for getting fast mashed potatoes!

6. Corn Nuggets

Are corn fritters your favorite food? These fried crispy corn nuggets are something you’ll adore. All you need are some extra ingredients, a fast batter, and corn kernels!

Serve them with your tilapia when they have been perfectly golden-fried. 

Simply mix some common household ingredients with fresh or tinned corn to make a fast batter, then fry the corn until it is perfectly brown. 

This recipe for Southern fried corn nuggets is excellent as a starter, dessert, or side dish. Your guests and family will start requesting more after just one mouthful of these delectable nuggets.

Both a sweet and a savory side dish can be made with them. For a sweeter version, brush with maple syrup or honey; alternatively, add a splash of salt or different sauces.

7. Coleslaw

This recipe is an American classic that has been upgraded. Coleslaw is crunchy and creamy in every bite, making it ideal for barbecues and hot days. Tilapia goes so well with it. And it only takes 10 minutes to put together! 

This mouth wateringly delicious coleslaw is the ideal dish for your summer picnic, BBQ, and gatherings! Without coleslaw, it’s difficult to envision a BBQ, picnic, or summer party. You can try our ideal creamy coleslaw recipe as well. 

This traditional dish is a favorite in the US. It includes seasoned and tangy mayonnaise dressing swirled with crunchy cabbage and carrots. It is the traditional food to bring to barbecues, cookouts, picnics, and potlucks.

8. Onion Rings

It’s time to prepare your preferred dish at home instead of waiting in drive-through lineups. These Burger King imitation onion rings go great with any fish dish!

They are crunchy and flavorful with onions! Remember to use the dipping sauce! 

Crispy and flavored with flavorful onions, these imitation fast food onion rings are delicious! These are the ideal side dish, appetizer, or treat for any occasion and only require a few basic ingredients.

They are wonderful when paired with onion ring sauce. 

Serve them as a tasty side dish with handmade burgers or as a nostalgic snack. The greatest time to enjoy these rings is when they are hot, fresh, and crispy.

9. Asparagus

You can prepare Air Fryer Asparagus for your family in just four simple steps and five minutes. Even the pickiest diners will enjoy this side dish, which has soft stalks with a crisp outside. 

Crispy tips and soft stalks characterize this air-fried asparagus. The greatest cooked asparagus for a nutritious side dish only needs 4 basic ingredients and takes half as long to prepare!

This dish is low-carb, keto, and vegan. It comes together so quickly and goes well with nearly anything, including chicken, steak, pig, shrimp, and vegetables. 

Asparagus cooks perfectly every time in your air fryer and is surprisingly simple to prepare. You won’t turn back once you give it a try!

10. Parsnips

A delicious and healthy root vegetable linked to the carrot is the parsnip. With the long, tuberous root, they resemble white carrots. They are often larger than carrots and have skin that is cream in color. 

You can include more vegetables in your diet with the help of the simple yet delicious side dish of roasted parsnips. They have a caramelized exterior that accentuates their natural flavor and are sweet and soft inside. 

Yum! A sweet and delicate vegetable side dish, roasted parsnips are relatively easy to make. This recipe yields perfectly cooked parsnips with a caramelized top that brings out their flavor. 

The easiest technique to keep parsnips from drying is to first roast them with foil on them before putting them in the oven.

11. Cauliflower Steaks With Parmesan Cheese

Getting tired of your dishes made with cauliflower? You can resume enjoying it with this recipe! Exceptional flavor is provided by the parmesan and garlic.

You’ll enjoy creating this simple side dish time and time with only 15 minutes of preparation! 

A delicious and nutritious vegetable that is quite simple to prepare is cauliflower. With just a few ingredients, this recipe is a delectable side dish to go with whatever you’re having for dinner.

Vegetables taste better when roasted. It’s simple to make and deliciously flavorful to roast cauliflower steaks.

12. Glazed Carrots 

A mixture of sugar and butter nicely coats these glazed carrots. Enjoy this soft dish with a sprinkle of parsley on top! It’s a cheap side dish that’s simple to prepare.

They are soft carrot coins that have been cooked in butter and brown sugar with a sprinkle of parsley on top.

A quick and affordable side dish that is ideal for a holiday dinner or a regular evening (See Also ‘33 Christmas Side Dishes To Try This Holiday Season‘). They are reasonably priced, remain fresh for days, and are extremely versatile. 

This straightforward dish for glazed carrots is one of our favorites. They only require 5 ingredients and 15 minutes to prepare before serving.

13. Cauliflower Fried Rice 

Want a nutritious side dish but are short on time? You should try this microwaved cauliflower fried rice! It’s a simple recipe that produces fluffy, light results! Also, it is low-carb and keto-friendly!

In comparison to other ways, preparing cauliflower rice in your microwave is quicker and simpler. This method of preparing cauliflower rice is the healthiest because you don’t need to add any fat.

14. Zucchini

A tasty and wholesome side dish that is ideal for the summer, zucchini is tender and delicious. Without competing with it, great with tilapia! Keto, low-carb, and so delicious!

15. Green Beans

This dish is quick and nutritious! Vibrant string beans, olive oil, garlic, and one saucepan are all you need! It is quite simple with this recipe!

16. Corn On The Cob

Never again tamper with corn on the cob! With the help of this recipe, you may learn how to precisely boil corn! To make it even better, eat it with butter, pepper, and salt.

17. Mac And Cheese

Very delicious, creamy, and cheesy! Different cheeses are combined in this mac and cheese recipe directly in the crockpot! It’s a comforting and hearty side dish that is sure to please both children and adults!

18. Benihana Rice

This Benihana delicacy, which is stuffed with delectable vegetables and scrambled eggs, must be tried! It is the ideal copycat recipe that you can prepare at home. Additionally, you can add extra fish, chicken, or beef.

19. Jasmine Rice

This Jasmine rice is simple to put together and only requires 5 minutes of preparation. Indian spices are mixed with this meal to create a cozy, airy, and fluffy side dish! This is also easily prepared in a rice cooker!

Where Can You Buy Tilapia?

Tilapia is a light white fish that is affordable, simple to prepare, and delicious as a dinner option.

At your local grocery store, you can get uncooked tilapia straight from the fishmonger or individually packaged as frozen portions in the frozen-foods area. 

You should choose your fish, especially tilapia, based on its quality, attractiveness, and influence on the environment.

Is Tilapia Filling?

A fish dish that is both yummy and healthy is tilapia. However, despite being healthy, it doesn’t fill you up much. To complete a meal, it must be served with side dishes.

It’s simple to match sides with tilapia because of its moderate flavor and texture.

How Are Tilapia Filets Prepared?

Flaky tilapia filets are given a terrific taste boost by a combination of fresh basil, tangy lime, and bourbon.

To enjoy the fish in fish tacos or to serve with rice or veggies for a heart-healthy dinner, marinate the fish for 30 minutes before grilling it for 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Tilapia is an incredibly versatile and delicious fish dish. All of the side options above will compliment tilapia well, so you can be sure of a delectable meal whichever side dish you decide to cook up. 

19 Perfect Side Dishes To Serve With Tilapia

19 Perfect Side Dishes To Serve With Tilapia

Recipe by Jenna

A tasty and healthy freshwater fish is tilapia. We’ve compiled 20 of the best, most straightforward side dishes for tilapia. For a complete dinner, pair this healthful fish with these side dishes, which range from veggies to pasta and rice.

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