33 Delicious Thanksgiving Appetizers

Thanksgiving is a time of love and friendship. A time to come together with the people that you love and give thanks. And most importantly, a time to eat delicious food.

Thanksgiving dinner in itself is a meal that many people look forward to all year round. But for us, the best part of a Thanksgiving meal is the appetizers. 

33 Delicious Thanksgiving Appetizers

Sure, the main meal is great. But you can really have some fun with the appetizers, and experiment with different things. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 33 of the most delicious thanksgiving appetizers. So, if you are looking for inspiration, keep on reading!

1. Charcuterie Board

First up, we have the classic charcuterie board. When you think of appetizers, it is likely that one of the things which will come to mind is a charcuterie board.

This appetizer contains something for everyone, and it can be a great choice if you want a low effort appetizer.

A charcuterie board is really easy to throw together, and it looks very effective too. It is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests on Thanksgiving. 

2. Cranberry Brie Bites

That being said, you really cannot go wrong with cheese, and that is what makes these cranberry brie bites so great.

The sweet flavor of the cranberry perfectly complements the soft texture of the brie, creating a unique and delicious appetizer that your guests will love (see also ‘23 Delicious And Easy To Make Bacon Appetizers‘). 

3. Cheesy Bacon Holiday Crack

Sticking to the cheese theme, next up we have cheesy bacon holiday crack. When you hear this name, all sorts of things might fly through your head, so let’s take a look at what cheesy bacon holiday crack is.

In essence, cheesy bacon holiday crack is chips that are flavored with both bacon and cheese. They make a great picky snack for your guests, and are great if you want something light before you eat. 

4. Mac And Cheese Balls

Although, one of the best cheese appetizers in the world will always be mac and cheese balls. This mac and cheese ball recipe by Tasty is utterly delicious, and easy to make too.

Everybody loves mac and cheese, and this recipe allows you to utilize this delicious treat in a way that is clean and tidy to eat. If you can’t treat yourself at Thanksgiving, when can you? Right?

5. Cheesy Everything Monkey Bread

If you are planning on serving your appetizers sitting down, then this cheesy everything monkey bread is a great choice.

This bread is surprisingly easy to make, and it can look incredible at the center of your dinner table on Thanksgiving. Your guests can pick at it as they wish, and we can guarantee they won’t be disappointed. 

6. Candied Walnut Bruschetta

On the topic of bread, another great appetizer to serve is bruschetta. Bruschetta is almost always a hit, and there are lots of different toppings that you can serve upon it.

If you are somebody who likes nuts, then you simply have to give this candied walnut bruschetta a try. It is a really interesting flavor, and it won’t be for everyone. But if you love to experiment with food, you will love this dish. 

7. Tomato Bruschetta

Alternatively, if you want to serve bruschetta but would prefer to play it a little safer, then you should check out this tomato bruschetta recipe.

Most people like tomatoes, so this is a great choice if you are catering for people who you don’t know too well. On Thanksgiving, you want people to enjoy the food that you serve, so if you want to play it on the safe side, this is the perfect bruschetta dish. 

8. Pigs In Blankets

Pigs in blankets are a staple on Christmas Day in the UK, so why not add them to your Thanksgiving table as an appetizer?

These sausages wrapped in bacon are every pork lover’s dream, and they are guaranteed to be a hit among the meat eaters at your party. This recipe is a little fancier which makes it perfect for Thanksgiving. So why not give it a go?

9. Honey Garlic Little Smokies

If you love the thought of a mini sausage snack on your Thanksgiving table, you should check out this honey garlic little smokies recipe.

Honey garlic little smokies are smoked sausages that you can make using your crockpot. They look simple and are simple to make, but they are packed with flavor, and guaranteed to be a hit. 

10. Mashed Potato Spring Rolls

Lots of spring rolls come packed with spicy flavors, but not these spring rolls. If you love the texture of a spring roll, but want one with a more comforting flavor, you should check out this mashed potato spring rolls recipe.

Mashed potato is a total comfort food, and it works surprisingly well in a spring roll. Don’t believe us? Then try it for yourself.

11. Turkey Vegetable Tray

If you have children attending your Thanksgiving dinner, then this turkey vegetable tray is the perfect appetizer.

Getting children to eat vegetables is tricky at the best of times, but this appetizer will make it easy. As long as you are happy to chop vegetables, then this is a straightforward recipe to prepare, and your guests will love it.

12. Chili And Rosemary Roasted Nuts

But there is no appetizer out there that will beat the humble nut. From peanuts to pecans and cashews, there are lots of different nuts and legumes to choose from.

All of these make excellent appetizers at a party because they are light to eat, and very moreish. So once your guests start eating them, they just won’t be able to stop.

Roasted nuts are utterly delicious, and this chili and rosemary recipe is out of this world. It is definitely worth a try.

13. Candied Pecans

Alternatively, if you prefer a sweeter flavor on your nuts, then you should check out this candied pecans recipe (see also ‘33 Tasty Pecan Recipes‘).

This recipe is quick and easy to make, and your candied pecans will be ready to enjoy in just under 10 minutes. This is the quick recipe to throw together if you are tight on time when making your appetizers. 

14. Butternut Squash Soup

Soup is another classic appetizer, and it is one that usually goes down really well. When it comes to Thanksgiving, all you want to feel is those Autumn/Winter vibes, and this butternut squash recipe is perfect for that.

Butternut squash is incredibly flavorful, and when you pair it with rosemary and sage, you will end up with a soup that tastes the same way as a warm hug feels. It is the perfect appetizer for a rainy Thanksgiving. 

15. French Onion Soup

Another delicious and cozy soup recipe is this french onion soup. French onion soup is totally unique and it is one that is loved by many.

Just like the butternut squash soup, this dish is guaranteed to warm up your insides and get you ready for your turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.

16. Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Finally, on the topic of soup we have this creamy roasted cauliflower soup. Cauliflower soup is a unique dish, but it is one that many people love.

This dish is great because it is lovely and creamy, but it also doesn’t taste too heavy. It is a delicious, light soup that makes the perfect appetizer on Thanksgiving.

17. Olive Tapenade

If you need a quick appetizer that you can throw together in a hurry, look no further than this olive tapenade. This appetizer takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, and it tastes out of this world.

Simply chop some bread, and let your guests help themselves to this tapenade. It really is a great option if you want to focus your efforts on your turkey, rather than your appetizers. 

18. Cheese And Onion Straws

Another great picky appetizer is these cheese and onion straws. If you are feeling adventurous, you could prepare these straws and pair them with a dip that you have also made yourself.

They make a great appetizer, and your guests will love them. 

19. Garlic Breadsticks

On the topic of straws and breadsticks, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without garlic breadsticks. This recipe is incredibly easy to make, and then you will have a Thanksgiving staple ready for your guests to enjoy.

Again, you could pair these breadsticks with a dip that you have also made yourself, or alongside a hearty soup for an appetizer that is guaranteed to tide your guests over until dinner.

20. Bacon Wrapped Pickles

We looked at bacon wrapped sausages earlier (see number 8), but if that is too much meat for you, you should check out this bacon wrapped pickles recipe.

This recipe is perfect if you are catering for guests who are following a keto diet (see also ‘Want To Enjoy Snacks On A Keto Diet? Try These 38 Delights!‘) because it is incredibly keto-friendly. If you love pickles, and you love bacon, you will love this appetizer, and your guests will too!

21. Portobello Mushrooms With Bacon And Cheddar

Stuffed mushrooms are amazing, and so are these portobello mushrooms with bacon and cheddar. These are the perfect appetizer if you want your guests to sit down and enjoy themselves.

These mushrooms are full of flavor, and incredibly enjoyable. But make sure you don’t over-serve your guests because these appetizers can be quite filling. 

22. Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

On a smaller scale, this vegetarian stuffed mushroom recipe is a great appetizer option. This recipe is perfect if you want to create small stuffed mushrooms that people can pick at with their hands.

These stuffed mushrooms are full of flavor which comes from the multiple ingredients that are used to make them. Your guests are definitely going to love this dish. 

23. Shrimp Cocktail

Another classic appetizer is a shrimp cocktail (see also ‘28 Classic All-American Appetizers‘). Shrimp cocktails and prawn cocktails have been very popular for many years, and it is easy to see why.

There is something fancy about a shrimp cocktail that makes it perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner which is why we love this appetizer so much.

24. Cheese Ball And Crackers

One appetizer that has become synonymous with Thanksgiving is the cheese ball. There are lots of different cheese ball recipes that you can make, but this one is one of our favorites.

This dish is easy to make and it is a firm favorite among most people. You can make this dish in advance, and pair it with some crackers for a delicious Thanksgiving appetizer. 

25. Mozzarella Balls

Speaking of cheese balls, these mozzarella balls are guaranteed to be a hit. They aren’t the healthiest of appetizers, but they are packed with flavor, and perfect for anybody who loves mozzarella cheese.

They are the perfect picky appetizer for your guests. Mozzarella cheese sticks or dippers are very popular in fast food restaurants, so just think of these mozzarella balls as their fancier older brother. 

26. Cheesy Bacon Spinach Dip

We mentioned homemade dips earlier, and this is a great one to try. This cheesy bacon spinach dip pairs perfectly with lots of the different things we have looked at in this guide, and it makes a delicious appetizer.

Sometimes, when it comes to appetizers, it is best to just let your guests help themselves, and this recipe is a testament to that.

27. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

As you can see bacon features heavily in most of these Thanksgiving appetizers, but I don’t think we really need to explain why.

Bacon is delicious, and the smoky flavor of bacon works perfectly with lots of different foods, including chicken. If you loved our pigs in a blanket and bacon wrapped pickle recipes, you will love this.

28. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a party classic, so it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a nice big plate of deviled eggs.

Deviled eggs are well-loved all over the country, so we don’t need to spend too long talking about them. But here’s your reminder that deviled eggs will make an outstanding Thanksgiving appetizer.

29. Spinach And Artichoke Dip

Another delicious dip is this spinach and artichoke dip. This dip is completely different to the cheesy one that we looked at earlier, and we actually really like that.

If you want to make a couple of different dips for your appetizer table, we would definitely recommend making a pot of this spinach and artichoke dip too.

This is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests, and it is a nice and easy appetizer to make. Simply chop up some vegetables, put out some bread sticks, and your guests can help themselves!

30. Raspberry Baked Brie

Seen as it is Thanksgiving, you might want to treat your guests to something a little more decadent. Something that we really like is pairing sweet flavors with savory flavors, as highlighted in this raspberry baked brie recipe.

Some of the best appetizer recipes on this list have been ones where your guests can help themselves, and this is part of what makes this raspberry baked brie so great.

We also love how quick and easy it is to make, letting you spend your time getting your Thanksgiving dinner perfect instead.

31. Cranberry Baked Brie

If you liked the idea of raspberry baked brie (see also ‘10 Delicious Replacements For Brie‘), but you aren’t the biggest fan of raspberries, this cranberry baked brie might be perfect for you.

We looked at cranberry brie bites earlier, and this recipe is very similar, just on a much bigger scale.

So, if you loved the cranberry brie bites recipe, but want to create a version where your guests can sit down and tuck into the cheese, this is the perfect recipe for you.

32. Whipped Ricotta Crostini

Finally, let’s wrap this up with some crostinis, starting with this whipped ricotta crostini recipe. Crostinis are all the rage now-a-days, and if you love a sweet and savory flavor combination, you will love this.

In this recipe, the crostinis are topped with whipped ricotta and a drizzle of honey, creating a delicious and unique flavor combination.

These appetizers look very fancy once you put them together too, so your guests are guaranteed to be impressed.

33. Mushroom Crostini

Finally, we have the mushroom crostini. This crostini makes the perfect appetizer for your guests to pick at, and it has a delicious savory flavor.

The smooth flavor of the mushroom is perfectly contrasted with the caramelized onions that are used in this recipe. Your guests will love these appetizers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Serve Appetizers Before Thanksgiving Dinner?

There is no denying that appetizers aren’t traditional on Thanksgiving. However, they are becoming more popular every year. Appetizers are a great way to whet your appetite and prepare yourself for the delicious turkey dinner that will follow. 

How Many Different Appetizers Should Be Served At A Party?

Calculating how many different appetizers to serve for your guests can be tricky. It can be incredibly easy to prepare too much, and end up having lots of food go to waste. So how much is the right amount? 

Generally, it is recommended that you budget for 5 appetizer pieces per person if you are eating early, and 6 appetizer pieces if you will be eating your turkey dinner late. 

How Many Appetizers Do I Need For 10 Guests?

Most of the time, when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, you will be enjoying it with your family. For this reason, you may not have to cater for many more than 10 people when it comes to Thanksgiving appetizers. 

If you are having 10 guests around, then you should budget between 5-6 appetizer pieces per person. This will work out at around 50-60 appetizers in total. So bear this in mind when you are buying the ingredients for your meal.

What Is Good To Serve At Thanksgiving?

At Thanksgiving, we like to serve appetizers that stick to a similar theme as our Thanksgiving dinner. We love that some of the recipes in this guide have put a Thanksgiving spin on traditional recipes. 

If you want a delicious appetizer to serve to your guests before your Thanksgiving meal, there are lots of yummy options in this guide that are straightforward and simple to make.


In short, there are lots of delicious appetizers (see also ‘53 Simple And Delicious Appetizers‘) that you can serve on Thanksgiving. Check out the guide above for 33 different delicious recipes.

33 Delicious Thanksgiving Appetizers

33 Delicious Thanksgiving Appetizers

Recipe by Jenna

It can be tricky to know what appetizers to serve at Thanksgiving before your turkey dinner. Check out this guide for 33 delicious Thanksgiving appetizers.

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