Tapas: 18 Excellent Restaurants In New York City

Are you indecisive when it comes to ordering food from a menu? Often, there are just so many excellent options to choose from! 

When this happens, tapas can be a sensational solution. This is because tapas allows you to have a little portion of different foods, which often originate from a variety of cultures.

New York City is renowned as one of the best places for dining in the entire world. It’s filled with loads of cafes and restaurants, all of which have their own personalities and specialties.

Tapas: 18 Excellent Restaurants in New York City

These restaurants are exceptional places to eat delicious food and socialize with friends.

So where better to have tapas than in New York City? If you can’t decide which tapas restaurant is right for you, this guide will allow you to find the perfect place.

1. Buceo 95

Address: 201 W 95th St, New York, NY 10025, United States

If you want to get a taste of Spain in New York, the atmospheric Buceo 95 is the perfect place to be. This restaurant is a phenomenal place to meet with friends thanks to its relaxed vibe.

Buceo 95 provides an impressive range of tapas foods, including olives, stuffed mushrooms, artichokes, and grilled asparagus. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to find something that you like on this terrific tapas menu.

This incredible restaurant also specializes in different types of wine, including red, white, and rose. These wines are ideal for drinking alongside your scrumptious food.

The flavors of these wines vary massively, so feel free to experiment with different varieties.

Buceo 95 is a brilliant setting for sophisticated dining. The restaurant is open 7 days a week. From Tuesday to Saturday, Buceo 95 is open from 5 pm to 12 am while it closes at 11 pm on Sundays and Mondays.

This makes it ideal for late nights out.

2. Despaña

Address: 408 Broome St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Despaña is essentially a marketplace for Spanish foods. It manages to combine the eating and shopping experience.

This restaurant offers a sensational selection of different types of meat, cheese, seafood, vegetables, and olives. It’s particularly well known for its delicious chorizo, which is spicy and filled with flavors.

Not to mention, they also sell a good range of wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Despaña has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. So if you are looking for a casual eating experience, this may be the best place for you. Nestled in the Soho area of Lower Manhattan in New York City, Despaña is worth a visit.

3. Boqueria

Address: 260 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018, United States

Next, Boqueria is a Spanish and tapas restaurant. This Barcelona-inspired venue is an elegant and sophisticated space with tons of ambiance. It’s a large and open space that’s awesome for dining.

The delicious tapas option allows you to choose 2 options per person. As you can imagine, this tapas service is ideal for big groups of people. If you want to have a night out with your friends, Boqueria is an ideal location.

The rest of the menu is diverse since Boqueria offers breakfast, brunch, and desserts. If you fancy something more substantial than tapas, Boqueria provides plenty of options. So few tapas restaurants have such a diverse menu.

Boqueria has different locations across New York City, including the Upper East Side and Soho. Hence, it’s super simple to find a nearby restaurant (see also our favorite buffet restaurants). 

4. Salinas

Address: 136 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

Salinas is an award-winning restaurant that is dedicated to producing authentic Spanish food in New York City. It’s located in the center of West Chelsea in Manhattan.

This marvelous restaurant has been around since 2010 and continues to offer sensational dining experiences.

There are lots of different tapas choices on the menu.

This includes Couliflor Al Yogurt (multi-colored cauliflower in Greek yogurt), Toasta de Bacalao (smoked cod on country bread toast with marmalade and pepper), and Pulpo Con Cenizas (Canary Island octopus).

What makes Salinas stand out is the delicious range of seafood. As well as offering traditional tapas options, Salinas also serves some more unique dishes.

Moreover, Salinas is available for delivery and takeout. If you are craving some traditional Spanish food at home, you may want to take advantage of this superb service.

5. La Nacional

Address: 239 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

La Nacional is a lovely and casual restaurant in the heart of New York that is committed to cooking traditional Spanish food. Perhaps one of our favorite dishes is croquetas caseras.

One of the reasons why we love La Nacional is its prime location. It can be found near the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Rubin Museum of Art.

This area is incredibly culturally enriching. Not to mention, it’s a short walk from Jackson Square, which is perfect for a relaxing stroll after a filling meal.

La Nacional is an American institution, having been founded in 1868 by the Spanish Benevolent Society. This restaurant is essentially a bridge between these American and Spanish cultures.

These foods are cooked by brilliant chefs that originate from different regions in Spain, thus providing a diverse palette of the country.

6. Huertas 

Address: 107 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003, United States

This next restaurant is a Basque-inspired venue that is influenced by the eating culture of Northern Spain. 

Huertas specializes in pintxos, a mini snack. These bites include croqueta, chickpea churro, and gazpacho. The restaurant also provides an array of sharing plates and tinned fish.

Not to mention, they have a unique selection of Spanish beverages.

Additionally, Huertas also provides private dining and events. This private dining room has an exclusive patio and is excellent for dinner parties. Despite how luxurious this private dining is, the room is quite affordably priced.

So if you wish to enjoy tapas as a large group or for a special occasion, Huertas is the ideal place for you.

Huertas also allows you to order some of its delicious food online, allowing you to add a touch of Spain to your home.

7. Lamano

Address: 39 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Lamano has two different venues in New York City. The first is located in Chelsea while the second can be found in West Village. 

Among the options on the tapas menu are patatas bravas, croquetas, and tortillas.  Lamano has one of the biggest tapas menus that we’ve ever seen, allowing you to taste a variety of different tasty snacks. 

Lamano has a modern feel to it that’s ideal for nights out. It’s a relatively small venue, so it may not be suitable for large parties. Nevertheless, if you want an intimate dinner with close friends, this tapas restaurant is a fantastic spot.

It’s overflowing with ambiance. Plus, the menu is littered with flavor-filled foods. 

8. Tomiño Taberna Gallega

Address: 192 Grand St, New York, NY 10013, United States

This next selection is nestled in Little Italy, New York City. Tomiño Taberna Gallega allows you to eat mouth-watering food in a sensational environment. As a result, this is a wonderful destination for sizzling conversations.

The food and atmosphere of this delightful restaurant are inspired by Galicia, a beautiful region of Spain. This is where the family who runs the business originates from.

As a result, you can get an authentic taste of all that Spain has to offer.

Tomiño Taberna Gallega has a standard tapas menu as well as one dedicated entirely to seafood, known as tapas del mar. So if you love seafood, it’s worth paying a visit to Tomiño.

Moreover, when you visit this amazing restaurant, you can eat with the knowledge that you are supporting a family-owned business.

9. Tia Pol

Address: 205 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

Tia Pol does a wonderful job of serving tapas from a range of Spanish regions, such as Andalucía, Cataluña, and Galicia. As a result, you can better understand this culturally rich and diverse country through its flavorsome food.

This delightful restaurant has been providing scrumptious Spanish food in Chelsea, New York City since it opened in 2004.

Tia Pol’s tremendous tapas menu contains deviled eggs with smoked paprika, Marcona almonds, patatas bravas, and fried chickpeas with pimentón.

As a consequence, you can taste a plethora of different flavors and textures when you order tapas.

This venue also has a private dining room that is large enough to accommodate between 8 and 20 people. This is a perfect space for a party or a lavish celebration. 

10. Nai

Address: 84 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003, United States

This restaurant has been named after the word for “mother” in Gallego. Coming from the Galicia region of Spain, Nai’s chef Ruben Rodriguez provides traditional tapas food with an up-market twist.

The food here just looks so appetizing. It has been painstakingly arranged to look as elegant as possible, resulting in dishes that look almost too good to eat.

One can see the hard work and dedication that has been put into this food on the plate.

Nai offers two different menus. The first is a traditional a la carte menu while the second is designed for testing different foods. Some of the highlights on the menu include endiva, zanahoria, and berenjena.

Not to mention, this beautifully furnished restaurant is bursting with ambiance.

11. Pil Pil

Address: 265 E 78th St, New York, NY 10075, United States

Pil Pil is a wonderful Spanish and tapas restaurant located in Yorkville. The restaurant provides terrific tapas that consists of meat, seafood, cheese, and vegetables. So there’s something for everyone here!

Pil Pil also offers outdoor seating, which is a wonderful way to experience the bustling atmosphere of New York City.

This outdoor dining is particularly brilliant for the summer, as you can enjoy warm weather as you eat luscious food and refreshing beverages.

The outdoor seating area has an inviting atmosphere thanks to the warm color scheme. So even in the colder months, it’s still an outstanding option. Indoors, Pil Pil is decorated with colorful bottles that create an enchanting vibe.

Few other restaurants have such an inviting atmosphere.

12. La Vara

Address: 268 Clinton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Brooklyn is a hub of nightlife in New York City. This borough, known for its hipster vibe, is a phenomenal place to enjoy a night of fine dining. Where better to eat than La Vara, which fits the atmosphere of Brooklyn Perfectly?

La Vara represents a delightful mix of culinary influences. It mixed the food of Southern Spain with inspiration from Jewish and Moorish cultures. The result is food that’s full of flavor and seasonings.

Not to mention, it’s a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

The food at La Vara is heavily influenced by ingredients such as saffron and cumin, resulting in these delicacies being incredibly aromatic. 

The tapas at La Vara are out of this world. The restaurant itself is ideal for date nights or smaller groups, as it has a charming intimate atmosphere.

13. El Born

Address: 651 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Like La Vara, El Born can be found in Brooklyn. It is located amid Brooklyn’s busy nightlife, allowing you to experience everything that the borough has to offer.

El Born is open from 12 pm to 10 pm, where it provides a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu. Consequently, this is an incredible restaurant for a variety of different meals. 

We’re incredibly impressed by the selection of tapas that El Born provides. The dinner menu has been broken into traditional tapas, tapas from the garden, tapas with meat, and tapas from the sea.

Therefore, you can taste a diverse range of flavors.

14. Alta

Address: 64 W 10th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

This restaurant is inspired by the cuisine of the Mediterranean. Alta is found in a townhouse from the 19th century, which is nestled in the West Village of New York City.

As a result, the ceiling of the primary dining room is an impressive 27 feet tall, providing the restaurant with plenty of space.

Alta is also home to a wood-burning fireplace, which is sure to keep you warm during the winter.

We love the range of small dishes that are served here thanks to the varied flavors that originate from the Mediterranean.

15. Kashkaval Garden

Address: 852 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States

Found in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Kashkaval Garden is a small but intimate restaurant. It specializes in tapas, meze, and skewers. Perhaps our favorite option on the tapas menu is the creamy asparagus hummus. 

This candlelit restaurant is superb for romantic dinners or any atmospheric eating experience. Kashkaval also supplies an assortment of wines and desserts.

These desserts are delicious after you have tried the array of savory tapas tastes.

Thanks to its location, Kashkaval Garden is perfect for food before or after attending the theater. 

16. Castell Rooftop Lounge

Address: AC Hotel, 260 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018, United States

Castell Rooftop Lounge is a fashionable bar at the top of the AC Hotel in Times Square. This restaurant attracts trendy clients, so be sure to dress to impress if you attend this establishment. 

The restaurant is dedicated to tapas bites and wonderful cocktails.

What makes this restaurant stand out from the competition is its breathtaking views. Not to mention, it is a sophisticated setting that offers fantastic fine dining.

17. Excuse My French

Address: 96 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, United States

The penultimate pick on this list is the French tapas restaurant Excuse My French. This is a great alternative to the majority of tapas restaurants, which mainly focus on Spanish cuisine.

The tapas menu at Excuse My French is overflowing with delicious choices, such as watermelon salad, duck confit Parmentier, and garlic shrimp skewer. These dishes are elegantly served, often with decorative elements.

Excuse My French emanates a unique charm and character that allows it to stand out from other tapas restaurants in the area.

18. Manolo Tapas

Address: 4165 Broadway, New York, NY 10033, United States

Our final selection is Manolo Tapas. As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about tapas. Located in Washington Heights, Broadway, Manolo Tapas feels like a time capsule that encapsulates the feel of a vintage restaurant.

This rustic vibe not only comes across in the food but also in the decor. The exposed brick and Spanish design choices are extremely endearing. If you have ever been to Spain, Manolo Tapas will immediately transport you back there.

Manolo Tapas offers both hot and cold tapas options. This includes multiple succulent seafood options, such as muscles and shrimp. Such an expansive tapas menu will let you try loads of unique dishes.

Plus, Manolo Tapas has an extensive dessert selection that is the ideal way to end your evening meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Point Of Tapas?

Tapas is an important part of Spanish culture. It’s great for socializing, as you can have these appetizers and snacks as a group alongside delicious beverages.

They provide a point of conversation. You can either have tapas as a snack or as a complete meal. 

How Many Restaurants Are in New York?

New York contains approximately 27,000 restaurants. So you are practically guaranteed to find somewhere that is suitable for you!

Final Thoughts

New York City is home to thousands of restaurants that cover an amazing assortment of different cuisines. Tapas is a great type of restaurant (see also ‘Explaining The 18 Types Of Restaurants‘) to opt for because it includes a wide variety of different foods.

As a result, you can try an impressive and diverse range of flavors in just one meal!

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