20 Delicious Talenti Gelato Flavors To Try

If you’ve taken a trip to the ice cream aisle in your local grocery store, chances are you’ve seen some Talenti Gelato flavors lurking there, and we can bet that there were a lot of them too.

Despite its placement in grocery stores and supermarkets, gelato isn’t actually ice cream. It’s actually an Italian variety that’s far more delicious.

20 Delicious Talenti Gelato Flavors To Try

It’s with a lot more milk than regular ice cream, to give it that unmistakable smoothness that we all know and love.

Talenti Gelato is one of the biggest producers of this dessert, and it’s not hard to see why, as they also happen to be the best.

It can, however, be hard to know where to begin in terms of choosing the right flavor of Talenti Gelato, after all there are so many.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best flavors the company has produced, so you don’t have to work it out for yourself.

Simply keep reading to find yourself on the path to tasting some delicious gelato.

1. Pumpkin Pie

Let’s start off with a seasonal favorite produced by Talenti Gelato.

We’re honestly so in love with this flavor of gelato, it perfectly encapsulates every single thing that we love about the season.

After all, what screams fall more than pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, pumpkin everything!

This one has all of the classic spices we know and love, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. It tastes super rich and sweet too, like brown sugar.

The best thing about this one however, is that it actually contains little pieces of pumpkin pie crust inside.

Honestly, what could be more amazing than that? This gives it such an amazing texture, but the only issue is that you’ll want to eat it all year round.

2. Mediterranean Mint

We all know that mint can be quite a divisive flavor of gelato, some people love it, and some people hate it.

We think, however, that this mint based gelato produced by Talenti is enough to change the minds of even the most avid mint naysayers.  

This one is absolutely perfect for those warm summer months, when the weather’s hot and you need something cool and refreshing to help you out.

It’s great for relaxing by the poolside during the hottest seasons in the month. 

If you’re a fan of chocolate chips, the ones in this gelato are simply delicious. Dark, flaky, and ubiquitous, you won’t be able to get enough. 

3. Roman Raspberry

Let’s move on to discuss another super flavorsome and refreshing gelato flavor produced by the company.

Their roman raspberry has everything that you could possibly want from this sweet little fruit.

It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

This one reminds us of some of our favorite popsicle flavors when we were growing up, transporting us back to our childhoods with one little taste.

If you’re into raspberries, then we can guarantee you’ll love this one, as it tastes exactly like blended raspberries. Incredibly fresh and tasty.

This is also the gelato flavor produced by the company that has the lowest amount of fat, so if you’re watching your waistline, we recommend that you pick this one up.

4. Caribbean Coconut

Why not move on to look at another super tasty gelato flavor that’s perfect for summer.

Take one bite of this one, and you’ll be transported to a far away land in the Caribbean, without a single care in the world.

But seriously, this flavored gelato is simply to die for.

It uses a combination of mild vanilla, sweet sugar, lots of cream, and coconut to give it a deliciously simple flavor that can’t be beat.

If you want to stick to something fairly plain, but classic, we recommend that you go for this one. It’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

5. Southern Butter Pecan

Calling lovers of all things sweet and delicious, we’ve got the perfect Talenti Gelato flavor for you!

This is probably one of the richest gelato flavors produced by the company, and features the same flavors in our favorite ice cream.

It’s super rich and creamy, so definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re into moreish desserts, we recommend that you try this one.

You can really taste the candied pecans in the mix too, which give it a subtle, nutty flavor that we adore.

The best thing about this gelato is that it has a dulce le leche swirl going through the middle, which makes it even more satisfying to eat.

We promise that if you opt for this flavor, you won’t be disappointed. 

6. Pacific Coast Pistachio

Pistachio is another one of those flavors that we adore. It’s an absolute classic that has stood the test of time.

If you’ve never tried pistachio flavored gelato before, just ice cream, then we urge you to go ahead and grab yourself this Talenti Gelato flavor.

It’s even creamier than your regular old ice cream.

It’s got a super mild and sweet flavor which isn’t too overpowering, and the little chunks of pistachio nuts that you’ll find scattered around inside really help to bring out the flavors.

It’s also not that bad for you as far as gelato goes, as the pistachio nuts in the ice cream provide you with a decent amount of your protein requirements for the day.

7. Bourbon Fudge Brownie

We’re honestly surprised that we’ve managed to get so far through the list without mentioning a chocolate based flavor produced by the company.

For many of us, chocolate ice cream is a favorite, and we can guarantee that chocolate gelato will be no exception.

If you’re super into chocolate fudge brownies, then this gelato variety perfectly encapsulates everything that we love about the dessert.

It has lots of Belgian chocolate packed inside, so you can guarantee that it’s of the highest quality too.

One of the very best things about this flavor of gelato, is that it’s mixed in with Bourbon whiskey, which isn’t as overpowering as you might first think.

If you’re a lover of super rich and decadent chocolate, then we urge you to pick up this flavor of gelato. We promise that you won’t be sorry.

One extra tip, this flavor actually goes really well with churros, so pick some fresh ones up to go with your gelato.

8. Madagascan Vanilla Bean

We all know that vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream and probably gelato on the market, and many people feel bored by it.

But in actual fact, the reason why vanilla is the most popular flavor is because it simply can’t be beat.

Not only this, good vanilla flavored ice cream and gelato can be incredibly difficult to get right. Many of the ones we find in the grocery store can prove to be flavorless.

This gelato produced by Talenti really gets it right though.

The creaminess of this gelato is not to be contended with, and it packs in plenty of cream, sugar and milk to give it that signature texture.

It also uses Madagascan vanilla beans that are of the highest quality, so you know you’re not eating anything synthetic.

We recommend picking a tub of this flavor up, as it works so well with a variety of different desserts.

9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cookie dough ice cream is another one of those classics that we all know and love.

In fact, we’ve never come across somebody who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

If you want an even smoothie and creamier version of your favorite ice cream flavor, then you definitely need to try this gelato.

With a super rich yet creamy base, this gelato has plenty of really soft cookie dough chunks packed inside.

There’s really nothing worse than picking up a cookie dough ice cream only to find that it contains a few little morsels of actual dough, but we promise you that this gelato delivers.

If this wasn’t enough, it’s also loaded with a super smooth caramel swirl that runs through the gelato.

You’ll be digging your way through trying to get a taste of it in every bite.

10. Confetti Cookie

Let’s move on to discuss another cookie flavor produced by the brand, but this one however, is a bit more unusual.

That’s right, this is an original flavor combination invented by the brand, and we’re in love.

Essentially, this gelato contains some of their luxury vanilla ice cream on the top portion of the tub, then some incredibly crumbly pieces of cookie, some pink frosting, and lots of those little sprinkles that we all know and love.

Question is, will you eat this layer by layer, or will you simply mash it all together into a deciduous concoction?

It doesn’t have to be your birthday to enjoy this confetti cookie gelato, indulge yourself all year round.

11. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

This is another one of the gelato flavors produced by the brand that contains layers of different ingredients to create something magical.

If you’re a true lover of cheesecake, then we can guarantee you’ll adore this flavor, as it perfectly replicates the dessert.

The cheesecake flavored gelato that appears on the top layer is actually made from real cream cheese, so you can guarantee that it’s going to taste just like the real thing.

It’s then layered with some super tasty chocolate flakes.

The best thing about this one might just be the cherry sauce that’s packed inside.

It’s actually made from real cherries that have been grown in the US, and you can really taste the fresh flavors.

Finally, it’s layered with a classic graham cracker crust.

You’ll be digging your way through this gelato to try and grab some whole cherries, and you won’t be disappointed by the quantity.

12. Mint Fudge Cookie

If you’re a lover of mint, or you’re just trying to get into the idea of mint ice cream, we recommend picking up this mint fudge flavored gelato.

It’s a great way of easing yourself into the minty flavors, as the richness of the chocolate fudge, and the freshness of the mint make the perfect pair.

It contains a lot more elements than you might think too.

Starting off with some premium mint gelato, it moves on to include some super crunchy cookie pieces, lots and lots of fudge sauce, and even more cookie pieces.

Because the fudge sauce is lower down in the bottom portion of the gelato, you’ll really have to dig your spoon in there.

It’s such a big treat when you manage to get some of that ooey gooey fudge sauce on your spoon.

13. Chocolate Pretzel

If you’re a big fan of all this savory and sweet, then this chocolate pretzel dessert is perfect for you.

It’s one of their newest varieties of gelato flavors, and it’s gaining traction in terms of popularity.

It’s layered with several different components, (which, if you haven’t guessed by now Talenti love to do), including salted pretzel flavored gelato, salted pretzel sauce, waffle cone portions, Madagascan vanilla ice cream, and lots of chocolate chips.

We don’t know what isn’t to love about this flavor, as the salty pretzel gelato provides the perfect contrast to the vanilla and chocolate chips.

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, we recommend that you pick up a tub of this flavor.

14. Sea Salt Caramel

Naturally, we should move on to discuss another flavor of gelato which encapsulates the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors.

This sea salt caramel flavor is one of the best in town (for the best Dulce De Leche recipes, read here).

It was one of the very first flavors that Talenti Gelato ever produced, and it’s not difficult to see why it continues to be popular today.

It’s perfectly smooth in texture, with lots of cream, sugar, and milk. Along with this, it’s packed with chocolate caramel truffles!

The absolute height of sophistication.

It perfectly achieves that sweet yet salty taste that we love from salted caramel, and you won’t be disappointed if you’re a lover of this flavor.

In fact, you’ll be picking up several more on your next weekly supermarket visit.

15. Double Dark Chocolate

If you’ve been searching for the richest, darkest possible flavor of gelato, or ice cream for that matter, on the market today.

Then look no further, because we’ve found the perfect one for you.

This double dark chocolate is just what is says on the tin. It’s packed with lots of creamy, smooth dark chocolate flavors, which are perfectly complemented with the sweet, sugary chocolate chips you’ll find inside.

16. Coffee Cookie Crumble

If you’re an avid coffee lover, and are wondering if there’s a gelato flavor out there for you, we’re pleased to report that there is, and it’s heaven.

This coffee cookie crumble has our favorite lunchtime snack and drink all packed into one.

It essentially tastes like super good quality, freshly brewed coffee, poured over rich cream.

It also has espresso sauce added into the mix, which gives it an added richness of flavor.

As well as this you’ll find some of your favorite amaretti cookies in there too, crumbled to perfection.

17. Key Lime Pie

That’s right, Talenti Gelato have produced a flavor which perfectly encapsulates your favorite summer dessert.

It has a delicious tangy lime flavor that is complimented perfectly with the graham cracker bites.

It’s an incredibly creamy and buttery gelato flavor, and will leave you craving the real thing.

18. Alphonso Mango

If you’re looking for one of the freshest tasting gelato flavors produced by the company, then go ahead and try the alphonso mango.

It tastes just like you’re eating the real thing, and reminds us more of a sorbet than a gelato to be honest.

If this is the kind of thing you’re after, then we recommend that you pick up one of these at your local supermarket.

Perfect for relaxing and reclining on a warm summer’s day.

19. Organic Ginger Matcha

If you’ve been looking to try something a little different, then we recommend that you go ahead and try this organic ginger matcha flavor produced by the company.

It has a super earthy, mild flavor which perfectly mimics that of matcha, but with an added gingery twist.

It’s super creamy and sweet, but has a little added kick of spiciness too.

20. Old World Eggnog

Why not finish how we started, with a seasonal favorite that everyone knows and loves.

If you love the thick, gooey, rich flavor of eggnog during the holidays, then we recommend that you try this flavor of Talenti Gelato.

It’s basically your favorite drink, but made into a thick, creamy, gelato form.

It has lots of your favorite flavors, including heaps on nutmeg that gives us that cozy feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the very best flavors of Talenti Gelato on the market, that you can pick up on your next visit to the store, let’s answer some frequently asked questions some of you had.

Is Talenti Gelato Lower In Calories Than Regular Ice Cream?

One of the first things you’ll notice when you try Talenti Gelato for the first time, is the super thick, creamy, sweet texture that it boasts.

This is what’s responsible for giving its unique taste and texture, and makes it far more luxurious than ice cream.

Because of the milk, sugar, and cream content, most of the flavors produced by Talenti Gelato will contain more calories than your average ice cream, especially those which contain layers of items such as cookies and fudge sauce.

Some however, contain less calories, these being the sorbet based flavors such as mango. It really all depends on the variety of gelato flavors you’re purchasing.

To find out more about the nutritional content, be sure to always check the back of the tub.

How Is Talenti Gelato Different From Ice Cream?

Many of you out there might still be wondering how exactly gelato differs from the regular old ice cream you’d purchase at the grocery store.

There are a few key differences, and these are mostly down to the quantity of milk and cream used in gelato.

Talenti Gelato are also known for their high quality ingredients. They source all of the ingredients you’ll find in your favorite flavor from around the globe.

They also slow cook all of the ingredients found inside, in order to get the most out of the flavors.

Is Talenti Gelato Good Quality?

If you haven’t already gathered from the rest of the article, Talenti Gelato is probably the best quality gelato that you’ll find in the supermarket.

It ranks among the best companies producing the dessert, so make sure that if you’re picking up a gelato for the first time, that you try it from this brand.

How Are You Supposed To Eat Talenti Gelato Layers?

You may have noticed from our list that many of the gelato flavors are actually packed into layers, and you may be wondering what the best way is to eat these.

The simple answer is, any way you want! Whether you feel like combining them all together in the tub, or eating them gradually, layer by layer, the choice is up to you.

We recommend taking the gelato out of the tub and putting it in a bowl, then you can make sure that you’re putting a layer of each ingredient on your spoon.

Final Thoughts

With so many different variations of Talenti Gelato flavors out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

The good news is that there’s something out there that will suit everyone’s needs.

Whether you’re feeling like something super fresh like mint, or something slightly richer like butter pecan, Talenti Gelato has the flavor for you.

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