Taco Bell Breakfast: The 13 Best Breakfast Foods

Okay, Taco Bell lovers – we know you know all about those sizzling sides, crispy chalupas, and supreme combo meals, but have you tried the breakfast menu!?

Bell has worked hard to bring our meal-time favorites to the breakfast table, reimagined. So far, they haven’t failed to wow us, and we’re here to share our 13 favorite breakfast items with you. 

Warning: Insane hunger pangs are imminent. Snacking is advised. 

Cheesy Burrito (Steak) 

1. Cheesy Burrito (Steak) 

I thoroughly enjoy starting my morning with a cheesy, steaky burrito. If you love all things greasy, salty, and dangerously moreish, you’ll love this!

The cheesy steak burrito is 570 calories of pure, greasy goodness. Steak, egg, potatoes, tomatoes, and that infamous three-cheese blend take center stage to create a delectable party in the palette. 

If you’re craving a few extras (who wouldn’t), you can, of course, upgrade your already mouth-watering burrito with creamy jalapeno sauce, guacamole, reduced-fat sour cream, or even some extra bacon, cheese, and sausage crumbles! Find more delicious burrito sauce recipes here.?

Taco bell, you’re too kind. In Taco Bells’ own words, all the cravings are well and truly covered with this cheesy steak burrito. It may just be one of the best things on their menu! 

2. Hash Brown Breakfast Burrito (Bacon, Sausage, Or Steak) 

There’s nothing quite like a hash brown to get you out of bed in the morning… especially when it’s loaded with tasty extras like eggs, cheese, and bacon or sausage, tucked up in its own little bed or burrito goodness.

We love these hash browns SO MUCH that we’ve included them in this list on their own, but for now, we’re talking all things hash brown breakfast burrito. 

Although you can choose between bacon or sausage as your main filler, you can also buy a separate hash brown toasted breakfast burrito steak!

So, if a healthy side of beef is what gets you ready to go in the morning, you won’t be disappointed. Your hash brown steak burrito comes with eggs, potato, and nacho cheese sauce… yum!

It’s super filling, super tasty, and pretty unhealthy – but hey, we all deserve a treat once in a while. 

3. Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla 

Sausage: the food of champions. No matter the time, place, or craving, sausage never fails to hit the spot.

In this case, we’re talking all things sausage breakfast, with Taco Bells’ very own sausage flatbread quesadilla. 

The sausage flatbread quesadilla is precisely what it sounds like – plenty of heart sausage stuffed in a super soft flatbread.

What’s more, it’s packed to the brim with plenty of scrambled eggs and melted cheese. Have you ever heard of anything more glorious?

Like many other breakfast items, the sausage flatbread quesadilla is a bargain item, and it can be topped up with plenty of added extras if desired.

There’s so much to love about this quesadilla, but if we had to say just one thing about it, it’s this: make room, unbuckle those belts, and get stuck in. 

4. Cinnabon Delights 

Sure, Taco Bell is known for all things greasy and savory – that’s why we go there, right?

While there’s nothing quite like a heart attack level of sausage, bacon, cheese, egg, and steak to get you through the morning, sometimes, you just need a little sweet treat. 

Taco Bell has really come through for sweet-treat breakfast lovers with their infamous cinnabon delights. In case you live under a rock, cinnabons are AMAZING.

The cinnabon chain offers plenty of tasty baked goods, like cinnamon rolls and churros, and Taco Bell is bringing all that sugary, cinnamon goodness straight to your stomach – in bite-sized portions. 

Taco Bells’ cinnabon delights come in a two-pack, and they’re a dessert-like breakfast food that may make you feel just a LITTLE guilty (in a good way).

These glorious bite-sized pastries are served beautifully warm and topped with that infamous cinnabon frosting we all go crazy for.

If you really want the full experience, wash this down with a coffee, and you’ll be ready to face anything.

Super sugary, super warming, and an all-round delight – we just can’t get enough of these cinnabon delights! 

Hash Brown 

5. Hash Brown 

I know we’ve taken a look at the hash brown breakfast burrito, but it’s time for a special shout-out to the humble hash brown. Even when it’s served on its own, there’s nothing lonesome about it. 

We’ve had our fair share of hash browns from fast food chains, but let’s be honest; they don’t always get them right.

There’s nothing quite as deflating as ordering what you expect to be a crispy, warming hash brown, only to find it’s actually a little soggy and stuck to the packaging.

Unfortunately, this has happened FAR too many times to us. 

However, Taco Bell seems to have mastered the art of getting their hash browns just right every time.

There’s so much to love about such a simple little breakfast side – crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and loaded with flavor, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be ordering a couple of these as a generous side order to your main breakfast event.

Or, if you’re anything like us, just order a butt-load and dive in – you’ll still be just as satisfied! 

6. A.M Grilled Taco (Bacon) 

A grilled bacon taco for breakfast?! Yes, please! 

It wouldn’t be a Taco Bell breakfast menu review if we didn’t include their most famed menu item – tacos. The A.M grilled bacon taco is loaded with greasy goodness.

Like most of Taco Bells’ tastiest breakfast items, this delicious taco is just $1! And yes, you can also get this with sausage rather than bacon if you’d prefer.

However, we’re seriously big bacon lovers, so this one gets a special shout-out. 

The A.M grilled taco is loaded with cheese, bacon, and egg, and it’s grilled, of course, for extra flavor. It’s decently sized and generously stuffed, so you definitely won’t be left feeling hungry after you’ve devoured it. 

As much as we love this breakfast item (it’s filling and great for those greasy morning cravings), it doesn’t have as much flavor as some of the other items.

If you really want a full flavor trip, we’d recommend throwing in a little extra sauce (or cheese!) to keep you satisfied. 

7. Grande Scrambler (Bacon Or Sausage) 

Okay, Taco Bell lovers – have you tried the Grande Scrambler yet? If not, why not!? 

The grande scrambler is one of Taco Bells’ most popular menu items, and for a good reason.

This delightful breakfast option is truly heavenly, so let us lay it out for you – fiesta potatoes, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon or sausage, and pico de gallo, all wrapped in a generous flour tortilla. 

What we love the most about the grande scrambler is the Mexican-inspired ingredients, notably the pico de gallo!

Sometimes, Taco Bell can shy away from incorporating these ingredients into its breakfast options.

Although everything still tastes great, you don’t always get as much flavor as you would from their lunch and dinner options. 

However, they’ve really pulled out all the stops with the grande scrambler, and for Taco Bell lovers wanting more of that traditional Taco Bell flavor for breakfast, it’s really hard to go wrong with this wrap!

It’s slightly tangy, meaty, and deliciously seasoned. We love it. 

8. Biscuit Taco (Bacon, Egg & Cheese Or Sausage, Egg & Cheese) 

A biscuit taco? What the hell’s a biscuit taco? 

If you’re thinking this, you’re not alone – it’s exactly what ran through our heads when we first took a look at the menu.

You might be surprised to know it’s not as weird as it sounds, and it’s actually pretty damn delicious. 

The Taco Bell biscuit taco is a generous breakfast taco featuring a super tasty buttermilk (biscuit) ‘shell.’

You can get various fillings in your biscuit taco, including bacon, egg, and cheese, or sausage, egg, and cheese.

The biscuit shell seems to be a little hit-and-miss in terms of texture, but some like the variety. Sometimes, it’s deliciously moist, and other times, it’s rather dry.

Personally, we’ve found it hard to find the middle ground, but it’s always pretty tasty, so we’re not complaining. 

Each filling is delightfully crispy, creamy, and salty, and it pairs well with the biscuit. This is such a great addition to the taco bell breakfast menu – no wonder it’s such a popular choice!

P.S. you’ll also get to choose between country gravy or jalapeno honey sauces with your biscuit taco.

Expect a bit of sweetness and heat with the jalapeno honey, which pairs beautifully with whatever filling you choose. 

9. A.M Crunchwrap (Steak) 

It’s time for another infamous A.M menu addition, with the steak crunch wrap. 

Wow, wow, wow. We just LOVE steak, and this crunch wrap makes us love it even more – if that’s possible.

Boasting a super hearty portion of marinated steak, a hash brown patty, scrambled eggs, cheddar, and jalapeno sauce…

Well, do we really need to say anymore? The crunch wrap is served in a folded flour tortilla (it assumes a nice hexagonal shape), which looks absolutely delightful, too. 

The crunch wrap is always grilled to perfection, and the inside is always deliciously gooey. Even if you’re a fan of crispy hash browns like us, you’ll appreciate them here.

While they’re not as crispy, they provide a delightful bit of moisture to your crunch wrap, which, paired with that marinated steak, is greatly appreciated!

The jalapeno sauce really brings it all together, too, creating one of the most memorable breakfast experiences ever. Don’t walk to Taco Bell for this one – run! 

10. Bell Breakfast Box 

Okay, bell lovers – let’s take a look at the breakfast box. If you frequent Taco Bell for breakfast, we KNOW you’ve probably been waiting for this one to pop up, and here it is. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the bell breakfast box, allow us to give you the lay of the land. The bell breakfast box is, in a word, INSANE.

If you love a little bit of variety with your breakfasts, this is the breakfast item you need. 

The bell breakfast comes with a choice of drink and the following items: 

  • Breakfast quesadilla sausage 
  • Hash browns
  • Pack of cinnabon delights 

What’s more, this comes at the bargain price of just $5, so if you want a delicious blend of sweet and savory from your taco bell breakfast, this is the most affordable way to do it without skimping on flavor.

This is an INCREDIBLY popular breakfast menu item, so if you want to give it a go, you better start getting in line! 

11. Bacon Burrito 

Next up, we have the bacon burrito. This delightful little number is loaded with crispy bacon, potatoes, fluffy eggs, a three-cheese blend, and tomatoes.

It’s simple and delicious, and yes, you can upgrade it with extra cheese, sausage crumbles, steak, and a whole host of your favorite sauces!

We absolutely adored this bacon burrito, and with some extra cheese and creamy jalapeno sauce, well… it was just on a whole other level.

Even without the extras, the bacon burrito absolutely kills it. So, if you’re after a simple, super tasty breakfast, head straight over to taco bell to get a load of this! 

12. Mini Skillet 

So far, we’ve had burritos and tacos galore. Are you after something a little different? Well, it’s time to make way for the mini skillet, ladies and gents. 

There are so many words we could use to describe Taco Bell’s mini skillet bowl. UGH.

Bell themselves describe it as breakfast leveled up, and we’d certainly agree. So, what can you expect from the mini skillet bowl? 

The mini skillet bowl is a mouth-watering blend of seasoned potatoes, scrambled eggs, plenty of nacho cheese sauce, and pico de gallo.

There’s just something about this mini skillet bowl that keeps us coming back every time.

Although you get a pretty small portion, everything is delightfully put together, and we never finish up feeling hungry. Beautiful textures, gorgeous flavors, all in one pot. Oh, did we mention it’s only $1? 

13. Cheesy Potato Burrito 

It’s time for our last installment of Taco Bell breakfast goodness, so let’s finish on a high with the cheesy potato burrito.

Taco Bells’ fiesta potatoes are always absolutely heavenly, but when they’re stuffed into this burrito… DAMN. So good. Let’s give you the low down on this super tasty breakfast option. 

The cheesy potato burrito is overflowing (literally, in our experience!) with their well-loved fiesta potatoes, fluffy eggs, warm nacho cheese sauce, and tomatoes.

Honestly, we can barely contain ourselves just talking about it. This is the stuff of dreams. 

Of course, like any good breakfast item from Bell, you can customize it. So, feel free to throw on some creamy jalapeno sauce, guacamole, or three cheese blend.

Don’t forget; you can also have your favorite meat (and extra cheese!) here, too.

So, load her up with bacon, cheese, sausage crumbles, and steak, and dive right into a breakfast burrito that’s so good, you might never want to eat anything else ever again. Seriously. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably insatiably hungry – apologies! BUT, the next time you take a trip to Taco Bell, you’ll be armed with enough breakfast options to feed an army.

Whether you fancy sweet, savory, minimalist, or downright heart-attack-level grease, Taco Bell has something for everyone. 

Their breakfast menu is becoming so popular that we wouldn’t be surprised if the new recipes just keep on coming.

We’re so excited for you to dive into your Bell breakfast, so we won’t hold you back anymore. Enjoy! 

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