35 Delicious, Sweet Dips For Dessert

Dips are such a great invention, whether you’re craving something sweet or savory to dunk your food into. There seems to be a dip for every flavor. 

The best part? Dips are so easy to make at home, usually only requiring a few ingredients. Of course, you will want to make larger batches if you’re serving a party, but typically, dips do not need to be too large, especially if you are serving lots of different flavors.

35 Delicious, Sweet Dips For Dessert

Are you thinking about whipping up some sweet dips for an upcoming party, but your inspiration has dried up? Don’t worry about it – we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we have listed 35 different types of sugary, flavorful dips that are just begging to be dunked into by chunks of desserts. There are so many different ideas in this list that we bet you’ll find it difficult to choose just one or two to create.

We recommend that you try all of them!

So, let’s get started. Here are 35 delicious, sweet dips for dessert.

1. Banana Cream Pie Dip

Even while the traditional banana cream pie might be rather delectable, not many people are interested in socializing with a large slice of pie. It’s too big and can get messy if party goers are moving around.

Instead, this dip allows your visitors to walk about and consume their dessert on the go, dunking some banana chunks into the creamy dip as they move.

2. Brownie Batter Dip

This recipe goes out to all the kids (and grown-ups) who like to lick the spoon after baking some brownies. This dip tastes exactly like the real thing, but without the risk of catching salmonella. Win-win!

Although softer than authentic brownie batter, it is just as tasty and rich. However, if you prefer it thicker, add a little more whipped cream for added texture.

3. Cannoli Dip

You’re going to adore this creative dip if you enjoy those delectable, tube-shaped pastries with creamy fillings.

For a true, legitimate cannoli dip, mascarpone, and ricotta cheese are required. You could even choose to dip some cannolis into this cannoli dip… although, that may be a little too good to be true.

4. Caramel Apple Dip

For the best, coziest autumnal vibe, slice up some apples and start dipping.

Cream cheese that has been mildly sweetened and placed onto the bottom of a serving dish serves as the dip’s foundation. Toffee bits are added as a final touch, and caramel is placed on top of the cream cheese layer.

5. Cheesecake Dip

Next up, we have the first cheesecake dip entry on this list… and, trust us, it is certainly not the last!

This is the perfect dip for those who prefer their cheesecakes simple, without all the added garnishes pulling you away from the initial creaminess. Use some strawberries to dip in to create the flavor of strawberry cheesecake!

6. Cherry Cheesecake Dip

See? We weren’t lying… next up on the list, we have the recipe for a delectable cherry-flavored cheesecake dip.

The airy, velvety smooth foundation of this dip is garnished with a sickeningly-sweet cherry pie filling. Everyone will want leftovers, so you might want to make a couple of batches of this one, folks.

7. Chocolate Hummus

Not your typical hummus, this one. This might be even better than the original, depending on your disposition and whether or not you have a sweet tooth!

This hummus, which is made from garbanzo beans, peanut butter, and cocoa, is a silky, delicious way to satisfy your yearning for chocolate. Plus, despite being chock-full of cocoa, it is actually rather healthful.

8. Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake Dip

It only takes around 30 minutes to make this delectable, ridiculously easy dessert or breakfast dip with cinnamon rolls.

For people who enjoy cheesecake and cinnamon buns, and love dipping, this is the perfect treat. With this delicacy, you get the best of all three worlds!

9. Coconut Cream Pie Cheesecake Dip

When paired with some graham crackers or wafers (or both), this coconut-flavored cheesecake dip from Coconut Cream Pie is very delicious.

Making this recipe only takes 5 minutes, making it incredibly quick and simple. What are you waiting for?

10. Cookie Dough Dip

We have some cookie dough dip up next on this list! This decadent Cookie Dough Dip comes up quickly and is made with cream cheese and chocolate chips.

Since uncooked cookie dough is not advised, this is the next best thing. Serve with anything you choose, like as pretzels or graham crackers.

11. Eggnog Dip

This eggnog dip is the ideal way to dress up all of your favorite holiday cookies because it is so puffy and luscious.

For fans of eggnog, this dip is ideal, and it may be prepared ahead of time. Add some of this delicious dip to your upcoming Christmas party to spice things up.

12. Fluffernutter Dip

A Fluffernutter sandwich, popular in New England, is similar to a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich but is made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.

You should absolutely try this fluffy, nutty dip if the idea of the Fluffernutter sandwich appeals to you.

13. Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

…and, the award for the dip that’s the most fun to look at is this delicious, vibrantly colored Funfetti Cake Batter dip!

Jam-packed with colorful sprinkles, this dip tastes just like vanilla cake batter. The best part? Only 4 ingredients are required to throw it all together! Grab the 4 ingredients, and get started already.

14. Fourth Of July S’Mores Dip

Is there anything more patriotic than an S’More themed dip that’s been dyed red, white, and blue, shaped like the old Stars and Stripes? 

Well, probably… but, if you ask us, you simply cannot throw your next Fourth of July party without creating batches of this delicious, creamy dip!

15. Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like some delectable gingerbread, but if you like, you can have this dip all year round.

For the holidays, this Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip is a perennial party classic. We promise you’ll be the most well-liked person in the room if you serve it at your upcoming Christmas gathering.

16. Heath Bar Apple Dip

For many of us, Heath Bars are the taste of our childhoods. Nothing beats that classic combination of chocolate, toffee, and almonds.

Take those flavors, combine them with some apples and cream cheese, and you’ve created this delectable Heath Bar Apple dip! Slices up some apples, and get dunking.

17. Key Lime Pie Dip

Key Lime Pie is a true classic dessert, and is perfectly refreshing on those hot, summer days. However, as we mentioned before, not many people want to walk around a party carrying a huge slice of pie.

Whip up this Key Lime Pie dip, and make sure you have plenty of Graham crackers on hand for dipping!

18. Mint Chocolate Chip Dip

In our opinion, the combination of mint and chocolate is unmatched and ranks among the best combinations ever.

In less than 15 minutes, you can prepare and serve this delicious and creamy mint cheesecake dip with small chocolate chips, and a side of mint Oreo cookies for dipping.

19. Monster Cookie Dough Dip

Inspired by the monster cookie, this dip’s batter is beaten up until it is fluffy. It nearly looks too good to eat, thanks to the M&Ms’ vibrant colors!

There are lots of chocolate chips, peanut butter, oatmeal, and sweets in it. For a sweet and salty flavor, serve alongside pretzels or crackers.

20. Nutella Dip

You didn’t really believe that we would create a list of dessert dips without including a Nutella variant, did you (see also ‘The 33 Most Creamy And Delicious Nutella Recipes‘)?

This Nutella fruit dip is absolutely divine since it’s loaded with delicious hazelnut flavor and tangy cream cheese and whipped cream. We strongly advise dipping some brownie chunks into this dipping sauce.

21. Oreo Dip

Similarly to the Nutella version, there was no way we could complete this list without a creamy yet crunchy dip inspired by everyone’s favorite cookie.

Due to its sweetness, creaminess, and generous amount of crumbled Oreos, this Oreo Dip is frighteningly wonderful. It is easy to prepare, and the ideal dip for any event. After just one dunk, you’ll be addicted!

22. Oreo Peanut Butter Dip

Since we adore Oreos so much, we added two dips that have the delectable cookie crumbled in. This is one of our favorites, as we also really enjoy peanut butter.

This creamy, simple Oreo peanut butter dip is ideal as a dessert or an appetizer. For your upcoming party, you may quickly prepare it with only four components!

23. Oven S’mores Dip

Melted milk chocolate, marshmallows, and other sweet and delicious ingredients fill this gooey s’mores dip, which has been oven-toasted to perfection.

You can have this outstanding dessert ready in only 10 minutes, so don’t forget to add some graham crackers, strawberries, and wafers for dipping.

24. PB&J Dip

Every single time we eat it, peanut butter and jelly transport us back to our younger years. Why not combine this great combination to make a delicious, creamy dip that will delight everyone?

The combination of fruit jelly and gritty peanut butter never fails to satisfy.

25. Peanut Butter Dip

If you want to skip the jelly aspect, why not just create a yummy peanut butter dip on its own?

There are only 4 ingredients needed to make this delicious, healthy peanut butter dip. For dipping fruits, pretzels, or whatever else you’re wanting, this dip is ideal.

26. Pumpkin Dip

Rich and creamy, this no-bake Fluffy Pumpkin Dip is ideal for any autumnal party, or even as a simple dessert at home.

In just a few minutes, pumpkin, spice, and other delectable ingredients are blended with a puffy cream cheese foundation. Don’t forget to grab some crackers, cookies, or fruit to scoop up this spooky goodness.

27. Rainbow Cheesecake Dip

Next up, we have another dip that looks almost as good as it tastes. If you love rainbows, you’re going to love this Rainbow Cheesecake dip!

Served in layers of vivid colors, this dip tastes just like a creamy cheesecake. You’re going to need plenty of colorful sprinkles to decorate this creamy dish.

28. Raspberry Cheesecake Dip

Another popular dessert is raspberry cheesecake, and this rich dip does it right.

You get the entire White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake experience from the combination, but in dip form. Instead of settling to a single piece of cheesecake, this enables everyone to obtain as much as they desire.

29. Red Velvet Dip

Who doesn’t enjoy a thick slice of luscious red velvet cake? The combination of the crumbly, chocolatey cake and some opulent, silky cream cheese frosting never fails to satisfy.

In just 5 minutes, you can have this cake batter dessert dip, which is called Red Velvet Dip. It only requires mixing and serving to make this no-bake dessert.

30. St. Patrick’s Day Dunkaroo Dip

If St. Paddy’s Day is on the horizon, you definitely need to think about whipping up a batch of this delicious, green dessert dip to share with your friends.

This dip just requires some white cake mix, vanilla Greek yogurt, and whipped cream… and, of course, some green food coloring. You’ll be astounded at how simple it is to put together!

31. Salted Caramel Cheesecake Dip

This Salted Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Dip is the quick dessert recipe you’ve been looking for.

Pecans, caramel, and flaked salt are sprinkled on top of this caramel marshmallow fluff cream cheese filling. This dessert dip just only five minutes to prepare and is delicious!

32. Strawberry Cheesecake Dip

Strawberry cheesecake is one of those classic desserts that everyone loves, and this dip captures the flavors perfectly.

The appropriate quantity of strawberries, whip cream, and sugar are used in this delicious dip. It has a mildly cheesecake-like, sour flavor, thanks to the cream cheese.

33. Turtle Cheesecake Dip

The flavors of your favorite creamy dessert, including cream cheese, chocolate, caramel, and nuts, are all present in this irresistible turtle cheesecake dip.

Making this dip allows you to combine all the sweetness of the traditional turtle cheesecake in a much shorter amount of time.

34. Unicorn Dip

The most entertaining and magical dessert dip available is, without a doubt, this one. We almost guarantee that adults will like it just as much as children!

This dip will always steal the show because it is loaded with delicious tastes and a rainbow of brilliant colors.

35. Watermelon Cheesecake Dip

One of those unusual cheesecake recipes you might not have seen before is this watermelon cheesecake dip.

This is fun and easy summer dessert that looks just like a watermelon, even if it doesn’t taste like one… although, you could add some flavoring, if you wanted to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Popular Dessert Sauces?

Whether you’re topping an ice cream cone, or drizzling over a delicious slice of cheesecake, dessert sauces can really bring the flavors of a dessert together.

Two of the most popular dessert sauces are chocolate and strawberry, as they tend to be the two top favorites of the general public. Other popular flavors include butterscotch, raspberry, bubblegum, and toffee.

What Fruit Is Good For Dipping In Chocolate?

The most obvious choice of fruit for dipping in chocolate is strawberries. There is nothing quite like a chocolate-covered strawberry, and it is a favorite of many people around the world.

Other fruits that taste great while dipped in chocolate include raspberries, bananas, pineapple chunks, and even cherries.

What Flavor Is ‘Unicorn’?

These days, you may find various desserts that are ‘unicorn’ flavored, whether its ice cream, cheesecake, or milkshakes. The truth is, unicorn flavoring is more to do with the dessert’s appearance rather than its flavor.

Unicorn flavored desserts are often multicolored, having primarily pink or purple colors, while having a rainbow of hues added between sauces and candy. The flavors can vary from vanilla, bubblegum, strawberry, raspberry, and more.

What Is The Most Popular Cheesecake Flavor?

The most popular cheesecake in the US is the New York cheesecake. This is, essentially, a dense, smooth, vanilla flavored cheesecake with a crumbly, biscuit base.

It comes a plain white/cream color, without any added decorations or garnished added. Another popular cheesecake flavor is strawberry.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a fan of the cheesecake dips, or the chocolate hummus has caught your eye, we have no doubt that you’ve found a new dessert favorite in this list. Luckily for you, these dips are all so quick and easy to make!

We recommend whipping up a batch or two for your next big occasion. You can wow your friends and family with these delectable dips, along with some other desserts to dunk into them.

We’re thinking brownies chunks, or cake pops…

We hope you found this article helpful.

Good luck, and happy baking!

35 Delicious, Sweet Dips For Dessert

35 Delicious, Sweet Dips For Dessert

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Dips are not just meant to be savory. Try out some of these delicious dips to dunk your desserts into with the whole family! There are so many to choose from.

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