14 Best Sushi Rolls Ranked By How Popular They Are

We make so many decisions in our lives, what career we want to pursue, buying a home, buying a car, where to live, decisions in romance, and which sushi roll is your absolute favorite. 

To most, these decisions may not be all equal, but for the sushi enthusiast, it is the biggest decision in the world. 

14 Best Sushi Rolls Ranked By How Popular They Are

You could choose your favorite sushi roll (see also ‘9 Types Of Sushi – A Detailed Look‘) based on what’s in them and how many calories there are.

You can get vegan rolls, vegetarian rolls. You could choose sushi based on your own personality. 

There are endless possibilities, but you want to make the right choice.

Sometimes it is good to have a look at what everyone else is raving about, and for that reason we have compiled this list. 

We have ranked the best sushi rolls out there based on how popular they are. Use this as a guide to your next tastiest bite! 

The Top 14 Sushi Rolls

  1. California roll.
  2. Spider roll.
  3. Rainbow roll.
  4. Spicy Tuna roll.
  5. Shrimp Tempura roll. 
  6. Dragon roll.
  7. Boston roll.
  8. King Crab roll.
  9. Cucumber roll.
  10. Alaska roll.
  11. Philadelphia roll.
  12. Teriyaki roll.
  13. Unagi roll.
  14. Hawaiian roll (see also ‘26 Hawaiian Roll Sliders You’ll love!‘).
California Roll

1. California Roll

What’s in it?: Cucumber, Avocado, imitation crab.

California rolls are the sushi rolls of Gods. They are rich in texture and in flavor.

It is the perfect combo of foods, you have the taste of the crab, paired delicately with the smooth texture of the avocado and the crunchiness of the cucumber. 

They are a worldwide favorite, and it is no real surprise. It is a perfect mixture in how it tastes and how it feels in your mouth. It is the ideal sushi balance. 

Honestly, we are kind of wondering why you have not ordered it yet !

Spider Roll

2. Spider Roll

What’s in it?: Cucumber, avocado, tempura soft-shell crab, spicy mayo.

Spider rolls are like the older cousin of our aforementioned California roll. It has a delicate tempura crab, with a dash of spicy mayo. This mixture gives it a delicate kick that makes it taste. 

But that is not all, its avocado makes it deliciously smooth and the cucumber that much sought after crunch. It balances it out perfectly.

It’s like a California roll gone hardcore. The ideal order for the sushi roll enthusiast. 

These could easily be eaten endlessly, they are something quite addictive. While we would love to eat them all day long, it’s probably best not to! Or.. at least try not to! 

Rainbow Roll

3. Rainbow Roll

What’s in it?: Avocado, Tuna, Salmon, Imitation crab, Shrimp, Yellowtail. 

The rainbow roll is absolutely lathered in flavor, if you want to have an explosion of tastes in your mouth, this is the one to beat!

It is not just rife with every single taste and texture you could possibly dream up, but it is also stunningly beautiful to look at and gives you the perfect picture for Instagram too! 

This comes as a rainbow multi-colored platter of rolls that simply slays all others. It is essentially a California roll with the addition of endless other fishy flavor options. 

Just try saying no!

Spicy Tuna Roll

4. Spicy Tuna Roll

What’s in it?:  Spicy mayo, Tuna.

Sometimes less is more, and this can be true for anything, a painting, a poem, a cocktail, and yes, sushi too! 

The spicy tuna roll is the epitome of less is more. Sushi is something of an art form, and when less is more in art, less is more in sushi too.

With the typical sushi set up, all you need to make the flavors kick in this dish is some tuna and some spicy mayo! 

It gives you succulent tuna and mayo with a kick that leaves quite the delicious flavor in your mouth! 

Shrimp Tempura Roll

5. Shrimp Tempura Roll

What’s in it?: Avocado, eel sauce, shrimp tempura.

Inside this sushi roll you will find smooth avocado, silky, with that unique mouth feel, and shrimp, crisp and crunchy.

You could not ask for more. Mixed together you get the perfect combination of flavor and gentleness. 

Oh, but wait, there’s more! The eel sauce added in just makes it better, at least for some.

Not everyone likes eel sauce. It is a bit like marmite in that way. You either love marmite or you hate it, there is no in between. 

Even if you do not like eel sauce, don’t hate it ‘til you try it, the sauce is only one part after all! 

Dragon Roll

6. Dragon Roll

What’s in it?: Crab sticks, Avocado, Eel sauce, Cucumber, Eel.

If you are not the kind of person who jumps for joy when you think of eating eel, maybe skip this one.

That being said, if you are open to new things and fancy giving it a try, we strongly recommend it. It’s no California roll, don’t get us wrong, but it is worth a try. 

It is a unique combination of seafoods, and it has just the right vegetables to match it.

This combination sure goes a long way in flavor. It is the ideal sushi choice for big seafood connoisseurs. 

Boston Roll

7. Boston Roll

What’s in it? Cucumber, Shrimp, Avocado.

It’s not that far from a leap from our number one California roll really, not that much.

But, shrimp is always a favorite of many people when it comes to sushi. A majority of sushi lovers absolutely dig those little crustaceans. 

So, this makes the Boston roll a pretty popular option for many, and you could even go so far as to double up your shrimp serving.

You could have shrimp on the outside and shrimp on the inside too. You can easily have shrimp on the outside of the roll as well. 

If you love shrimp you absolutely have to try this one! 

King Crab Roll

8. King Crab Roll

What’s in it?: Mayonnaise, King crab.

Everyone has that one thing, that ‘treat yourself’ food that feels like a guilty pleasure. Crab (see also our article on sand fleas) is on most people’s lists, right up there with lobster and decadent chocolate desserts. 

If you do not have crab (see also ‘Want Crab? Here Are 11 Of The Tastiest Crabs You Can Eat!‘) on your guilty pleasures list yet, you need to. 

King crab rolls aren’t for everyone of course, it is basically just king crab. That being said, it mixes so well with that mayonnaise and rice that it actually becomes something special. 

If you do enjoy a bit more of a burst of flavor in your sushi though, give it a side or a sauce to mix things up.

Cucumber Roll

9. Cucumber Roll

What’s in it?: Rice, Cucumber, Nori. 

It’s nothing super special, if anything it is just our ‘old reliable’, you know you can count on the cucumber roll to get you through the day.

It is the ideal sushi for vegans and vegetarians who want some sushi. 

In Japan this sushi is known as kappamaki. It is not rife in flavor in any way, but it does have a yummy crunch that pairs up with the texture of the rice. Of course, you still get that flavor you are vying for. 

It doesn’t have any additional bits and pieces, but it works well, and means there is something for every dietary requirement.

Alaska Roll

10. Alaska Roll

What’s in it?: Cucumber, Smoked Salmon, Avocado & Asparagus (optional).

Smoked salmon is always delicious, it has that typical salmon flavor we all love, but it is also a flavor filled treat that leaves our senses tingling.

So, why wouldn’t you pop it on a sushi roll? It surely belongs there! 

You could also get some asparagus in this roll if you wanted, although that is up to you.

It’s your choice. However, if you are a fan of asparagus, we definitely recommend giving it a try, it is well worth it! 

Asparagus just adds to that delicious smoked salmon flavor! 

Philadelphia Roll

11. Philadelphia Roll

What’s in it?: Cream Cheese, Avocado, Salmon. 

Here returns the salmon. But, this time, it returns with cream cheese as well.

You may not think almond and cream cheese would work well together, but they actually do. It can make for quite the treat. 

The creaminess just adds a beautiful taste and smoothness to the sushi roll, and makes for a unique taste.

It is best for a unique palette though. It is not the most glorified choice of course, but it is still rife with flavor. 

Salmon and cream cheese definitely go well together, as some of us already know. But, putting the two together in a sushi roll is utter genius! 

Teriyaki Roll

12. Teriyaki Roll

What’s in it?: Sweet & Sticky Teriyaki Chicken, Cucumber.

Teriyaki rolls are kind of designed for those who do not like raw fish, or perhaps have an allergy to fish, but who still want to enjoy sushi.

If you don’t enjoy raw fish, no matter how well you prepare the ingredients, no amount of ‘non-sushi’ can become sushi. 

That being said, teriyaki rolls are special in their own right. We would be raving about them if the teriyaki chicken was replaced with any form of fish, but it is really up to you what you think.

Unagi Roll

13. Unagi Roll

What’s in it?: Eel, Avocado, Soy sauce.

Unagi rolls are a bit of a mystery. Unagi is basically just eel. We Americans tend to be a bit adverse when it comes to eating eel, so even though it is cooked, it may not seem so much more appealing. 

However, it is still very tasty, it is cooked freshwater eel with a sweet thickened soy sauce.

That being said, there are different versions, some keep it as just the unagi, but others may mix in a piece of avocado, others might add in some shrimp or some crab with it. 

In some cases an unagi roll is just a California roll with a piece of unagi on top.

Hawaiian Roll

14. Hawaiian Roll

What’s in it?: Spicy crab, cucumber, Shrimp Tempura. (Some may serve tuna & avocado or even mango.)

Finally, the Hawaiian roll is not sweet or savory like bread. It is like many other sushi rolls in that it varies in its making depending on where you ask for it.

It is complex and has a beautiful, mouth watering presentation. 

Made with crab, shrimp and cucumber, some places may add in tuna or avocado on the inside, which makes it look fairly similar to a rainbow roll, some may even embrace the name and add in some mango.

Although, we aren’t so sure of that.

To Conclude

Not everyone will agree with how we have ranked these sushi options. However, we have ranked them in the way that we think is best.

But, there are so many other sushi rolls in existence. Why not tell us your favorite? 

There are temaki, umaki, and nigiri rolls, and so many more. Let us not forget that delicacy that is sashimi. 

Everyone has their own tastes, their preferences, their favorites. No matter what yours is, we are certain there is sushi out there for everyone. 

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