23 Delicious And Refreshing Soup Recipes For The Summer

While a warm bowl of soup is more often than not more associated with the winter time when we want some comfort food that can heat us up, they are just as delicious in the summer providing us with a whole range of nutrients to keep us energized and healthy.

23 Delicious And Refreshing Soup Recipes For The Summer

Lighter soups filled with more vibrant ingredients give them a much more chilled and refreshing taste that are perfect for making in the summertime when we want an afternoon or evening meal to enjoy that won’t make us any hotter than we already are. 

With that being said, here are some of the tastiest soup recipes fit for the summer that you need to try out today. 

1. Chicken And Sweetcorn Ramen

Starting off with a meat based soup recipe which is also packed full of healthy ramen and sweetcorn, with just one pack of noodles and a whole egg you can spice this ramen soup up and make it nice, tasteful and healthy, perfect as a light snack for when you don’t want anything too heavy or sickly in the warmer weather.

2. Cucumber Soup

Cucumber soup is a classic soup dish and for very good reason, not only is it full of nutritional benefits including being very rich in Vitamins K and C, but the light cucumber mixture along with some Greek yogurt and a few chopped tarragon makes this one of the most refreshing soups that is perfect to stir up for a small gathering.

3. Celery Soup

Incredibly low in calories and with a sweet summery taste thanks to the celery, all you need to prepare this delicious soup is a few peeled potatoes, some vegetable stock, olive oil and of course, the celery to make a healthy and breezy dish which is perfectly garnished with some crusty bread.

4. Pea And Mint Soup

This minty flavored soup is mixed in with a little ricotta, lemon and single cream to make for one of the lightest summary starters you can prepare as an early appetizer to prepare you and your guests for the big meal ahead. 

With this recipe being high in both protein and fiber, you can be sure it will keep you energized and ready for the warm day ahead. 

5. Tomato And Red Pepper Soup

Many of us have tried the sweet and creamy mixture that is tomato soup, however the inclusion of some red pepper gives it a bit more of a noticeable spicy kick that ramps up the flavor just enough to make this one of the freshest soups out there, definitely a must try for those tomato lovers who want something with a bit more spice to enjoy in the summer.

6. Gazpacho

If you have never tried or even heard of gazpacho, then you are missing out on a hidden gem when it comes to delightful soup recipes as it combines so many ingredients that make it light, refreshing and perfect for serving multiple people with one bowl.

Cucumber, red onions and plums are just a few of the tasty ingredients mixed into this refreshing soup that is known for being slightly creamy but still light.

7. Pennywort Soup

A good bowl of pennywort soup is one of the healthiest and most refreshing soups you can possibly make, and luckily it can be prepared easily for you and the friends or family in just a handful of minutes. 

With some large shrimp mixed in along with chicken stock to give it just a bit more protein, this is a hearty soup that you certainly won’t want to miss, especially with how easily this flavorful dish can be whipped up and ready to eat.

8. Burnt Aubergine Soup With Rice And Herbs

If you want a soup with a bit of a smokier flavor that is evened out nicely by some fresh and healthy rice and seasonal herbs, the burnt aubergine in this soup is mixed with a hint of red chili and some large tomatoes to give it a unique taste and an easy to digest afternoon meal which is light enough to enjoy in the heat even when it’s served piping hot.

If you do choose to make this soup a little cooler, add in some creme fraiche to make the overall taste a lot smoother to compliment it. 

9. Carrot And Ginger Soup

This perfect instant soup meal contains a refreshing and elegant flavor thanks to the carrots which also makes this soup incredibly nutrient dense so you can be sure it won’t just be healthy when you eat it, but will also leave you filled up with just one bowl so you can be fully satisfied.

Served with a swirl of yogurt and sprinkled with some fresh coriander leaves, this is a delightful soup which we recommend if you want something light and healthy.

10. Chicken, Kale And Pesto Soup

Easy to make, full of protein and mixed with some kale to give it a slightly more herby texture, this classic dish puts a refreshing spin on the standard chicken soup that we all know and love and is an excellent soup that is made all the more tasty mixed in with some luscious green pesto.

11. Summer Minestrone Soup

When we say this soup is packed full of ingredients, we really do mean it, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing as the mixed in garden vegetables, white beans, chicken stock and pasta all help to keep this vibrant dish nice and refreshing for when you have a lot of people who need to cool down in the summer heat.

12. Yellow Squash Soup

It’s incredible what a bit of cumin and smoked paprika can add to soup, but when fused with a bit of potato for that extra hint of creaminess, it makes yellow squash soup one of the biggest must try appetizers for the summertime. 

Serve alongside some healthy green salad to add even more nutritional value to this creamy soup.

13. Fish Chowder With Corn And Fennel

This one is for all those seafood lovers who like the idea of mixing their favorite tasty fish bite size pieces with some herby spices and a few healthy greens for good measure.

When making this delicious seafood soup, just make sure to avoid full flavored varieties of fish such as bluefish or mackerel as their taste can be so overwhelming it can dilute the other flavors in the soup.

14. Taco Soup

We all get a craving for some tacos, especially when it starts getting hot outside, but there’s no need to grab the tortillas and a whole host of other ingredients just to enjoy them, try mixing some ground beef along with a few chillies, kosher salt and a dose of sour cream to create this taco soup that provides a nice spice for the summer time.

15. Crab Bisque

Another great option for those who love a bit of seafood mixed into their soup, the lightly thickened half-and-half creamy mixture in this recipe is far breezier and easier to eat than thickened cream and with a mouth watering crab topping with lemon and parsley, this is definitely a recipe not to ignore if you or someone you know likes the rich taste of crab. 

16. Arugula-Zucchini Vichyssoise

This recipe is a very subtle and light spin on the standard French potato and leek soup, however when the potatoes are mixed with some sweet zucchini instead to give off a much more tender and herbier flavor, it makes the soup a lot lighter and more suitable to snack on in the warmer weather when you don’t want something too sickly. 

17. Corn Chowder with Bacon

With just a little bit of bacon sprinkled over this chilled creamy mixture, this delicious chowder dish is not only extremely healthy being incredibly rich in Vitamin C, but with its corn and potato mixture you can be sure it won’t taste stale or flat when you’re done preparing it fully. 

Not to mention this recipe makes full use of some red bell peppers that add a slight kick to the overall taste.

18. Posole

Try this Mexican soup if you want something spicy and bursting with a wide variety of flavors.

Radishes, shredded green cabbage, avocado, and any more of your favorites can probably mix perfectly into a posole which is a delicacy in many parts of the world which is not surprising considering just how delightful it is to lightly snack on on a warm night.

19. Potato Leek Soup

A classic, but for very good reason. The potato leek soup is great when you’re in a rush or just want a familiar dish that you know can be whipped up in just a few minutes, however this is not to say any of the flavors are diluted, in fact with a splash of chicken stock, this is an excellent meaty dish which goes great with some crunchy salad.

20. Creamy Tortellini Soup

We all love a nice chilled dish of pasta on a summer’s day as a light afternoon appetizer, however there’s no reason not to add them into a creamy tortellini soup to add another layer of flavor.

Surrounded by peas, carrots and your choice of any other healthy veggies, this is a very customisable dish  which manages to be nice and creamy without being too thick. 

21. Black Bean Soup

Stewed black beans are already delicious on their own, but when mixed into a soup and topped with a variety of fresh summery additions including sour cream and avocado and just a hint of spiciness added into the dish, this is perfect for those soup lovers who want the maximum amount of flavor for the warmer weather.

22. Roasted Vegetable Minestrone

There’s never really a bad time to roast some vegetables and make them that bit more crunchy and delicious, however this soup doesn’t just use one vegetable but mixes a whole range of various flavors to give it a very noticeable taste that is complemented so well by the thin mixture and some bread on the side, perfect as an early healthy dish to get you ready for the day ahead.

23. Watermelon Gazpacho

If the bright appearance of this soup is not enough to entice you, it also contains an incredibly fruity and vibrant taste unlike any other soup you can find thanks to the mixture of added sliced watermelons.

Already incredibly refreshing, garnish off with some cucumber and cantaloupe to add an even lighter taste to this vibrant and exciting soup dish that is perfect for enjoying out the back in the warm sunshine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Consume Soup Daily In The Summer?

Many variations of soup are not only delicious and extremely pleasant on our taste buds, but are also incredibly healthy depending on what you add into the mixture.

This makes them a great food to incorporate into a diet which is an excellent healthy choice that you can eat any time of the year including the summer.

Soup is actually perfect for the warmer weather because no matter which kind you make, they are primarily made up of liquid making them an excellent way to stay hydrated, especially when the mixture of foods is lighter to eat. 

Soups are also well known for boosting our immune system and fighting off flus and colds not only when we are healthy, but also when we are actually sick at that moment which makes them perfect for keeping energized and healthy in the summertime. 

Will Warm Soup Keep You Cool In The Summer?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes, in fact, recent studies have even suggested that on a hot day, warm food is more likely to keep us cool than chilled foods.

This is because consuming a food or drink that is hotter than our internal temperature allows the body to store less heat within and causes us to sweat more which in turn cools us down. 

When we eat something hot our body notices immediately and receptors relay this hotness to our brain which is then programmed to start cooling us down.

This is the body’s ‘cooling system’ that causes us to sweat whenever we eat something hot, but leaves us feeling much cooler than we normally would when we finish. 

Of course mild and chilled soups are also going to keep you cool but they will do it much faster and in an instant so if the heat really is unbearable and you need something cool there and then, a chilled soup dish is probably the better way to go, however if you’re looking for some more intensive flavors then hotter soups can be a great choice.


Soups are definitely a go to choice for many of us to snack on and enjoy when we’re trying to keep warm in the winter time, however they are also incredibly refreshing and nutritious in the summer and allows us to add in some more vibrant and tropical flavors.

Try out some of these light and breezy soups to see which ones you and your friends like the taste of most in the summertime. 

23 Delicious And Refreshing Soup Recipes For The Summer

23 Delicious And Refreshing Soup Recipes For The Summer

Recipe by Jenna

We don’t just need to enjoy our favorite soups in the winter time, try out a few of these summer soup recipes to keep you chilled out in the warm weather right now!

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