The Very Best Substitutes To Use In Place Of Leeks

We may find that when we are attempting a dinner recipe, we usually don’t have all of the ingredients that are required.

It can be a massive hassle having to step out into the cold and travel all the way to the grocery store just for one single item. 

If you’re planning on making a recipe that has leeks as one of the ingredients, you may feel a bit concerned, especially considering that leeks have such an unique taste.

The Very Best Substitutes To Use In Place Of Leeks

Fear not however, there are some ingredients out there that you can use to replace them. The key is to find something that has an equally mild, yet oniony flavor. 

Keep reading below to discover some items that you may have lying around in your refrigerator that act as a good replacement for leeks.

1. Spring Onions 

Spring Onions

Spring onions are especially good for replacing leeks in recipes, because they have an incredibly similar appearance, as well as a very similar flavor. They are essentially smaller versions of leeks that have less of a sweet taste. 

The great thing about using spring onions is that you don’t need to chop off the greens like you do with leeks, but apart from this, you can use them in the exact same way.

Spring onions taste really great in salads and omelets, and are definitely worth trying. 

2. Scallions 


This is another ingredient that is from the allium family, and as a result, provides a similar taste experience to leeks. Scallions are incredibly versatile, and look incredibly similar to underdeveloped onions. 

Again, they have similar flavors to leeks, and would work well as a replacement. 

3. Celery Leaves 

Celery Leaves

We bet that you’d never considered using celery leaves (see also ‘9 Celery Substitutes‘) as a replacement for leeks, but you might be surprised to find just how well these green vegetables work in recipes. 

This one is fantastic if you were planning on using your leeks in a salad, as although they do not taste very similar to leeks, they provide a freshness that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a raw onion.

This one is also incredibly nutritious, and provides you with a whole host of different vitamins and minerals. 

4. Garlic 


Another food item that you can use to replace the flavors provided by the leek is garlic. It will work well as a replacement flavor, provided that you add no more than a few cloves.

If you add too much garlic (see also ‘7 Garlic Substitutes‘) into the dish, you risk it becoming overpowering. 

5. Wild Ramps

Wild Ramps

Wild ramps are otherwise known as wild garlic. They taste exactly like garlic, but without the pungent odor. They can help to add a lot of color and flavor to your dish, and can be found in your local grocery store in early Spring. 

6. White Onion

White Onion

Finally, you can simply replace your leeks with white onion, which is an ingredient that most of us carry in our refrigerators. Although they are less subtle in flavor than leeks, they still work well when used in smaller quantities. 

Using one medium onion will equate to using approximately one large leek. 

Frequently Asked Question

Are Leeks Good For You? 

Leeks provide a whole host of different nutritional benefits, including promoting weight loss, aiding with digestion, helping with inflammation, decrease risk of developing heart disease, and combating cancer. 

Include leeks in your weekly diet to lower your blood sugar levels, as well as protecting against infection. 

Which Part Of A Leek Is Edible?

Usually, people only tend to eat the white and pale green section of a leek, but the darker green section can be consumed too. 

Are Leeks Laxatives? 

Because they aid with digestion, leeks may help with those suffering from constipation. 

Final Thoughts

Leeks are an incredibly nutritious vegetable and contain a whole host of dietary benefits. Make sure to add them into your diet whenever you can by purchasing them at the grocery store. 

The Very Best Substitutes To Use In Place Of Leeks

The Very Best Substitutes To Use In Place Of Leeks

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This article takes a look at some of the substitutes that you can use in recipes instead of leeks

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  • Spring Onions

  • Scallions

  • Celery Leaves

  • Garlic

  • Wild Ramps

  • White Onion


  • Decided on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy

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