How To Substitute Eggs In Cornbread With These 5 Amazing Foods

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods that you can find, however, sometimes you might not have any left in the house and have to make a meal quickly. Also, you’ll have to rule out eggs if you are a vegetarian.

If you are making cornbread, then you’ll need to make sure that you have enough egg to hold the whole thing together. So if you are leaving out the egg (see also our favorite substitutes for egg yolk), then how on earth will you accomplish this feat?

How To Substitute Eggs In Cornbread With These 5 Amazing Foods

Well, if you are craving for an egg substitute, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the very best egg substitutes for use in cornbread.

After reading this, you’ll be armed with everything you need for a decent cornbread substitute.

Why Put Eggs In Cornbread?

Cornbread is simply bread that is made a lot quicker than your regular bread, often whipped up without having to use any yeast.

The egg acts as a binding agent, giving you a batter that is very light and won’t result in your bread becoming deflated halfway through the cooking process. Cornbread is a little cakeier in texture than regular bread.

This beard is also a great source of protein on account of the eggs that are contained inside it. It will also give your cornbread a much more potent flavor than you would get in regular bread.

If you are looking for bread that is very light and buttery in terms of taste, then we would suggest that you try some cornbread. This comes with plenty of oxygenated pockets, which is what accounts for the lightness of cornbread.

We would recommend that you be sparing with the eggs that you use. A lot of these recipes will not tell you to use that many eggs, as the whole thing will make your beard a lot harder to swallow.

So it seems like an egg is an integral part of cornbread, but what if you don’t have any? Well, here are 5 great substitutes that you can use in your cornbread.

The Top 5 Egg Substitutes For Use In Cornbread

1. Ground Flax Seeds

This might seem like a slightly unusual choice, but flax seed is actually a very common binding agent that is used in cakes and bread.

This is a very rich source of essential omega oils and will make a very good alternative to your egg for this reason.

When you break down things like flax seeds or chia seeds, they will secrete a kind of gel that will help the flour and the sugars in your cornbread bind.

This is a great substitute if you are a vegan, as there will be no animal products used in your cornbread. You should grind your flax seed first, so they can absorb and retain a lot of the moisture from the water.

This gel will also expand, which will also account for the lightness that you will find in your final cornbread mixture.

Flax seed contains a nutty flavor that you might find will accentuate the natural taste of your cornbread.

2. Silken Tofu

This is yet another substance that comes high in protein and will act as a wonderful binding agent for the corn flour in your bread.

First, you should mix in the silken tofu with a bowl of warm water, as this will help it develop into a gel.

If you have tofu that is too firm, then it might result in a very crunchy texture with your cornbread. Tofu also has a strong flavor, which might influence the final taste of your cornbread.

If you are used to the taste of tofu, then this will be a wonderful substitute for your egg binding agent. One of the great things about tofu is the fact that it is so versatile and you can always use the rest of it in other dishes.

Tofu can be cooked and scrambled and very much resembles egg in terms of texture. You can also add spices that the tofu will absorb quickly and efficiently.

3. Yoghurt And Buttermilk

If you are looking for something that you might already have in your home, then yogurt and buttermilk will be perfect for your cornbread.

You can also use yogurt as a substitute for other recipes too. This comes with a similar consistency and if you are using natural yogurt then the flavor won’t impact the cornbread that much either.

You can also use yogurt to leaven cakes. The final mix will be very light and won’t lay too heavily on your stomach.

However, cornbread does contain yogurt already, so you’ll need to make sure that you do not add too much additional yogurt as this will cause the overall mixture to collapse.

If you are looking to make your cornbread fluffier, then we would certainly recommend adding buttermilk. You should make sure that you don’t go over the amount stated on your recipe.

4. Vegan Mayonnaise

Now we have something that is very similar to buttermilk but does not contain any dairy whatsoever. This is a great alternative if you are trying to avoid eggs in order to stick to your vegan diet.

This kind of mayo has a great texture, although won’t have to use that much in your cornbread. If you do go too much, then you’ll find yourself creating a cornbread that is way too creamy.

This mayo will also help you to leaven the bread, which will avoid the final mixture becoming too cakey.

If your cornbread recipe contains milk, then you should not substitute it for vegan mayonnaise.

This mayo might not have to the same flavor as egg, but we would recommend adding a little bit of vinegar to replicate the acidity of the egg.

This kind of mayo is great if you want to reduce the number of calories that you have in your diet. This is low carb and very high in sodium, so it should give you more energy to last you throughout the day.

If your recipe includes a lot of water, then you might want to add more flour if you are using vegan mayo, as it makes the mixture a little bit more watery.

5. Sour Cream

Sour cream is another mix that is not too dissimilar to yogurt or vegan mayo and is a great source of protein and calcium.

This will act as a binding agent, which is what makes it so reliable. However, it is not as thick as some of the binding agents, so it may require you to add more flour to your remaining flour mix.

This sour cream has a lot more fat than mayo, but it also contains a lot more protein and calcium. You’ll have to balance out the nutritional benefits with the excess calories.

This will certainly give your cornbread that extra thickness, although you might find that the flavor is impacted by the sour cream. You can alleviate this by adding either more water, milk or flour.

Beware of using sour cream that does not contain any additional fat, as this is what will cause the cornbread to become more bound together.

Sour cream does contain dairy, so it might not be a great option for someone who is looking to maintain a strict vegan diet.

Of all the recipes that we have listed above, we find flax seed to be the most reliable, as it will bind to the flour and water and give sit that nutty taste that really works well with the bread.


We hope that our list of some of the best egg substitutes for cornbread has helped you to decide which one you should opt for. We would recommend something with a milder flavor, as this will affect the final taste of your bread,

How To Substitute Eggs In Cornbread With These 5 Amazing Foods

How To Substitute Eggs In Cornbread With These 5 Amazing Foods

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Are you trying to make cornbread without eggs? Well, why not try one of our 5 egg substitutes to see which one works best for you?

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  • Ground Flax Seeds

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  • Vegan Mayonnaise

  • Sour Cream


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