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Hi, my name is Jenna and I have been a professional chef for almost the entirety of my adult life. What started off as a hobby in college quickly turned into a passion that I surrounded my life with. 

I remember my mother’s impressive cookbook collection, which my siblings and I would sit and read for hours around the kitchen table. But we were never allowed to actually help with the cooking - that was my mother’s happy place. 

So, when I was able to start my own adventure into the world of cooking, my mother took me under her wing. We would spend hours together in the kitchen, cooking up a storm! 

Once she had trained me up to her satisfaction, I was awarded the most precious prize of all - her own personal cookbook that she had been jotting down her recipes in for decades. 

Now, I won’t share them with the world - they’re a family secret. However, I want to use this website to inspire you all to pick up a recipe and make it for yourself. Most people I talk to think that they can’t cook. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Cooking is great for your mental, physical, and emotional health. What’s the worst that could happen? Find a recipe that you like the sound of and cook it along with me. You might even unlock a new passion!

Subscription Boxes For Every Meal

Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular as people from all over the country realize that they want to make amazing food at home, but need a hand creating the cuisine. 

Subscription boxes send you the ingredients you need along with the recipes to create these mouthwatering masterpieces. This way you can have a creative meal daily without having to spend hours planning.

Today we want to share some of our favorite subscription boxes to make the process even easier. Before we start, we want to say a warm welcome to the readers of Taste Trunk. We have recently acquired the website and hope you have a great time reading our content.

Now to explain the wide variety of food and drink subscription boxes you can use to make your dining experience more unique.

32 Amazing All-American Breakfast Dishes

Breakfast Subscription Boxes

Arguably the best type of subscription box is a nutritious one. You need something that can power you through the morning until lunchtime, while still giving you the vitamins and minerals you need to eat healthily. 

All too often, we rely on toast and cereal to get us through the morning, but now it’s time to change this beige habit. You should start your day with a fruit-filled smoothie. Smoothies are perfect breakfast meals, as they contain healthy carbs, lots of fruit, and enough dairy to fill your protein quota. And they do this all while being quick to digest and delicious.

The best smoothie subscription box has to be Daily Harvest. They are all 100% plant-based, almost entirely organic, allow you to veto flavors, and create pre-portioned meals that can be ready in minutes.

If you prefer to order consistent flavors, you should opt for SmoothieBox. Their subscription box allows you to point out your favorites, so they can add those ingredients to every order.

In our link above, you can search through 8 other amazing companies to see which flavors make your mouth water.

25 Easy High Protein Lunch Ideas

Lunch Subscription Boxes

A lot of subscription boxes are designed for desserts, snacks, or dinners. There are very few that help out with lunchtime meals. That's where Gobble is different. 

Gobble allows you to pick out your meals through their website. You can be as precise or as loose as you want - picking options as simple as “vegetarian” or asking for the same meal choices you received in previous weeks.

Yes, most of their meals are designed for dinners, however, you can pick out “throw-together” meals that would work perfectly in a lunch box.

The best food subscriptions are the ones that allow you to choose your way. This means having as much or little control over your menu as you need, including ease of creation and speed of construction. 

We have 25 more amazing options for you to choose from in the link above.


Dinner Subscription Boxes

There are two types of dinner subscription boxes - themed and general. In a themed subscription box, you can expect the same concept re-created in a myriad of ways. If you like consistency and enjoy the theme in question, then this would be a fantastic choice.

In general subscription boxes, there is a lot more variation which is great for the more adventurous foodies among you.

BBQ Subscription Boxes

If you live in an area that is constantly hot or cool enough for a barbecue, then choosing a barbecue subscription box is a no-brainer. They include all of the sauces, meats, rubs, and techniques you need to pull out a spread regularly. 

Some packages, like Grill Masters Club, will send you premium spices, condiments, and even wood chips to give your grilling experience a varied but elevated experience. They don’t send you meat but instead suggest different ways to use the rubs they provide.

While other subscription services, like Pig of the Mouth BBQ Club, send you pre-cooked meats which you can reheat or eat cold. Either way, you get the taste of a BBQ without needing to light the stove.

If a barbecue subscription sounds perfect, take a moment to consider what would make the experience better for you. Then search through our list in the link above, to find a high-class option perfect for you.

Ramen Subscription Boxes

Ramen subscriptions are the perfect choice for people who want consistent food options in their week, but also want these options to be healthy. We aren’t talking about student food ramen straight from the microwave, but the delicate and healthy meal as it originated in Japan.

To be classed as a ramen meal, the ingredients need to include noodles, and a broth, along with vegetables and or meats. This means you have a lot of wiggle room to create variation in this dish while still eating a meal with a familiar structure. 

Take Umai Crate for example. This subscription service contains recipe cards that show you how to cook Japanese delicacies to perfection while preparing all of the ingredients you need for you. Every month you will be given new combinations while still sticking to cultural expectations.

However, if you want to try something a bit more innovative, then perhaps My Ramen Box is more your style. They supply unique flavors that will wow your guests and allow you to explore the wide range of ramen delicacies.

Seafood Subscription Boxes

Seafood subscriptions, unlike the other themed boxes we are displaying, have a lot of variety to give. You might be given shrimp one month, sea bass another, lemon sole after, or even whole crabs. 

Each month you’ll be given a new selection of seafood along with either a premade sauce and pre-prepared vegetables, or a recipe to make these extras with the ingredients supplied.

Suppliers like Oshen, deliver salmon exclusively. They monitor and farm their fish to ensure that supply always matches demand and that their fishing habits are ethical and sustainable. While other services such as Catch Sika offer a variety of catches that change with the Alaskan seasons.

Ideally, you should receive your seafood subscription box from an area local to you, which gives you the diversity you desire. Look through our top 13 suggestions to find the best one for you.

Gluten-Free Subscription Boxes

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, it can be hard to create interesting variations in your diet. But if you follow a specific subscription box dedicated to your food needs, you can allow yourself more freedom and variety than if you created it yourself.

Take Freshly for example. They are dedicated to sending organic food, all of which is gluten-free, to their customers. Their meals are prepared by trained chefs and only take 3 minutes to create once they have arrived.

Many gluten-free subscription boxes are dedicated to snacks and nothing else, which can make it very difficult to find a reliable source of allergy-agreeable suppliers. But picking a company such as Freshly means you can have peace of mind with your delicious dinner.

You’ll no longer have to eat the same meals again and again, worried that picking something new could trigger your intolerances.

Meat Specific Subscription Boxes

Meat subscription boxes allow you to get out of the rut. Most people only cook chicken and bacon, limiting the types of meals they could be exploring. There are so many cuts and flavors that you can experience, but most of us stick to the same simple options just because they are easy to create.

With meat-specific subscription boxes, you can learn new ways to cook high-quality meat to really expand your culinary skills.

Take Butcher Box for example. With each box you can receive between 18 to 26 pounds of quality cut meats along with recipes to help create unique meals. Your subscription can be as flexible as you like, and you can be confident that all animals have been ethically farmed.

General Meal Kit Subscription Boxes

General meal kit subscription boxes tend to be cheaper and more varied than the themes or specific choices above. This is because they use vegetables, meats, and fish that are in season while preparing sauces and meal designs that fit your collection.

One of the biggest names in meal kit subscription boxes is Hello Fresh, and they got into this position for a reason. They have simple ingredients to help you create outstanding meals while staying healthy, filling, and quick. This is a hard combination to create, and yet they have nailed it.

If you like the ease of Hello Fresh but have dietary limitations which means you need a more restricted collection, then try Factor instead. This service allows you to pick your dietary restriction, and customize your option to best your life. It has all the benefits of Hello Fresh but in a safer collection of ingredients.

Subscription Boxes For Sauces And Sides

Sometimes the best part of a meal is the sauce you get to dip it into. Common condiments are mayonnaise and ketchup, but there are two unusual options we want you to consider - hot sauce and olive oil.

Hot sauce might not come as a surprise to some people, but olive oil may have taken you back. Let us explain.

Olive oil isn’t just the substance you use to fry your food, it is a solid flavor in itself. A good quality olive oil could be used as the sole flavor in a salad and carry the whole meal.

If you understand the delicate and delightful elevation of a good quality olive oil, then you would benefit from a subscription box. These boxes send you different brands from around the world, which have their own unique flavors. Every month, you can expand your knowledge and allow new varieties into your kitchen.

The same can be said for hot sauce subscription boxes too. These condiments can come in a wide range of flavors that are too numerous to count. From pepper sauce to jalapeno, hot roasted pepper to a mustard tang. 

With a subscription box, you can experience new combinations each month. After a while, you’ll soon learn about how the different flavor combinations work together and will become the local expert in all things condiment related.

If either idea sounds interesting to you, check out our links above which detail the best subscription boxes on the market.

Monthly Snack Subscription Boxes

Snack Subscription Boxes

Snack subscription boxes are the second most popular type of box on the market - just behind meal preparation boxes. When people buy meal kit subscriptions, they normally aim to create healthier and more interesting daily meals. But when people buy snack subscription boxes, they want to explore tasty new treats instead of sticking to the same big brands.

That being said, there is more than one way to expand your snack cupboard.

Baking Subscription Boxes

Lots of us love the idea of baking, but we don’t know how to get started or how to tackle concepts like “proving”. With a baking subscription box, you can receive all of the ingredients you need to get started, along with recipe cards to show you how to complete each step.

A great example of this is Bake Eat Love. Their subscription is beginner friendly, and each box includes the accessories you need to complete the bake. This way you can start off with nothing and end up with a baker’s supply of knowledge and equipment.

If you already know how to bake, and what you need is encouragement or inspiration, then we suggest Breadista. This company doesn’t often video tutorials like Bake Eat Love, but still includes instructions and pre-measured ingredients to help you create your snacks.

You can look at our full review of these companies and 4 more in our article dedicated to the best baking subscription boxes.

Cheese Subscription Boxes

Presenting a cheese board as an after-dinner snack is the height of sophistication. But if your platter only has cheddar and red Leicester then that initial decadent atmosphere feels rather cheap. Instead, you need to include either a rare collection or a large variety to highlight your taste and quality.

The best way to do that is through a cheese subscription box!

If you prefer rare cheeses from respected cheesemakers who create their bundles with age-old recipes, then look no further than The Rare Cheese Club. They are partnered with Zingermans, a high-quality cheese artisan company that has been in business since 1982. All of your deliveries will include rare cheeses that can’t be found in local stores.

If rare isn’t your thing, but variety is, then choose Curdbox instead. This company has a wide selection of cheeses in its collection and will even offer accompanying food suggestions that work well with your subscription. 

Ice Cream Subscription Boxes

This one is a bit of a curve ball, but if you live in a hot climate or want a summertime subscription box, then pick a company that produces ice creams. 

You can do one of two things with this subscription type. Either pick a company that creates their own ice cream and so the mix you get is limited but reliable, or you can pick a company that reaches out to other businesses to give you a variety of creamy goodness each month.

We have a review that looks into 5 of the best ice cream subscription boxes on the market. Each offers at least a small level of variety so you don’t end up with the same dessert every month.

Our favorite is Goldbelly. Goldbelly will give you either 4 or 6 pints of ice cream a month, and they can offer traditional flavors such as vanilla or chocolate, or more unusual flavors like alcoholic concoctions and caramel mixed surprises.

Cookie Subscription Boxes

When we say “snacks” your first thought might not have been cheese or baking. And perhaps you don’t want to create your  own “on the go” nibbles.

It’s time to start talking about snacks you can pick and eat as soon as they arrive. Take the Insomnia Cookies Cookie Magic Membership, for example. They get their name for delivering late at night when your insomnia is screaming for something sweet to snack on. 

You can order cookies daily or monthly, and with a long enough order, you can get free delivery and even a free cookie.

Or perhaps you want a bit of variety in your subscription box. In that case, pick The Sweetest Booth Monthly Cookie Box Subscription. This company will send you gourmet cookies that change every month, so you can experience the sweet delight of something new every day.

Chocolate Subscriptions

With chocolate subscription boxes, there is a range of options you can go down. From small individual pops of classy confectionaries to boxes with unusual brands you’ve never heard of before.

Take Vosges for instance. Vosges is a fantastic choice for a gift, as you can expect decadent bonbons, with champagne, and chocolate exclusives from high-quality brands.

Whereas Kekao finds unique chocolate bars from around the country to give you an eclectic mix of unusual and delicious snacks. Picking Kekao means supporting small businesses, and tasting chocolate that most people haven’t tried yet.

One of our favorites is the Mystery Chocolate Box. This company aims to show you something new with each subscription. You’ll never know what you’ll receive, and even the packaging won’t give it away. To find out what you have, you need to crack open the label and take a bite.

Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes

There are thousands of Japanese candy subscription boxes to choose from, which is why our article showcases the best in 13 different categories. From authenticity to brand recognition, mystery boxes to worldwide shipping.

Overall, we suggest subscribing to Tokyo Treat. They have the most authentic Japanese candy in their boxes from unique KitKat flavors to fun-colored drinks.

You receive a lot of variety in each box while experiencing Japanese food culture at its best.

Jerky Subscription Boxes

Moving away from sweet snacks, let's dive into the wonders of savory. A Jerky subscription box can allow you to explore the wonders of different dehydrated meats. You can have classics like beef, or stretch to something more unusual like turkey or even salmon.

Jerky is a fantastic snack for people who work out, as it’s packed with protein to power you through your session, but you don’t need a microwave or full kitchen set up to eat it.

With a subscription box, you don’t need to settle for “samey” flavors either. Take a look at our 7 best beef jerky subscription boxes to see which variety best suits your taste buds.

General Snack Boxes

If you love the idea of a snack box, but don’t want to stick to just one subcategory, then maybe you need a broader option.

Companies like MunchPak can offer you Japanese snacks, classic American treats, jerky and more every month.

There are even businesses that create snack boxes that have a theme. You could ask for French-themed snacks, Halloween snacks, or anything that matches your mood for the month. You can even offer it as a gift to your friends or family.

Browse through our 23 suggestions for varied snack box subscriptions and see which one feels the most suitable for you.

Dessert Subscription Boxes

If your idea of a snack is better described as dessert, then you may prefer a subscription box filled with pre-made cakes and pastries.

Take Not Pie as an example, they can send you delicious cupcakes every month. They have subscription boxes that are vegan, gluten-free, fit the Keto diet, and more!

They have recently made a brownie entry too, as they expand their cake creations.

The 45 Best Spooktacular Drinks for the Halloween Season

Drinks Subscription Boxes

Drinks subscription boxes can range from alcoholic to tea, pop to cultural. There are so many options that we have split many of these into smaller categories, just so we can showcase the fantastic companies we have found.

Tequila Subscription Boxes

We have found 5 amazing subscription boxes that cater specifically to Tequila. They are Taster’s Club, Mash and Grape, Flaviar, Spirited Gifts, and Maguey Malate. You can read our full reviews of each box here.

The one company that we really want to showcase is Taster’s Club. It is the best out of the 5, and that says something as each has amazing qualities that you should consider.

The reason why we love Taster’s Club is due to the quality, variety, and flavor profiles in each monthly box. They provide opportunities for small distilleries to share their unique flavors, allowing you to own bottles that your friends and family wouldn’t have seen before.

With each box, you also receive pairing suggestions and history about the tequila to add to your experience.

Whiskey Subscription Boxes

The best whiskey subscription box available at the moment is Pour More. They are one of the only services that cater to whiskey specifically, and yet still offer a true variety. Their bottles come from around the world from Scotland to Japan.

They even offer three tiers to choose from, giving you information and variety based on what you pick. You can choose Intro, Explorer, or Enthusiast. With the Intro package, you get information to help you join the whiskey world. They treat you like a true beginner and soon you’ll end up graduating to Explorer.

In the Explorer package, you’ll be given classic whiskeys along with new brands to help widen your collection.

In the Enthusiast package, you’ll be offered hard-to-find varieties allowing you to stay clear of supermarket brands.

Cocktail Subscription Boxes

If you prefer your alcoholic beverages in cocktail form, then consider using a subscription box. They portion out the number of ingredients you need, from the liquor itself to the sugar dusting, and lemon slices. 

Cocktails are the perfect treat for a special occasion, but you can enjoy those moments every month with companies like Box On The Rocks.

Box On The Rocks gives you detailed instructions which you can file away after using their pre-measured ingredients. They offer discounts for long subscriptions, but also have kits themed for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

In total, you get 3 recipes in each kit, and enough ingredients to make at least 10 of each.

Beer Subscription Boxes

A beer subscription box allows you to acquire beers from across the country, including independent brewers and well-established names alike. We have found 8 amazing companies that offer impeccable service, but our favorite is Tavour.

With their app, you can either ask for a random assortment or pick and choose which beverages you want to try next. They have 650 independent breweries on their supply list, which means new beers are added to their availability lists every day.

There isn’t a maximum or a minimum number of beers you can buy, and you can either ask for the same beers every month or change it up instead.

The amount of choice you get with Tavour is amazing, which is why we think you should try it.

General Alcohol Subscription Boxes

Most of us love a good drink but aren’t extremely taken with one beverage or another. If that sounds like you, then instead of picking a tequila box or a whiskey box, you may prefer a subscription box that allows a whole store's worth of variety every month.

Take the Cocktail Courier as an example. You tell this company the types of drinks you normally prefer, and they create a varied box based on the description. They specialize in cocktails, as their name suggests, but that doesn't mean you have to have a colorful drink every time.

Coffee Subscription Boxes

Moving away from alcoholic beverages, one of the most popular drink-related subscription boxes is coffee. Coffee connoisseurs know that where the bean is grown, and how it was stored can dramatically change the overall flavor of the beverage. You can also add a plethora of flavors to your coffee without including sugary syrup.

Using a coffee subscription service you can receive unique blends of coffee along with detailed information about where the bean was grown and how the company cultivates its crops.

We have found 31 subscription services to help you find the perfect combination of variety, familiarity, price, and flavor.

Iced Coffee Subscription Boxes

From hot coffee to cold, getting the perfect brew can be difficult if you prefer yours iced. We have found 9 fantastic iced coffee subscription boxes for you to search through, but if you simply want to know our best pick, then choose Trade Coffee.

Trade Coffee has the best subscription box due to their detailed quiz which helps them understand exactly what you live in your beverage. Once the quiz is completed, they can match you with the best subscription from their collection.

No matter what they suggest, you will still have variety in every box, along with suggestions to help you branch out into new flavor-based directions.

Juice Subscription Boxes

We’ve talked about smoothies as a breakfast drink, but juices are the less filling version of the healthy beverage.

Drink one a day, and you’ll have hit your fruit quota which means subscribing to a delivery service can allow you to eat healthy without even trying.

From the 10 best options on the market, our favorite juice subscription box is Pressed Juicery. They have a vast array of flavors in every box including Matcha Oat Milk and Strawberry and Basil Lemonade.

You can get even more variety if you live close to one of their locations, as they can send you ingredients that have a shorter shelf life.


Subscription boxes are an easy way to get variety in your life. Whether you have a sweet tooth that can never be filled or want a versatile dinner but don't know where to start, you can solve all of these problems with a delivery service.

No matter which one you pick, you will find a diverse collection of inspiring goodies to help make your meals more interesting.

For the best options, go through this article again and click on the links to our detailed reviews for each subscription type. We have found the best on the market, so you don’t have to go searching.