23 Stuffing Recipes You Need To Try

What if we told you that stuffing doesn’t have to be made exclusively for thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, and you can use it in various dishes.

We’re talking casseroles, sandwiches, stuffed patties, and yes, even waffles.

23 Stuffing Recipes You Need To Try

But with all this potential for easy-to-make stuffing, where do you start, and how do you know whether it will go down well or not? 

Don’t worry, we’ve covered the various ways that you can make stuffing and how you can integrate it into everyday dishes that give them a twist that you may not have considered.

Read on to find out more about the various possibilities that are achievable with stuffing. 

23 Stuffing Recipies You Can Make At Home 

1. Stovetop Stuffing 

We start with a simple way you can serve up as part of a meal and mix in components like bacon, pancetta, or maybe even different types of meat stock.

All you need is some garlic cloves, a diced onion, 2 carrots, celery, dried sage, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, chicken stock, and some parsley leaves. 

2. Stuffing Meatloaf

Ever thought traditional meatloaf was a bit boring?

Well, with this recipe, you have a moist but succulent meatloaf that you can use with any type of stuffing mix and some ground beef that will undoubtedly get a thumbs up from your dinner guests.

3. Crock Pot Chicken And Stuffing

If you’re like us and want a chicken recipe with a bit more flavor and is more filling, why not add homemade or stuffing mix into the equation.

Here you can add the chicken breasts into a crockpot and add a creamy soup mixture and the stuffing for a creamy and rich flavor which is balanced well with the savory taste that a dish like this brings.

4. Sausage Stuffing Appetizers

Here’s an excellent idea for any upcoming parties you want to spruce up with these bites that use chopped-up carrots, celery, garlic, and onions.

You can mix your stuffing with some turkey breakfast sausage, which you can buy as a roll, and with the chicken broth, you can roll the mixture into balls that are great for any occasion.

5. Oyster Stuffing Dressing

Here’s an idea you might have thought was never possible, which can be prepared on a stovetop and has the added benefit that the stuffing absorbs some of the oyster juice.

You can add poultry seasoning and chicken broth for a meaty taste, and you can add celery and sage into the mix to balance out the flavor.

6. Stuffed Flounder

Here’s an idea to get the most out of your flounder, which you can make with a stovetop-made stuffing that will bring a homemade look to your dish.

You can even add crabmeat or shrimp into the stuffing mix to improve the consistency and get a surprise burst of flavor.

7. Pork Chops With Stuffing

We like this recipe because this dish doesn’t just have all the components placed on a dish and instead infuses the chops with the stuffing to create something exceptional.

When making your stuffing mix, you can add cherries, some chicken broth, walnuts, and melted butter, and you can then arrange your chops on top of the stuffing.

8. Chicken And Stuffing Casserole

We have here one of the many ways that you can incorporate stuffing into a casserole (see also ‘23 Super Easy Vegetable Casserole Recipes‘), and what better way to do this is with rotisserie or any leftover chicken you have.

The addition of the cream of chicken soup and sour cream is bound to make a comforting meal that can help you get through those colder winter days.

9. Breakfast Stuffing Cakes

This recipe is mainly aimed at those who want a breakfast that uses the leftover stuffing from thanksgiving, but who said you could only use this recipe at this time of year?

You can make a stuffing that is savory enough that has all the herbs and cheesy goodness you come to expect, with the addition of a fried egg on top, which is surely an exciting mix.

10. Turkey And Stuffing Soup

Here’s an option if you’re looking for a snack in which you can use your stuffing to create dumplings that are fluffy and full of flavor with the addition of your chosen stock.

You can use diced turkey or even chicken (see also ‘28 Delicious Diced Chicken Recipes That Are Easy To Make‘) if you want to, and you can use fresh parsley and chives for an amazing blend of flavors.

11. Chicken And Stuffing Sandwiches 

Here is a simple idea that utilizes the flavor of the diced roast chicken (see also ‘28 Delicious Diced Chicken Recipes That Are Easy To Make‘) leftovers you might have with the zest of the stuffing that adds herby goodness to this recipe.

Mix it up with different types of bread like sourdough and maybe add some mayonnaise for a more creamy and scrumptious taste. 

12. Stuffing Muffins

We’re not necessarily talking about dessert muffins here, but you have to admit there’s a good ring to the recipe name that uses turkey, stuffing, and spinach to make these lovely bites.

You could use ham as an alternative and use any cheese you like for a gooey center that you can have as a quick snack if you’re on the move, as they can be stored easily.

13. Stuffed Roast Squash

This recipe is fairly straightforward, as all you need is any type of winter squash like kabocha, red Kuri, sweet dumpling, or delicata, and you can fill them with your stuffing and bake it.

You can add rice, walnuts, almonds, and pecans to the mix if you want a crispier texture that is surely going to make this recipe more interesting.

14. Vegetarian Stove Top Stuffing

If you want a healthy or no-meat alternative to traditional stuffing, perhaps you could add minced garlic, ground sage, and even some diced apple to add some flavor to your mix.

You can then make this stuffing into stuffed peppers or eggplants (see also ‘What Is Eggplant And What Does It Taste Like?‘) and add some nuts in there for better texture. 

15. Cheese Stuffing Balls

Here’s another option that is possible with your stovetop stuffing that can be used if maybe you have some stuffing leftover, and no matter what anyone tells you, these can be made all year round.

You can use mozzarella cheese with some cranberry sauce if you’re looking to mix things up and are a great addition to any spreads.

16. Stuffing Waffles

Here is another recipe that isn’t tied down to tradition that can be used with your own ready-made stuffing and spread over your waffle using a waffle iron.

For a richer taste, you could add gravy or maple syrup for a nice breakfast or lunchtime meal.

17. Stuffing Pizza

You can have the taste of thanksgiving all year round with this recipe, and all you need is simple pizza dough with a gravy base with diced turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and your stuffing mix.

Make it more memorable with chopped parsley or sage, that makes this strange recipe more meaningful. 

18. Poutine Stuffing

This recipe is great for those who are struggling to come up with ideas for side dishes, and you can add pork sausage and cheese curds into the mix.

Even though this recipe works well with thanksgiving dinner, what’s stopping you from making it for the next family dinner you prepare?

19. Stuffing Quesadillas 

Is there any chance you have some extra homemade stuffing and are looking for a quick and easy way to use it?

Here you can add your stuffing alongside additions such as cranberry relish, shredded cheese, and some sliced turkey for a twist on a traditional favorite.

20. Stuffing Burrito

Now you can experience the taste of the holidays (see also our favorite New Year’s dinner recipes) all year round with this recipe that includes onion, pepper, squash, pinto beans, garlic, cheese, and even apples.

You can also serve up some sour cream on the side that’s going to spruce up the flavors of the sweet and savory aspects of this recipe.

21. Stuffing Baked Eggs

Here’s another option for you that might sound unusual to some, but you’ll find that the integration of the egg into the stuffing is an easy and no-fuss process.

You can add parmesan cheese, ground black pepper, and parsley that can be put into a baking dish and serves up well.

22. Turkey And Stuffing Pie 

The stuffing in this recipe acts as the pie crust, which houses the turkey, celery, carrots, and onions, which is a twist from the traditional American pot pie.

We can agree that the stuffing is a much-appreciated departure from the traditional puff pastry and can change expectations regarding texture.

23. Stuffing Croquettes 

We finish this list with these stunning croquettes that are a spin on the traditional potato blend and see the addition of crumbly stuffing that is sure to excite the tastebuds.

You can add some cranberry sauce and even some chili jam to create something that is fit for an appetizer or as a quick snack, so you have many options here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Types Of Stuffing Are There? 

The three main types of stuffing are bread stuffing, cornbread stuffing, and rice stuffing, and each can be used depending on the occasion and what you intend to do with it.

People tend to go for store-bought varieties because it’s quicker and easier to make, plus it can be cheaper than adding all the ingredients together to make homemade stuffing.

What you might not realize is that homemade stuffing is healthier than store-bought brands that can contain additives that don’t really need to be in a stuffing mixture and can create a bland and stale taste that definitely isn’t fresh.

You’re also going to find that you have more options than you would at the store options, as you can add any variety of vegetables and stocks, and you can achieve a much more golden and crispier look.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a mixture from the store, but your dinner guests will definitely notice the difference and can appreciate it more, especially with the added flavor that it brings.

What Is Traditional Stuffing Made from?

You might be surprised to hear that homemade stuffing can be relatively easy to make, and all you need are bread cubes, chopped celery, diced onion, some butter, salt, black pepper, poultry seasoning, and chicken broth, and large eggs.

What you’ll find after some practice making this stuffing is the potential to try out different types of stock like vegetables or meat and try out other herbs and spices if you’re looking for a boost in flavor.

This can apply to stuffing you make that you’re using to stuff a chicken or turkey, or if you want to make something like meatloaf or even a simple soup.

Note that you’ll find that eggs are used in these recipes as it acts as a binder for your stuffing, and without them, you may find that it becomes crumbly.

You have many opportunities to try different blends, so it’s really down to your preferences when making your own stuffing.


With all the possibilities that can come from the stuffing, you should note that when preparing your stuffing, you want to remember that you want to add in your stock a little at a time.

This is so you can have a moist mixture that isn’t dripping wet that can leave a pool of stock, which is something you want to avoid as it can be noticeable when you come to serve it up.

Of course, store-bought stuffing can be a convenient and time-saving alternative, but we find that the taste can be bland, and you generally don’t see much variety with the packs you can buy.

The ability to be able to use cornbread or challah bread and different herbs for your stuffing makes for a dish that your guests are going to remember for a while afterward. Thank you for reading.

23 Stuffing Recipes You Need To Try

23 Stuffing Recipes You Need To Try

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Are you looking to mix up your stuffing, whatever the occasion? Read on to find out the best stuffing recipes that are going to massively improve your meals.

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