9 Must-Try Breakfast Sandwiches At Starbucks

Starbucks has always had a reputation for being a place where you can get a good cup of coffee at affordable prices.

The company also offers a wide variety of food options, from salads to bagels. Nowadays, they even offer breakfast sandwiches.

Which ones should you try? Starbucks has become synonymous with great coffee and delicious food.

9 Must-Try Breakfast Sandwiches At Starbucks

In fact, their menu features over 20 types of beverages and almost 100 items of food.

They now offer breakfast sandwiches too. These include egg sandwiches, sausage and cheese sandwiches, and bacon and cheddar sandwiches.

All are available in regular or gluten-free versions.

If you’re looking for something more substantial than a muffin, then the Egg White Delight is perfect.

It’s made with two eggs, one slice of Canadian bacon, and a piece of toast. You’ll find it on the menu under the name “Egg White Sandwich.”

The Best Breakfast Sandwiches To Start Your Day

Starbucks has a full range of breakfast sandwiches to enjoy with your morning cup of Joe. They’re perfect for people looking to start their day off right.

You’ll find everything from classic egg sandwiches to specialty items like the Cinnamon Roll French Toast Sandwich.

There’s even something called the Breakfast Burrito.

This one features scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, cheddar cheese, and salsa wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

For commuters and others who need a quick snack while on the go, it’s an easy addition.

Just ask for a bagel sandwich, a croissant sandwich, or a muffin.

If you want a little more protein, there’s always the Egg White Delight, which is basically just a large bagel topped with turkey sausage and three poached egg whites (see also ‘19 Tasty Bagel Toppings For Any Time Of Day‘).

So, are they any good, though? Well, let’s take a look.

1. Cheddar, Double Smoked Bacon, And Egg

The Double Smoked Bacon, Cheddar & Egg Sandwich is a meal fit for a king. Or maybe just a hungry man who likes his breakfast sandwiches big.

This sandwich starts off with a fluffy croissant that’s baked into a flaky pastry shell.

Then there’s a layer of melty cheddar cheese, topped with a slice of juicy tomato and smoky bacon.

Finally, there’s an oversized-fried egg — two eggs, actually — that gets flipped onto the whole thing like a second crust.

The sandwich is served on a white plate with a side of toast points, but it could easily work on a bagel or even a bun.

And while it’s certainly filling enough to feed one person, you’ll probably want to make sure that someone else is around to enjoy the leftovers.

The double-smoke bacon adds a smoky flavor to the sandwich, while the crispy bacon provides texture and crunch.

And the melty cheese adds a creamy element that helps balance out the flavors.

2. Egg, Gouda, And Bacon

Starbucks says you’ll find its newest breakfast sandwich at participating locations nationwide starting today.

The Bacon, Gouda, and Egg Breakfast Sandwich features “handcrafted” bacon, cheddar cheese, and egg served on a soft Italian roll.

The sandwich is part of Starbucks’ new “Artisan Roll” lineup, which includes sandwiches like the Artisan Grilled Cheese and the Roasted Turkey Club Roll.

Each roll is baked daily and contains no preservatives.

While the sandwich might sound like a healthy choice, it actually packs a whopping 360 calories and 12 grams of fat per serving. Not exactly great for dieting.

Starbucks has long been known for serving up some of the best food around, and now you can enjoy one of their signature sandwiches in the comfort of your home.

This sandwich features three ingredients that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters – bacon, Gouda cheese, and an egg patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese.

This sandwich doesn’t come cheap, though; it contains 360 calories per slice.

But if you’re looking for something quick and easy to make ahead of time, this is a great option.

Just keep in mind that it won’t taste exactly like the restaurant version.

3. Monterey Jack, Spicy Chorizo, And Egg

Monterey Jack cheese pairs well on this breakfast sandwich because it has a mild flavor and melts easily.

You don’t want a sharp cheese like cheddar, which could make the rest of the ingredients taste too strong.

Instead of a traditional roll, bread, or croissant for this sandwich, its egg, meat, and cheese are layered on a potato roll.

This gives the sandwich a hearty texture and makes it feel substantial enough to eat as a meal.

The chorizo patty isn’t just there for show; it adds some spice to the dish while still being light and flavorful.

Its sweetness cuts through the savory flavors of the cheese and eggs, making it a nice complement to both.

This sandwich calls for a few different sauces, including hot sauce, ranch dressing, and honey mustard.

Try one or all of them, depending on how bold you’d like your sandwich to be.

4. Bacon Biscuit And Chicken Sausage

The Chicken Sausage and Bacon Sandwich at Subway is a healthier option than some of its competitors.

While most sandwiches contain about 500 calories, this one contains just 450.

And while many other sandwiches are loaded with cheese, this one is almost completely free of it.

Instead, it features a combination of flavors that make it taste good.

In addition to the chicken sausage and bacon, there’s lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard.

There’s no bread here; instead, the sandwich is served on a soft white bun.

The biscuit used in this sandwich is similar to those found in other Subway restaurants, but it’s actually dipped in a special sauce that includes garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, and basil.

This gives the biscuit a unique flavor that makes it stand out.

This is one of those sandwiches that doesn’t look too great, but once you eat it, you’ll realize why people keep coming back for seconds.

The chicken sausage and bacon are juicy and flavorful, while the biscuit provides a good amount of crunch and a light taste.

The chicken sausage and bacon come together well, creating a tasty combination of flavors.

The biscuit itself tastes like a cross between a grilled cheese and a hot dog bun.

It’s crispy outside and soft inside, and there are plenty of savory ingredients that give it depth.

All the savory ingredients come along nicely to make up for the lack of sweetness.

There isn’t much sugar added to this sandwich, but the biscuit gives some natural sweetness to balance everything else out.

5. Turkey Bacon And Egg White

Starbucks’ new turkey bacon and cage-free egg white breakfast sandwiches are here, and they’re pretty darn good.

This morning meal is part of the chain’s lineup of healthy offerings, including salads, smoothies, and oatmeal bowls. But it’s the sausage patties that stand out.

They come wrapped in paper, and they look like regular ones, except for the fact that they’re made with turkey meat.

And they taste just like regular pork sausages—only better.

The sandwiches are made up of a thin slice of turkey bacon topped with scrambled eggs, American cheese, and honey mustard sauce.

There’s no bun, though there is a piece of toast underneath the burger.

To make matters even easier, the restaurant offers a pre-made version of the sandwich that comes with everything already assembled.

The turkey bacon itself isn’t too different from the standard variety.

It’s got the same smoky flavor, and it doesn’t seem to contain any preservatives.

But what makes the sandwich unique is the addition of cage-free eggs. In the US, nearly 95% of chickens raised commercially are kept inside cages.

Many people think that eating chicken is unhealthy because of the conditions in which they live.

So when Starbucks introduced its cage-free eggs, many customers were excited.

They’re worth trying. If you want to try one yourself, you’ll have to head over to Starbucks’ app or website.

You can buy the sandwiches individually, or you can opt for a larger combo pack that includes three slices of turkey bacon, two eggs, and a side of hash browns.

6. Egg, Swiss, And Slow Roasted Ham

If you love the classic Croque monsieur sandwich, you’ll want to add this recipe to your repertoire.

A slow-roasted ham, Swiss cheese, and egg sandwich is perfect for breakfast or lunch, and it tastes even better the next day.

The ingredients are simple enough to make at home, but there’s one key trick to making sure everything cooks evenly: slice the bread very thin.

This allows the heat to penetrate the bread and cook the inside without burning the outside.

You could use any type of sliced bread, but a baguette works best because it’s softer and dries faster.

You might find yourself eating this sandwich again and again.

The classic croque-monsieur is a simple affair.

You take one slice of bread, spread some butter on it, add some ham, cheese, and a fried egg, toast it up, and eat it while watching TV.

But what happens when you mix things up a little?

What about adding in a few extra ingredients, like smoked salmon, avocado, or even a thin layer of crispy hash browns?

The possibilities are endless, and now you can make your very own version of the classic croque-monsieur.

7. Egg, Cheddar, And Sausage

This dish is a combination of three things that we love: breakfast food, sandwiches, and savory snacks.

It’s a hearty meal that packs a lot of flavor and texture.

You could use whatever type of sausage you like, but we prefer the smoky flavor of double-smoked bacon. If you want something lighter, try the turkey sausage.

For the cheese, we recommend sharp cheddar. And finally, the bread matters too; it needs to be good quality white bread.

This sausage, cheddar cheese, and egg sandwich are hugely flavored.

It also has plenty of sodium and cholesterol, so don’t forget to account for the sandwiches’ impact on your dietary health, especially if you eat them regularly.

Put aside its nutritional value, though, because this is a perfect sandwich.

The English muffin is fluffy and light, with the nook and cranny spots you’d expect.

The eggs are scrambled and form a patty surrounded by cheese and a generously sized sausage biscuit.

If you particularly enjoy the bacon in the double smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and eggs sandwich, give this one a try next.

And if you’re looking for sweet breakfast recipes, explore a variety of delectable options to satisfy your morning cravings.

8. Gluten-Free Certified Sandwich

Starbucks’ newest addition to its menu is a sandwich that promises to satisfy those with celiac disease or wheat allergies.

The Certified Gluten Free Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich features a ciabatta roll, egg patty, and reduced fat cheddar cheese, topped with uncured Canadian bacon.

The sandwich is certified gluten-free by the Non-GMO Project Verification Program and is made and sealed off-site, so Starbucks does not guarantee the product to have any gluten.

The sandwich is reasonably tasty, and while it’s not as starchy as some bread lovers might like, it’s not bad either.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, you could do worse than this option.

The sandwich consists of a ciabatta bun, egg patty, sliced American cheese, and a slice of reduced-fat cheddar.

There’s no crusty baguette, just soft, tender white bread.

All ingredients are gluten-free, including eggs, meat, cheese, and seasoning. The bread itself is baked in a dedicated facility that makes gluten-free products.

We like this sandwich because it’s substantial enough to make us feel full without being too heavy or filling.

We’re always looking for healthy options to eat during the day, and this is a great option.

9. The Impossible Sandwich

This vegan version of the classic American breakfast sandwich, includes plant-based sausage, cage-free fried egg, and cheddar cheese sandwiched onto a ciabatta roll.

Weighing in at 22 grams of protein, it almost tastes like traditional breakfast sandwiches — just without animal products.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen plant-based versions of popular foods. We already had a vegan hot dog, and now there’s a vegan bacon cheeseburger.

But the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich is different because it uses real ingredients. And it’s tasty.

Final Thoughts

If you want a hearty, satisfying breakfast sandwich, then you should definitely try out these 9 options from Starbucks.

They all offer a lot of flavor and substance, but they aren’t overly rich or greasy.

Each of them is also relatively low in calories, which means you can enjoy more of them throughout the week.

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