12 Of The Best Sonic Milkshakes That Will Go Great With Your Meal

At Sonic Drive-In, you can rely on its range of classic American diner-style food including fries, hot dogs, and burgers.

If you are opting to pick up a meal then you may find that their milkshakes are well worth delving into if you prefer something thicker than a soda.

Sonic’s milkshakes are a staple feature in their menus and includes some classic flavors, as well as their Master Shakes which are more on the indulgent side.

12 Of The Best Sonic Milkshakes That Will Go Great With Your Meal

You may even find that the milkshake becomes even more memorable than the meal itself and provides a decadent dessert.

In this guide, we will look at 12 of the best Sonic milkshakes that will go great with your meal. We will also break down Sonic Drive-In’s offerings for both their Master Shakes and Classic Shakes. 

The Master Shakes

Should you be struggling with deciding on a dessert then the Master Shake is a good option. Each one comes with a whipped topping, a cherry, and maybe some extra toppings like graham cracker crumbs.

Though the menu may deviate from time to time, you can expect flavors such as Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake. Finding a dessert to go can be tricky so this handheld alternative can seem ideal for a long drive.

However, Sonic Drive-In likes to mix it up a bit, especially with their textures.

With that in mind, you should be able to find cookie pieces in their Oreo Cheesecake and Oreo Chocolate offerings, and even peanut butter cups in their Oreo And Reese’s Peanut Butter Master Shakes.

The Churro Shake is also well worth seeking out as it includes a blend of cinnamon sugar and caramel. You also get a cinnamon sugar churro peeking out from the whipped topping which is great for dipping. 

The Classic Shakes

You may want to keep it simple so just opt for a Classic Shake for a more traditional take on the milkshake. The whipped topping and cherry still come included as they are in the Master Shakes while the flavors are more rudimentary.

Of course, vanilla and chocolate bring back old-timely vibes of a Fifties diner yet there are alternatives including caramel and hot fudge, with even a Reese’s peanut butter flavor.

The real fruit used in their fresh banana and strawberry shakes is put to excellent use for a flavorful taste and even thicker than normal consistency. 

12 Of The Best Sonic Milkshakes That Will Go Great With Your Meal 

  • Oreo Cheesecake Master Shake
  • Oreo And Reese’s Peanut Butter Master Shake
  • Strawberry Classic Shake
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake
  • Caramel Classic Shake
  • Hot Fudge Classic Shake
  • Fresh Banana Classic Shake
  • Vanilla Classic Shake
  • Chocolate Classic Shake
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Classic Shake
  • Cheesecake Master Shake
  • Oreo Espresso Shake

1. Oreo Cheesecake Master Shake

Yes, we do have to talk about the Oreo Cheesecake Master Shake so we will dive straight in. If you like Oreos and you adore a piece of cheesecake every now and then you are sure to love this Master Shake.

This is as decadent and rich as they come and has enough calories to call itself a meal on its own. You could go for the mini size yet this is a surefire way to really enjoy your Sonic meal so go on and treat yourself. 

That first sip is worth savoring as the moreish cheesecake flavor floods your mouth for a taste sensation.

After that, the graham cracker pieces and Oreo cookies come in at the back end and there are even some caramel notes to round it off. Take your time as you may need your taste buds to recover after finishing one.

2. Oreo And Reese’s Peanut Butter Master Shake

Granted, cheesecake can be a little too decadent and almost makes peanut butter seem like a rustic flavor.

The Oreo And Reese’s Peanut Butter Master Shake is ideal for anyone who likes to sneak in some treats while standing at the store checkout.

If the Oreo Cookies and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups seem too tempting then give in and have them in the same Master Shake. You know you want to. 

Just imagine, a few Peanut Butter Cups blitzed with vanilla ice cream and vanilla extract then you will want to drink it but try not to gulp it down too readily.

This is a rich shake that may need an age to finish as it can seem highly excessive when there is so much going on.

The cookies, the peanut butter cups, and the peanut butter all flowing through one straw, this may be one you take away with you on a long drive.

There is the risk that the mixture is so thick it could block your straw so ensure you have a spoon handy. 

3. Strawberry Classic Shake

As classic milkshake flavors go, strawberry has to be up there as an all-time favorite. The Strawberry Classic Shake offers hints of Strawberry Quik so may make you feel like a kid all over again.

Thankfully, the artificial flavor of creamy strawberry gives way to the solid, fresh fruit. That’s right, unlike a lot of fast food establishments there is real fruit in a Strawberry Classic Shake so you may welcome some straw blockages.

It is needed here as, without the real fruit, the Strawberry Classic Shake may taste a little fake and manufactured. Perhaps even a little too close to a Strawberry Quik if anything.

The frozen strawberries add a natural freshness and a varied texture. Then there is the subtlety of the overall flavor that elevates the real pieces of strawberries so this should rank highly on a list of the strawberry milkshakes you can find at drive-ins.   

4. Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake

Sometimes you simply need the addition of one ingredient to make all the difference. The only alteration between a Strawberry Classic Shake and a Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake is a few graham cracker crumbs.

However, with the fresh strawberry pieces, this creates a gloriously thick shake, plus you get the whipped topping and a cherry on top.

Plus there is a significant difference between a serving of strawberries and cream to that of a piece of strawberry cheesecake.

Strawberry is such a popular cheesecake flavor, it is perhaps no surprise to see it here as a Master Shake. In fact, this is probably closer akin to a liquid dessert than a traditional shake.

Such is the complexity, you should want to leave it alone and steer clear of any additional toppings. Just enjoy a piece of strawberry cheesecake, even if you do so without a spoon.

5. Caramel Classic Shake

If even strawberries and cheesecake seem a little plain then go bold with a Caramel Classic Shake. This is another popular flavor given a change up as a Classic Shake and is oh so rich.

The vanilla ice cream acts as a base so imagine a few dollops of ice cream smothered in caramel sauce and you are getting close to the flavor here. 

The caramel flavor may be a bit much so you may want to slowly sip while your taste buds get a handle on the syrup.

That vanilla and caramel go so well together yet it can feel like a lot of sugar so your teeth may be in trouble in no time at all.

This is one shake where you may want to add a few extras such as chocolate or even hot fudge just to mix it up a bit. 

6. Hot Fudge Classic Shake

Another rich flavor is hot fudge which you can imagine only goes well with brownies. However, on its own, it more than stands up as a Classic Shake.

Rather, this is less about the hot fudge you would find with another dessert, but the flavor which is closer to dark chocolate. 

If you want chocolate, then go for the Chocolate Classic Shake (more about that later) yet this is closer to bitter than rich milk chocolate.

Alas, you cannot get hot fudge as a topping which would be a worthwhile option here. For kids who like chocolate but have had enough of chocolate shakes, let them try this one.

7. Fresh Banana Classic Shake

The Fresh Banana Classic Shake remains a little divisive to many milkshake aficionados but remains a staple on the Sonic Drive-In menu.

This is another shake with plenty of fresh fruit so you may taste some artificial flavoring which should be overpowered by the real banana pieces.

Yet if banana seems a little tedious then mix it up with strawberries or chocolate though the banana flavoring should still come through. Like many thick shakes, this is one where you should have a spoon within easy reach. 

Banana shakes tend to be thick on their own yet add in real fruit as Sonic has done here and that straw can get easily blocked.

The whole experience may seem exhausting as you simply have to suck harder to get the frozen banana though.

When it does come through, it should be reminiscent of a tropical island with a smooth, easy-going flavor that is not too overpowering. Try it with a burger and fries as it should complement those flavors well. 

8. Vanilla Classic Shake

Vanilla may seem a little bland to have as a standalone flavor, but then again so many people opt for vanilla ice cream.

The Vanilla Classic Shake is more than a base here so if a friend asks for a shake but cannot pick a flavor then this is a solid option.

Sure, you can add some strawberry, even some hot fudge yet both options are pale comparisons to their own flavors.

The Classic Shake remains thick and creamy yet the vanilla flavor is sweet and contains some custard undertones.

As far as classics go, this is a pretty good take on what you would expect for a vanilla shake (see also ‘23 Foods That Begin With V‘). Simple yet blissfully effective. 

9. Chocolate Classic Shake

Then again, you cannot really go more classic than a Chocolate Classic Shake. This is for those who like their flavors rich and uncomplicated.

Sure, if you still want a complex chocolate-esque flavor then try the Hot Fudge but for chocolate lovers, you cannot get any better.

Also of note, this Classic Shake is relatively thinner than its rivals on the menu and it is rather subtle. Possibly because chocolate can seem too much of a muchness and there are chocolate toppings available if you need more.

Try not to expect the taste of a rich chocolate cake, a mousse, or even milk chocolate as this is closer to Ovaltine than Nestle Quik. 

10. Reese’s Peanut Butter Classic Shake

There are thick shakes and then there is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Classic Shake. If you thought that the Banana Classic Shake was thick, even with real banana pieces, then you are in for a surprise.

You may want to eat your meal first to see if you have enough energy left to sip this rich concoction through the straw. Even consider some breaks or a long drive to gather your breath back. 

The actual taste is sweeter than you may think appropriate for peanut butter and closer to Skippy than typical peanut butter. Like a liquid Butterfinger bar, with all that delicious artificial peanut butter flavoring. 

11. Cheesecake Master Shake

For a hot day, imagine you have a slice of plain cheesecake as a mild-tasting accompaniment to your meal. The subtlety works for this Master Shake as the added graham cracker pieces provide a change-up of flavor and texture.

Try to keep it plain as the Sonic Drive-In menu (see also ‘12 Best Sonic Menu Items To Eat & Drink‘) is full of flavors yet a plain cheesecake can be a wonderful thing on its own. If there is a taste to discern, there are some lemon notes on the back end which work well. 

Even the whipped topping and cherry may seem excessive with such a delicious shake. If you want to go a little more extreme yet still stick with the plain cheesecake notes then opt for an Oreo Cheesecake Master Shake.

As well as the graham cracker pieces, the Oreo cookie chunks provide an even more varied texture and flavor. 

12. Oreo Espresso Shake

That’s right, Oreo cookie pieces and coffee syrup for a seriously decadent shake that is closer to a mocha. This certainly tastes like an adult shake, even though it is doubtful that there is any caffeine contained in there.

If anything, the coffee syrup simply enhances the chocolate notes in the Oreo cookie pieces making them seem more prevalent. Should you add espresso powder to chocolate cake recipes then this is the shake for you.

The Oreo Espresso Shake is one of Sonic’s limited offers so if you see it, chances are you order one while you can.

The shake remains one of Sonic’s creamier options though there are only subtle hints of the Oreo cookies and indeed coffee. However, if you enjoy both flavors on their own then either order an Oreo shake or an Espresso.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sonic Drive-In Use Real Ice Cream In Their Sonic Milkshakes?

To create a real treat, Sonic Drive-Ins do use 100% real ice cream for their Sonic milkshakes.

The Master Shakes are even more of a treat as they use authentic Oreo cookie pieces to create a thicker shake. These are also finished off with a whipped topping and a cherry goes on top. 

What Is The Known Difference Between A Shake And A Malt?

One key ingredient poses the difference between a malt and a shake and that is malted milk powder. In a malt, malted milk powder is added which is not the case for a shake.

Apart from that one key ingredient, the rest of the mixture for shakes and malts is largely the same as both include ice cream, milk, and then additional flavorings such as fudge or fruit syrup.

Final Thoughts

Like a lot of fast food restaurants, there is no utterly definitive menu and at a Sonic Drive-In, it will be no different.

There may be some limited offers from time to time so look out for their Espresso shakes and even some interesting flavor combinations.

These may include cheesecake, peanut butter, even cookie dough, caramel brownies, and turtle pecans as Master Blasts.

Just be wary of the real fruit options like pineapple, strawberry, and banana split as those chunks may struggle to get through your straw.

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