15 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Options You Must Try

The best place to satisfy your craving for fast food is Sonic. However, not all people are aware of Sonic’s secret menu, and even fewer are aware of what is on it.

There are many delicious things on Sonic’s secret menu that aren’t offered on the standard one, so we are here to let you in on the 16 best secret menu items to order from Sonic.

15 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Options You Must Try

Students and educators frequently frequent the Sonic restaurants (see also ‘11 Of The Best Sonic Slush Flavors To Order‘) that are close to schools. They have a drive-in concept and provide quick service, delicious food, and an abundance of drink choices.

However, even people living or working further away from a Sonic will drive there to pick up their favorite meals and drinks, and those that order from the secret menu are the top customers for good reason.

There are tons of exciting new beverages, burgers, and snacks on Sonic’s secret menu, so keep on reading below to pick your favorite one and visit a Sonic Drive-in soon to taste it!

1. Frito Pie

As the name suggests, Frito Pie consists of Frito chips covered in melted cheddar cheese and chili.

Yes, we can read your thoughts. The Frito Pie can indeed be a delicious substitute for regular nachos and have your palate cheering thanks to the salty and crunchy Fritos.

In fact, we can say that the majority of nachos are outclassed by this delectable entree. When you can have addictively salty, crunchy Fritos, why feed on regular chips?

We’re talking about a big stack of awesomeness here, and all you have to do to get this is to ask for Fritos topped with lots of cheese and chili.

Spicy hot, piping hot, and extremely tasty!

2. Customizable Burgers

There is no set secret menu at Sonic (see also ‘10 Delicious Gluten-Free Food Items From Sonic‘). To easily satisfy any request the customer has, people working at Sonic will use all the ingredients and sauces they have available to make what you desire.

So, let us share with you a Sonic secret that’s not much of a secret at all: provided that they have the requested sauce and ingredient you want, they will make any special burger requests that are not already on the menu.

In essence, the types of burgers you can order are only limited by your own creativity. You can create your own version of the standard menu items if you just keep in mind that they are “recommendations.”

To create your ideal burger, combine as many patties as you want, add any set of condiments, and any other ingredients you wish, like cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and so on. Sonic (see also ‘12 Best Sonic Menu Items To Eat & Drink‘) will bring it about.

Simply request that your burgers are “made to order.” Any burger that is possible to make will be made by them.

3. Ring Leader Loaded Burger

This burger’s name is a hint at what it contains. Onion rings make it the ring leader, while bacon, grilled onions, cheese, and other toppings make it an extremely loaded one!

Of course, this is not a burger you can snack on or enjoy before an important meeting as you will probably need an hour, if not more, to properly digest it and go on with your day.

With a “special sauce” that blends amazingly with the burger, this secret menu item is a bacon lovers’ paradise.

As for the dips, you can go from simple condiments like tomato sauce and mustard to a mixture of mustard and mayo or anything else Sonic has available. With this secret menu, the possibilities seem endless!

4. Hickory Burger

This is a tasty and exceptional burger that is ideal for people who enjoy barbecue sauce but require something different than a standard cheeseburger.

Cheddar, barbecue sauce, and bacon that has been hickory smoked make up the Hickory Burger, which is a huge burger with a stunning presence.

Cheese lovers should get some Extreme Tots on the side (more on those in a bit) to get their daily cheese dose in a single meal.

5. Grilled Ham And Cheese

The Grilled Ham and Cheese is a traditional sammich with a Sonic spin (see also ‘10 Diet-Friendly Foods Sonic Menu Food Items‘).

What you will experience when you have that first bite is a range of flavors and textures. This is thanks to the salty cheese and the buttery, smoked ham that are used in its preparation.

It’s a simplistic but delectable sandwich that is ideal for anyone seeking a classic and convenient meal that is yet not another basic burger.

Skip your mom’s homemade meal in favor of this grilled sandwich and don’t worry about missing out on that homemade goodness; this sandwich will taste like home!

And although it’s only a sandwich, two slices of flavorful ham topped with cheese that will melt during the grilling process and sandwiched between crispy slices of bread can make for a classy meal.

To have this secret menu item, simply request a grilled cheese sandwich with ham in it. The staff member taking the order will be happy to make you one, and you’ll feel blessed for trying this delicacy.

6. Pickle-O’s

For anyone who is an ardent pickle fan, this could be their best meal. Basically, this is a cup of battered, deep-fried pickles that go great with just about everything.

These Pickle-O’s have been artfully fried after being cut into round shapes. They are tasty, savory, and crispy. They are also a fantastic choice when you crave a savory snack to keep you satisfied.

These pickles were once an item on the standard Sonic menu, but they are still available on the secret menu.

You can have them as an appetizer or as a side dish with a meal. Add a few Pickle-Os to your burger for some added crunchiness and tartness if you’d like to make your meal ultra-good!

If “Pickle- O’s” doesn’t sound familiar to the member of staff that serves you, you can simply order some battered and fried pickles. Given that there is any batter left, they will gladly make you some.

While fried pickles are not exactly a recent invention, when it comes to Sonic’s Pickle-O’s what you get is nothing but the best of fried pickles!

7. Extreme Tots

Even if you don’t accompany them with something else, tater tots are yummy. Sonic’s Extreme Tots, however, are even better!

They have ranch dressing, nacho cheese, and onions all over them. Not only that, but they come with a great deal of spiciness thanks to the chili and jalapenos added to them.

The tots are served with a variety of spices and aromas, so they will appeal to the palates and noses of all people. A side of ranch dressing should definitely be ordered to lend a hand with the spiciness.

The fact that the Extreme Tots are so packed with flavor and can be eaten as an appetizer or a fast and easy meal while on the move may be their best feature.

So, if spicy food and tater tots are your things, then you know what to order next from Sonic’s secret menu!

8. Extreme Popcorn Chicken

Everyone enjoys popcorn chicken, but we are certain that you have never had it like this unless you are a Sonic secret menu expert!

Sonic’s secret menu likes to take things to the extreme, which is why they also have the Extreme Popcorn Chicken on their menu for people who want something extreme, but tots aren’t that.

Chili and nacho cheese is sprinkled on top of Sonic’s secret menu popcorn chicken, and if you ask for some ranch dressing dip, you have perfection in one single meal.

This version of Sonic’s standard popcorn chicken is even crispier and juicier than the original, which you may already be familiar with.

It gets messy, but in a pleasant manner, thanks to the chili and nacho cheese which are what you need from a fast-food meal to taste like one!

9. Dr. Pepper Orgasm

Dr. Pepper, lemonade, and Powerade are used to make this beverage.

Despite the fact that many people find the name confusing, it is a delicious beverage. You’ll get a blood sugar spike from it, while it will taste both sweet and sour.

For those seeking a little thrill ride, the Dr. Pepper Orgasm is a flavorful beverage. It’s not recommended for the fainthearted, so you need to be ready for that extra sugary, caffeinated boost.

You may want to keep this secret menu item for when you will be craving a sugary drink on your ride home from the office. As its name might have your kids wondering about your order, it’s probably best if you are alone at that time!

10. Sonic Sunrise

Sonic is renowned for having a huge selection of beverages on its regular menu, but the secret menu is no exception to this!

This smoothie contains orange juice and Sonic’s popular cherry limeade. It is intended to resemble the appearance and hues of a stunning sunrise.

So, if you enjoy each one of these beverages, you probably will enjoy the Sonic Sunrise combination.

The flavor that results from this odd mix will truly astound your taste receptors. Although the combination may seem a little intense initially, it is actually the best blending.

A cool beverage like the Sonic Sunrise is ideal for unwinding on a warm summer day. Consider it a tequila-free rendition of a Tequila Sunrise cocktail, which renders it a fantastic choice for both children and adults.

This is a tasty beverage for fans of fruity flavors. Enjoyable, delicious, and easy to order. What else could you ask for?

11. Purple Sprite

This Purple Sprite calls to mind pleasant memories of Sprite’s earlier years when there were numerous flavors and colors available.

It really is a tasty and revitalizing beverage ideal for people who want to cool down and are looking for something thirst-quenching.

The beverage also has a lovely purple color, which makes it perfect for drinkers who enjoy Insta-worthy concoctions.

Purple Powerade, lemonade, cranberry juice, and Sprite are used to make this beverage. It combines all of the flavorful fruitiness of other beverages with the sweet citrusy soda taste.

12. Sunshine Smoothie

The Sunshine Smoothie is a tasty summer season delight that is made up of strawberries, bananas, orange juice, and ice cream. Its texture and taste bring to mind the classic milkshakes, but this smoothie is levels above!

Everyone’s palate will surely be surprisingly pleased with the fruity, chilly, sweet flavors of the Sunshine Smoothie. The way the vanilla ice cream blends with the fruit and orange juice is simply fantastic.

If you are craving an extraordinary milkshake and want to be surprised by something new, this is the order you should go for from Sonic’s secret menu.

Pink Lady

13. Pink Lady

The best-hidden menu items sometimes aren’t even hidden. The Pink Lady was once offered by Sonic, but it is no longer available.

Fortunately for everyone, Sonic does have all the ingredients necessary to make the same sugary, flavorful beverages in stock, meaning you could still order the Pink Lady.

However, it is best to know what it contains as new staff members might not know how to make you one. Pink Lady is very simple to make as you only need three ingredients: sprite, cherry juice, and vanilla cream.

If you have tasted this beverage then you might compare its taste to that of a cream soda, but the truth is that Pink Lady tastes way better because it has the ideal balance of sweetness, fruitiness, and freshness you are looking for in such a drink.

Everything comes down to preference, though, so the Pink Lady beverage can be modified. Same as the customizable burgers, you can customize your Pink Lady with any pink ingredients you want!

14. Pink Flamingo

Pink drinks are popular among Sonic fans. This is one more beverage to be added to the list of Sprite-infused creations.

However, to distinguish itself from the rest of pink drinks, the Pink Flamingo also contains pineapple juice, orange juice, and a dash of cherry juice. Of course, the soda is an eye-catching shade of pink, as you might anticipate.

The Pink Flamingo is becoming more and more popular every day, as there’s no way people trying it for the first time won’t urge their friends and family to do the same.

So, relish the coolness of the Pink Flamingo during summertime, and don’t forget to let your friends in on the secret!

Slap Your Mama Slush

15. Slap Your Mama Slush

This delicious secret menu slush at Sonic has a weird name, and it’s certainly not the advice they give you when your mother is driving you crazy.

Nevertheless, its delicious taste and catchy name will have you ordering it again and again.

Even if you order it as simply “Slap Yo Mama” the staff members will be familiar with what you are referring to as this slush is one of Sonic’s most famous secret menu items.

But what exactly is in this slush? You will be pleased to find out that Powerade, raspberry juice, and lemonade make up this beverage.

Simple to make and with ingredients that blend so well together, it is another drink on this list that you have to try as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

If you had ever heard rumors of a secret menu existing, then you are no longer curious as to whether they were true or not.

Sonic does have a secret menu that is not known to many people, but it has some of the best items you can order from its Drive-in.

Choosing items from the secret menu has a unique, elite impression to it.

The ones Sonic offers won’t let you down, and you can keep visiting the Drive-in to taste everything their delectable secret menu items have (see also our favorite Cook Out menu items)!

So, now that you know all the secrets to the secret menu Sonic has, ask for it whenever you visit your closest restaurant or whenever you decide to pop at their drive-through to order something.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sonic’s Signature Food?

The cherry limeade is arguably the menu item that Sonic is best known for.

However, the popularity of its cheesy toaster sandwiches and signature dipping sauce are unquestionable and are definitely another reason why so many people stop by a Sonic Drive-in every day.

15 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Options You Must Try

15 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Options You Must Try

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  • Frito Pie

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  • Ring Leader Loaded Burger

  • Hickory Burger

  • Grilled Ham And Cheese

  • Pickle-O’s

  • Extreme Tots

  • Extreme Popcorn Chicken

  • Dr. Pepper Orgasm

  • Sonic Sunrise

  • Purple Sprite

  • Sunshine Smoothie

  • Pink Lady

  • Pink Flamingo

  • Slap Your Mama Slush


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