11 Best Sonic Blast Flavors To Try

If you have ever visited a Sonic Drive-In, you will be aware that a large percentage of their menu consists of fun drinks, milkshakes and snacks.

While you can purchase an entire meal at Sonic, their meals are not usually their main attraction. Instead, their Sonic Blast dessert is their most popular product.

11 Best Sonic Blast Flavors To Try

This dessert consists of vanilla ice cream that is mixed with candy. While this may sound similar to the Dairy Queen Blizzard (see also ‘The Best Dairy Queen Blizzards You Need To Try‘), Sonic have added their own distinctive twists to this dessert also.

There are numerous Sonic Blast offerings to choose from at this fast-food chain, and this can overwhelm some people.

However, this article will outline some of the more popular flavors of Sonic Blast for you to try. These have been ranked from most to least popular.

1. Strawberry Cheesecake Sonic Blast

Arguably, the best Sonic Blast to order is the Strawberry Cheesecake Sonic Blast. This Sonic Blast is undoubtedly impressive, and tastes just as gorgeous as ice cream from a gourmet shop.

This Blast is incredibly decadent in its texture, fusing ice cream with the richness of cheesecake. The addition of real strawberries and graham cracker crumbs make this a thicker and creamier milkshake.

It is also delightfully topped for whipped cream, more crumbs, and a cherry on top! 

This is undoubtedly one of the best items on the menu. The flavor is rich and the texture is silky smooth. You will not be disappointed by this delightful dessert. 

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sonic Blast

Sonic has cultivated some unique and distinctive flavors for their infamous Sonic Blasts, and this is undoubtedly one of their most popular options.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast incorporates soft vanilla ice cream that has been beautifully blended with hearty chunks of cookie dough.

While this may sound relatively low-key, it is far better than any other form of chocolate chip cookie dough that you will purchase in a store. This is because the soft-serve ice cream produced by Sonic is incredibly creamy and rich.

This also pairs beautifully with the small bites of cookie dough that have an enhanced texture when entrenched in the soft-serve ice cream.

These cookie dough bites provide an essential amount of crunch, creating a dessert that is perfectly balanced and wholesome.

3. Cheesecake Sonic Blast

Sonic Drive-In (see also ‘15 Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Options You Must Try‘) likes to create new items for its menu. In 2021, a new flavor of Sonic Blasts was announced in the form of the Cheesecake Blast.

This dessert fuses its infamous vanilla soft-serve ice cream with plain cheesecake pieces and the two flavors combine beautifully.

The craveable, decadent crunch of the graham cracker adds all of the texture of a decadent cheesecake, without the requirement for a fork or spoon!

This is the best Sonic Blast for those who are fans of creamier desserts. This dessert will live up to its name, offering you blast upon blast of cheesecake flavor.

4. Snickers Sonic Blast

The Snickers Blast is undoubtedly one of the best candy-based Sonic Blasts. The vanilla soft-serve ice cream blends beautifully with the nutty essence of the Snickers bars contained within it.

The chunks of Snickers contained within the ice cream is undoubtedly generous and the multifaceted nature of the Snickers bars ensure that this dessert is fused with an abundance of variety and textures.

This is because Snickers contain caramel, nougat, milk chocolate, and peanuts. Thus, they provide any milkshake or dessert product with a variety of tastes and textures to please your taste buds. This is definitely a Sonic Blast worth trying!

5. The Caramel Brownie Soft Blast

The Caramel Brownie Soft blast was introduced in 2020 and has received much acclaim since. Sonic’s infamous vanilla soft-serve ice cream forms the base of this dessert, and it is wonderfully amalgamated with brownie chunks and lashings of caramel.

The only criticism of this Sonic Blast is that there aren’t many brownie pieces included within the product.

Thus, if you are looking to really indulge in a caramel and brownie combination, you may want to add extra to your dessert to ensure that you can taste the flavors properly.

While this may not be the best Sonic Blast on the menu, it is still undoubtedly delicious and well worth a try!

6. Butterfinger Sonic Blast

You may feel like crushing up candy and adding it to soft-serve ice cream is a pretty standard procedure and simplistic idea. However, Butterfingers work wonderfully alongside ice cream.

The Butterfinger Sonic Blast is phenomenal. The crunchy nature of the Butterfingers adds an interesting layer of texture to the dessert and they are also healthily dispersed throughout the ice cream itself.

The correct balance of Butterfingers and vanilla soft-serve ice cream inherently ensures that this dessert has a rich peanut-buttery taste that will linger on your tastebuds.

If you are a lover of peanut butter, you will definitely be impressed by this Sonic Blast. 

7. Reese’s Sonic Blast

The Reese’s Sonic Blast is similar to other Blasts on Sonic’s menu in the sense that it uses soft-serve vanilla ice cream. The crushed peanut butter cups are beautifully blended with the softened ice cream, creating a peanut butter sensation!

If you are a lover of Reese’s peanut butter cups, then you will definitely enjoy this dessert. However, you may want to opt for the Butterfinger Sonic Blast instead, as this tends to have an enhanced peanut butter flavor in comparison.

8. Turtle Pecan Sonic Blast

This is another flavor that Sonic has introduced to their menu. This is definitely a distinct and unique form of Sonic Blast that consists of vanilla ice cream, salted caramel syrup, pecans, and chocolate chip pieces.

These flavors sound wonderful in theory, however, some people have stated that these flavors fail to blend together well.

Thus, if you want to enhance the caramel flavor within this dessert, then you will need to ask for extra caramel. It is also advisable to ask for extra pecans when ordering this blast.

Otherwise, you may feel like you are consuming a Sonic Blast that merely consists of chocolate chip pieces and vanilla ice cream.

Hopefully, Sonic has listened to reviewers and begun to include more caramel syrup in this Blast, as this would otherwise be one of the most tasty Sonic Blast options on the menu.  

9. Oreo Sonic Blast

The Oreo Sonic Blast is pretty self-explanatory. It essentially fuses Sonic’s infamous soft-serve vanilla ice cream with crushed pieces of Oreo cookies.

While this is a relatively simplistic form of Blast, the cookies blend wonderfully with vanilla ice cream.

This Blast is essentially cookies and cream ice cream, and when taking this into consideration, this is definitely a Sonic Blast worth trying for the sake of comparison.

Arguably, there are more interesting options to try on Sonic’s menu, and thus, you may want to try their cheesecake Sonic Blasts as opposed to this one.

However, if you are a lover of all things cookies and cream, then this is undoubtedly the best Sonic Blast for you. 

10. The Triple Chocolate Sonic Blast

Sonic Drive-In offers a wide variety of Sonic Blasts. However, they are still committed to introducing newer options. One of these takes the form of the Triple Chocolate Sonic Blast.

This dessert was introduced in 2020 and it is perfect for chocolate lovers. The soft-serve vanilla ice cream is fused with chocolate syrup, brownie pieces, and chocolate chips to create chocolate heaven.

However, you may be disappointed if you were expecting chocolate ice cream to be used in place of soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

The chocolate chips contained within this dessert set the tone throughout. This can be frustrating for those who want to sample the different variations of chocolate contained within the dessert, as these chocolate chips can be overwhelmingly sickly.

However, if you are a lover of all things chocolate, then you should definitely give this Sonic Blast a try! 

11. M&M’s Sonic Blast

Regardless of whether you have ever tried an M&M Sonic Blast or not, you can probably taste the flavor already. This dessert mixes soft-serve vanilla ice cream with mini M&M chocolate candies.

The candy bleeds out into the rest of this dessert, and some people love the added flavor that is produced when this occurs. However, some purists hate this and would rather taste the flavors distantly and separately from one another.

Overall, there are definitely more exciting Sonic Blasts available for you to try. However, if you are a lover of M&M’s, then you should definitely still consider trying this Sonic Blast.

Be aware that you may need to add extra M&M’s as the candy coating can melt into the ice cream, causing the dessert to lose flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sonic Blasts Healthy?

As you may already know, the Sonic Blast is not the healthiest form of dessert that you can purchase. This is because it is high in carbohydrates and calories.

Thus, if you are trying to stick to a healthier diet, then these may be better as a treat for a special occasion. The nutritional facts based on a large Sonic Blast are as follows:

  • 1880 Calories
  • 1160 mg Sodium
  • 233 g Carbohydrates
  • 305 mg Cholesterol
  • >1 gram Dietary Fiber
  • 27 grams of Protein
  • 203 grams of Sugar

Are Sonic Blasts Worth It?

Yes, if you are looking for a delicious dessert to consume while you are on the move, then Sonic Blasts are a wonderful option for you and your family.

They are also relatively inexpensive, and you can add sweetness to your dessert to suit your individual preferences.

The cookies, brownies, and candies contained within Sonic Blasts are also hugely popular choices for the vast majority of people. Thus, the amalgamation of these candies and cookies with soft-serve vanilla ice cream is undoubtedly to die for!

There is also the option to add a Flavor Funnel to your dessert, ensuring that you can add a variety of wholesome and tasty flavor combinations.

While some other fast-food franchises will offer similar forms of dessert, Sonic Blasts are preferable due to the distinctive nature of their soft serve ice cream.

There is also a plethora of additional floors to choose from, and all of these compliment the vanilla-base.

While some may prefer a Sonic milkshake in place of a Blast, most people would rather indulge in a heavier dessert option when they are craving something sweet.

The Butterfinger Blast, Snickers Blast, and Reese’s Blast also cater for nut-lovers, and these Blasts are filled with texture and flavor to satisfy your tastebuds beyond measure.

The ability to order these through a drive-in also means that you do not need to go to extensive effort in order to sample the finery that is a Sonic Blast dessert.


To conclude, this article has outlined 11 of the best Sonic Blast flavors that you are able to try today. These desserts are undoubtedly wonderful, and all of your family can reap the rewards after a day out or a long day in school.

There are numerous flavors available for you to try, and while the cheesecake flavors are a personal recommendation, you can indulge in peanut fusions as well as candy-layered treats.

The inclusion of brownie pieces, chocolate chips and candy bars makes these Sonic Blasts accessible to sweet-tooth’s of all kinds.

While they may not be the healthiest dessert available, these should definitely be enjoyed on a special occasion.

Some people may find that they are unable to finish their Sonic Blast on their own, and these can also be shared between two people as part of a romantic journey home!

The standout feature of these Sonic Blasts is their soft-serve vanilla ice cream, while lovers of chocolate ice cream may be disappointed to find that they only serve vanilla, it is undoubtedly the best option in regards to fusing different flavors together.

This is because soft-serve vanilla ice cream blends perfectly with all forms of candy, ensuring that your taste buds are tantalized in a variety of multifaceted ways.

There is no dessert that is quite as captivating nor as creamy as the Sonic Blast, and the company has been committed to introducing new forms of Sonic Blast to their drive-in menu.

Therefore, if none of the Sonic Blasts that I have listed in this article suit your individual desires or cravings, you should always keep an eye on the company’s menu to see if they have added any newer forms of Sonic Blast that may be better suited to your individual taste buds.

However, the vast majority of people will be able to find the right Sonic Blast to suit theirs and their family’s desires from the list above.

As mentioned, the cheesecake Blasts are undoubtedly the most popular option and the inclusion of fresh fruit adds an additional blast of flavor that is ultimately to die for!

I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading.

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