28 Skewer Appetizers To Wow People At A Party

Skewers are a perfect party food.

They are fun and really easy to prepare, considering that they are basically different compatible foods put onto a stick, and they are also fun to eat, as you can just pick them up and go around, chatting to different people without worrying about spilling anything.

28 Skewer Appetizers To Wow People At A Party

However, the problem with skewers is that people tend to make the same type of thing with them every time.

Normally, there are two kinds of meat – maybe some lamb or beef – and then a piece of barbecued vegetable – onion or pepper. Though this is always nice, it is too predictable and people expect it every time.

In this article, we seek to break this trend and look at the skewers you can bring to any party to wow people.

1. Antipasto Skewers

Don’t worry, you are not going to have to prepare a fancy Italian meal as you see in a restaurant.

Antipasto is just the word for starter in Italian, and it normally consists of nibbles drizzled in a balsamic and olive oil dressing with some basil.

The normal foods in an antipasto are salami, a soft cheese (like mozzarella), olives, and tomatoes, but you can play around and add what you like.

2. Caramel Apple Skewers

Everyone loves candied apples at the fair. It brings a nostalgia of carefree summers whiled away throughout childhood. So, why not bring back that feeling with a recipe for caramel apple skewers?

They don’t actually contain any caramel (mainly almond butter and maple syrup) but they are sweet, gooey, and delicious.

These are perfect as a picky dessert that guests can have while wandering around, and are especially good for a garden party.

3. Strawberry Feta Skewers With A Basil Twist

If you are feeling adventurous, then why don’t you try something so obscenely sweet, sour and savory at once?

In this skewer, you place a piece of feta between two pieces of strawberry and then basil on either end while drizzling a balsamic glaze over the top.

It may seem odd, but the result combines the sweetness of the strawberry, the freshness of the basil, the sourness of the feta, and the saltiness of the balsamic glaze into a truly sensual mix.

4. Melon Caprese Skewers

Yet another flavor combination that shouldn’t work but does, the melon caprese skewer combines sweet melon with rich prosciutto ham, soft mozzarella, and fresh pesto drizzled over the top.

The melon adds a whole new element to the traditional dish, with the sweetness of the cantaloupe blending the flavors seamlessly together. It only takes ten minutes and requires minimal ingredients to make.

5. Mini-Caprese Salad Skewers

From one kind of caprese skewer to another, caprese is normally made with tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto that have all been arranged concentrically on a plate together.

In this dish, you take these ingredients and miniaturize them – cherry tomatoes, tiny mozzarella balls, and just a dab of pesto – before placing them on small skewers.

A mini caprese skewer starter is the perfect way to get people’s appetite going without filling them up too much.

6. Pesto Tortellini Skewers

If Caprese doesn’t catch your fancy, then why not go all in on another Italian favorite: tortellini? The little filled pasta pockets can not only fill up your guests, but easily be put onto skewers.

Adding some vegetables, like tomatoes or peppers on either side along the skewer with a drizzle of pesto on top, can easily make these skewers a party favorite that disappears quickly from the dinner table.

7. Wedge Salad Skewers

Fun, easy, and colorful, a wedge salad skewer may be a good thing to have at a party to brighten up the place.

They are really easy to make as well, as all you need is to cut a few raw sweet vegetables, like maybe tomato or avocado, with some salty accouterments, like crispy bacon or olives, before adding a wedge of crunchy lettuce with some dressing over the top, and you have a great skewer dish in less than five minutes.

8. Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Shrimp is a barbecue classic and is one of the best foods to put on a skewer. You don’t even need to do any work really, you only have to cook it and put it on.

No cutting or shaping involved as it is all self-contained. So, why not create a simple summer time skewer that everyone will love and put it on display?

All you need is a garlic, lemon, and herb marinade for the shrimp, the shrimp themselves, skewers, and a grill.

9. Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Sometimes simplicity is the best. A simple teriyaki sauce is made for barbecue skewers, and all you need with it is cut up chicken breast.

Drizzle the sauce on the chicken, stick on the stick and grill, drizzle some more on once it is close to done, and enjoy the sweet, savory goodness that comes with it.

10. Spanish Starter Skewers

Moving back into the Mediterranean now, but this time over to the beautiful Spanish coastline. This kind of skewer is pretty similar to the Caprese ones we had earlier, but it uses Spanish ingredients instead.

This makes it bolder with strong flavors from the Chorizo, Manchego cheese, and olives. Drizzling with a little bit of honey to smooth out these flavors, but it will go over well at a drinks party.

11. Standard Caprese Skewers

We have talked about a couple of types of caprese skewers, but sometimes the classic is the best. It is so simple and easy to do, and it doesn’t require any special treatment – like the melon caprese or the mini-caprese.

You just need to put basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes on the skewer and that’s it done. It may not seem like much, but it will go a long way.

12. Coconut Pineapple Shrimp Skewers

There is more than one kind of shrimp recipe out there, and this one comes straight from the Caribbean.

Coconut and Pineapple are wonderfully complementary flavors to most seafood dishes and provide a sweetness you wouldn’t otherwise find in a seafood skewer.

It is fresh, it is citrusy, and provides just a hint of spice that transports you to the islands.

13. Greek Salad Skewers

At this point we zigzagged all over the Mediterranean for skewers, but this time we headed to its eastern portion, to the beautiful country of Greece.

Greek salad skewers are all about combining freshness with sourness and sweetness. These work great as little cocktail skewers with olives, tomatoes, cucumber, and feta dusting with pistachio.

It is a great accompaniment to any dish at a party and even works on its own.

14. Loaded Tater Tot Skewers

A decidedly American creation this time, this is solely a comfort food. Soft, pillowy tater tots smothered in cheese with bacon in between each bite.

You may pretend not to like it, but we all know you are going back for more each time. If you need something quick and cheap for a party, this is a good option.

15. Honey Balsamic Chicken

This is a skewer that grabs attention. Not only is it unusual, it is sweet, tangy, and delicious and grabs the attention of the person eating it through its sharp opening bite.

Add some toasted sesame seeds for some extra seasoning and chow down.

16. Chicken Meatball Skewers With Japanese Glaze

A chicken meatball is perfect for a skewer, as it is rich but not too heavy and if you want to make it extra delicious, then you need to add a Japanese glaze made of soy sauce and rice vinegar.

It adds a depth of flavor that you never thought possible, and your guests will love it.

17. Chicken Satay In Peanut Dipping Sauce

An absolute party classic, chicken satay appears not only in takeaways and restaurants, but can be easily made at home.

It is a perfect way to grill your chicken and by adding a peanut dipping sauce on the side, you not only accentuate the dish’s flavor, but make it into one that you would want again and again.

18. Grilled Buffalo Chicken Skewers

Everyone loves a good spicy buffalo sauce to add to your chicken wings. Now, you can’t just go putting wings on a skewer, but you can make grilled chicken breast and lather on the sauce.

Add some peppers and onions to that, and you got a perfect sports party snack.

19. Stick Vietnamese Chicken Skewers

Vietnamese food has gone global in recent years for good reason, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your party food.

These skewers are a bomb of flavor and by adding rice or rice noodles to rest them on, you add a palate cleanser for the sticky, sweet, and tangy delights that rest on top.

20. Grilled Skirt Steak Skewers

Sometimes, the easiest barbecue food to make is also one that people really appreciate. You can’t get much easier than sticking a skirt steak on the grill, and people will love it every time you cook it, guaranteed.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can marinate it, but you don’t really have to.

21. Asian Flank Steak Skewers

Another steak option, but this time marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil. It gives a wonderful tang that goes great with the juicy and rich meat. To add some freshness, you can also add garlic and ginger in the marination process.

22. Smoked Salmon And Cream Cheese Skewers

If you want to stir away from the less heavy and more classic approach to skewers at a party, then salmon is the way to go. There is nothing that goes better with salmon than some cream cheese, dill, and cucumber.

It will be salty and so delicious, they will be all gone in moments.

23. Crostini Skewers With Beef Tenderloin

Crostinis are toasted bits of ciabatta. They add a texture and flavor not often seen in meals. This crunch works well with the saltiness and savoriness of beef.

By adding some mustard and tomatoes to the mix, you can create a delightful party snack for your guests.

24. Grilled Pork Belly Skewers

Rich, dense, and fatty, pork belly grills very well as it cooks in its own juices.

Marinating that pork belly in some soy sauce, ale, garlic, and brown sugar will create a sensual mix of flavors that will make even the biggest food critic at a party drool in anticipation.

25. Tuscan Pork Skewers

Alternatively, if you want a more fresh and seasoned pork dish, then you always make it a Tuscan dish.

Marinating and seasoning the pork with some fresh herbs and olive oil before grilling with courgettes and peppers will make this dish so much better and will transport you to a villa in the Tuscan sun.

26. Grilled Jalapeño Bacon Shrimp Skewers

If you instead want something spicy from the South of the United States, then you might want to try a grilled jalapeño bacon shrimp skewer.

Shrimp and bacon are smothered in spices before being grilled with jalapeño. It will set a fire in your mouth, as well, make you feel oh so satisfied with your meal.

27. Rainbow Veggie Kabobs

Sometimes, it’s too hot to grill, and you just want something nice and refreshing. A vegetable kabob could be perfect for this occasion and if you are making a veggie kabob, why not make it rainbow-colored!

Simply get a load of colorful salad vegetables and put them on a skewer. It’s fun for kids and adults alike.

28. Fruit Kabobs

Alternatively, if you fancy something a little sweeter than vegetables, then you should make a fruit kabob. Simply, take a skewer and put lots of sweet fruits on there. It is a perfect way to refresh and relax on a hot day at any time of year.


Skewers are a great party food. They are very easy to prepare, and they can be held while guests wander around and enjoy themselves.

Not only that, but you can customize them easily and make all sorts of combinations that will wow and astound your guests.

Frequently-Asked Question

Is There Anything That You Shouldn’t Put On A Skewer?

Yes, there are many things. The only things that you should put on a skewer are things that can hold their shape well and are not too wet or saucy.

This is because if they can’t hold their shape, they will fall off the skewer and if they are wet they will drip, either on the eater, the person they are talking to, or onto the floor in general, which is a hazard for anyone walking around.

As such, just stick to things you know will be safe. Meats are normally a good shout, as are whole fruits and vegetables.

As soon as you get into the territory of sauces, stews, or diced items, you are going to cause problems.

Sauces can be used on the food on the skewer, but they need to either be a marinade that is used before cooking, very sticky, so they won’t drip, like honey or a reduction, or a very solid, thick sauce, like peanut dipping sauce.

28 Skewer Appetizers To Wow People At A Party

28 Skewer Appetizers To Wow People At A Party

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Skewers are a great party food, and you make a variety of different kinds that will make party guests turn their heads. Click here to see some options!

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