27 Sheet Pan Dinners (Easy)

Let’s admit it – cooking can sometimes take a lot of time! Not only that, but many dishes will need a lot of different pots and pans, which results in a lot of washing up afterwards too.

Frustratingly, this combination of cooking and cleaning can often take the joy out of the actual eating of the meal. 

27 Sheet Pan Dinners (Easy!)

Well, that’s where sheet pan dinners come in! These are all about easiness, because they’re a breeze to prepare and even easier to wash up afterwards.

Not only that, but you can customize them to your heart’s content, such as adding as many healthy vegetables as you like or adding spices and seasonings.

In our handy list below, we’ve collected together some of the best and easiest sheet pan dinner recipes. There’s bound to be something you love, and you’ll soon see how easy they can be!

27 Sheet Pan Dinners (Easy)

1. Sheet Pan Pizza

We’re starting with a big one! Everybody loves a good pizza, and it’s sure to be a family’s favorite pick for dinner.

Pizzas are notoriously delicious, but also notoriously easy to make. It really is a case of laying down some dough and adding whatever – and as many! – toppings you fancy. 

Whether it’s some ham, a few olives, a bit of healthy broccoli, or even a refreshing pineapple – this pizza is yours to mold!

That fact will make it especially appealing to children, who’ll love to get messy customizing their pizza topping (see also ‘Top 20 Tasty Pizza Toppings‘).

2. Sheet Pan BBQ Meatloaf Dinner

You may not have thought it, but meatloaf can be made with just one pan! 

On top of that, this recipe provides a smoky and sweet twist to the dinner time classic, because it adds BBQ sauce to liven it up.

Not to mention, it’s healthy too! This recipe includes small potatoes and green beans to add a bit of healthiness to the mix.

However, if those aren’t your favorite vegetables, you can always swap them out for something different!

3. Sheet Pan Chicken Fried Rice

You’ll need to stay near the oven for a bit, adding new delicious ingredients every now and then, but this sheet pan recipe is still extremely easy! Not to mention the breeze of washing it up.

This is a healthy meal full of flavorful chicken, crunchy rice, and tasty vegetables.

The recipe uses peas and carrots, but also offers a whole range of alternatives: steamed broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, and more! Just make sure you dice the bigger ones into small pieces first.

4. Sheet Pan Greek Chicken

This gluten free meal is perfect for a taste of Greece, full of wonderful flavors and textures sure to get your mouth watering.

It may have loads of tasty ingredients listed, but this recipe is extremely simple and quick to prepare.

On top of that, you also make a sauce (from garlic, paprika, oregano, and more!) to pour over the dish before baking, giving it a brilliantly sweet kick. 

You can serve up the final dish with a salad, some roast potatoes and rice, or even tzatziki for extra authenticity. 

5. Sheet Pan Lemon Rosemary Dijon Chicken

This is going to be a supremely scrumptious meal, especially because the chicken is marinated in a mix of lemon, mustard, and garlic. As you can tell, this dish has a massive range of tasty flavors to it!

On top of that, you’ll enjoy some delicious vegetables for a bit of healthiness, with russet potatoes and mouth watering asparagus rounding it out. 

Every meal needs a good sauce, and this is no different.

With this recipe, you can enjoy a perfect feta sauce, which is whipped feta cheese with some lemon, yogurt, garlic, and herbs added. It’s so tasty, you’ll be making it for other meals too!

6. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

This is a wonderfully simple recipe that’s sure to please everyone at dinner time – who doesn’t love fajitas? 

Combining the tasty texture of the chicken and peppers with the softness of their tortilla wrap casing, this recipe will only take you a speedy 45 minutes. 

7. Italian Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner

This is a terrific blend of vegetables and tasty meat, all cooked together on a single pan – it’s almost like a stew!

Simply coat a mixture of potatoes, carrots, and peppers with a lovely sauce, then continue on with your green beans and sausages. 

As you can tell, this recipe is packed with healthy vegetables, whose refreshing flavors blend with the succulent sausages. It’s a well balanced meal alright!

8. Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma

There are few chicken dishes that are going to be more mouth watering than this one, especially because of the mix of Greek yogurt and spices that the meat is marinated in. 

In addition to that, there’s a fruity and aromatic seasoning that goes with it.

Made up out of just cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, and cardamom, it’s a simple mixture that makes an enormous amount of difference. 

Add to that a Tahini sauce and the option to serve all up with some pita bread, this is a meal for the ages.

9. Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Shrimp

Taking just 20 minutes to make, this is a delicious shrimp dish that you’ll be able to enjoy in no time!

Using extra large jumbo shrimp (see also ‘33 Shrimp Dinners That Will Make Anyone Drool‘), you’ll have plenty to go around! Add to that some minced garlic, black pepper, and (optional) parsely, and you’ve got something really tasty. 

For bonus refreshment, you can serve it up with some lemon wedges, whose sharpness will contrast really well with the shrimp.

10. Sheet Pan Nachos

Perfect for a party! These loaded nachos are packed full of different flavors, and are sure to fill anyone up – though they’ll still keep coming back for more!

Finished in just 25 minutes, this is an incredibly quick meal to make, as well as being very easy. There’s a large list of tasty ingredients, but they’re all simple to throw together.

Including everything from ground beef, black beans, corn kernels, and sour cream – there’s a whole range of tastiness!

Of course, there’s also the main ingredient: cheese! This includes two different varieties, for extra cheesiness.

11. Sheet Pan Steak And Veggies

If you’re a meat eater, then you surely love a juicy steak. And with tons of vegetables on the side? That’s a perfect meal!

You may have stressed cooking steaks on your stove for years, but not anymore! Popping them in the oven, following the recipe, is a much, much easier alternative. 

And we haven’t even got to the vegetables! There’s everything you’ll love: potatoes, mushrooms, yellow onions, green beans, and garlic. 

12. Sheet Pan Tilapia And Veggies

You may not have heard of tilapia, but it refers to almost a hundred different species of fish – delicious!

This meal is massively quick to make, taking just 20 minutes in all. It includes 4 tilapia filets, as well as lovely parsley herbs and tasty oregano.

On top of that, there’s loads of healthy vegetables! Whether it’s baby carrots, crunchy florets of broccoli, or slim asparagus, you’re sure to get loads of goodness out of these meals.

There’s even zucchini – though that’s technically a fruit! 

13. Sheet Pan Spinach Tomato Ricotta Frittata

This works brilliantly as a quick and easy dinner, but you can also use it for breakfast the next morning too!

Taking just 25 minutes in total to make, this is a brilliantly quick pick. The shallots are added to the spinach and tomatoes, while eggs and ricotta cheese are whisked together separately.

After that, the egg mixture is poured out onto the pan, before the other mixture is added on top.

For extra cheesiness, you can add shredded parmesan on top before baking.

14. Sheet Pan Tuscan Pork

A perfect mix of meat and vegetables, this incredibly simple dish is bound to get your taste buds excited with its tastiness and healthiness.

There’s very few ingredients to it, as well, making it even easier! All you’ll need is some pork loin, baby potatoes, and broccoli florets.

Add to that the olive oil and the salt and pepper, as well as the all-important Tuscan seasoning, and you’ve got yourself a dinner!

15. Sheet Pan Chili Lime Salmon With Potatoes & Peppers

Now there’s a mouth watering title! As you can guess, this easy to make sheet pan dinner is full of flavor and goodness.

Salmon is already one of the tastiest and juiciest fish that you can get, and it’s only improved with this meal.

It’s surrounded by golden potatoes and colorful bell peppers, as well as all kinds of extras: garlic powder, chili powder (for an added kick!), cumu, and more.

Lime zest gives it an additional hint of sharpness, but you can also serve it with lime wedges at the end if you want even more!

16. Sheet Pan Tofu & Broccoli Teriyaki

This isn’t just incredibly easy to make, but it’s also packed with delicious flavor and full of protein.

Taking just 35 minutes to make, this is perfect for dinner times, and there will be minimal washing up afterwards as well. The main ingredients involve extra firm tofu, large broccoli, and some cornstarch.

However, the bulk of the extra flavor will come from the absolutely delicious Teriyaki sauce that you make with it! This includes loads of ingredients, but is properly easy to make.

Including things like chili garlic sauce, mirin, sriracha, and tamari – this is sure to have a flavorful kick to it!

17. Sheet Pan Asian Chicken Stir Fry

If you want a bit of Asian cuisine, then this stir fry sheet pan dinner is the perfect choice – and it’s incredibly easy to make too!

This takes just 5 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook, yet is packed with flavor. Accompanying the chicken thighs are oyster sauce (see also ‘11 Substitutes For Oyster Sauce‘), soy sauce,  honey and more – including plenty of mixed Asian vegetables.

18. Sheet Pan Quesadilla

Quesadillas (see also ‘23 Delicious Filling Ideas For The Best Quesadilla (Easy Quesadilla Recipes)‘) are a perfect Mexican treat of tortillas packed with plenty of meat, cheese, and vegetables. This one is no different, only it’s all cooked in a single sheet pan!

You’ll get a perfect mix of flavors with this quick and easy dinner dish. The Mexican seasoned chicken has all kinds of tasty hints to it, while the gooey cheese will simply make your mouth water. 

In addition to those, there are bell peppers and black beans to give you some added healthiness.

19. Sheet Pan Beef And Broccoli

This is exactly as it sounds, a brilliant blend of beef and broccoli! 

However, all kinds of extra flavors are brought out with the addition of onions, soy sauce, garlic cloves, and more.

20. Sheet Pan Honey Apricot Chicken

Absolutely as delicious and sticky as the title suggests, this is a great pick for your dinner.

You start by combining your chicken with an egg and some pepper, and continue from there. Later on, you add a delicious sauce that’s made up of – among other tasty ingredients – apricot preserves, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. 

21. Sheet Pan Fish And Chips

Now this is a classic! Who doesn’t love some good old fish and chips? On top of that, it’s a dish that couldn’t be easier to make. 

It may take slightly longer than other dishes on this list, at 70 minutes, but it’s more than worth that extra little bit of time.

Parsley and black pepper will help to liven up your fish, while panko is used to coat it in crumbs.

As for the delicious chips, you’ll be making them out of lovely golden or yellow unpeeled potatoes. 

Serve with lemon wedges for some extra sharpness!

22. Sheet Pan Roasted Pineapple Meatloaf

This is another very easy and very healthy way to transform your meatloaf, and it’s all with the use of just one single sheet pan!

You can make your meatloaf out of either pork or turkey, but whichever you pick will be perfectly delicious. Add to that some scallions, red pepper flakes, soy sauce, and pineapple juice. Oh, and some bread!

On top of that, you’ve got a delicious glaze to coat it all in – which will really make the meal!

The glaze couldn’t be simpler to make, just an easy blend of pineapple juice and hoisin sauce. Yet it makes all the difference!

23. Sheet Pan Jamaican Chicken

For a bit of Jamaican cuisine, this is a wonderfully simple – yet wonderfully tasty – dinner dish to try. And it only takes 25 minutes!

The chicken (along with a healthy mix of onions, potatoes, and peppers) is covered in a delicious Jamaican spice rub.

The rub is packed with different elements, from cinnamon and cayenne, to brown sugar and ground allspice. 

24. Sheet Pan Shrimp And Sausage Bake

This is a deliciously healthy dish that just so happens to have a mix of two perfect meats too – shrimp and sausage! Now that’s a combination of tastes and textures.

Though there are loads of different ingredients in this incredibly varied dish, don’t let that fall you, it’s still very easy and quick to make.

Health is really the name of the game here. The ingredients include: onion, lemon, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, corn, and potatoes.

Add to that all the delicious seasonings, and the tasty sausage and shrimp combination, and this is an impressive dinner. 

25. Sheet Pan Jambalaya

This is another dish with shrimp and sausage, but a whole different range of other ingredients to enjoy alongside it! 

A jambalaya is a rice dish that’s packed with meat and vegetables, and this sheet pan one doesn’t disappoint. This particular one uses cauliflower rice, adding a bit of tasty difference.

With that, you’ll also enjoy some bell peppers, onions, tomato paste, and more. 

Once it’s all cooked together by following the instructions, you can add a delicious garnish afterwards.

The garnish consists of some fresh parsley, for an extra herby taste, as well as just a squeeze of lemon juice – not too much! The lemon will make sure that the dish has a small and sharp hint of citrus.

26. Sheet Pan Curried Chicken

If you love a curry flavor to your food, then this sheet pan dish is going to be the best pick for you!

Involving chicken drumsticks and a whole range of healthy vegetables, this dish gets its curry edge from a red curry paste. The paste is mixed with some brown sugar and vegetable oil beforehand. 

Once it’s all done, you can serve the dish with some rice for the full curry experience. On top of that, add some lime wedges for an extra citrus kick.

27. Sheet Pan Harissa Chicken

Another great way to mix-up your chicken, this harissa sheet pan dish is sure to be a favorite for those of you who love some spiciness and smokiness with your food.

Don’t worry if you don’t, harissa doesn’t have to be too hot!

Alternatively, if you don’t eat meat then you can swap the chicken for delicious tofu. 

The harissa marinade is packed with flavors: smoked paprika, cumin, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Line A Sheet Pan With?

All of these recipes use a sheet pan, but you won’t want the food to stick to it! To get around that, cover the pan with some parchment paper. 

Is A Sheet Pan Better For Meatloaf? 

Sheet pans are better for meatloaf than baking pans because they won’t be a tight fit.

Final Thoughts

Sheet pan dinners are incredibly quick and easy, and require almost no washing up! Find your future favorites by using our list above.

27 Sheet Pan Dinners (Easy)

27 Sheet Pan Dinners (Easy)

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Sheet pan dinners are incredibly easy to make and require almost no washing up. Read our guide to the 27 best and easiest sheet pan dinners.

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