The 10 Must-Try Items From The Secret Menu At Jersey Mike’s

Most people know their favorite sub sandwich and regular customers at Jersey Mike’s should be able to reel off their meal of choice.

Jersey Mike’s has been going since 1956 so it should be expected that certain menu items have come and gone yet they still serve Northeastern subs to this day.

That includes some classic offerings but once that menu item disappears there should be a sense of disappointment. However, most servers will still know how to make your favorite sub, even if it is no longer listed on the menu.

The 10 Must-Try Items From The Secret Menu At Jersey Mike’s

This is where the secret menu comes into play and Jersey Mike’s is no different from other franchises by offering a few custom options.

Simply ask for your favorite sub sandwich and the server should be happy to make it, so long as you know what is supposed to go into it if they have forgotten.

If they have the fillings, you should have the sandwich and you may even get kudos for proving how much of a long-standing customer you are.

In this guide, we will look at 10 of the must-try items that have disappeared from the regular menu but you can still order from Jersey Mike’s secret menu.

The 10 Must-Try Items From The Secret Menu At Jersey Mike’s

  • The BLT
  • Sweet Pepper Wrap
  • The Martian
  • The R&R Special
  • ‘Sub In A Tub’
  • ‘Surf n Turf’
  • Big Kahuna Cheesesteak (Served With Chipotle Mayonnaise)
  • Lumberjack Salad (see also ‘9 American Salad Chains You Must Visit‘)
  • The Meateor
  • Cancro Special

1. The BLT

This one may be a surprise as The BLT is a classic sandwich yet it does not appear on the menu at Jersey Mike’s.

That does not mean that they cannot make you one as they undoubtedly have the right ingredients in bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Also, Jersey Mike’s is the sort of place where you can ramp up a classic sandwich combination.

Perhaps add some chipotle mayonnaise or a few jalapeño peppers, maybe even a new meat such as pepperoncini, or you can just keep it as it is.

This may be one of the simplest sub sandwiches to order as it is so well-known.

Most people know what a BLT sandwich signifies so the combination of Applewood smoked bacon, with lettuce, and tomato should prove easy enough to organize.

2. Sweet Pepper Wrap

There are a fair few items on the regular menu that contain a lot of meat at Jersey Mike’s, not to mention the secret menu.

Help is at hand for vegetarians with the Sweet Pepper Wrap which is a worthy vegetarian option and may even prove popular with meat-lovers.

You will need to order a Grilled Veggie Wrap which works really well on the tomato basil-flavored wrap.

The next choices are crucial as you will drop the ranch dressing and go with cherry pepper relish (this sandwich is all about the peppers) and spicy chipotle mayonnaise.

Finally, take out the bell peppers and replace them with hot peppers then add in grilled bell peppers.

You can even create a more substantial sandwich by adding some grilled mushrooms to the mix.

3. The Martian

No, this has nothing to do with the Matt Damon film as it does not contain potatoes. However, it is out of the world hence the name.

Start by ordering #5 which is The Super Sub and it only takes two switches to create The Martian. These are only subtle changes but they make all the difference in this typically Italian sandwich.

If ordering The Martian brings blank looks from your server, ask for a Super-sub and replace the prosciuttini with pepperoni and then substitute the ham with salami, that’s it.

What are you left with is arguably the best cold-cut combination in a sub sandwich with provolone and cappacuola finishing it off.

It also looks red, what with all the cold cuts, hot peppers, and tomatoes, which kinda helps with the likening to the Red Planet.

4. The R&R Special

For a bit of R & R, head to Jersey Mike’s for a classic Reuben sandwich, albeit an Americanized version.

You can choose between pastrami and corned beef but go with Swiss cheese, and coleslaw rather than sauerkraut, with creamy Russian dressing.

Those ingredients simply work when put together in a sandwich and you can even combine the pastrami with the corned beef as both will go well with melted Swiss cheese.

This is the sub sandwich for anyone that likes to visit a deli and is an easy alternative to heading to New York City for a trip to Katz Deli.

You can expect the sub sandwich to come, not on rye bread, but a freshly baked wheat or white sub.

The coleslaw and white bread work really well together with the deli meat.

5. ‘Sub In A Tub’

For those who are on a keto diet and steering clear of carbohydrates then a trip to Jersey Mike’s may not seem like a wise idea.

Then again, you can always order a ‘Sub In A Tub’ which most people are not aware of.

This is basically all the sandwich fillings but without the bread to hold them all in. What you are left with is a delicious sandwich without worrying about the carbohydrates.

If you can order a menu item in a bowl from a taco spot, Jersey Mike’s is happy to oblige with the same deal. The container is also a convenient size and helps with those who have gluten-free dietary preferences.

Plus, this is a comparatively healthy option that still comes with all those tasty ingredients from your favorite sandwich.

6. ‘Surf ‘N’ Turf’

You may expect a ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’ on the menu at a fancy restaurant, not a sandwich shop and, ok, a ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’ should represent steak with lobster as the two key components.

It’s fairly obvious that Jersey Mike’s does not sell either ingredient yet that does not mean they cannot try their own twist.

Their sandwich is based on offering a taste of land and sea which begins by ordering the #9 which is a Club Supreme.

Then the changes are made when you substitute the provolone for Swiss cheese and remove the turkey for tuna.

Finally, bacon is substituted with roast beef (the closest thing to a Filet Mignon steak that’s available).

You can add whatever fillings you like but this is a far cheaper alternative to the ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’ you can get in a restaurant.

7. Big Kahuna Cheesesteak (Served With Chipotle Mayonnaise)

For a big appetite, you need a big sandwich and the Big Kahuna Cheesesteak with Chipotle Mayonnaise delivers.

To go by its number would be to order the #99 which seems simple enough though you could call it the ‘Big Kahuna’.

The sandwich is basically a combination of a Big Kahuna Cheesesteak with a Chipotle Cheese Steak.

For that, you can imagine lots of grilled onions, grilled steak, pepper, mushrooms, and jalapeños, with four slices of American cheese.

Perhaps go for some pepper jack for an extra twist though ensure you finish with the chipotle mayonnaise.

Yes, this is a big reference to the Pulp Fiction film and combines a classic cheesesteak with flavors of the Southwest with the chilies and sauces. This is also the ideal choice if you are truly famished.

8. Lumberjack Salad

It may seem weird to order a salad at Jersey Mike’s yet this is no typical salad, especially if you are already aware of the ‘in the tub’ scenario.

If you want to go without the bread then the Lumberjack Salad is not the strangest meal you can order and can be incredibly filling.

Obviously, lumberjacks need fuel and their salad is effectively a #9 Club Supreme which comes in a Tub.

To complete the order, replace the turkey with prosciuttini then add a drizzle of that spicy mustard though do ensure you get a full dose of vegetables.

What you are left with is a meal fit for a hard day’s work including Applewood smoked bacon, roast beef, prosciuttini on lettuce, and tomatoes.

You can also add cucumbers, olives, onions, peppers, and even a drizzle of vinegar, and oil. With all those vegetables and a healthy portion of meat, you can be ready for whatever the day throws at you.

9. The Meateor

The name should be obvious enough but The Meateor is not a sandwich for those who love vegetables, they have The Veggie and the Sweet Pepper Wrap.

This sub sandwich is essentially adding every single meat, all eight of them, onto a six-inch roll.

That’s salami, pepperoni, roast beef, ham, turkey, prosciuttini, bacon, and capicola for those who are wondering.

You may be forgiven for breaking out in meat sweats simply by reading that list of ingredients but just imagine the sandwich.

The sandwich actually began when one loyal customer showcased their meat-tastic order over social media and The Meateor was launched.

Once you bite into the sandwich, you should be able to discern every available meat, all eight of them.

Then there are the additional components that differentiate it from a New York deli sandwich such as mayonnaise, lettuce, pickles, oil, and vinegar that you can add on top.

Or you may simply want to deal with all that meat, but take your time with it as it can seem like quite an ordeal.

10. Cancro Special

The Cancro Special cannot be found on the menu at Jersey Mike’s but ordering one is effectively paying tribute to one man.

Peter Cancro was an early investor in the sandwich shop at the age of 17 and truly believed in the brand.

He also owned the shop so came up with his own sandwich, as you would if you had the chance.

One of several reasons why the Cancro Special cannot be found on the menu is simply because it doesn’t sound that appetizing.

Alas, the Cancro Special proved that though he had great taste in sandwich shops, he did not have the best taste in sandwiches so it did not prove popular.

That does not mean you should not try it as the mix of roast beef, pepperoni, and provolone cheese may be right up your street, and it is easy to organize.

Plus, you may get a telling nod from the server for ordering such a sandwich.

What Makes Jersey Mike’s So Special

Jersey Mike’s is not simply a sub sandwich shop, it is more of an institution for those from New Jersey.

The franchise began in 1956 when it was known as Mike’s Subs in the town of Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Granted, at the time the idea of a franchise was still relatively new and the shop stood out for offering sandwiches rather than burgers, pizzas, or fried chicken.

For people who wanted a simply prepared meal, the shop proved quietly effective.

Fifteen years later, Mike’s Subs was up for sale and was purchased by Peter Cancro who was only 17 years old.

He had not worked in that sandwich shop for three years and was not even old enough to slice the meat yet now owned Mike’s Subs.

After the purchase, he went on to open two more shops which soon became popular as many lined up to sample the sub sandwiches.

By 1987, the name had changed from Mike’s Subs to Jersey Mike’s which was in honor of the shop’s roots.

The name was also important as the franchise expanded beyond New Jersey and currently has over 2,000 shops across the US.

Now, the sandwich shop has a range of subs including the Club Supreme, Original Italian, and The Veggie.

There are also hot sub sandwiches including Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak, The Philly, and Chipotle Cheese Steak.

Frequently Askd Questions

What Does ‘In A Tub’ Mean When You Ask For One At Jersey Mike’s?

Asking for a sandwich ‘in a tub’ is basically asking for a sandwich without the bread.

All of Jersey Mike’s sandwiches can come ordered as a ‘Sub in a Tube’ so you get all the requisite fillings in a tub (plastic container) instead of being encased in bread.

Typically, you get a bit more lettuce which you would expect in a salad anyway.

How Many Loyalty Points Do You Need For A Free Sub Sandwich At Jersey Mike’s?

Loyalty points are a good way for customers to be rewarded for continuing to order from a certain store.

Jersey Mike’s is no different and you need 48 loyalty points to get a free mini-sized sub sandwich.

With 72 loyalty points, you can get a free regular-sized sub sandwich, a Sub Bowl, or a wrap.

Finally, with 144 loyalty points, you can get a free giant-sized sub sandwich.

Final Thoughts

Anyone with a large appetite can be left feeling famished when they are on the go and few places sate that urge than Jersey Mike’s.

A big sub sandwich with as many fillings as you want should do the trick yet repeat customers may have become bored with the regular menu.

That’s where the secret menu comes in and should you find an experienced server, they should be able to oblige with your order.

If you can imagine a sandwich then it is possible with the range of ingredients that Jersey Mike’s has at their disposal.

Whether that be a Cancro Special with roast beef, provolone cheese, and pepperoni or a Meateor with all the meats included.

Something as simple as a BLT should not be difficult to prepare while a Sweet Pepper Wrap provides a welcome vegetarian option.

Take some time to look at the available ingredients and think up your dream sandwich and then make it a reality.

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