28 Savory Snack Recipes That Are Hard To Resist

While eating 3 meals a day is fine, it is an undeniable truth that in between meals it is hard to resist snacking and this is something everyone does at least a couple time a day.

Snacks are a great way to satiate a craving or tide you over until the next meal.

However, a problem with snacking can be that if you are doing it quite often, you can end up eating a lot more processed foods than is ideal.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is because a lot of snack foods are processed, and when we snack we will simply want something quickly without too much preparation and the easiest solution to this is eating something pre-made.

While wanting to eat quickly is sometimes a necessity, if we are constantly trying to find the food we can get inside us the quickest, this can lead to some pretty unhealthy eating habits.

If you are instead making your own food and putting effort into it, this makes you a lot more thoughtful when you inevitably eat the food. This is also a good way to grow a greater respect for food and learn how to appreciate it.

This is the same for snacks as it is for meals. If you know what goes into your snacks because you are making them, you are more likely to snack responsibly.

And with so many snack foods being so highly processed, it can be refreshing to actually know what ingredients are in the food.

This also makes it easier to assess the nutritional value of the food which you are eating.

But just because you know want to cook and make your own snack foods, this does not mean that you automatically know how to make these foods or have inspiration on what to make.

This is why this guide will come in handy! We have collected 28 different recipes for savory snack ideas.

You do not need to follow these recipes super closely as a lot of them can jumped off of to get ideas for different things.

But with these recipes hopefully you will get the inspiration you need to start making your own savory snacks!

If you are looking for some amazing savory snack recipes, but you do not know where to start, read on to get the ideas which you are looking for!

1.Buffalo Chicken Dip

This buffalo dip is packed full of that unique umami flavor which is so easy to crave, and it is a perfect addition to anything you want to dip in it whether that’s crackers, veggies, or something more out there.

This dip is packed full of different ingredients like cream, blue and cheddar cheese, as well as rotisserie chicken and hot sauce. It is perfect to make in bigger batches or for parties!

2.Texas Trash

This is a super simple, but super satisfying snack mix to make, while the recipe recommends specific crunchy snacks to use, you can adapt this to fit whatever you like, and what makes it even more delicious is the seasoned glaze you give it made with a combination of butter, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and celery salt as well as hot sauce.

If you want something quick, easy and delicious, this is the way to go!

3.Texas Taco Dip Platter

This taco dip platter is perfect for sharing and perfectly captures the classic taco topping flavors in the form of a dip!

4.Potato Chips

While you may think it is a lot more difficult to do than it actually is, making your own potato chips is not actually that difficult and does not need that many ingredients either.

The beauty of this recipe is how easy it is to customize once you have got down how to make it.

These are also baked instead of fried, making them significantly healthier than normal chips.

5.Pizza Rolls

This pizza roll recipe needs an air fryer, but if you have one, this recipe is super easy to make.

Similar to some other recipes on this list, you probably did not know how easy it is to make this store-bought snack at home, and once you do, it will be hard to stop.

Once you have made them once, you will be able to fill them with whatever fillings you want to keep them fun and interesting!

6.Buffet Meatballs

These meatballs are a great appetizer or snack and only require a couple simple ingredients to put together!

7.Ranch Pretzels 

Pretzels are delicious, as is ranch dressing, this ingenious combination soaks the pretzels in a homemade marinade and lets it bake into it in the oven, making this a simple combination with delicious results!

8.Kale Chips

If you want some healthier snacks, but you struggle to fit them into your diet in a way you find delicious, this simple air fryer kale chip recipe makes kale chips super quickly.

These are super moreish and really easy to customize with different seasonings to help you work out what you like best!

9.Potato Skins

Making potato skins is a great alternative to fries, and they are perfect for pairing with any of the various dips which we have included in this guide!

10.Alabama Fire Crackers

These fire crackers are a step above standard saltines and with the super easy seasoning mix, you will have a new favorite flavor combination which is easy to recreate in mere minutes once you have learned how to put this recipe together!

11.Cornbread Muffins

If you have never had cornbread before, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make them.

These muffins do not take that long to bake and the batter is super easy to mix up.

They have a slightly sweet taste, but if you do not want this mixed in with the savory you can just exclude the honey from the recipe.

12.Garlic Pumpkin Seeds

These garlic pumpkin seeds are super easy to make and a so moreish that they will be the perfect midday snack!

13.Mac And Cheese Balls

Mac and cheese balls (see also ‘23 Simple Cheese Ball Recipes‘) are one of the best ways to reuse mac and cheese and make it suitable for different situations.

If you have made a large mac and cheese for a meal and have loads of leftovers you want to make more interesting, this is what you should do with them!

14.Buffalo Wings

These are a quintessential snack classic and while they require a bit more effort than some of the other entries on this list, the sticky spicy glaze which defines these wings will make it worth it!

15.Slow Cooked Cheddar And Bacon Dip

Slow cooking dips are a great way to intensify the delicious flavor which they create and nothing proves that more than this recipe.


While you may think it would just be easier to buy hummus, you can save a lot of money and not that much effort by just making this dip yourself.

It is the perfect choice for dipping other snacks in, and once you know how you like to make it, you can change it up with different seasonings!

17.Potato Wedges

While some people prefer fries, many love potato wedges, and they require a lot less effort and can often have a much better texture and flavor.

This recipe makes making potato wedges simple and like a lot of the other entries, these are easy to customize and go well with so many different sauces and dips.

18.Savory Party Bread

This party bread is easy to make and is perfect for sharing!


Similar to hummus you may think it would be simpler to just buy this, but once you know how to make guacamole, you will not want to stop! The flavors are also super easy to customize and adjust to your tastes.

20.Sweet Potato Fries

If you like a combo of salty and sweet, you have got to try this super simple recipe for sweet potato fries.

They can be seasoned just to your tastes and are baked making them a lot healthier than the fried variety.

21.Dill Pickle Dip

If you have never tried dill pickle dip, this is the perfect recipe for trying it out for the first time!

22.Veggie Tray

While it may not be your first thought for a savory snacks, preparing a veggie tray is super cheap and does not require too much effort.

They are also great for pairing with some of the delicious dips which are included in this article!

23.Hormel Chili Dip

This is a simple dip which goes well with whatever you want to put in it, and if you have been craving the flavor combo of chili and cheese, this is one of the best ways to experience it!

24.Mustard Pretzel Nuggets

These are super simple to make and can be made super cheap for great results!

25.Parmesan Ranch Popcorn

Plain popcorn, or even some of the standard sweet or salty varieties can get boring.

But this Parmesan ranch version is a fresh flavor combo which is a perfect pairing for popcorn.

If you have never tried savory popcorn, this is a perfect place to start.

26.Velveeta Sausage Dip

The secret to making this dip so delicious is the inclusion of crushed sausages giving the dip a unique flavor and texture combo hidden in the melted cheese.

27.Homemade Doritos

If you are tired of paying for Doritos, this recipe gives you a perfect way to make them from home without too much effort.

28.Garlic Parmesan Wings

While buffalo wings are the go-to thought when it comes to preparing wings, this garlic Parmesan recipe will give you a new favorite flavor!


Hopefully these recipes have given you the inspiration you need to start making your own savory snack foods!

Choose a couple of these recipes which you like the look of to make first, and remember that these ideas are all quite easy to adapt with different flavor ideas, so do not be hesitant to get creative!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Savory Mean?

Savory (or the spelling savoury) is primarily used as an adjective to describe taste.

It is often used as the opposite of sweet, however there can be foods which encapsulate both a sweet and savory taste.

A savory taste is something which either tastes salty or spicy or some combination of the two.

Good examples of classic savory flavors are; cheese, pizza, chili, or foods which taste similar to these.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Snack?

If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, knowing when to eat is more important than many people expect.

There are some key times of day when it is actually the most important times to snack.

One of the most important times is if you have gone more than 4 hours without a meal.

This is because if you do not eat your metabolism will actually slow down and your blood sugar will drop, so if you do not snack at this time, it is likely you will overeat when it comes to actually have a meal.

You should also snack if you have done an intense workout for about an hour or more than you will need to replace the energy which you have consumed.

If it has been a less intense workout or a shorter one, you can still snack if you know it will be a while until your next meal!

There is also mixed advice when it comes to snacking before you sleep, but it is shown that if you have a small snack before you sleep it should help you sleep better, instead of lying in bed hungry.

It is also a good idea to have a small snack before you go out to eat, this will make it, so you are less likely to order food you want just because you are starving, instead of actually wanting it.

This will make it, so you save money, as well as stop you from overeating!

What To Eat When You Are Craving Savory?

If you are craving savory, but you do not have the time to make one of the recipes in this list, but you still do not want to eat something heavily processed, you are probably stuck on what to do if you have a craving for something savory.

When it comes to quick and cheap savory bites to satiate your craving some of the best choice are; beef jerky, cheese, chia seed packs, coconut chips, crackers, popcorn, nuts, or seaweed snacks.

Most of these are not very processed making them a pretty healthy choice, and they are also easy to have a small portion of to tide you over until you get to your next meal!

Difference Between Savory And Umami?

Umami is a flavor type which was theorized by Japanese scientists in the early 1900s as it was a similar flavor which is shown to be different and distinct from the 4 recognized flavor types being sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

It is shown to be a unique flavor type which is produced primarily by free form glutamate which is a certain type of amino acid.

The umami flavor is usually enhanced through processes like fermentation as this helps break down more glutamates and creates these amino acids.

Umami is often described as a more subtle savory or meaty taste.

So this is not something which is the opposite or distinct from savory, but instead something that falls under the bracket of savory.

Best Snack Foods? 

The best snack food will be dependent on what you are craving, so if you are wanting something sweet, you should have something sweet, and if you want something savory, have something savory.

The best advice to give on how to snack well is to have access to snacks which you know will satiate your cravings but will not be too tempting to eat when you are not hungry and just bored.

This is a difficult balance to find, and it is a lot easier to recommend than it is to pull off.

But once you can find this balance, you will feel a lot healthier about snacking!

28 Savory Snack Recipes That Are Hard To Resist

28 Savory Snack Recipes That Are Hard To Resist

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