The Best 20 Recipes For Sandwiches

Sandwiches are one of those universal meals that everyone seems to love.

After all, who could dislike a recipe as simple as putting something between 2 slices of bread?

And, because it is a recipe concept as simple as putting something between a few pieces of bread, it is no surprise that there are many different kinds of sandwich recipes and types all over the world, with literal billions of different people coming up with different ingredients to put into a sandwich.

The Best 20 Recipes For Sandwiches

With there being such a massive variety of different sandwiches across the globe, there are almost too many to keep track of. And certainly, too many to decide on just a few that you want to try out for yourself.

That is unless you can narrow them down for yourself.

That is what we are here to help out with!

In this guide, we are going to show you some of the best kinds out there that you can try to make or inspire your sandwiches.

1. Chicken Sandwich

Starting this list with an iconic sandwich that works just as great as the main meal as it is as a light lunch, we have a classic chicken sandwich.

Chicken is a popular ingredient wherever you go in the world, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that chicken is a popular sandwich filling across the world.

Plus, when it is combined with a bed of fresh vegetables, such as lettuce, and maybe some freshly sliced tomatoes to boot, you have a pretty balanced meal too.

There are plenty of ways to prepare your chicken for your sandwich (some of which we will cover later), but we do love a good fried piece of chicken in between our fresh slices of bread!

This is probably why this sandwich is just as popular as a meal, as it is just as a little extra to keep you going through lunch!

2. Egg Sandwich

Moving from the chicken, to what comes first (arguably), we have a delicious egg sandwich.

Like the chicken sandwich that we covered before, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare an egg for a sandwich, probably as many ways as there are to cook an egg itself!

(Don’t worry, we’ll get around to them soon enough!)

However, no matter which way you prefer your eggs to be prepared, their high protein content makes them an ideal food to provide plenty of energy for the day ahead!

Some might say that adding mayo on top of a scrambled egg is doubling up a little too much.

However, one taste of this particular egg sandwich is all you need to see how tasty it is for yourself!

3. Submarine Sandwich

Turning to another sandwich dish that makes for a perfect meal dish as it does your lunch meal, we have a classic submarine sandwich.

This is the first type of sandwich on our list that specifically calls for a long cylindrical bread roll to be used, instead of just a standard old classic loaf.

This allows you to fill your sandwich with even more fillings, such as plenty of different meats like the salami and ham that this recipe calls for.

However, don’t let the ingredients list that Go To Reciperecipe asks for dictate what you put in your sandwich!

Fill it to your heart’s content with your favorite ingredients!

4. American Sandwich

When it comes to favorite options in delis across the country, you can go wrong with an all-American submarine sandwich!

Like the last recipe, this one uses a longer baguette-style loaf as its bread of choice to contain your fillings.

The American sandwich is a favorite, thanks to the versatility that comes with this type of sandwich.

While most standard American sandwiches will call for a few key ingredients (some meat, cheese of some kind, and fruit or veg), what exactly those ingredients are is completely up to you.

You can stick with the leaner ingredients that this recipe recommends, or you can go whole-hog with your favorites.

The choice is up to you!

5. Seafood Sandwich

Of course, not every sandwich has to have some kind o meat or cheese inside of it to be amazing.

Many would stake their reputation on seafood sandwiches benign the best out there!

Of course, personal tastes and preferences will dictate exactly will be your favorite type of sandwich filling is to choose for yourself.

However, we can’t deny that fish is packed full of protein and Omega-3 are great nutrient for your body, so seafood meals certainly have that going for them!

If you can’t use the lobster meat that the recipe recommends, then imitation crab meat will serve you just as well in this recipe!

6. Fish Sandwich

So, you may e wondering right now what exactly the difference is between a seafood sandwich and a fish sandwich.

Well, technically, there is no difference between them.

That is, in the same way, that there is technically nothing different between putting a cherry tomato in your sandwich over a beef one.

Sure, it is technically similar to or same food, but it just doesn’t feel the same, you know?

Plus, imitation crab meat and a fillet of fish are not the same food, and you can’t tell us otherwise!

Plus, there’s cheese in this sandwich too, which gives a different taste and texture to it!

If you love a little fried fish, this recipe will be perfect for you!

7. Fried Egg Sandwich

So, here we are with another egg recipe on this list.

So what makes it so different from the last one that we covered?

Well, there’s more than one way to prepare these little packets of protein, so you’ll often find a different recipe accommodating that.

Take this fried egg recipe, for example. 

When prepared just right, you get a runny yellow/orange yolk that will soak into your bread, creating a juicy sandwich that you’ll struggle to find with any other kind of recipe, or even any other kind of egg, for that matter!

8. Bacon Sandwich

Here it is, the king of the meaty sandwiches.

Is there anything as hearty and filling as a bacon sandwich?

Except, maybe 2 bacon sandwiches?

Jokes aside, you really can’t go wrong with a sandwich like this, as there’s something to be enjoyed about however you choose to cook your bacon.

Getting your bacon to just the right amount of crisp gives you a crunchy sandwich that won’t be beaten in terms of texture.

However, a less crispy bacon rater is just that little bit juicier, and the flavors will soak into the bread just a little bit better.

If you’re feeling extra decadent today, you can always slather a little extra butter on your bread too!

9.Bagel Toast

Now, time for a sandwich that is a little bit different, in more ways than one.

People tend to assume that bagels are just round loaves of bread.

However, the bread boiled instead of baked is what gives them their distinct smooth texture, creating a completely different experience in terms of mouth feel.

And that is especially the case when toasted, too! That smooth outer shell turns crunchy, giving you tons of flavor and texture experiences when compared to normal bread.

10. Bologna Sandwich

Of course, if we’re talking about famous sandwich dishes from across the United States, we can’t exactly forget about a classic bologna sandwich.

This recipe takes the classic meat-based sandwich and adds a little extra flavor and texture by frying the meat too.

The trick with this recipe is to cut slits into your bologna before cooking it up.

Make sure that you’ve got plenty of mayo and mustard to this sandwich, as well as a little crunchy lettuce to add a little extra taste and color to your sandwich.

11. Roast Beef Sandwich

Right up there with cheese sandwiches and BLTs, there probably isn’t a more loved sandwich recipe than a classic roast beef sandwich.

Beef is the centerpiece meat of so many dishes, from beef galoshes (obviously) to Sunday roast meals.

So, why wouldn’t these succulent slices of beef go amazing in a sandwich recipe?

Whether you’re preparing beef fresh, getting the slices store-bought, or even using leftovers from a big meal that couldn’t be finished, this is a recipe that any meat lover can appreciate!

12. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Of course, right up there is a good roast beef sandwich, we can’t forget about what is (arguably) America’s favorite sandwich to chow down on!

A good grilled sandwich is a perfect way to improve virtually any cheese-based sandwich, no matter what the filling is.

Not only do you get a delicious and oozy melty mouthful of cheese in your belly, but the toasted bread has some great contrast in terms of textures too.

While many people might be put off by the idea, we would recommend adding some veggies to your next grilled cheese sandwich!

Specifically, a good fresh pepper can some extra texture to your meal, without ruining the sandwich in the same way that other vegetables might, like lettuce!

13. Ham Sandwich

Still, you don’t need to go big with a sandwich to make it a good one.

Ham sandwiches are a staple meal for many people across the world, and it is not hard to see why.

Simple, easy to make, and super quick too, you can’t go wrong with one of these (well, unless there are dietary restrictions, of course).

Plus, it’s not hard to accessorize a ham sandwich too, so go nuts with this one!

14. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Okay, we have mentioned one chicken sandwich idea in this list already.

However, just like eggs, there are plenty of ways to prepare poultry for your meal.

Instead of choosing to fry this particular sandwich filling, grilling is another great option if you’re looking to add a little chicken to today’s lunch meal.

15. BLT Sandwich

So, we’ve already mentioned a bacon sandwich recipe here.

Why do we need to cover another one?

To that, we say that you’ve probably never had a full BLT before then, have you?

With beautifully crispy bacon, resting on a bed of lettuce and sliced tomato, this is a sandwich that somehow manages to be both wonderfully savory, as well as add a little sweetness to the mix too!

Small wonder this is a go-to brunch sandwich!

16. Cheese Steak Sandwich

Cheese is great in a sandwich, and beef steak is up there too.

So, why not combine them into one incredible sandwich?

The signature sandwich dish of Philadelphia, a cheese steak sandwich is a hard meal to pass up!

17. Nutella Sandwich

Time for something a little sweeter for the palette!

Nutella and bananas are a combination that can’t be beaten when it comes to a classic sweet sandwich.

The hazelnut chocolate spread, coupled with some thinly sliced banana, is the perfect sweet treat for kids across the world!

18. Ice Cream Sandwich

However, if we’re talking about great sweet sandwiches, then almost nothing comes close to a classic ice cream sandwich.

Sandwiching the ice cream filling between 2 biscuits or cookies instead of bread, this is the perfect-frozen dessert for a hot summer’s day!

19. Hot Dog

Okay, we’re not going to re-open the old debate about whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich.

Instead, we’re just going to show you this dish to make for yourself!

20. Chicken Salad Sandwich

You’ve heard of a BLT, but how about a CLT instead?

Replacing the bacon with chicken is a simple change that makes all the difference with the lettuce and tomato still in this dish.

If you’re looking to switch up the main meat of choice in your salad sandwich, this is a great option to go with!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Keep in Mind When Making A Sandwich?

Generally speaking, sandwiches are one of the easiest types of food and meals to make, and should not be much of a concern when it comes to health precautions being made.

However, there are still a few things that you should keep in mind when making a sandwich for yourself.

  • Make sure that your meat/egg/protein filling that you are using has been stilled in a chilled location, such as the refrigerator. Meat items and other animal derivatives like them should not be used if they have been held at room temperature for more than 3 hours.
  • Make sure that any cutlery or other food-preparation tools you are using have been thoroughly cleaned before making your sandwich.
  • Avoid creating leftovers when making a sandwich, as they may contain ingredients that are sensitive to being kept at room temperature for more than 2 to 3 hours.
    • If you do have any leftovers, make sure that they are stored in an airtight and chilled location.

How Long Is A Sandwich Good To Eat for?

This will depend on how you are storing the sandwich in question.

Many sandwiches contain a massive number of different ingredients, all of which will likely have different expiry dates from one another.

However, generally speaking, when left in the open at room temperature, your sandwich will start to expire within a day at most.

The bread will start to go stale and moldy, and the ingredients inside will start to expire too, changing color, smell, and taste.

Generally speaking, once it is prepared, and you want to keep it fresher for longer, you’ll want to seal the sandwich in an airtight bag or container, and keep it refrigerated until you wish to eat it.

As we said, the exact time that a sandwich stays fresh will vary depending on what ingredients you use.

Dryer and less perishable foods, such as shredded carrots and other low-water vegetables, will usually last relatively long, anywhere from 3 to 5 days if stored in the refrigerator.

Meat-based sandwiches, such as chicken or beef, that time is around 3 to 4 days.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Sandwich?

While the exact numbers are difficult to say exactly which sandwich is considered the most popular, YouGov found in a survey from 2019 that America’s most popular sandwich was the classic-Grilled Cheese sandwich, which was considered the favorite of 79% of people who were asked.

Final Thoughts

All you’ll need to do now is decide on which one you’re going to make for yourself!

The Best 20 Recipes For Sandwiches

The Best 20 Recipes For Sandwiches

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