23 Salty And Savory Clam Recipes To Make At Home

At first glance, clams might not be the most inviting food, especially since we usually associate them with being found in mud or sand, however if this has stopped you from trying some clam, then you’re missing out on a hidden seafood gem.

23 Salty And Savory Clam Recipes To Make At Home

Clams have a delicious saltiness to them that is so succulent that when you try it once, you’ll wonder how you ever went without snacking on them both as part of a main meal, or as a guilty pleasure snack every now and then.

There are so many delicious seafood recipes that use the salty texture and flavor of clams that it’s always good to keep a few in mind, especially since they are such a good choice for a tasty treat on a special occasion.

1. Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is so rich and creamy that it is an excellent option for essentially any time of the day whether it’s a hearty small breakfast mixed with a few vegetables or as a bigger bowl that can be passed around the table and enjoyed by all the family, this is certainly a rich and delicious soup that is made all the more delicious thanks to the clams adding a good amount of salty goodness to the mix.

2. Spicy Clam & Pork Paella

This delicious paella is a little spicy due to the paprika and garlic cloves and has a nice mixture of meat with the pork that mixes elegantly with the clams without being too overpowering, especially with some delicious paella rice surrounding the entire dish.

This crowd pleaser is also filled with much nutritional value due to the tomatoes and vegetable broth mixed in, if you have a few clams and want to make a large appetizer, this is the perfect recipe.

3. Spanish Meatballs With Clams, Chorizo & Squid

This recipe may sound like a lot, however it can actually be made in 30 minutes and is well worth it with how creamy and tasteful it is.

The elegant mixture of meatballs is perfectly complemented by the clams along with some cleaned squid to bolster the salty seafood taste that all mixes so well in a big buttery bowl, perfect for sharing with the entire family.

4. Spaghetti Alle Vongole

There are many spaghetti recipes that make use of the salty taste of clam, however there isn’t really any that both smells and tastes better than the Italian spaghetti alle vongole.

Finished off with rosemary leaves and some chopped garlic, add a dash of white wine to really bring out the delightful seafood sensations in this recipe.

5. Saffron & Chorizo Steamed Clams

These delicious steamed clams are both delicious, but also incredibly filling so you can be sure you won’t need to make multiple bowls to get your fill.

The pomegranate and fresh parsley really takes the flavor of this dish to another level, making for a mouthwatering main dish which can be enjoyed solo, or made in bulk to make sure no one misses out on the delicious flavors.

6. New England-Style Clambake

This recipe is a bowl full of seafood goodness that’s perfect when you want to use the clams as a tasty addition to a bigger buffet.

With mussels included to give off a slightly softer taste and texture and some corn on the cob as an excellent side dish, this is an incredibly unique way to use up some clams that you need to try, especially with how high in protein it is.

7. Clam Dip

A clam dip is easy to make, but that doesn’t mean it exchanges any of its delicious flavor, in fact it’s one of the softest and most appetizing sides to a main meal that you can find, especially when covered with a few herbs and seasonings or even mixed in with some fresh veggies.

Ready to serve in just 15 minutes, if you have a few clams aside and don’t want to make a big appetizing dessert or meal, try out this dip instead.

8. Clams Arrabbiata

This brothy mixture benefits so much from being slow cooked as it allows the ingredients to settle much quicker to create a smooth and creamy mixture that makes the clams just a bit softer and a delight to eat.

The pancetta and tomatoes really elevate the flavor in this dish and make it perfect for most situations, especially for get-togethers and parties.

9. Almejas Con Alguashte

Alguashte is a Salvadoran seasoning that has a slightly nutty texture and taste that gives a bit of a crunch to the clams that are surrounded by a spicy tomato broth thanks to the jalapenos.

If you want the broth to be as smooth and creamy as possible, add just a splash of red wine to make this crunchy dish as appetizing as it can possibly be.

10. Paccheri With Shellfish, Squid & Tomatoes

This small dessert bowl is perfect for those who want the maximum amount of seafood in one dish that doesn’t taste too overpowering thanks to the paccheri that evens out the flavor of the clams, shellfish and squid.

Draped in some light saucy goodness, this is a must try for those who want the maximum amount of seafood flavor in one serving that can be prepared in just a few minutes.

11. Lemony Fregola With Cockles And Herbs

Fregola is a miniature Sardinian pasta that possesses a bit more of a nutty flavor than other pasta and is a classic combination with some clams.

Along With cockles, you can use any kind of clams for this dish no matter how rough, big or small and with the herbs drizzled on top to elevate the underlying seafood goodness, this is a lemon-filled recipe that works great as a mid-week appetizer.

12. Clams In White Bean Sauce

Part of the beauty of this recipe is not only the deliciously tender and smooth white bean sauce that ramps up the clams’ flavor tremendously, but the preparation is so easy that it can be made at any time.

While the fennel and other mixed ingredients cook, you can chop up the other ingredients to add in when it’s ready, making for a clam recipe that is just so ideal when you’re in a rush.

13. Spanish Clams With Chorizo

This Spanish tapas recipe (see also ‘Tapas: 18 Excellent Restaurants In New York City‘) makes every single bite divine as it leaves a creamy and incredibly memorable flavor on the taste buds.

The succulent clams are braised over with some cannellini beans and plenty of fresh herbs to keep it light and delicious, not to mention the chorizo sausage that helps make the mix a little meatier creating an elegant Spanish cuisine that you may just want to make in bulk in case anyone wants seconds.

14. Clams Casino

These clam appetizers are mostly found being served as a fancy side dish in seafood restaurants, however you can now prepare them at home and not only are they easy to make, they are mixed with a host of crispy ingredients with a little bacon to really add as much taste as possible, perfect as a succulent side dish for you and your guests to enjoy alongside or after a big meal.

15. Fried Clams

This is a classic clam recipe, after all seafood is always great when it’s fried having a nice crunchy exterior with a soft delicate core that is such a delight to take a bite into.

Great when served with fries but just as good being dipped into a garlic sauce, this is the perfect recipe when you want to whip up a surprise treat meal for you and the family to enjoy.

16. Asian Coconut Broth Clams

Asian coconut broth is incredibly unique because it mixes ginger, garlic, cilantro and lemongrass to elevate the coconut sweetness to the maximum, making for a smooth and light broth that compliments the clams so well, perfect when you want a cozy appetizer to warm up to in the winter months.

17. Grilled Clams With Charred Jalapeno Basil Butter

If you’ve never tried dousing your favorite food with some charred jalapeno basil butter, then this recipe gives you the perfect excuse to try out this creamy and slightly tangy mixture that makes anything it touches far more succulent and creamy, and that includes clams.

Mix in a little bit of blue cheese to really blow your guests away so that they will be asking for more in no time.

18. Cioppino

This Italian delicacy is packed full of seafood and simmered in a perfectly seasoned tomato and wine based broth that makes a delicious bowl full of bursting flavors that is a great option when you have some seafood fans coming over who may want a bit of everything.

You can either pack all this flavor into a single bowl for yourself or prepare it in a large container for everyone to enjoy, it really does suit any situation.

19. Goan Clam Curry

If you’re a fan of curry and ever wonder whether it really can be mixed well with seafood, this clam curry from the Indian state of Goa proves that it definitely can thanks to its rich and creamy coconut gravy which is infused with several Indian spices to make it a lot less thicker and much easier to pour over a few clams, definitely a unique recipe that will satisfy all those curry enthusiasts.

20. Steamed Clams With Italian Sausage

When it comes to easy-to-prepare appetizers, there aren’t many recipes that serve this purpose better than some delicious steamed clams served with some chewy Italian sausage.

The meat and seafood combination combines surprisingly well and when covered with just a splash of white wine, it makes this appetizing dessert all the more irresistible.

21. Stuffed Clams

If you don’t mind taking a little extra preparation time to cook up one of the most delicious crowd pleaser recipes out there, stuffed clams are so delicious and packed full of various flavors that they are essential for those big special occasions.

With a filling made of breadcrumbs, unsalted butter and lemon along with a little poaching liquid to keep the clams and other ingredients nice and soft, when you have a few mouths to feed this is the perfect go-to option.

You can even consider throwing in some hot sauce if you want to ramp up the heat just a little bit.

22. Linguine With Clams

Pasta has never tasted so good than when it’s wrapped around some clams and finished off with a few herbs and a little sweet lemon juice.

If you’re a pasta fan who wants just a little bit of that seafood goodness mixed into a dish, you can’t go wrong with some stringy linguine mixed in with a bowl of clams as a hearty meal to see you through the rest of the day ahead.

23. Clams In Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce is one of the most popular seafood sauces out there, and this is for very good reason.

Its flavor has been described as somewhere between fish sauce and soy sauce which gives it an incredibly unique and quite sweet taste that goes great over any seafood, especially clams.

This is the perfect appetizer that can be prepared in no time but is guaranteed to leave you and your guests feeling fully satisfied after a few bites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Cook Clams?

While there are a few ways to prepare clams so that they are nice and succulent to eat, the most popular and one of the easiest ways to bring out the maximum amount of flavor is to steam them.

To do this, all you need to do is take a heavy-bottomed saucepan with a suitable lid and bring a few inches of liquid to a rapid simmer, this liquid could be water, wine or even fish stock.

Next, tip the shells into a steamer or colander and expose them to the steam for approximately 2 minutes until the clam shells have all fully opened.

Clams can sometimes even be cooked simply by immersing them in a hot liquid or sauce which can cause the shells to open up.

You can easily tell when a clam is cooked thoroughly because the shell will pop open almost like they have a built-in timer, if it’s shut tight then this means it is still inedible and needs to be cooked for a bit longer.


Try out a few of these deliciously salty clam recipes to find the one that you feel would satisfy you and your guests for any occasion, whether it’s for a big filling meal, or just as a side appetizer to snack on.

23 Salty And Savory Clam Recipes To Make At Home

23 Salty And Savory Clam Recipes To Make At Home

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