28 Easy And Simple Red Chillies Sauce Recipes You NEED To Try

When you have the right sauce, it can really elevate any meal you have made. One of the best kinds of sauces is usually made out of red chillis.

From Habeneros to Ghost Chilis there are so many different kinds out there that will really add some delicious heat to any recipe you plan on making. 

28 Easy And Simple Red Chillies Sauce Recipes You NEED To Try

If you’re in the mood for some red chilies sauces but you’re lacking in inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together a list of 28 easy and simple red chili sauce recipes that you absolutely need to try today! So let’s take a look at them! 

1. Quince And Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce Recipe

Kicking off this list we have this quince and scotch bonnet hot sauce recipe. While this sauce does pack quite a punch, it’s not too overpowering that you’ll spend your time sweating while you eat. 

To truly make this recipe great, pay close attention to the caramelized onions and garlic as that’s where lots of the flavor will be drawn from. 

2. Scotch Bonnet Pepper Hot Sauce

This scotch bonnet hot sauce is made with roasted garlic and carrots which really brings out the overall flavor and gives the sauce a deep orange color that looks incredibly inviting. You’ll love every mouthful of this sauce. 

3. Jalapeño Tequila Lime Hot Sauce

In order for this sauce to qualify as red, you’re going to need red jalapenos instead of green.

This recipe is a tasty twist on a jalapeno sauce because it also includes tequila, which really adds a whole new depth of flavor. 

4. Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

The beauty of red chilies is that they can be used in sweeter recipes too!

This passion fruit hot sauce is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Once you’ve tried it for the first time, you’ll be pouring it on everything! 

5. Fireman Bob’s Strawberry Habanero BBQ Sauce

You might think that strawberries and habanero wouldn’t go together, but once you try this recipe, you’ll see that they definitely do.

This is a great sauce to make for parties and get-togethers and it’s sure to give your guests something to talk about! 

6. Pineapple-Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Another fantastic sauce comes in the form of this pineapple-jalapeno hot sauce and it truly is the perfect match.

The sweetness and juiciness of the pineapple work so well with the jalapenos and you’ll definitely find yourself making this recipe again! 

7. Habanero Hot Sauce

If you just love spice and you want to feel it in your mouth, then this habanero hot sauce is perfect for you. It is filled with hot spices that pair amazingly well with plenty of dishes. 

This recipe does include a little bit of maple syrup which gives the sauce a very subtly sweet flavor. 

8. Easy Peach Hot Sauce Recipe

This easy peach hot sauce truly is a thing of dreams. This is a mouth-watering recipe that is filled with delicious ingredients such as garlic, onion, lime, apple cider vinegar, and honey. 

9. Peri-Peri Sauce

Peri-Peri sauce is so popular that you can buy it ready-made, but it’s no secret that homemade is always going to be the best!

This recipe is super easy to follow and you’ll have your own Peri-Peri sauce made in absolutely no time at all. 

10. Spicy Serrano Hot Sauce

To make this sauce red, you’re going to need to get ripened serranos first. Once you have them in their red variety, making this hot sauce is super easy and you won’t have any trouble following the recipe. 

11. Smoky Apricot Hot Sauce

You can pair practically any fruit with red chilies and apricot is no exception. This saucy is juicy and can work with many different types of red chilies, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little! 

12. Roasted Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce

This jalapeno hot sauce recipe is a bit different because you’ll be roasting the jalapenos to get even more flavor out of them. The roasting process is definitely worth it for the finished product! 

13. Fermented Fresh Chili Hot Sauce

While this hot sauce might take a bit longer to make, it’s definitely worth it and not difficult at all!

Fermenting the fresh chilies will actually add more potent flavor to the sauce and once you’ve started using the fermenting process in the kitchen, you won’t want to stop! 

14. Cherry Bourbon Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Ghost Peppers are some of the hottest red chilies out there, so this recipe is definitely not for the faint of heart! If you love lots of heat though, this is going to be one of the best red chili sauces you have ever tasted! 

15. Fresno Chile–Carrot Hot Sauce

This recipe is super easy to make and it tastes just as good as well! This is an especially good recipe for beginners who have never made their own chile sauce before.

Once you know how to make this delicious sauce, all the other ones will be a breeze! 

16. Ghost Chile Hot Sauce

Here’s another Ghost Chili hot sauce recipe for all the adventurous palettes out there. This recipe is hot hot HOT so if you don’t like too much spice, we highly recommend choosing a different recipe! 

If you love spice though, you’ll love everything about this sauce! 

17. Ghost Chili Mango Hot Sauce

Why not take your Ghost Chili hot sauce to the next level by adding something sweet to it?

The balance of heat coming from the ghost chili and the sweetness of the mango really gives this hot sauce a unique depth of flavor that is impossible not to enjoy. 

18. Garlic Chili Hot Sauce

Garlic and chili are two of those ingredients that go super well together, so why not make the ultimate hot sauce by using these two ingredients? 

This garlic chili hot sauce goes with practically any dish as well and can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

19. Kebab Shop Chilli Sauce

This chili sauce is based on the sauce you get when you go to a Turkish kebab shop. It tastes absolutely delicious and if you ever get a craving for it but you can’t go to the kebab shop, you can make it at home now! 

20. Best Sweet Chili Sauce

If you prefer something a bit sweeter, then give this sweet chili sauce a try. It is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, without being too overpowering on either side.

You can enjoy this sweet chili sauce with practically anything! 

21. Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce

Here’s another mango chili sauce, but it’s a lot milder than Ghost Chilies! This is perfect for anyone who loves sweet chili sauces but wants something a bit more fruity than the standard recipe. 

22. Sugar-Free Sweet Chilli Sauce

If you want to enjoy sweet chili sauce completely guilt-free try this sugar-free version. Don’t be fooled, it tastes just as good as it would if there was sugar in the recipe! 

23. Honey Chilli Sauce

Another thing that goes really well with red chilis is honey. Its sweetness and gooey texture make for an incredible addition and it is complemented beautifully by the heat of the chilies. 

24. Honey-Roasted Hot Pepper Hot Sauce

Everything is better when it’s honey roasted, and that’s definitely the case with this hot sauce! You will absolutely love the flavor of this hot sauce and you’ll find yourself using it on everything! 

25. Pineapple-Mango Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

There are so many variations of Ghost Pepper hot sauces, and this pineapple-mango version takes it to the next level!

The fruitiness of the mango and the coolness of the pineapple really complement the complexity of the Ghost Pepper really well. 

26. Red Enchilada Chili Sauce

If you love enchiladas then why not turn them into a chili sauce? This sauce perfectly replicates everything you love about enchiladas and works with so many dishes!

27. Spicy Banana Pepper Sauce

Make sure you let your banana peppers ripen if you want to stick to the red sauce rule! Once they are ripe, make this sauce and use it on everything! 

28. Mexican Red Chile Sauce

If you want a sauce that will be ready in 30 minutes while also tasting incredible, then you definitely have to try this recipe! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Red Pepper Also Called?

Other names for red peppers include chili pepper, chile pepper, hot pepper, and red chilies.

Are Red Peppers The Same As Chili Peppers? 

Yes, red peppers are the same as chili peppers. They are just two different names for the same thing. 

Are Red Chili Peppers Just Ripened Green Chili Peppers?

Yes, the only real difference between the red and green versions is that the red versions are ripe, while the green versions are not. 


Give some of these recipes a try for yourself and see which one is your favorite! You’ll find yourself making these recipes again and again!

28 Easy And Simple Red Chillies Sauce Recipes You NEED To Try

28 Easy And Simple Red Chillies Sauce Recipes You NEED To Try

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