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Recipes For Every Season

Eating ice cream in the cold isn’t a fun experience, and trying to stomach a beef pie during the peak of summer can make your body sweat. When you cook something that was clearly designed for one season over another, that love for your food starts to waver.

To help you avoid dinner disasters and expand your recipe books, we’ll walk you through our season-based menu ideas.

Before we get started we want to give a warm welcome to readers from CulinaryBroDown.com. We have recently acquired the website and hope you find our content just as enjoyable.

A Summer Menu

In the summer, you need food that refreshes you. A light salad is a common path to take, but you don’t need to avoid carbs or meats to keep your meals light. Simple ingredient changes, like adding lemon juice, can give your dishes the lightness needed to fit the season.

We have gathered a range of summertime meals from starters to dinners. Create your seasonal menu by picking recipe ideas from this list.

Summer Drinks

Summer Drinks

The best drinks in the summer are fruity and iced. This combination creates a light and refreshing beverage, but you’d be wrong if you thought it limited your options.

You can have a fruity drink and still experience a tangy flavor. Take pineapple cocktails as an example. In the link above we have 20 different recipes to create 20 unique pineapple cocktail drinks. The first option for you to experience is Malibu Bay Breeze. To create it, you pour pineapple juice onto ice, then add the Malibu rum, lastly top off the beverage with cranberry juice.

For a pineapple screwdriver, you use vodka, orange juice and mint for a completely different flavor.

Rum is a particularly great summer drink for people who prefer a deep and rustic flavor over light options just gin and vodka. Just following the classics like Dark and Stormy, Painkiller and a Coquito can give you a deep but refreshing flavor of a summertime drink.

Of course, anything created using Hawaiian ingredients will make the perfect summertime beverage. Pina Coladas, Mai Tais, and Bahama Mamas are just some of the classics we’ve suggested as the tastiest Hawaiian cocktails. Any one of the 23 recipes in that link would make a standout drink at your summertime party.

An unusual flavor that has risen to popularity is the humble watermelon. By itself, this fruit is the perfect snack in the burning sun, but it’s also a simple ingredient to blend - making it perfect for cocktails. Check out our 24 best watermelon cocktail recipes and create your own.

Another unusual trend that would work perfectly in the summer is the boozy popsicle. The idea is to create a popsicle as normal, but add some type of alcoholic beverage to the ingredients list. You can eat the popsicle as normal, or let it melt into a gin glass as part of the display.

If you would rather the ice stays in your drink, instead of creating a booze-flavored ice cube, then perhaps you should consider a frozen cocktail. To make a frozen cocktail you need to freeze the main flavor ingredient (like strawberries) and then blend the remaining ingredients together. It’s simple but adds a level of glamor which suggests a more difficult technique.

Of course, you don’t need to create an alcoholic beverage at all. If you prefer your drinks alcohol-free, try making juice instead. We’ve collected 20 juicing recipes to help you paint a rainbow with your liquidized fruits. Read through our selection for a recipe that suits you.

Summer Appetizers

A summertime appetizer needs to be light and refreshing, but that doesn’t mean ignoring flavor.

A simple idea that uses typical fridge and cupboard food is toasted brown seeded bread topped with freshly sliced tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, burrata, and basil. You can forgo the bread entirely if you’re worried that it’s too filling for a starter, and instead add in olives and red onion to create a contrast in textures.

To really make this appetizer pop, you could mix the tomatoes with a sun-dried alternative to add depth to the flavor.

If Mediterranean styles aren’t your thing, try Luau finger food instead. Luau finger foods are a type of Hawaiian cuisine that mixes meats with pineapple for a sharp and refreshing bite to your meal. 

A simple Luau recipe is to wrap pineapple chunks in bacon for a sweet and savory bite, perfect for quick serving during a match day.

No matter what you create, make sure to serve cold appetizers if your main meal is hot. This will stop your dinner guests from developing food sweats from eating lots of hot food. 

Summer Mains

Summer mains need to contain at least one ingredient that adds lightness or a refreshing quality. For example, you could use a winter main idea such as ground beef with tomatoes and cheese baked on top but stuff those ingredients into a pepper instead of straight into a baking dish. The peppers add extra sweetness and watery crunch to make that winter main feel refreshing. 

We have a whole collection of summer dinner ideas to help you create the perfect menu but keep the concept of balancing lightness at the forefront of your mind. With that knowledge, you can turn anything into a summertime meal.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind, when creating a summer meal, is a salad. Greek salads are extremely popular for a reason. The feta, olives, tomato, and basil combination is an instant hit and super simple to create. Keep this recipe in your back pocket, but today we want to suggest something a little more experimental.

We are taking one step at a time though, as we move from salads to shredded chicken. Chicken is a wonderful meat, as you can add any spice or herb to it and it will create a whole new flavor. Cumin, paprika, and chili powder is a typical ingredient mix for a Mexican-style recipe, while garlic, black pepper, and parsley can help you create light and tasty chicken filling. However you flavor your shredded chicken, you can use the creation as a meal on its own, with rice, or in a taco.

Some people shy away from carby meals in the summer, thinking that the dish will be too heavy for a hot day, but this isn’t true. Try using noodle recipes to help add those all-important carbohydrates to your diet. With noodles, you can still keep the texture of your meals light and airy, and leave the intensity of your main to the other ingredients. We have gathered 30 easy noodle recipes, each of which will taste delicious and light in the summer evenings. They range from super simple (like the garlic noodles), to packed with flavor (like yakisoba noodles). No matter which recipe you choose, you will be left with a full stomach and a desire for more.

From noodles to pasta, one of the best penne meals for summer is the classic creamy lemon chicken. The creamy nature creates a richness that becomes light due to the lemon aftertaste. It is perfect for hot days, especially if you’ve been playing sports, hiking, or doing fun summertime activities, as the protein you need to recover from the exercise won’t feel too heavy to digest in the sun. You can find more of these energy-packed meal ideas in our list of 26 amazing penne pasta recipes.

One of the best meats to use in the summer is chorizo. Chorizo is a cured meat that can be eaten hot or cold. The pork is mixed with seasoning such as smoked paprika and garlic, which means you don’t need to add in more flavors when using this smoked sausage. Because it’s already so tasty, you can add chorizo to almost any meal to elevate the flavors. Omelets, tacos, salads, and pasta can all receive a paprika boost from a couple of additional chorizo squares added in.

We have talked about Hawaii a lot in our summer recipe suggestions, but as the country and culture deal so well with the heat, why shouldn’t we ask for their top suggested recipes? Meals such as Lomi Lomi, Kalua Pork, Shoyu Chicken, and Saimin are perfect for the summer season. Read through the recipes we have collected in the link above to bring Hawaii to your home.

Summer Desserts

Desserts in the summer can be tricky to manage. The classic chocolate option can easily melt in the sun, while cake can become too filling and create a dry month. Instead, the best options for a summertime dessert often revolve around fruits and ice cream.

Just as we have been finding inspiration in hot countries such as Hawaii and Mexico, we need to do the same to source dessert treats. Mexican desserts are both sweet and carby. Take the churro as an example. The fluffy donut texture mixed with cinnamon sugar and chocolate dipping sauce creates a mixture of sweet and savor while also staying light and fluffy.

If the idea of cinnamon feels too wintery, then perhaps you should opt for a raspberry dessert. Raspberries are great dessert options for the summer as they are sweet and juicy with a tarty edge. You can turn them into crumble, pies, swirls, and galettes. Go through the link above to find 28 brilliant ways to create a raspberry dessert.

Bananas are another fantastic dessert fruit, as they can easily be paired with sugary sides like ice cream and golden syrup. Add them to pancakes, blend them into a mousse, or be a little experimental with a dirty banana trifle. We have recipes for all of these recipes and more here.

If you want a low-effort summertime dessert the easy option is to buy ice cream. The three classic ice cream flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but if you have your own ice cream maker we can help you branch out from the basics. Instead of vanilla, you could create butter pecan ice cream. Instead of buying strawberry ice cream, create a matcha soft serve. And if you really want to stick to chocolate, turn it into something more exciting like rocky road. We have collected 33 unique ice cream recipes to help you experiment with flavors.

One of the best types of ice cream creations was invented by the Philippines. It’s called Halo-Halo and it's made using coconut milk, crushed ice, soft yam cubes, pinipig, sago, fruit preserves, and sweetened garbanzo. And of course, it is normally topped off with ube ice cream. This unusual and whimsical treat is filled with different colors and textures for a full sensory experience.

A Fall Menu

During fall, the temperature starts to dip, the nights become longer, and the desire to snuggle up develops. The best flavors to display in this season are cinnamon and cloves. The mixture of depth and sweetness allows us to move from summertime lightness toward wintery warmth.

Keep this in mind as we create our fall time menus.

Fall Drinks

This mixture of depth and sweetness is perfectly captured by alternative whiskey drinks. Whiskey holds a lot of flavors as it warms your body from the first sip. By adding in lemon juice and angostura bitter, you can easily create a sour taste to lighten your whiskey beverage. Balancing sour lemon and warming whiskey is the perfect combination for a fall drink.

Of course, we cannot mention whiskey and fall without including a spiced old-fashioned. Old fashions are normally created by mixing sugar, whiskey, bitters, water, and an orange slice. This combination by itself is perfect for fall, but sprinkling in cinnamon sticks and cloves is the cherry on top. Adding cinnamon sticks and star anise to any rum or whiskey beverage creates an instant fall cocktail.

If you aren’t a fan of cinnamon, then try smoking your beverage instead. Rye and bourbon whiskeys are the easiest to smoke, as they are created through an oak barrel aging process. Instead of drinking the cocktail as it is, light the garnish of your drink and allow the glass to build up a smokey interior. This creates a woody aroma like a November bonfire. To do this safely, read our article on smoking cocktails.

The last beverage suggestion we have is Halloween-themed. We have a whole article dedicated to creating spooktacular drinks for Halloween, from classics like bloody mary to unique ideas such as the purple-colored witches brew. A particularly great option works for Halloween and non-festive parties like. It’s called the Haunted Graveyard and is made using bourbon and maple syrup, garnished with a smokey herb. Recreate these unusual cocktails through the link above.

Fall Appetizers

Because fall weather comes with rain and wind, your food can have a little more warmth than it did in the summer. Battered food and rich food are the staples of the season, but that doesn’t mean that gluten-intolerant people need to miss out. We have gathered 26 easy gluten-free appetizer recipes that allow you to recreate the textures of flour without eating gluten. Browse through, to see which one best matches your mains.

If we needed to point out the single most fall-inspired appetizer, the answer would have to be sweet potato fries. The depth of the potato, mixed with the sweetness of that specific variety along with the classic orange color, captures every element of this season.

Sweet and savory finger food is a must during this season so if sweet potato fries aren’t your thing, consider baked macaroni and cheese bites or delicata squash rings instead. Battered, fried, and orange are the aims for this season.

Fall Mains

Although fall is a time to wrap up warm, you might not be ready for a full carby meal just yet. If that's the case then you should consider polenta recipes. Polenta is a type of grain that can be used to create all sorts of meals. The beauty of this grain is its versatility allowing you to add carbohydrates to your meals without overpowering them. Have a look through our polenta recipes to find something that suits your tastes.

If you don’t care too much about your carbs, and think that meat is the most important part of your meal, then you’ll be happy to learn that the fall season is perfect for steak dinners. The richness of the meat needs to be paired with a warming sauce like creamy peppercorn, creamy mushroom, blue cheese sauce, or even creamy whisky sauce. Use our recipes to create any number of these pairings.

The German aesthetics really screams “autumnal”, and the same can be said for their food. If you want to create something completely different consider the Zurich ragout, the german schnitzel, potato dumplings, or the classic currywurst. The flavor will warm your heart without sending you into a food coma.

Of course, a chicken dinner couldn’t go amiss either. Roasted chicken can be enjoyed in any season really, but knowing what flavors to use as a marinade can really affect the atmosphere you’re creating. A fantastic choice for the fall season is honey and mustard. The honey creates a sweet tickle, while the mustard creates an earthy and spicy edge. It balances the highs and lows just like this changing season.

But if you’re a vegetarian, or simply feel as though veg should be the star of the plate, then you may prefer a vegetable casserole instead. Casseroles are perfect for colder nights, but vegetable versions still hold a sense of brightness. This balance between warming and lightness matches the fall season by itself, but using ingredients such as butternut squash and apple can intensify these ideas. Read through our other suggestions to bring fall to your vegetable casseroles.

When the first signs of fall come around, many of us dust off our crockpots ready for a season of slow roasting. Crockpot recipes don’t have to include beef and vegetables, so if you’re considering buying one, know that your options are just as varied as if you were cooking with an oven. The difference is how long you can leave the meal by itself to stew, and any good cook knows that a long stew time creates the richest flavors. Try out crockpot spaghetti, beef tacos, braised beef shank, and red wine ragu recipes and see the difference for yourself.

For many people, the idea of fall comes from the colors of the trees. Changing from luscious greens to deep reds, as chestnuts fall to the ground. As the rain patters, you’re more likely to notice mushrooms decorating the fields around you, which is why they taste the richest during this season. Mushroom recipes during fall will have more depth, strong flavors, and a larger variety. Use our collection of 27 mushroom recipes to find the one that speaks to you.

Fall Desserts

During the Halloween season, you can expect desserts that taste like pumpkins, oranges, and caramel. Although these flavors are all perfect choices, a Halloween dessert should also look the part. We have made a collection of Halloween-themed desserts that not only taste like the holiday season but also look like it. They would be perfect for any Halloween party, or even a scary movie night. Like a look through the link above.

If you don’t want your desserts for the whole season to be wrapped around the concepts of one single holiday, then don’t worry, we have ideas for you too. During these colder months, the idea of chocolate becomes more appetizing. Especially in the form of a gooey brownie. We have 33 chocolate brownie recipes to help you find the perfect match - whether you love gooey or crumbly, plain chocolate or chocolate mixed with other flavors like mint or caramel.

If you’re vegan, then finding a vegan-friendly chocolate recipe can be difficult. We have collected a wide variety of 33 vegan desserts to help you avoid the hassle of searching. Some of them are chocolate-specific, but others touch on different fall-themed flavors too such as the pumpkin sheet cake, the carrot cake, and the cinnamon blueberry pie! Have a look for yourself!

Of course, a great source of inspiration for autumnal desserts comes from Mexico. Delights such as churros, apple pie enchiladas, chocoflan impossible cake, and conchas, all contain that beautiful mix of sweet and savory. If you’ve never made these delicious desserts before, follow our detailed recipes here.

We have already talked about the Halloween-themed desserts you can create this season, but we haven’t discussed the second holiday you can take inspiration from. Thanksgiving recipes often include hearty mains with a touch of sweet sauce. This is particularly true for festive thanksgiving pies. A bourbon bacon pecan pie is the perfect example of this. The pecan element creates a sweetness that is matched and intensified with the bacon, and yet that bacon also pairs with the smokey bourbon to create a rainbow of flavor to savor.

If you don’t want your thanksgiving to be completely wild, you can stick to the humble apple pie. This dessert can be created in a myriad of ways from pastry tops to crumble, strudel to caramel.

There is nothing wrong with using pre-made ingredients to create your meals. This is particularly true with canned pumpkin puree and canned sweet potato. These vegetables can take hours to peel, bake and purify, and waiting that long can take the fun out of your creations. And you can see how to use canned vegetables to create outstanding meals. Take our sweet potato pie recipe. Without the canned element, you wouldn’t be able to create the purified texture you so desperately need to get the consistency right. In fact, we have 13 canned sweet potato recipes that need the name ingredient in purified form to produce the perfect texture. Try them out for yourself, and see just how tasty a canned vegetable can be.

Although most people would say that pumpkins are the vegetable of the fall season, we think you should consider something else - a pear. Pears are available most of the year, but their sweet and nutty taste hits differently in the fall. If you peel the outer layer and bake the fruit whole, you can create a beautiful and delicious dessert that feels sophisticated and autumnal. The process is very delicate, so follow our recipes above to help you manage this elegant dessert.

A Winter Menu

A good winter menu will contain a warming drink, a rich appetizer, a filling main, and a light dessert. You may prefer to swap these concepts around, but thick, rich, and filling are the main elements to aim for. A light dessert is an outlier in our suggestion, but with a heavy menu from the rest of the courses, you’ll need something airy to break up the richness. A typical wintery option for this refreshing break is mint. 

Mint, cinnamon, red wine, and beef are the common themes you will see in our winter menu.

Winter Drinks

For some, the drinks will arrive at the beginning of the evening, or for others, the drinks end the night. Knowing how you present your courses, can help you decide which of our 2 suggestions you should use.

If you start your meal with a beverage, we suggest creating an apple cider cocktail. You can mull this drink with cinnamon or even red wine to create a rich flavor, but the apple cider itself will create a cozy atmosphere.

If you prefer to end your night with a beverage, then perhaps you should choose a mint baileys cocktail instead. Although mint is a refreshing flavor it acts as the perfect palette cleanser for a rich meal. 

Baileys, in general, works well during the winter season as the thick drink instantly warms your throat from the first sip.

If you want something specifically for a Christmas cocktail, then read through our festive-themed drinks in the link provided.

Winter Appetizers

Soups are often a great appetizer, as they start your menu off with a rich flavor that relies on taste and not texture. A Mexican black bean soup is a particularly great choice for people who want to make something with a little kick but aren’t sure where to start. This meal will produce a hearty start to your menu, without stealing the show.

If the idea of a soup seems too filling for your starter, then you may prefer a little smoky instead. These are cocktail hot dogs wrapped in bacon. You can create them by wrapping the bacon around the sausage and keeping it still with a mini skewer, or you can be more lavish and bake the smokie in a cheese-filled jalapeno. A great choice for a potluck or buffet-style meal is a pot of honey and garlic little smokies. They hold the same rich flavor but can be picked and shared as you like.

Winter Mains

Winter mains need to be cozy, and act like comfort food during the coldest months of the year. An easy way to accomplish this is to cook a hearty soup such as chicken and mushroom, asparagus, or potato soup. However you don’t need to create the same main every day, and you don’t need to conform to expectations either. A cheeseburger soup could be the unique idea you need to get your kitchen flowing with imagination.

Arguably, the best hearty soups are made from ground beef. This richness of the meat, along with the typical tomato baseline, gives you two avenues for a rich meal. Ground beef soups are an automatic hit after a day of rain on a chilly night.

If you’ve had soup for your starter, having soup again for your main won’t go down well. A classic choice to offer instead is roast beef. Roast beef can be presented with a myriad of roasted vegetable options, which allow you to swap and change your weekly meal as you please. It can also open up a world of possibilities for leftover recipes if you’ve cooked too much. Beef noodles, beef chili, and beef pizza are just a few of the options you have to expand your roast beef remains.

As we said at the start of the winter menu, beef and steak are perfect meat choices for a wintery meal. You don’t need to start with roast beef to create these leftover recipes. Beef quesadillas, steak fried rice, and Philly cheese steak wraps can be the main event of your evening even if the concept is less well known. Chuck steak in particular can be utilized in a myriad of ways to create a rich and moreish meal. Click on our links to find inspiration on how to make your beef meals feel new and exciting again.

You don’t have to use just beef during the winter months though. In fact, sticking to one ingredient like that could end up creating a “samey” winter menu. Instead, try mixing up your main meat with andouille sausages. These sausages are hot and smokey - they work best with cheese and rice. We have 20 recipes in the link above to help you find a way to use this flavor-savvy ingredient, but a simple method is to mix the sausage with cajun seasoning, rice, peppers, and onions.

And if you prefer not to eat meat at all, then try out our tofu recipe suggestion instead. Just like chicken, tofu can adapt to any flavors you offer. For the winter season, hoisin sauce will best capture the richness and depth that we’re aiming for. 

Winter Desserts

We originally said that creating a perfect winter menu means adding something refreshing as the desert. From our beverages, you might think that refreshing means “mint”, and although that flavor does work superbly for the winter season, it isn’t the only ingredient to give you that refreshing feeling. Persimmon fruits are just as refreshing, and due to their coloration, they fit more naturally into a winter-themed dish.

Permission’s flavor is very similar to honey and acts as a natural sweetener. You can use them in puddings, cookies, pies, and soup, but we think they would work best in a winter cheesecake. Click on the link above to learn how to create this delicious dessert.

If you would rather take on a more traditional flavor for your winter dessert, then create a graham cracker crust pie. The honey, cinnamon, and vanilla flavor of this cracker make them an instant favorite for a winter crust. Simply smash them into little pieces to create a biscuit base and mold them to fit your tin. Because the cracker holds winter-themed flavors already, it almost doesn’t matter what filling you use, as the overall taste will still match your menu.

Of course, we cannot mention winter desserts without thinking about the Christmas festivities. Christmas treats are normally in the shape of a typical Christmas theme such as a star, a tree, or a gingerbread person. But there are many ways to create this holiday in dessert form. For example, you could create candy cane cookie sandwiches. They look like macarons but the internal frosting tastes like peppermint. You could also make a chocolate and cranberry mini-cake for an elegant and rich flavor.

If you really want a cake to become the “showstopper” of your meal, try making an ugly sweater cake, designed to look like a typical ugly Christmas sweater you expect to see at a festive gathering.

A Spring Menu

When spring comes around, so does the sun. Flowers are blooming again, the snow has melted away, and the heat is slowly returning. To really capture this moment in food form, your main ingredient should be zesty, light, and fun. Seafood is a popular choice this time of year, and lemon can easily be used to add zest to your meals.

Keep these ideas in mind as we go through the last season of food.

Spring Drinks

Not everything needs to be alcoholic, and spring is the perfect time to create special drinks for all ages. With the sun finally shining and the weather heating up, the chance of a punch party dramatically increases. Bring out the cherry vanilla ice cream punch to really kick off the sunny season, or bask in a banana brunch punch to add a bit of fun to your morning breakfast.

Of course, you may be itching for a good alcoholic spring drink, and if that's the case try brewing something with Grand Mariner. This liquor brand is perfect for cosmopolitans, la vie en rogue, and tequila sunrises. The Grand Mariner brand is iconic for its bitter orange flavors, so use that freshness to your advantage.

If you prefer your cocktails to taste non-alcoholic, then you may want to swap the Grand Mariner for Campari. This liqueur is created by infusing herbs and fruits in water and alcohol. It’s a type of bitter that can be used by itself or alongside another alcoholic brand. Because of the unusual herb and fruity taste, it works perfectly in a spring concoction. Use this ingredient to create siestas, an English marmalade, or even a sangria. In the link above you’ll find 20 recipes for Campari-specific cocktails.

Instead of focusing on flavor, you may prefer to create a color-themed beverage. Pinks and blues are bright and fun colors to create a party theme around. It’s particularly touching in the spring for its connection to babies. You can create pink cocktails using simple recipes like pink gin and tonic, or more complex recipes such as the Damiana valentine cocktail. While your blue cocktails could be as easy as a Gatorade margarita or as unique as a blue jellyfish.

Now, we cannot leave our spring drinks menu without mentioning the most iconic spring drink of all - ginger beer. You can elevate your ginger beer to create a sophisticated visual while keeping its unique taste. Take the Moscow mule as an example, mixing ginger beer with vodka and a dash of lime for a sophisticated spring beverage. Or perhaps you’d prefer the foghorn - a mixture of ginger beer and orange juice for a refreshing and smokey-looking mocktail. 

Spring Appetizers

As spring is the perfect season for parties - not too hot and not too cold - you need to have party food ideas to match your crowd. The deviled egg is an 80s classic, and its connection to Easter makes it perfect for the spring. Deviled eggs can come in a wide variety of flavors, as your use of herbs and spices in the yoke mix completely directs the overall taste.

If you would rather have a starter with a little more depth, then perhaps you should create a stuffed mushroom. Simply saute your mushrooms for around 10 minutes with the cheese and herb mixture already in the mushroom belly. We have more details about these recipes in the links above.

During the spring months, you can add an extra kick to your meals without producing something too hot for the weather. A fantastic ingredient to test the chili water is the banana pepper. This pepper is a mild chili pepper with a tangy taste. You can add them onto pizzas, turn them into salsas, or stuff them with cheese for a starter with a bite. Because the heat isn’t too intense, you can use the banana pepper in almost any meal to increase the level of spice.

Some of the best party foods in the spring are both hot and light. Party food rings are the perfect way to balance these concepts, as you can put quesadillas, mini hot dogs, and filo pastry lasagna slices all in tear-away rings that circle around a dipping sauce. Bringing a platter so detailed and fun to a potluck will both impress and amaze your guests.

Spring Mains

Hot, light, filling, and white meat - those are the main expectations for a spring menu. Keeping those ideas at the forefront of your mind will help you create a balanced menu, allowing you to mix and match the ideas we present below to best fit your guests.

We are starting this ball rolling with a potato casserole. This vegetarian meal can easily be adapted and changed to suit your favorite flavors. You’ll end up with a hearty meal, in a white sauce, with a topping of either bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, or even ground beef. To find the right recipe for your guest, look through this link of 23 potato casserole recipes.

If you’re a “meat and two veg” kind of person, then you should look to pork belly recipes for inspiration. Pork has a beautiful flavor, but the underbelly contains more tenderness and depth than any other joint you might use. You can display the meat as a stuffed roll, or cut up the belly into thin slices. Either way, the intensity of the flavor will be found in every bite. We have 24 recipes specifically for pork belly for you to browse through. Have a look to find your perfect match.

A particularly easy main to consider is pasta. This carbohydrate is super versatile, but you can ensure spring-like flavors if you follow an Italian recipe. Cacio e Pepe, fettuccine alfredo, puttanesca, and carbonara are all light dishes that use either a white sauce or a thin red sauce. This allows them to stay refreshing and light - perfect for the spring season.

A particularly great ingredient choice during spring is fish. From scallops to shrimp, the variety of seafood you could choose from is immense, and each meal could look vastly different from the next. Look through all of our recipes linked above to find the right creation for you, but if you want our advice, we suggest trying the creamy lemon garlic scallop pasta.

This dish not only delights with its flavor but also impresses visually. If you're looking to complement your seafood dish, consider adding some fish side dishes to complete your springtime feast.

Before we finish the mains section, we need to make way for the most important meal of the season - your Valentine's day meal. During this time our normal spring ideas go out the window, and the desire for red meats takes over.

Lamb chops, prime rib, and filet mignon are the top romantic meals to dine on as their depth warms your heart. If you’re a vegetarian, your meal for two can still feel loved up when you choose a mushroom stroganoff. Look through our suggested recipes to find even more inspiration.

Spring Desserts

Spring is the perfect time to bake a cake. The weather is warm enough for you to enjoy a cold snack, and cool enough for the cake to keep its shape. To get started in the cake-creating mood, we suggest attempting a Bundt cake. They are doughnut-shaped cakes that originated in Europe and produce a wonderful lapping design. There are multiple ways to create a bundt cake, each producing its own flavors. From coconut to peanut butter, salted caramel to lemon drizzle. Try one of our recipes to create your own.

To create a bundt cake, you need to buy a bundt tin. If the idea of buying more equipment doesn’t spark joy, then you may prefer to create something a little more simple. Perhaps a ripe banana cake. Bananas are resourceful fruits, and can easily be added to many different dessert recipes. From banana cake to banana fritters, banana muffins to banana waffles. Following one of our recipes, you can make your dessert snack a little more healthy.

Of course, desserts aren’t designed to be healthy, and during the spring you want to indulge in all of the Easter delights. From chocolate eggs to carrot cakes, bunny sugar cookies, and daffodil cakes. The best cake to enjoy during the Easter season is cheesecake. You can top them with fresh fruit, Oreos, chocolate, and even caramel. Try out our recipes to see which one makes your mouth water.


Knowing how to create a menu that suits the season is all about matching flavors with the weather and temperatures around you. Using our suggestions above, with links to detailed recipes, you can always have a menu idea no matter the time of year. Bookmark this page so you can update your kitchen as the seasons change.