28 Incredible Raspberry Dessert Recipes

Fresh, juicy, sweet, and just that little bit tart — raspberries taste like summer.

Slight floral notes and a woody finish, combined with that sweet-sharp flavor, make raspberries an adaptable fruit, and one that can be enjoyed with a range of desserts. 

28 Incredible Raspberry Dessert Recipes

From dark chocolate to light vanilla, raspberries are an exceptional addition to sweet treats. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite raspberry dessert recipes for you to enjoy.

28 Mouth-Watering Raspberry Desserts

1. Raspberry Crumble Bars

These raspberry crumble bars are perfect for tucking into when an afternoon sugar craving hits. The quick dessert uses a lot of store cupboard ingredients, and it’s so easy to make.

The crumble topping and base uses walnuts to add a nutty dimension to the flavor, which pairs well with the sharp sweetness of raspberry.

The addition of coconut oil makes these crumble bars extra buttery, without using any butter! 

2. Classic Raspberry Pie

The raspberry pie is a classic summer dessert, and even novice bakers will find this recipe easy to throw together. Don’t be scared to make your own pie crust.

It’s really easy to do, and so much better than what you can buy in stores.

And even if things do go wrong, the sweet raspberry filling can mask any issues with the crust. Make this for a potluck (see also ‘31 Simple And Delicious Potluck Recipes‘) or picnic when you’re looking to impress.

3. Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Sticky and sweet, wrapped in a deliciously fluffy dough, these raspberry swirl sweet rolls are an indulgent treat. This recipe needs very little hands-on work, but there is some wait time for the dough to rise.

It’s worth being patient, however, to get a perfectly soft finished roll. Rise the dough overnight, and bake in the morning for an amazing holiday breakfast.

If you’re looking for classic American breakfast dishes, these raspberry swirl sweet rolls are a delightful choice.

4. Raspberry Roll Cake

This roll cake recipe is absolutely stuffed with fresh raspberries, making it the perfect summer dessert that also looks spectacular.

The filling is made of vanilla whipped cream, folded with gently mashed raspberries, and then topped with even more raspberries.

Once you’ve rolled your cake (be careful, and pre-roll for a better hold), decorate with a smooth layer of cream, and even more raspberries.

5. Raspberry Truffle Brownies

Chocolate and raspberry is the kind of combination that can’t be improved, and you’ll definitely agree when you’ve had a chance to bite into these raspberry truffle brownies.

The brownie base is fudgy and rich, while the top layer of raspberry truffle frosting adds indulgence and freshness. Drizzle with melted chocolate, and enjoy when you want something decadent.

The truffle layer really adds richness to the recipe.

6. Raspberry Hand Pies

With a raspberry filling tucked in a pocket of flaky pastry, hand pies are a family friendly dessert that can be eaten on the go.

The dough can be a little tricky to master – keeping it chilled is essential – but the pies are just as fun to put together as they are to eat.

A touch of cinnamon in the glaze adds warmth, making these pies ideal for summer and fall.

7. Easy Raspberry Galette

A galette is something of a loose take on the traditional pie, and a fantastic starting place for any newbie bakers.

The crust comes together quickly, and there’s no tricky shaping and handling that can cause a pie to fall apart.

Instead, the edges of the galette are simply folded over the edges of the filling, and the entire thing is baked until golden. Serve with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

8. Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

Looking for a raspberry dessert to make with the kids? Try thumbprint cookies! They’re so easy to make, and they look fantastic when finished.

Get your kids to help with the butter-rich cookie dough, and let them experiment with making the distinctive thumbprint mark.

For a neater finish, use the end of a spoon handle. Add a little puddle of raspberry jam to the center, and bake until lightly golden. 

9. Pomegranate Raspberry Rosé Jello Cups

Jello cups have literally never been fancier than these raspberry rosé jello treats. These are sure to be a hit at your next party, as the jello cups combine sophisticated flavors with a childhood dessert favorite.

The actual jello needs only around 20 minutes of active time, and then it can be chilled overnight, making this an easy recipe to fit into busy party prep.

Serve in a champagne flute, and toast in the New Year with a difference.

10. Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp

Raspberry and rhubarb are combined to make a tangy and tart base to a delicately sweetened crisp topping with this recipe. It’s perfect for summer, especially when served with a big scoop of ice cream.

We love that the topping is gluten-free, using raw pecans for a nutty dimension and an incredible texture. If you happen to have any leftovers, they can be kept in the fridge for roughly 3 days.

11. Raspberry Rugelach

Rugelach is something of a blend between pastry and cookie, with a dough that uses cream cheese or sour cream as a key ingredient.

Traditionally, these pastries are formed from a triangle of a dough that’s rolled into a crescent shape (think of the croissant), but this recipe makes things a little simpler by rolling a large rectangle of dough, and slicing the cookies.

Raspberry jam adds a sweet touch, while toasted pistachios bring crunch. 

12. Raspberry Almond Scones

Baked raspberry almond scones have a deliciously soft center, with plenty of moisture and the occasional burst of fresh raspberries.

These raspberry almond scones make a delightful addition to your Mother’s Day breakfast recipe spread. Their soft, moist center and bursts of fresh raspberries are sure to impress Mom on her special day.

Thanks to the sweet glaze, these scones are fantastic enjoyed as they are, but a dollop of whipped cream could really take the indulgence factor up a level.

13. Raspberry Souffles

Souffle is a famously tricky dessert, requiring a careful hand and precision timing. Get it right, and you have a masterful dessert.

Light, fluffy, and yet surprisingly rich. Get it wrong, and you have, well, a light, fluffy, and surprisingly rich dessert that has collapsed in its ramekin.

Prepare these raspberry souffles for a dinner party, and you’re sure to impress. And you’ll be more than happy to take care of any deflated disasters that occur along the way.

14. Smashed Raspberry White Chocolate Layer Cake

Smashed raspberry white chocolate layer cake looks like a showstopper, but it’s incredibly easy to make.

The vanilla base cake is a simple recipe (see also ‘28 Yellow Cake Mix Recipes You Will Love‘), using Greek yogurt or sour cream to ensure a moist sponge with a light flavor.

Fresh raspberries and raspberry jam are then folded through the batter, to provide a burst of tartness with every mouthful.

A white chocolate frosting finishes the whole thing off, along with a heavy handful of fresh raspberries.

15. Raspberry Croissant French Toast Bake

This French toast bake (see also ‘The Best 29 French Desserts‘) is the perfect ending to a decadent brunch, and it can all be made in advance.

The genius of this recipe is switching traditional brioche bread for croissants as the base to the French toast.

Buttery and flaky, they’re baked with cream cheese and raspberries for a gooey and delicious dessert.

Top with more raspberries and a sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar, for a dish that looks complex, but is secretly really easy.

16. Raspberry Clafouti

If you’ve never made a clafouti before, try this recipe, and be prepared to discover your new favorite dessert.

Clafouti is similar to a baked pancake, with a custardy center and a fluffy batter. It’s typically made with cherries, but this raspberry recipe is just as good, slightly easier to prepare, and more of a crowd pleaser.

A touch of dried lavender also adds a light fragrance, but this can be left out if you don’t enjoy floral flavors.

17. Raspberry Shortcake Ricotta Ice Cream

Ricotta ice cream is the perfect ice cream recipe for beginners, requiring no churning, no ice cream maker, and no hard work.

It also adds a lightness to the mixture, making it perfect for a summer’s day. Raspberries and crumbled biscuits are stirred through the ice cream, providing a fresh sweetness and a layered texture.

18. Lemon Raspberry Muffins

Frozen raspberries are stirred through the batter of these deliciously citrus muffins, for a quick hack that adds sweetness and juiciness to the breakfast treat.

Naturally sweetened with honey and fruit, they’re a healthier muffin, and can be enjoyed year-round thanks to the frozen berries. Make up a big batch, and keep any extras in the freezer for a later date.

19. Raspberry Polenta Cake

Lightly sweetened and baked in a skillet, polenta cake (see also ‘30 Polenta Recipes‘) is best served fresh from the oven with a big scoop of ice cream.

Using just ½ cup of polenta, this is an excellent way to use up any grains you might have hanging around your cupboards.

Use a gluten-free flour to make the cake gluten-free, and serve any leftovers for breakfast the next morning with a sprinkle of raspberries.

20. Raspberry Twist Braid

Don’t be intimidated by the complex twisting technique that’s used to create this raspberry braid. It looks confusing, but with some patience, you can easily replicate the fantastic finish.

A rich dough is at the heart of this recipe — that means it uses plenty of fats to create a luxurious and soft dough. Use just a thin layer of jam to avoid a mess.

A thin layer will have just as much flavor, and won’t all leak out as you attempt the twist.

21. No Bake White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

What to do when it’s far too hot to turn on the oven, but you want to make an impressive dessert? Try a no-bake cheesecake!

The graham cracker crust (see also ‘Graham Cracker Crust Pies‘) is packed with a cheese cream and raspberry filling, which is chilled in the fridge, and then finished in the freezer.

To ensure the filling freezes, use only a small amount of raspberry sauce. You can pour more over the top when you serve.

22. Raspberry Crumb Muffins

Technically a breakfast recipe, these raspberry crumb recipes are so good you’ll want to eat them all day long.

The raspberries are combined with light spicing – ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon – for an aromatic treat that bursts with freshness.

The rich flavors allow you to control the amount of sugar used, making these a healthier treat than store bought muffins.

23. Chocolate Raspberry Loaf

Naturally sweetened and made with gluten-free flour, the chocolate raspberry loaf is a dessert treat for those looking for a healthier way to control a sweet tooth.

The key to the rich taste is high-quality cacao powder, and good raspberries. You can use fresh or frozen, depending on what’s in season, and make sure to reserve a few to dot the loaf with. 

24. Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Tart

Just three ingredients are needed to make the raspberry filling of this vegan tart: raspberries, maple syrup, and chia seeds (see also ‘28 Chia Seed Recipes You Need To Know‘).

The maple syrup adds a touch of sweetness, while the chia seeds thicken the filling ready for chilling. Raw nuts such as pecans and cashews are used to create the crust and ganache topping.

The tart sets in the freezer, for a no bake option that’s perfect for special occasions.

25. Raspberry Champagne Sorbet

You need just three ingredients to make this raspberry champagne sorbet (plus water) so it’s worth treating yourself to a really good champagne.

This recipe is the perfect end to an indulgent holiday meal. It’s light, tangy, and refreshing after heavy foods and big buffets.

Make it for your New Year’s party, and reserve the rest of the champagne for a midnight toast. 

26. Raspberry Sugar Cookies

Cream cheese and freeze-dried raspberries add an upgrade to the standard sugar cookie recipes (see also ‘13 Tasty Replica Crumbl Cookie Recipes‘), giving them a creamy texture and a tangy flavor.

Use real freeze-dried raspberries for a fresher, bolder taste, and a naturally pink coloring. Once the cookies are out of the oven, leave them to cool, and decorate with a drizzle of melted chocolate.

27. Raspberry Lemonade Bars

Cold lemonade bars are a fantastic treat for hot days, and are best enjoyed in the sunshine. They also require very little work, so you won’t have to spend hours in a hot kitchen.

The combination of lemons and raspberries make for a tangy and refreshing dessert, and they can be kept chilled for four days, to break out when you want a fresh end to a meal.

28. Raspberry Black Sesame Cake

A showstopper dessert that’s easy to make and hard to get wrong, raspberry black sesame cake combines nuttiness and sweetness.

For those with nut allergies, this cake is an excellent way to safely enjoy similar flavors. A simple frosted topping is easy to do, and allows the dark layers of the cake to shine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do With Mushy Raspberries?

If you’ve been a little overzealous when washing your raspberries and they’ve turned a little mushy, there are still ways to use them.

Mash them with sugar to make an easy jam, which can then be used in cakes and cookies, or spread on top of toast. Or mix your mushy berries with cream and freeze, for a simple ice cream.

What Flavors Go With Raspberries?

Raspberries have a sweet-tart flavor, with a floral edge and a slight woody undertone.

Raspberries traditionally pair well with chocolate and vanilla flavoring, and are also an excellent complement to other berries, and even citrus flavors.

Raspberries also complement alcoholic tastes such as brandy and Champagne. 

Should You Use Frozen Or Fresh Raspberries For Baking?

Both frozen and fresh raspberries can be used for baking, and many recipes can be made with either option.

Fresh raspberries are best used for toppings, while frozen raspberries can be stirred through batters and dough. Use frozen raspberries over winter, as fresh raspberries are out of season.

Although you might be able to spot fresh berries on grocery store shelves, they’ll lack flavor.

Raspberry is an adaptable and fresh flavor that can be enjoyed year round, thanks to the quality of frozen raspberries. We hope this guide has given you some ideas for your next raspberry dessert!

28 Incredible Raspberry Dessert Recipes

28 Incredible Raspberry Dessert Recipes

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From dark chocolate to light vanilla, sweet-sharp raspberries add juicy freshness to desserts. Check out our guide for the best raspberry dessert recipes.

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