6 Best Ramen Subscription Boxes

Chinese noodles and other toppings are usually seen in ramen, a delicious Japanese noodle soup with a broth-based on meat.

Ramen is incredibly adaptable and has swiftly gained popularity as a comfort dish in the US.

For years, a cheap meal staple has been quick style, which includes dry noodles, veggies, and a seasoning packet.

Quick-style noodles come in a variety of forms, each with its own ingredients and flavors.

Ramen subscription services are a terrific alternative if you want to experience various ramen varieties without the trouble of cooking it by hand or ordering takeout.

Ramen Subscription Boxes

Being able to more or less methodically consume a wide range of tastes and variations one at a time is one of the key draws of purchasing a ramen noodle subscription box. 

You won’t find all of these instant ramen variations delivered right to your house at your neighborhood supermarket.

The variety of wonderful ramen available is staggering.

Not sure where to begin? Not to worry.

We’ve done our homework and identified the top ramen subscriptions, so keep reading to find out which subscription boxes you should be buying right now!

1. Umai Crate

In search of a subscription service that understands that ramen is much more than simply a meal? You can get just that, thanks to Umai Crate.

You will obtain a ramen pack every month that not only contains a meal but also culturally significant items like a bonus culinary item, unique recipe cards, and a handbook with directions and translations.

Eight to ten distinct items, supplied straight from Japan, are included in each package.

2. RamenTrunk

RamenTrunk does the trick if you’ve been looking for a ramen package that will offer you access to absolutely delectable Japanese noodles.

These high-end subscription boxes deliver traditional flavor to your door with delicious noodles and liquid broths.

Although many ramen boxes emphasize rapid options, this company delivers your favorite foods and ingredients so you can prepare your own meals at home for healthy, handmade meals.

3. Exotic Noods

Subscriptions from Exotic Noods guarantee a variety of delectable products—at a fantastic price—because they have been tested by the crew that customizes the subscriptions.

With Exotic Noods’ ramen subscription boxes, there is something for everyone, whether you prefer udon, yakisoba, or somen.

Fiery seafood (see also ‘13 Amazing Seafood Subscription Boxes‘), tonkotsu, as well as other unusual selections straight from Japan are examples of different broth types.

4. My Ramen Box

Take a look at My Ramen Box if you’re seeking innovative ramen with traditional soba, somen, as well as other varieties of noodles.

Each subscription box contains immediate meal options (see also ‘23 Best Meal Kit Subscription Boxes‘) with unique and enjoyable flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

There is a subscription box for you among the small and large options, the largest of which contains 12 full-sized meals. Concerned about signing up for a service for a number of months?

For a reasonable price, My Ramen Box provides one-time buys that allow you to get a taste of the kinds of goods you’ll be getting.

Noodle varieties like soba and udon are among the package products that are imported directly from Japan.

Each item has been carefully chosen to deliver Japan to your home in an intriguing ramen box.

5. Zenpop Ramen Pack

Are you sick of buying the same old, same old products at your neighborhood supermarket chain? Every month, Zenpop will deliver seven distinct fast choices right to your door.

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You can have a complete dinner of quick and simple ramen several times a week because Zenpop will not ship sample sizes.

Products, including many noodle varieties like udon and yakisoba, are sent from Osaka and are assured to be authentic.

6. Ramen Hero

Instead of instant ramen, Ramen Hero is a food delivery subscription service that sends traditional ramen components ready to cook. 

All the prepared ingredients are shipped to you; all you need to do is bring the water to a boil. The Crying Samurai, the fiery miso ramen with caramelized onions, The Misosaurus, a hot miso ramen, or Citrus Kick, a hot lemon shio ramen are just a few options on their menu.

Which Japanese Subscription Box Is The Best?

When it refers to ramen subscription boxes, there are several options available. You should think about the following factors when selecting the best membership for you and the family: cost, the number of meals required, and your chosen noodle kind.

Another thing to consider is if you’ll be cooking the food yourself or if you’re searching for easy-to-prepare rapid meals. It will be much simpler to select the ideal ramen subscription boxes once you have your needs figured out.

Which Instant Ramen Is The Best?

You might have a favorite brand or two among the many varieties of instant ramen available. The quality of noodles is crucial with instant options. You can have the tastiest supper when you choose premium noodles that maintain their texture. 

Final Thoughts

Do you have a ramen or general noodle addiction and are seeking something novel and stimulating? If so, a ramen subscription service is very possibly the greatest invention ever!

There are ramen memberships that offer everything you need, whether you want to explore various soups and flavors or simply want to make a change from ramen to soba noodles or even udon.

6 Best Ramen Subscription Boxes

6 Best Ramen Subscription Boxes

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Do you love ramen noodles? Then a ramen subscription box is the perfect treat! Check out our list of the 6 greatest ramen noodle subscription services available online.

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