The Best Items On The Raising Cane’s Menu!

Since 1998 Raising Cane’s has been providing people with some of the best chicken fingers on the market, as well as a whole range of delicious and tasty side dishes to accompany them.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed either, and sure enough, they’ve gone from their small store in South Louisiana to franchises beginning to appear right across the US!

The Best Items On The Raising Cane's Menu!

So with locations across 25 states, there’s a good chance that you have a Raising Cane’s nearby, and with their simple and unchanging menu, you can rest assured that no matter what Raising Cane’s location you find yourself at, the quality is going to be guaranteed. 

Best Items On The Menu

If you’re wondering what some of the best items on the menu at Raising Cane’s are, then look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best items you can order the next time you visit one of their many locations.

Chicken Sandwich

Raising Cane’s is famous for its incredible chicken, and what better way to make use of these delicious chicken fingers than to place them on a bed of tasty and fresh lettuce between two soft buns, with a helping of sauce, obviously. 

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated lunchtime meal, this is certainly the way to go, especially if you don’t have much time to eat it in! 

This sandwich contains everything great about Raising Cane’s, especially when it comes to biting down on the deliciously marinated chicken, which is extra tender and absolutely bursting with flavor. 

You’re going to want to make sure you grab some extra napkins when it comes to eating this one on the go as it can get messy! 

Caniac Combo

Admittedly, we think the Caniac Combo is actually an underrated item when it comes to the best items on the menu, although this comes from the fact that it is an incredibly large sized meal, so you’ve got to be feeling especially hungry when it comes to eating this one! 

How large you might be asking? Well, this mighty meal features six of the amazing breaded chicken fingers, their delicious crinkle cut fries, classic Texas toast, creamy coleslaw, and an extra large of your choosing. 

So whether you decide to share this meal with someone, or keep it all to yourself, there’s plenty of food to feast upon here and more than enough to satisfy those lunchtime cravings.

Just remember to grab some extra sauces to go along with this monstrous sized meal, as you’ll find yourself running low halfway through otherwise!

Crinkle-Cut Fries

A staple of the Raising Cane’s menu, we’re still not quite sure exactly what it is that makes their crinkle cut fries so amazing, so whether it’s because they use such high quality potatoes, or whether it’s simply that the crinkle texture allows the fries to take on more oil and salt, either way, these fries are an absolute must when it comes to dining at Raising Cane’s. 

What we are sure of is that the canola oil makes a huge difference in the taste of these delicious fries, and helps to turn the fries to that distinctive golden brown color, whilst still ensuring that each fry has all the moistness you could want remaining inside. 

Another good thing about these fries is that they aren’t just pre-made and sat waiting for you, the cooks at Raising Cane’s wait until they’ve been ordered before they start cooking them, so you can be sure that they’re fresh every time. 

So for soaking up some of Cane’s signature sauce or even just by themselves, your taste buds will thank you for ordering these fries! 

Kids Combo Meal

If you have younger kids with you, particularly those who are younger than the age of 7, then you should definitely get them a Kids Combo meal the next time they come with you to Raising Cane’s!

The combo meal is a great way of treating your kids to a delicious Raising Cane’s meal without providing them with too large of a portion, as it features two chicken fingers, a smaller portion of crinkle cut fries, as well as a 12 ounce drink of their choice. 

The great thing about this meal is that Raising Cane’s also throws in a free toy or activity for your child to complete, so it’s the full package really! 

So, if you’re wondering where you might be able to take your child for a well portioned yet delicious lunch, then Raising Cane’s is the place to go.

3 Chicken Finger Combo

Whether you prefer smaller portions or you’re just looking for a lunchtime snack, the 3 chicken finger combo from Raising Cane’s is the perfect midday meal to get you through till home time! 

This combo features three of the famous delicious chicken fingers, a portion of crinkle cut fries, a piece of Texas toast, a small side of coleslaw, as well as a 22 ounce drink, of your choosing of course. 

The key to the chicken fingers tasting so damn tasty is because Raising Cane’s uses center-cut chicken breast tenderloins, to ensure that the chicken fingers that end up in your meal are tender and full of flavor.

Once cut, they’re hand-dipped and then breaded and fried, but only once you order them, so you get the freshest chicken every time. 

This combo meal will ensure that your lunchtime cravings are satisfied, but that you’re not overly full too!

Box Combo

According to Raising Cane’s themselves, this is their most commonly ordered menu item, and honestly?

We’re not really surprised, it’s good value for money, and has everything you could want in a box meal! 

Four mouth watering chicken fingers, their ever-appetizing crinkle fries, as well as sides of their pickled coleslaw and Texas toast!

We always recommend ordering extra Cane’s sauce if you plan on dipping your chicken fingers into it, as we find that each sauce cup has the perfect amount of sauce for two fingers each! 

So if it happens to be your first time trying out Raising Cane’s, then this is the meal that we’d recommend you go for, as it lets you try everything out the first time round.

Chicken Fingers

With the way we describe Raising Cane’s chicken fingers, you might be wondering if they’re actually going to live up to the hype.

But here’s the deal, Raising Cane’s chicken fingers aren’t just one of the best items on the menu, but they also represent the philosophy from which Raising Cane’s was able to expand its empire of restaurants upon, that philosophy being that they should focus solely on making excellent chicken fingers. 

Chicken lovers all over the country know just how good Raising Cane’s chicken fingers are, and their recipe is widely regarded as one of the best you can find. 

Their quality chicken comes from a lot of love and labor spent into perfecting the recipe, which sees the best tenderloin chicken breast seasoned in their signature marinade, before being breaded and fried in canola oil for the optimum amount of time, which really helps the chicken to take on all of the flavor. 

Another important factor is that all of their chicken is made to order, so it doesn’t just sit under a heat lamp waiting for you! 

The first time you taste their chicken will be a revelation, and you’ll struggle to find chicken that compares anywhere else.


You might be wondering how a soda has made its way on to our list, they’re all just mass-produced and shipped in right?

Well, not when it comes to Raising Cane’s delicious lemonade, we had a hunch that this delicious soda was made on location, and we were right! This succulent drink is made to order. 

In order to make the lemonade, all the lemons are cut on the premises by the line workers, who then squeeze the lemons to wring out all of that delicious juice, before adding pure cane sugar to help sweeten it, and it is then ran through some filtered water before being served to you. 

You also don’t have to worry about it being pre-made and stagnating either, as their lemonade dispenser is constantly having to churn out lemonade, so you don’t have to worry about the lemonade sitting around for long periods of time, so you can relax safely in the knowledge that you’re drinking only the freshest lemonade. 

So for that complete southern feeling, you have to order some of their delicious lemonade when you try out Raising Cane’s!

They also add a special touch to celebrate St. Patricks Day too, which is the addition of green food coloring, so you can get into that St. Paddy’s Day spirit too when it rolls around each year.

Sweet Tea

We’re still trying to crack the code when it comes to Raising Cane’s incredible Sweet Tea recipe, and trust me, we’ve tried asking them as well to no avail, so we’ll just have to keep wondering in the meantime! 

We only know as much as this: Raising Cane’s Sweet Tea is made through the process of adding a specific amount of cane sugar into the tea and boiling water mix.

This mixture is then allowed to cool down for a period of time before cold water is also added to the mix, before the mix is moved to a refrigerator where it is then able to solidify. 

The result is one of the best renditions of what is often called “The house wine of the south”, and is arguably some of the best sweet tea in the industry, so if you’re a fan of this sweet drink, you should definitely try some when you visit!

Texas Toast

To the uneducated, Texas toast might seem like a little bit of a weird inclusion to things such as the Box Combo, however once you’ve tried it, there’s absolutely no going back, and you’ll soon be wondering why you ever questioned its inclusion in the first place! 

Initially a lot of people feel that between the chicken fingers, coleslaw, and crinkle cut fries, that there should be enough there to satisfy, but when you try the Texas toast you’ll realize that the Texas toast isn’t an afterthought or last-minute addition whatsoever.

This is because the Texas toast you’ll find in your combo meals has an incredibly important job: To mop up the last remnants of your sauces! 

So whether you prefer to opt for the signature Cane’s sauce (you definitely should) or some of the other sauces available, you should have no worries about cleaning up your leftover sauces once you’re done with your chicken fingers and crinkle cut fries! 

Raising Cane’s also uses the type of Texas toast that you pull apart yourself, which makes it much better at retaining moisture compared to when it comes pre-cut. 

The taste is only enhanced by the butter and garlic mix that gets used whilst making it too!


So we all know how delicious their chicken fingers are, and sometimes when it comes to ordering their 3 chicken finger combo meal, or their box combo meal, it can often feel like you don’t have enough of them! 

Thankfully, Raising Cane’s understands this, and this is why they offer you the Tailgate, which is a large tray of chicken fingers which come in large quantities. 

So, you can pick from either the 25 chicken finger size tailgate, 50 chicken finger size tailgate, 75 chicken finger tailgate, or if you’re feeling especially hungry, a 100 chicken finger size tailgate. 

Of course, these tailgates are made with the intention of you sharing them with your friends and family, and they’re a great way of providing for everyone if you’ve got guests around too!

Cane’s Sauce

Cane’s sauce comes with every meal you can get, and for us personally, we always find it’s worth ordering extra sauce, because you’ll miss it once you’ve run out of the small amount they give you! 

Raising Cane’s describe their sauce as “Tangy, with a little bit of spice”, which we think describes it perfectly, it’s got everything you would want from a sauce that you can dip everything in.

A new batch is made every day, so you don’t have to worry about eating yesterday’s stagnant sauce, and you can be sure that your sauce is going to be extra fresh! 

The recipe for this sauce is a complete secret, and the general managers are sworn to secrecy too, so there’s absolutely no chance of trying to make it for yourselves unfortunately. 

Final Words

There are a whole load of tasty items on the menu at Raising Cane’s, whether it’s the gorgeous crinkle cut fries, the tender chicken fingers, or the elusive Cane’s sauce, there’s plenty to enjoy.

So, despite having a more simplified menu in comparison to other chain restaurants, you can be sure that the few meals they do serve are absolutely delicious!

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