28 Traditional Quesito And Other Mexican Recipes That Are Amazing

Are you looking for some new recipes to cook at home? If yes, then these 28 easy and simple Quesito recipes are perfect for you.  These delicious Mexican dishes are quick and easy to prepare.

28 Traditional Quesito And Other Mexican Recipes That Are Amazing

They also require very few ingredients and only take around 30 minutes to prepare. Mexican cuisine has become extremely popular over the years due to its unique combination of flavors and spices.

The country boasts of having some of the finest cuisines in the world. In addition, Mexico is known for being one of the largest producers of tequila, beer, and limes.

1. Cream Cheese Quesitos

We have been craving quesadillas lately, so we thought it’d be fun to put our own twist on this version. They’re super easy to make and taste just like the Mexican restaurant versions. You can use whatever cheese you want, too.

2. Puerto Rican Quesito Puff Pastry

The Puerto Rican version of a quesadilla is called a Quesito. They are a delicious treat filled with savory ingredients like beef, chicken, ham, bacon, cheese, beans, potatoes, etc.

But what makes a quesito different from a quesadilla is that it is stuffed inside a puff pastry shell. This is known as a quesito because it contains little pieces of cheese.

3. Puerto Rican Cream Cheese Quesito Pastries

Quesito is a traditional Puerto Rican dessert consisting of a sweet dough wrapped around a creamy cheese filling.

Traditionally, it’s served during Christmas Eve dinner, although it’s now enjoyed all year round. In fact, there are different types of Quesitos based on the ingredients used to fill them.

4. Puerto Rican Quesito Cookies

These Puerto Rican Quesito cookies are very impressive, and they’re actually pretty easy to make! They’ve got a nice crumbly texture thanks to some brown sugar and oats, plus a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.

And while you’ll probably want to eat them straight out of the oven, you can easily freeze them for later too. If you don’t have Mexican crema, use regular sour cream.

5. Sugar Dusted Quesitos

Quesitos are one of our favorite appetizers because we love anything cheesy, especially when it’s served warm. This recipe takes things up a notch by making them into little puffs. They’re perfect for parties or just as an easy snack.

6. Puerto Rican Traditional Quesitos

Quesitos are a classic Latin American snack that is usually eaten during holidays and special occasions. 

They are typically made with cheese, milk, eggs, and sugar. These quesitos are like small pies filled with cheese and covered with a sweet syrup called “sofrito.”

7. Vegan Quesitos

Quesitos are one of our favorite Mexican snacks. There is something about the combination of salty and sweet that makes me crave it every single day. And today we have the best vegan Quesitos for you to try!

8. Pineapple Quesitos

Sometimes, you just want something different. Something lighter. Something with a little kick. When we came across this recipe, we knew we had to give it a go. 

And now, we’re sharing it with you! This recipe is super easy and takes about 30 minutes to prepare.

9. Quesitos/Pastelitos De Queso

Traditionally, you would brush the pie crust with sugar syrup and bake it, but since we wanted to make this gluten-free, we opted for a different approach. 

Instead of brushing the pie dough with a simple syrup, we brushed it with a mixture of honey, orange juice concentrate, and apricot preserves.

10. Quesitos Spanish Turnovers

The key to making great quesitos is having a good pastry dough and a good filling. You don’t need much else – just some patience while rolling out the dough and baking them.

11. Stuffed Quesitos

While there are many variations of Quesitos, one of the most popular varieties includes ham and cheese. This particular recipe calls for the use of a honey glaze to give it a nice sweetness.

To assemble the Quesito, spread a thin layer of cream cheese inside the center of each roll. Top with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Add some diced ham and sliced green onions. Sprinkle it with black pepper. Serve immediately, or store in an airtight container for up to 2 days.

12. Puerto Rican Crispy Quesitos

This recipe features a simple combination of ingredients that produce a light, airy texture. For a special touch, try adding some orange zest and juice to the batter. You can find it in the baking aisle of your grocery store.

13. Guava & Cream Cheese Quesitos

Quesitos are one of our favorite Mexican desserts. They’re easy to make, require no baking, and come together quickly.

This recipe takes advantage of the natural sweetness of guavas and adds cream cheese and sour cream to give it a tangy kick.

14. Vanilla Orange Glaze Cream Cheese Quesitos

These Vanilla Cream Cheese Quesito with Orange Glaze are perfect for dinner parties or family gatherings. They’re super quick and easy to make, and even better to eat in one sitting.

15. Deluxe Puerto Rican Quesitos

Quesitos are baked sweet dough filled with cheese. They’re usually served warm and sprinkled with powdered sugar. These quesitos use a honey sugar syrup glazed filling that tastes just like you’d find at a Mexican restaurant.

16. Simple Quesitos

Quesitos are a classic Mexican snack that is traditionally served warm, folded over tortilla chips. This recipe uses four simple ingredients to make a deliciously light treat that tastes like something straight out of Mexico.

17. Quesitos Keto

These quesitos are a perfect example of just how versatile keto can be. They’re made with a simple mix of almond flour, sugar, baking powder, and water.

Then, add in some shredded mozzarella cheese and cream cheese to give the quesitos a little extra oomph.

18. Puerto Rican Quesitos

If you’re looking for a quick dessert option, look no further! These delicious treats are easy to make and require just five ingredients. They’re great for parties and celebrations, too!

19. Sopaipilla Quesitos Recipe

If you like quesadillas, you’ll love these crispy sopapillas topped with creamy cheese sauce and cilantro. They’re just what you need to satisfy your craving for Mexican food without the hassle of making it yourself.

20. Shredded Beef Chimichangas

If you want to add some heat to the dish, try adding jalapeño pepper slices in with the beef mixture. Or, if you like it extra spicy, add some chipotle chili powder to the cheese mixture.

21. Strawberry Quesitos

This recipe calls for strawberries, cream cheese, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, lime juice, and cayenne pepper. You’ll need to make sure to check out the link above to see how exactly to put together this dish.

But once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy a tasty treat without feeling guilty about eating something that looks just like a taco shell.

22. Extra Sweet Quesitos

The most important thing to remember about making this dessert is to use a piping bag to fill each shell. If you’re working with a smaller amount of filling, simply cut down the amount of dough you need and pipe out fewer shells.

23. Puerto Rican Extra Stuffed Quesitos

This traditional Puerto Rican Quesitio recipe goes back to basic with 6 ingredients. The recipe suggests adding a thin layer of honey to the surface of the pastry before baking so that it caramelizes during cooking.

24. Sweeten Cream Cheese And Guava Quesito Pastries

Quesitos de guayaba, or sweetened cream cheese and guava pastry, come in many different flavors. A typical Quesito contains cream cheese mixed with condensed milk, topped with crushed pineapple, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

25. Authentic Puerto Rican Quesitos

Quesitos are one of those desserts that everyone loves. They’re delicious, easy to make, and even easier to eat. These little treats are made with puff pastry dough and filled with sweetened condensed milk and cream cheese.

26. Quesito Colombiano

In our opinion, there is nothing better than homemade fresh cheese. This delicious appetizer is one of our favorite dishes from Colombia. If you’re looking for a quick and easy appetizer, this is definitely something you’ll want to try.

27. Pastelitos De Guayaba Recipe

The recipe consists of three parts: the dough, the filling, and the glaze. First, you prepare the dough, then you mix the ingredients for the filling, and finally, you put everything together. You bake the pastelito and enjoy it.

28. No-Knead Colombian Pastry Bread

Mallorca bread is a traditional Spanish sweet bread from Mallorca, Spain. It is a simple recipe that consists of three basic ingredients: flour, water, and yeast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Are Quesitos?

Quesitos are a popular pastry on the island of Puerto Rico. Made from puff pastry dough which wraps around a sweetened cream-cheese filling, they’re usually baked and brushed with a sugar glaze.

What Are Quesitos Filled With?

Quesitos are Spanish cookies that originated in New Mexico. They’re usually baked into rectangular shapes and stuffed with a variety of fillings including chocolate chips, nuts, cinnamon, coconut, and even peanut butter.

Final Thoughts

Quesitos may not be as well known outside of Puerto Rico as other Latin American sweets such as empanadas and pastelillos, but they’re certainly worth trying at home (find more tasty empanada recipes right here). They’re incredibly easy to make and take only minutes to bake.

28 Traditional Quesito And Other Mexican Recipes That Are Amazing

28 Traditional Quesito And Other Mexican Recipes That Are Amazing

Recipe by Jenna

Quesito is a traditional Mexican dish that is enjoyed in many ways with delicious flavors. So, today, we have the best Quesito recipes for you to enjoy!

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