21 Seriously Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Pulled Pork

Popular barbecue cuisine like pulled pork is frequently eaten with side dishes. The addition of some delicious side dishes can improve the meal’s balance. 

People from all around the world love to eat pulled pork because it is so delicious and easy to make.

Pulled pork (see also ‘23 Delicious Side Dishes For Pork Tenderloin‘) is a flavorful and adaptable dish that can be enjoyed in a wide range of ways, and new, creative ways to serve it are constantly being developed. 

21 Seriously Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Pulled Pork

However, you might need some suggestions on what to offer with pulled pork if you decide to make some at home.

These quick, creative side dishes pair well with barbecue main dishes and elevate a platter of pulled pork. 

Here are some fantastic suggestions for meals to pair with pulled pork, ranging from traditional sides like slaw, beans, and macaroni cheese to snappy and light salads and fresh vegetable dishes.

1. Spicy Greens

Collard greens are among many well-liked and healthy side dishes and are an adaptable vegetable that goes well with a range of meals.

This easy-to-make side dish pairs wonderfully with a range of pork flavors, including spicy and sweet varieties.

You can include anything you choose, such vegetables or corn kernels. Perfect vegan recipe for smoked, spicy, and sweet collard greens.

2. Traditional Coleslaw

A traditional accompaniment to flavorful, saucy barbecue meals like pulled pig is crunchy coleslaw.

A simple pre-shredded cabbage mixture is used in this crisp slaw, which is then tossed with a quick, flavored mayonnaise dressing to give it a natural, fresh flavor. 

Make it a day or two in advance and refrigerate it in a firmly closed container until you’re ready to serve.

This traditional coleslaw is a delicious and yet simple salad that is ideal for a barbeque, picnic, or potluck (see also ‘18 Delicious Potluck Side Dishes‘).

Its straightforward, uncomplicated dressings that makes it the dish that everyone adores. You’ll get the ideal ratio of creamy, acidic, sweet, and crunchy flavors with this recipe.

3. Baked Beans

Consider including baked beans in your menu if you want to prepare a healthy dinner for your guests.

The perfect side option for pork as well as chicken is baked beans. There are numerous ways to make your own beans, and we’ll show you the four finest methods in this post.

Because baked beans pair nicely with almost any kind of meat, particularly chicken and pork (see also ‘16 Of The Tastiest Side Dishes For Pork Chops‘), they are a fantastic dish with pulled pork.

They go nicely with other veggies as well, including squash, sweetcorn, and pepper strips.

4. Roasted Zucchini 

It is a dish that works well with a range of foods, but meat pairs best. The baked zucchini is simple to make, good for you, and low in calories. It will taste better if you serve it with pulled pork (see also ‘The 20 Best Side Dishes For Pulled Pork Sandwiches‘).

Zucchini strips, commonly referred to as roasted zucchini, are a simple side dish which almost anybody can prepare at home.

As it is just cooked for 3 minutes in your oven, it is both savory and flavorful.

It goes nicely alongside pulled pork and other hearty dishes like turkey meatballs and eggplant parmigiana (see also ‘What Is Eggplant And What Does It Taste Like?‘).

It may be made in your oven in about five minutes, and you could quickly change the recipe.

5. Potato Salad 

This potato salad is made for a picnic, and hard boiled eggs give it an extra taste boost. The creamy potato salad is a wonderful counterpoint to the hearty BBQ main dishes.

Look no farther if you enjoy potato salad with egg salad. 

The mouth watering flavors of each are combined in this well-liked BBQ side dish. Simple to prepare and ideal for any party or cookout.

The relish offers a delicate sweetness, the celery provides a pleasant crunch, and the mayo adds an excellent creaminess.

Making this dish the day before your barbecue or gathering will improve its flavor.

6. Southern-Style Creamy Succotash

Homestyle Southern succotash, which is hearty, creamy, and packed with healthy veggies, is a favorite side dish for dishes that are traditionally served as comfort food, like fried chicken (see also ‘18 Southern Side Dishes To Compliment Fried Chicken‘), pulled pig, or chicken-fried steaks.

It also makes a delightful lighter meatless dinner on its own. It is also inexpensive due to the minimal ingredient list, which comprises frozen vegetables. 

The dish is a superb side that can be prepared and served any day and is exceptional enough for a vacation feast.

This recipe yields a sizable dish that serves six people, so it is simple to scale it up for a gathering or potluck.

7. Sweet Potato Fries 

These simple baked sweet potato fries should satiate your cravings if you enjoy the crisp, salty texture of French fries but might prefer to avoid the oil and calories of deep frying. 

With a little salt, ketchup, barbeque condiments, ranch dressing, or another favorite dipping sauce, appreciate them as an appetizer or snack.

Without the hassle of deep frying, this simple vegan recipe for sweet potato fries offers a lower-fat option that will sate your hunger. 

The dinner menus of hip gastropubs may even start to feature this type of cuisine, complete with gourmet dipping sauces on the side.

Although this recipe is simple, it tastes like something from a restaurant.

8. Homemade Butternut Squash Fries

A nice side dish with pulled pork, these fries go great with absolutely anything. You can serve them alongside your preferred dressing, dipping sauce, or just plain old BBQ sauce. 

These fries are a tasty and nutritious side dish. They are a fantastic vegan substitute for normal, unhealthy fries and a fantastic choice when served with your pork!

9. Pea Salad

Add some of this creamy, light green pea salad to your pulled pork supper to up the flavour.

The delectable combination creates an easy-to-make family supper or outside picnic plate as well as being a fun and affordable way to add some vegetables to the menu. 

The fresh peas’ sweetness is a hit with everyone. With vibrant peas, grated carrots, sliced peppers, red onion, and celery, this green pea salad is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. 

You may bring this salad to a potluck or picnic (see also ‘36 Incredible Picnic Recipes And Ideas‘) or serve it with any summertime meal or grill.

10. Rice Pilaf

Pulled pork pairs beautifully with rice pilaf, a side dish whichis incredibly adaptable. The rice pilaf can be used as an appetizer, side dish, or the main course and is very healthy.

One of the best parts about this rice dish is that it can be prepared in advance, which means you can spend more time with your family and less effort cooking during the hectic day. 

Easy rice pilaf is a tasty and easy side dish made of orzo and fragrant rice. Excellent with any main course and simple to prepare.

11. Onion Rings

A terrific crispy complement to your pulled pork meal is deep-fried onion rings.

In contrast, the fryer makes it simple to create wonderfully golden, crispy onion rings with all of the flavor you need, without any of the excess fat or mess associated with deep-frying. 

With some Southern sauces, ketchup, aioli, or another favorite sauce on the side, serve them as a wonderful side dish for pork.

Without any of the added calories and fat present in deep-fried onion rings, air-fried onion rings are wonderfully crunchy and crave-worthy. 

Onion rings which are crunchy outside but tender and fragrant on the inside will be to your liking. And they don’t make your kitchen smell like grease, so that’s even better.

12. Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad is a great accompaniment to serve with the pulled pork. It has a lot of fiber and few calories. It is greatest served with a nutritious dish like quinoa or baked sweet potatoes.

Beta-carotene and vitamin C, which are beneficial for health, are abundant in broccoli. Because of this, it makes for a fantastic, healthful dish to serve with your pork main.

Broccoli salad also contains a tonne of other minerals and vitamins that will give you all the nourishment your body needs to function properly. 

This nutritious broccoli salad has crispy broccoli, sunflower seeds, cranberries, apple, and blueberries in addition to a creamy no-mayo dressing. Sweet and salty flavors go well together.

13. Cornbread

This recipe for Southern-style cornbread will be a go-to in no time. The crispiest crust is achieved by preheating your cooking utensil before introducing the cornbread batter.

In the South, cornbread is a common dish. 

Greater than any boxed mix, it’s a cheap, hearty dish that’s simple to create from scratch.

Southerners have long relished cornbread in a range of forms, including fritters, corn pone, spoon bread, and hush puppies. 

Despite all of these possibilities, many people agree that cast-iron pans produce the crispiest cornbread in the South.

14. Mediterranean Vegetables

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables are a dish with the most nutritious of intentions.

This simple side dish can be served by itself or combined alongside the pork main to create a memorable evening.

For anyone attempting to reduce their sodium intake, this is a terrific supper option because all the veggies are fairly nutritious for you.

15. Cucumber Salad

Make this quick and tasty cucumber salad when you want a refreshing, crunchy dish for barbecued meats.

The simple dressing’s acidity and the crunch of the cucumbers provide the ideal counterpoint to the pulled pork’s fatty richness. 

The focus is rarely given to cucumbers, despite the fact that they make a fantastic complement to sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes (see also ‘13 Italian Side Dishes To Serve With Lasagna‘), and even drinks. 

Make a simple cucumber salad to truly appreciate cucumbers in their crisp, crunchy splendor.

It’s the ideal summer side dish with only a few basic ingredients for your upcoming barbecue, picnic, and other outdoor events.

16. Parmentier Potatoes

Cubed potatoes are used to make Parmentier Potatoes, which are cooked with herbs and garlic until crisp and golden. Ideally paired with other French dishes.

This nutritious side dish goes well with pork. It functions as a wonderful side dish which compliments meat, is rich in protein, and may accommodate as many visitors as you like.

17. Mac And Cheese

Everyone should have a go-to mac and cheese recipe handy. 

When you’re preparing pulled pork and other meaty main dishes at a barbecue, this macaroni and cheese with Greek influences is a fantastic option.

For weekday dinners, it cooks in less than 60 minutes and makes a filling meal on its own. 

Every family has a favorite recipe for macaroni and cheese, and Greeks particularly enjoy it because of this oven casserole.

It’s wonderful and prepared a little differently than the usual mac and cheese (see also ‘15 Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Mac And Cheese‘).

18. Watermelon And Feta Salad With Balsamic

For a family picnic in the summer, this dish is ideal.

It complements other watermelon-based recipes like Watermelon Basil Cocktails and Watermelon Lemonade as well as the pork that is frequently offered in the hot summer months.

Because it doesn’t have mayo or any dairy ingredients—which are frequently seen in unhealthy dishes—it is actually a fairly nutritious side dish.

A delicious side dish (see also ‘27 Amazing Sides For Grilled Chicken Dinner‘) to summer grilling dishes like charred Mediterranean chicken kabobs or pulled pork flavored in mesquite seasoning is a watermelon feta salad.

19. Brussels Sprouts With Mustard Sauce And Garlic 

These tasty sprouts might surprise even the most skeptical people when mellowed with mustard sauce.

20. Cherry Tomato Salad

A deliciously refreshing accompaniment to any dish!

21. Butternut Squash With Honey-Thyme

The same substantial and comforting qualities of your favorite potato dish are present in this golden, honey-sweetened squash.

It provides an excellent side dish for exceptional autumnal meals thanks to its vibrant hue.

Final Thoughts

There are many options to pick from to complement your pulled pork, whether you are in the mood for anything sweet, crispy, creamy, or spicy. 

The best thing is that the dishes above will properly complement the pulled pork rather than overshadow it.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some seriously tasty recipes for the next time you decide to serve pulled pork!

21 Seriously Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Pulled Pork

21 Seriously Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Pulled Pork

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Are you planning to serve pulled pork as the main dish at your next barbecue or party? Then you should definitely consider adding some tasty sides! Here we’ll cover the 15 best sides for a pulled pork dinner.

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